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Friday, March 30, 2007

They Will Rule by Intimidation....

Passover begins on Tuesday April 3rd. Apparently the Qumran Community always celebrated Passover on the 1st Tuesday. So no matter what the lunar, solar, or whatever calendars say, to me the Qumran calendar says it all. And now that we've found it and know how the early believers scheduled their feasts, in particularly Yahushuah Himself, we know which calendar is the correct one to follow.

I put the link about the calendars at and for those who need or want to see a schedule of feasts this year go to

It makes alot of sense. I mean think about it, why DO modern day "Jews" start the day at night (sunset)? Doesn't make sense does it? And Yahushua didn't...he began the day with LIGHT. The Jews in captivity simply had changed their "days and nights" to fit along with their captors (Babylonians) why keep following something that's wrong when you know it's wrong? The day begins at sunrise..the Gregorian calendar actually has it correct. The lunar calendar, the solar calendar, the Gregorian calendar...thank Yah someone found the Quamran calendar! At least we can start correcting the wrongs that have been in place all these years, and it's bits and pieces from here and there.

I have Passover ideas at the website on the link above for those who need a quick learning crash course.


I have been busy and hope Yah's warriors have been too. You'll notice that when you're on the right track your enemies will begin to crawl out of the woodwork. Ignore what it is Yah is leading you to do and don't let enemies distract you. They'll try and dissuade you in every way they can from the subtle 'advice' to the outright hiss...I get it all the time from "Yah's" people and those who aren't. None are as bad as those who think they're really doing Yah a service by attacking me.

Ignore these kinds of people folks. I get so many emails from people who are trying to wake people up around them and not getting anywhere. Don't worry about the results folks, that is up to Yah...just plant seeds and move on. Don't get bogged down by people who think you are crazy...Yah's true people have always been a minority and made fun of and mocked by the majority of those who think they are His. People think today's church is different from the ancient Israelites and they're's church (majority) is EXACTLY the same... Stiff necked, rebellious, apostate and attacking those who aren't.

Some things never change.


Are we going to attack Iran or are we baiting them to attack us? I think it's both. Mutual destruction 'them.'

They need to get martial law going here..they need 'more' so they can take more of our freedoms, whatever is left. The Washington Post wrote an interesting article on businesses refusing goods and services to people who have been placed on the gov's terror list. Imagine that. Of course you don't hear about such a thing even working in that kind of capacity until people are being banned from buying supplies or goods from stores and wondering why.

There's over 400,000 people on this 'terror list.' They claim that most aren't Americans, yeah right..until they pull out the 'real list' and pass a law that all businesses can't sell products or services to those on the list. Can u imagine ordering a pizza and having to wait while they scan their computer to see if your name is on a terror list? It's coming folks.

The enslavement that's coming to America is something we have never seen or even heard of before. And most won't wake up until ALL the legislation and enforcement begins to take place. They watch the building go up but say nothing, then when the building is complete they'll decide it's time to say something about it...and by then it's too late..dissenters will not be tolerated and carted off to internment camps.

They will rule the NWO by intimidation and fear. How do I know that? Because that's how Satan runs his own kingdom now...and he's the one running the NWO from behind the scenes! Wait till he manifests as himself on earth as's coming folks.

As in hell will be as on earth and to them a human life won't be worth the space they are taking on earth.

Prepare ...Prepare...Physically, Spiritually, on earth has's not the same as it was nor will it ever return to the way it used to be when the constitution was the backbone of our country. It no longer exists and is merely there to be rewritten as Satan deems fit to do so through our gov't leaders who serve him.

You can't see reality until your mindset changes on what used to be a free country. We are no longer free. We are no longer a country ruled by the people we are a country with a gov't who rules the people. Socialism, Fascism, Communism, has replaced our Republic. We've traded America for the New World Order without one vote being cast. They didn't ask you about it they told you about it. They've gotten away with it since the Reagan Administration and they're not stopping now.

If we don't do something to stand up against the tyranny of our gov't then everything the 'crazy conspiracists' have been warning of for years is going to come true...and soon.

Most of it already has.

The Secret Societies have taken over and they are destroying this planet, it's time to fight back folks.

Yah bless His Warriors,

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