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Friday, August 13, 2004

Tonight at 10pm EST Sherry Shriner Live on just click on the Friday listings, then click on the button at the top of the Friday listings page that says "Listen." It will take you to the listen page where if you scroll down you'll see a choice of feeds to listen from.

Sherman Skolnick will be my guest tonight and there won't be a dull minute! He's got tons of info on the secrets the Washington freaks don't want you to know!

More alien babble around the net still shooting for NESARA. Their time is running out. But they basically are just using it as a "we love mankind" theme song. What they really want is To Serve Mankind cookbook style! Don't believe their babble and lies.

Meteors or star wars? You watch the skies for a while and then decide for yourself. I can't see them at night but I've heard about it. Space wars? Can you believe it? And why won't the media just tell us there's a bunch of crazy UFOs up there fighting it out? Yes Planet X is here, and it's moving into the Venus territory. So are the Dracos fighting it out with the Venusians? Hard to say, but amusing to hear about.

The Dracos are dragons and ugly as hell. When they shapeshift into humanoids they're a little more bearable to look at. So what does a Draco look like? They're not that tall, about 5"7" to 5"9". They're black and scaley, with wings on their backs and red beady eyes. Their heads look like gorilla masks. And they don't walk as much as they bobble. They got that jive thing going when they walk and bobble at the same time and they have this jerk-movement going on with their heads. It's really pretty grotesque.

If I had a saber sword I'd chop off their heads. Guess orgone will have to do for now,

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