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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Do What Thou Wilt..."

There seems to be a movement growing of a Messianic-Pentecostalism. It's moreless the Pentecostals coming to the truth about the importance of keeping the 7 Feast Days which are our appointed times with Yahweh and so beginning to observe them and going back to our early "Christian" roots that Constantine and post-persecution (RCC) churches chose to throw out and ignore.

The Messianics have always been the closest to the truths of how we are to worship the Lord but their refusal to throw out Antichrist Paul leaves them hanging short of the whole truth. It gets tiring watching and listening to their "this is what Paul really meant/said" routine when they should just throw out everything he said and embrace the words that Yahushuah alone said.

In 1 Corinthians Paul establishes the importance of keeping the feasts, in Galatians he throws them out as unimportant and over with. His double-mindedness and forked tongue approach to Scripture has kept the church amused and bewildered for almost 2,000 years as they can't figure him out and spend all their time in trying to discover what he "really meant" and so establish denominations and churches all over the place in regards to how they interpret Paul.

Why don't they all just stop the madness and try to interpret Yahushuah for once? The words in red are all that matter.

Anyway, Satan has found a useful tool in developing and nurturing a whole new movement that mixes Messianicism with Pentecostalism, truth with blasphemy. And wherever there is a mixture of truth and blasphemy you will see Paul i.e. Satan standing in the middle. Tongue speakers have yet to realize how dangerous and blasphemous they really are. They channel Satan and still don't have a clue. Slowly some come to the realization and get out of it, only a minority care about truth and so pray for it to be revealed to them. When a person is open to the truth the Lord can lead them into it and OUT of the errors and apostasies they are in. If they don't seek HIM for the truth directly then He lets them sit in the errors they are in. Until then they serve as mouthpieces for Satan deceiving themselves in how "holy" they are.

With this new movement is coming a whole new group of bullies who think they have a direct line to God via tongue speaking and thus know what's best for everyone else around them and what they are to be doing for Yahweh. In other words, they get their orders from Satan and then bully and threaten the other believers around them with what "God says" or "God wants" them to do.

I've been approached by several people from this new breed of apostasy who seem to know exactly what I should be doing or will be doing in the future because God told them.

God can tell me direct...I don't need them. I don't need "man" to tell me anything I'm suppose to be doing when the Lord orders my footsteps. The Lord uses man to confirm many things to me but I get my direction from Him. This doesn't seem to phase the tougher soldiers who have been in the 'field' for years and have experienced about everything you can imagine already, but it's really getting to be a stumbling block for the younger ones who have been brainwashed into thinking they need to get spiritual direction from 'man' or that 'man' has the answers.

I'll say it over and over and over Yahweh direct for the truth in all things and let HIM teach you direct and lead you directly. Learn to hear His small voice in your Spirit and how He leads and ask Him to teach you how to hear Him.

Religion is mind control and it's just another form of Satanism. "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law" is the battlecry for Satanists. And it's the same thing amongst all of our 200,000 plus denominations today, they're all doing their 'own thing.'

And then also, since the year of the "locusts" is upon us either more and more people are paying attention or it's just getting so much more obvious now that it can't be kept as hidden as it has been in the past. I think the sheer numbers can't be hid anymore. "They" are among us and it's happening in several different alien invasion.

The most common ways are "Indigo or Star" children that have been born and are now reaching noticeable numbers. These are hybrid human-alien children. They grow up and assimilate into our society and largely go unnoticed, however the snake/slit eyes many of them have are now catching peoples attention.

Another is humans just getting soul-scalped by alien and demonic beings and having their bodies taken over by them. George still looks like George but he's starting to act a little funny and stranger than usual....

And then the one that gets my attention the most...aliens who just take human skin and pull it over their lizard reptilian skin with human facial and body features. You wouldn't notice they weren't human until you see that strange bulge in the side of their face, or at the top of their forehead, or their necks, hands, chests etc..where the skin looks scaley and wrinkled and not as smooth as other areas. The 'aliens' clone everyday 'humans' then take the skin and face etc..and put the human 'costume' over their lizard selves and they can pass as human and assimilate into our society as entertainers, singers, actors, politicians, etc... (think Silence of the Lambs...reality is stranger than fiction).

I get emails constantly now from people who are noticing human-alien type beings everywhere. They dominate managerial positions because they have to be in control. Compassion is something they have to fake, human emotions they have to fake, so they do well in management.

They are starting to dominate in federal agencies, government bureacracy, politics, sales, and entertainment. You can see the dead black eyes, snake/slant eyes and/or messed up and mix-matched skin most noticeably among the Hollywood/entertainment industry.

More and more people are waking up to the reality that is surrounding us and closing in.

The invasion has begun.

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