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Friday, March 16, 2007


Two days ago it was 70 degrees here, sunny, warm, spring around the it's cold and it's snowing.

Typical Ohio weather...or has it all just gone nuts? Since when has tornado season started in March? We've had a week of tornadoes here, particularly on the west side of Cleveland and I was hearing about another that hit just yesterday somewhere else around here. Usually tornado season here starts around July to August.

But our weather is no longer going to be typical, in fact it's going to get insane. The NE has had a harsh winter and it doesn't look like summer will be any calmer. One thing to the next.

In fact Yah told me this morning in so many words "the weather is going to be much more violent this year than any other year up to this point."

He said, "the coming of the Lawless One is near and the earth is rebelling against him. Tell My people to prepare with essentials" such as food, water, medicines, first aid, i.e. emergency shelter. He also put it on my heart to buy solar power items and to have backups for everyday needs.

He said, "the earth is going to shake with My anger. Many of My people are listening to false prophets and Satan is working unhindered amongst most of them and they will be caught unprepared and in the middle of the catastrophies that are going to happen. Be diligent and stay in Me." And toward His people He admonished, "I am the way, the truth and the life, not your fellow man."

Yah told me, "rebuke those who come against you and pay no heed to their ramblings, I am not in them."

Another thing folks is to have an escape plan if you have to leave your area on short notice. Where will you go if you have a few minutes to pack and flee? Plan now where you would go at such a time and have things pre-packed so you can just grab them and run. Stay off of highways and main roadways and avoid them at all know which secondary roads you will need to take to get where you're going.

Preparing for what's coming is 90% mental, if not 100%. You have to be able to act quickly and stay level headed during a crises. What if you live near water and you see tsunami waves heading toward you or you hear of the water moving inland toward you. If a tornado takes out your power do you have food and water on standby secured in a basement or somewhere where it won't get blown away? Tornadoes hit without notice, don't count on a warning or hearing one when it's late at night. Earthquakes will also hit, in fact, most of the weather disasters that are coming are going to happen without notice or give you much time to prepare or act. If you've done the thinking and preparing ahead of time, then when the time comes all you have to do is act.

My radio show was sabotaged Tuesday night. They didn't want you to hear what I had to say about the chemtrails. So in honor of their harassment I am going to make a recording solely on chemtrails. Not only that, I have bought the domain and will be putting up a website on Chemtrails.

Mess with me will they...

And people wonder why I have so many websites...,, and were all put up because of their harassment against me when trying to inform people about those various subjects. I don't back down folks. The more they push the more I fight back. They tried to blackmail me and sabotage for years and all of my websites are still standing folks.

My server was down all day yesterday for

It's going to be a head to head fight against them all. I'm not fighting our own gov as much as I am the 'aliens' i.e. "Ascended Masters". I know they are the ones directly behind almost all of my harassment...Maitreya and Sanada-Jesus.


Wonder if they'll get Oscars for their coming and arrival on earth as top notch actors onto the world stage? They're good, I'll give them that and I'm Warning YOU of that. Most of the world is going to be deceived by them. If you don't feel enough that you're in the minority now, you'll really feel it when they come and everyone you know is against you because you're not buying into their lies and Satan's charades.

The earth is going to rebel...not the people itself but the rock itself. Many disasters coming and it's going to get much worse as their arrival approaches, and you haven't seen anything yet, wait till they are actually here parading around as messiah's!

Keep your head folks. Quietly prepare and be ready to leave your areas when and if you have to on a moment's notice. And don't wait for the last minute to prepare for 'the last minute.'

Solar items, tents, blankets, food, water, first aid.

Yah bless His Warriors,

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