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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


That will be a buzz word till November. Well I'm going to give my 2 cents for now and that's about it because it probably won't change until the Elections and then it won't matter either way.

Who's going to win?

You can't use the codes to detail a winner. Because the codes can give you one way, and yet there's several others possible as well. And just because you found one route, doesn't mean that's the route that WILL happen. So don't let people with codes programs tell you they know who the winner is.

On the other hand, the NWO agenda changes constantly. They also run on a several route path. If one closes down they take another. They never know themselves quite how they're going to do things either. So if they look like they have it all under control it's hogwash.

Even Lucifer himself doesn't know how he's going to quite come to power. That's why he sits at the top of many different agendas and every one of the roads possible to get him there. There might be several different plans and agendas, even working against each other to bring him to power, but he's at the top of all of them and running them all. He doesn't care who brings him to power, just as long as he gets there.

If he were to rise to power right now, it would be Bush Jr. dying and coming back as the Antichrist. Next year, it could be a different player altogether. So I just play the cards as I see them for now and over the next several months. And as time progresses, they can change and do change. All I keep track of is the here and now, that keeps me busy enough.

Bush and Kerry. Kerry will never make it. He might get elected, and if he did, he wouldn't last long because the Illuminati chose Edwards to be the man for president at their last blood drinking private shape shifting bash they call a conference.

So Edwards is the Illuminati choice. And that route has been seen in the future. Edwards as President. Who would be his VP? I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary was chosen. Why? Because her name is ALL OVER martial law in the future. If this country goes into martial law, she's the one directing it. No, Hillary is not our friend.

And you know if Hillary is VP she isn't going to settle...look for a demise of Edwards and Hillary becoming president. Or, Edwards survives the attacks against him but then she wins the next presidential election of 2008. You can't throw Hillary out of the game. She's a dominant player on a road to the end.

Could she be the Antichrist? Yep. Most people don't understand but the ancient god Mithra, who has reared his head in every race as a god..who played Baal, Tammuz, Buddha, etc..was a hemaphrodite. Both male and female. Is Lucifer also a Lucy? I think so. I think he's trying to mimmick the male (masculine) /female (as being emotional) aspects of God. No God is not a hemaphrodite, Lucifer just perverts that like he does everything and takes it a mile further.

Mithra was the dominant secret society religion of the Roman government back in Jesus' day. It never went away, it assimilated into the church around 300 A.D., it's the dominant entity worshipped in the sun-god churches of today. That's why Yahweh calls it a whore, Mystery Babylon, the whole system of religion today worships Mithra and not Jesus/Yahushuah. If you're worshipping on Sundays, celebrating Christmas and Easter, then you're worshipping Mithra, a different god and a different gospel filled with man made traditions that replaced Yahushuah and the Festivals/Feasts we're supposed to be keeping in remembrance of Him.

Constantine was an initiate of Mithra, as was Saul-Paul. And the early church, which became the RCC combined Mithraism with Christianity and Queen of Heaven worship to the paganism it is today. The Pentecostals didn't break free from it. They took Mithra with them even when they stopped the Queen of Heaven facade.

Anyway, It's viable to have a female Antichrist.

On the other hand, if Bush gets re-elected, or there aren't elections and he remains in power. Then the game is on. The Bible Codes are very dominant right now that Bush will be the Antichrist. Don't expect him to serve another full 4 years. He won't.

He will get taken out early. I dont' know if he's assassinated or just chokes on a pretzel but he's replaced by Cheney. Who doesn't stay long either, perhaps a few months to play the retaliation game against all those noisy Christians and Patriots he hates, like he doesn't do that now anyway, but he'll have a lot of room to go after them as Pres himself. He wont' last long either. I don't know how he goes out, but he's replaced by Colin Powell. When Bush comes back as the Antichrist, he'll go head to head with Colin Powell.

So three strong players in the end times game. Hillary, Bush Jr, and Colin Powell.

These 2 cards are VERY dominant.

Then there's the third card. The St. Germaine agenda facade trying to come our way, fighting for control and limelight. You can read about him at my website at That agenda is down right now, but not out. If it rises it will be in the month of May of whatever year. So right now all eyes are on Bush and Kerry.

And they call Bush temporary? How fast will they get Kerry out if he's elected?

Well let's see, if Kerry wins he just needs to run, far away. He'll need to stay out of airplanes big or small and stay off of ski slopes.

So here it is, the info they don't want you to have. Their plans exposed for the next coming months and which roads they are looking to take. It's nothing new, I've been saying the same things all along.

Bush or Hillary.


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