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Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Warming Up...

It's finally warming up and spring is around the corner. Time to get busy folks on things that really matter for this country and the people in it rather than the usual thoughts of "me" "me" "me" that dominates so many people.

Many people are usually only thinking of themselves and what's good for them or convenient for them. There are more excuses from Yah's supposed people as to why they won't do anything FOR HIM than having to hear Bush and his 101 reasons why he must make war against the world.

And the point is while he's at least doing what he says, most of Yah's people will do exactly what you expect, nothing to save themselves or others from what's coming.

So many, sitting on their butts waiting to be raptured. Here comes the famine, here come the plagues and weather disasters, are they prepared? No, of course not. "God will take care of me." Really? Then what do you tell the millions of believers who are going to die in the coming martial law and war on the saints by our government? They're not really believers? God likes you but not them? He'll protect you but not them? And don't you think if God uses people as instruments that HE's telling you what to do through them to protect yourself already you're just not listening?

If you expect Yah's protection than I'll assume you're following the rules and regulations of Deuteronomy chapter 28 and you are the church of Phildadelphia and not one of the other 6. If you worship on Sundays and not the real Sabbath then you're a Commandment Breaker and you are one of the other 6 churches and not of the church of Philadelphia.

So many will be so surprised they are not who or what they thought they were in Him. They live their lives of Religion and man made ritual and routine and not one that's of Him or in Him but you can't tell them any different...they're too busy being full of religion and Pauline Christianity.

To think I had no idea what I was going to say when I started typing this blog...the words just runneth forth...

There's not much time left to prepare both physically and spiritually for the things that are coming. I really dread 2008 and we're not even half way done with 2007 yet.

If you haven't been hearing anything from the "selective media" who only report what they're told to and block everything else from making the light of being newsworthy...the Morgellons plague isn't slowing down it's speeding up. It's not only affecting people but animals on a wide scale.

To speed up Morgellons and it's affliction on the population they are putting it in the chemtrails. So when you look up and see tons of little planes spewing chemicals that are forming wide white lines across the sky...just think you could be the next getting Morgellons from the chemtrails.

I listened to a weather forecaster out of Cleveland, Dick Goddard, sit and proclaim on the air that chemtrails are no different than contrails and that they are the same thing. Yes, the FAA often lets pilots just skim back and forth across the sky laying trails that linger for hours that don't dissipate in a few minutes as a regular contrail does (being sarcastic yet correct)..unless you're one of them with an agenda to kill, maim, and destroy people with diseases, plagues and cancers. So is Goddard diliberately just putting out disinfo or just suffering from a hard case of having his head in the sand?

And what's in these chemtrails? The Idaho Observor had them analyzed and found viruses and cancers in them...purposely being spread over heavily populated areas.

In Ohio, especially NE Ohio and NW Ohio these planes are flying constantly overhead spewing chemtrails. All day long.

I'm going to have to spend alot of time in my own state this summer it seems...I know alot of people want me in their's and travelling across the country but the fact is, Yah's people everywhere need to stand up and take care of their own states, I can't do everything, I don't even have the finances to begin to. Start making your own orgone and get busy folks or be a victim of the death these alien planes are spewing. The FAA can't do a thing about them because I doubt they show up on their radars and I doubt there's anything they can do about them to begin with other than shoot them out of the sky and they are in cahoots with these alien beings to depopulate the earth so what do they really care what's happening to the people? They don't.

Not only is our air being contaminated but our water. Millions of fish are dying and these pics are alarming at just check out what's going on in the Colorado River. If there's people out there that are awake they need to orgone the river.

All rivers, oceans and lakes need orgone in them folks! You're not just protecting the fish and water that's our food!!

I have a code on chemtrails at

All water supplies need orgone in them!! Orgone will help combat the poisons and keep oxygen in the water.

Orgone is a natural healer! I hear from people this stupid comment, "fiberglass resin isn't good for water" just another excuse for them to do nothing and go back to the couch!

Get busy folks the resin won't hurt the water it's just an active ingredient with the other components in the orgone to activate the healing qualities of the orgone.

I don't want to hear excuses! I just want to hear what you've accomplished! I think everyone in America makes more money than I do and I can still manage to get what's needed to get it out there! I don't want to hear excuses!! Yah will make a way! Cut back on a pizza or two! Buy a used car instead of a new one that's not going to work in a couple of years when our satellites are knocked out of the sky and orbit! Buy a pre-1984 car if possible!

Think people think...

Prepare for the end times because we are in them!

There's a silent invasion and attack on this world going on and not enough people are noticing!

Wake up!

Quit arguing about God all day and actually do something for HIM!

Yah bless His Warriors,

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