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Monday, February 12, 2007

"Come Out of Her"

I'm back on the air.

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My live show will resume Feb. 20, Tuesday night at 7pm EST.

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Lately the Most High has been confirming and reconfirming what exactly the early church was...and what He taught His apostles and what they believed and taught. He showed and taught me this info several years ago but He always brings you back to something to reconfirm or add more to it when He's leading and teaching you. A little bit here, a little bit there...that's how He works. And so I've been spending a lot of time the past few weeks just going back to the beginning of the 'church era.'

And what was the "Gospel" message? Was it really salvation without the law or was it salvation with the law? The ceremonial laws were fulfilled, but the moral law still stands. Observing and keeping the 10 Commandments still stands. And it amazes me how many pastors will agree with that, but break the Sabbath day Commandment. The Lord never changed it, nor did He authorize for it to be changed, and yet 95% of the churches today break the 7th day Sabbath. The Pastors just ignore it and sweep it under the rug because "we've been doing it this way for decades" or, "changing it would be to much trouble." Who exactly are they worshipping and honoring on Sundays when they've ignored the MOST HIGH on SABBATH days?

When you start to pray for the truth in all things, that's one of the first things He'll teach you and show the churches are breaking the Commandments they profess to teach and how they celebrate man's holidays and refuse to honor His Appointed times with us, His appointed feast days. And the church doesn't have a thing to say about that either, they're always silent when confronted with their errors and attempt to battle Scripture vs. Scripture. What does YAHWEH say? What do the words in Red reveal?

Why is it so hard to get these "God fearing and God loving" ministers to start preaching what God says and not what man accepted as right? It doesn't make God wrong just because they refuse to acknowledge the truth! So someone is, and we know it's not HIM!

These ministers become liars and deceivers of men and women because instead of correcting wrong doctrines and practices they adopt them and keep practicing them to save themselves the "hassle" of having to change their errors. They are false shepherds and will be judged harshley. For all the good they think they are doing what good are they doing??

I think the Gospel Message that is going to be heard in the nations before HE comes is not the erroneous one being taught today, but the one that will turn people back to the Lord they claim to profess and will lead them into following in His ways and not the ways of the Babylon Whores being taught and condoned today.

The message that tells them to not only acknowledge Him as their Messiah and to repent from their errors and sins but to seek Him and walk in Him for the truth. To begin to honor His Sabbath day and Appointed times with us. This is His Message to mankind.

We are to turn away from evil. And the apostasy and blasphemy of the churches today is EVIL and the Lord is calling for His people to COME OUT of them.

Yah bless His Warriors and those who pray for the truth in all things.

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