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Sunday, February 04, 2007

So Much To Do...So Little Time

Benny Hinn will be in Charlotte, NC, the Bahamas, and Cyprus this month.

Charlotte Convention Center
501 South College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Conference Dates and Times
Friday, February 9, at 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 10, at 10:00 a.m. & 7:00 p.m.

In March he will be in Seattle, WA and 3 different cities in South Africa. We need warriors who will stand up and orgone all these areas before and during the times he is there.

Catch his schedule at

The orgone is withholding his demonic power from being activated at these meetings. He has no power and ability to hypnotize and knock people out, his charades are not working! We can tear down the strongholds of these wicked and demonic humans by and with orgone!

Come on people...if he was such a 'healer' then why were ambulances called to carry out people in convulsions at his meeting the last time he was in Cleveland, Ohio? And I'm sure this happens in other citites as well that he has shown up in. If Benny Hinn were of the Most High God he would be in the hospitals of America healing people and around the world instead of fleecing the people of $25 just to go in and watch his/the fraud taking place!

He's fleecing the people. He's a fraud. He's got nothing but demonic power and he needs stopped and exposed for what he is. How many "Christians" have gotten demons put into them by Benny Hinn? Tens of thousands.

Wake up people...

It's time to take a stand against the enemies of the Lord and do something about it! HIS way! And He has led us to the orgone.


I now have a website at

I will be on The Edge with Daniel Ott on February 24th.

I am looking for a radio network so I can resume my radio show. If anyone knows of a good one let me know. I am looking for a network that allows for listeners to call in and asks the host questions etc..

And, I've been working on a Bible Code on "Lilith." The "Queen of Heaven" of which Mary and all the others are used to just mimic and represent. I'll be posting something on it soon. It's pretty wild. I like it when a code takes me for a ride and I learn something new. At least we can learn that she actually existed so the whole ancient Hebrew accounts of this woman are pretty correct and accurate, she was the first woman created in Gen. 1. The Hebrews claim she left Adam (as the writings go). In Gen. 2 God creates Adam and Eve. I'm not so sure Lilith left "Adam", was it Adam created in Gen. 1 with her or was it someone else? I'll be looking into that as well.

Intriquing stuff. I love getting into hidden mysteries and secrets. Of course it wasn't Yah hiding it from us but all the stupid occultic societies.

Is the Islamic Antichrist around the corner? Probably. I can't tell you when he will arrive but the Islamic Satan freaks seem to think so and when he arrives he will plunge the world into war. Literally. France and Italy will be destroyed and there will be war and chaos everywhere else because of the demonize Moslems who will follow him and do his bidding for him as he seeks world conquest. Why do you think they've been importing and implanting Moslems in every country around the world? They will rise up and cause civil war in all the countries they are in when their "Satan" arrives. He's just another beast from Satan's camp folks.

So much to little time.

We need those who can to step up and help finance our efforts to tear down the strongholds of all these evil scumbags around the world. They operate in and through Dead Orgone (DOR), with positive orgone they can't breathe or utilize demonic power. We can tear them down!

It is Chemtrails that creates Dead Orgone so these demonic beasts can come here and live in our atmosphere. If you think the chemtrails are bad now, wait till they arrive. Positive orgone prevents chemtrails!

Let's get busy folks, we have a lot of areas and beasts to target!

Go Warriors!

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