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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Play time is over. It's time to get busy folks. You can laugh all the way up to the time you got an alien in your face and you're wondering where it came from and why it's telling you what to do..but by then it won't be so funny.

They are already here, waiting for the cue to uncloak and reveal themselves. What are you waiting for? One to land on your head?

It's time to take action. If we don't do anything, we're going to martial law and being conquered by the scum we hate the most.

Our government is WITH THEM. Do you hear me? Do you understand that? They are all working together to enslave and control mankind.

I've been trying to tell you for years that Bush is one of them. All of them are, Clinton was too.

Every day we allow them to stay in power they pass more and more legislation to take away our rights, our constitution, and our freedom. Are you feeling the chains yet? Slavery to them, tyranny and control of them over us is what they are doing. Most people feel the noose tightening and yet ignore it thinking that somehow people like me are just lying and things will eventually get back to normal.

Terrorism is a game. Their game. They're planning and orchestrating their own groups and attacks to further their own agenda. They're ALL in on it together. Wake up!

Yahweh spoke to me tonight. He said:

My child, I love you. There's several ways for My will to be fulfilled. Stay in Me and I will teach you and prepare you for all of them.

The time will come, and when it does, you will step forward as the warrior you have always been and will be and you will fight for Me, and you will lead My people and make them aware of the evil that has befallen them.

Tell them to repent while there is still time. The end time events will come as a flood, as a great deluge overcoming the people.

They will be surprised at the immediacy and how quickly things happen. But the evil forces who control and rule the world have been planning this for thousands of years. Many people will not be ready, but they (evil forces) are and they will implement their agenda with lightening speed and agility.

My child focus now on the warnings to give My people. Ignore the naysayers for they are ripe for My judgment. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will see and hear Me.

Many will be tested and refined at the guillotines. That is My way to test My people. Those who will not love their lives unto death or betray Me. You have been tested and tried, and you are worthy. Stand with confidence in Me, lead My people to battle to war against the forces of darkness and evil.

I have spoken.

What defenses do we have? Making our dissent heard. Organizing dissent against the evil forces who have conquered and taken over our government. Praying against them and their strongholds. Uniting as a Nation against them. There's more of us than them right now! That won't always be the case and time is running out!

Orgone..they can't breathe around it..get it out there!! We need it everywhere!! Start making it!!

Yah's people need to stop the stupid bickering and fighting over who is what or who isn't what and just get busy! Patriots..rise up .. where are those with positions of power and a voice that can be heard? Rise up! Say something! Get moving!! We dont' have much time!

Stop waiting for church leaders to do something because they're part of the plan! They're part of the same scum we're fighting against! Most are bought and sold out to Satan! In fact get out of the churches and get back into Yahweh! They are teaching you nothing and leading you astray from the truth and into dumbness and ignorance of the real truths. They are the ones who will lead you into accepting the mark of the beast and telling you it's of "God"! They are leading you down the highway to hell and millions are following them!

Stop supporting them! Their successfull because believers are supporting them!

Wake up people...Wake up!!

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