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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Cake of Exhaustion

I had a great time last doing the show, but in all my genius I forgot to record it. If anyone has a copy of it could you email it to me at or I need it for the archives. Thank you very much.

I'm doing 100 things at once and my life is getting crazy. Of course it has been for a long time but I'm either getting too old or getting too exhausted to keep up the pace. I would love to centralize, get a headquarters or something where I could have or could get help in doing all the things I'm doing. It's burdensome. I'm always so tired and I always have something to do or something that's waiting to get done, or something that isn't getting done at all because I don't have time or energy to get to it. And that's just with codes, writing, or broadcasting...raising 4 kids on top of everything is more icing on the cake of exhaustion.

For the truthseekers go back in time..from the time Yahushuah began His ministry up until about 200 A.D. Also, the days of Moses and settlement into Palestine. What were they teaching? Observing? Doing?

Over time many and most of our most commonly held beliefs have been contaminated with lies and confusion. It's time to get back to the truth of the way things were and supposed to be.

There's just so much garbage it's ridiculous. You start tossing out the garbage and you never stop. Every time you turn around there's more garbage.

Stay focused, don't give up and don't give in. Time is short.

Yah bless His Warriors,

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