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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The radio archives site is down at, the web host is avoiding questions so it's looking like it's probably some government attack on the site. Usually is when the web hosts get silent. I'm still working on getting it back up, so Gene can finish it. The webmaster, Gene, runs you might want to check out his popular forum.

The UK is throwing in an interesting wildcard. Seems the shrub isn't playing ball with the UK's plans to run the NWO, so now they want Kerry who will bend over to their demands.

Hard to say what they'll do here to make bush look bad. LOL..maybe reveal some truth?? We already know they're all scum, but 98% of the sheeple would be amazed to find out how much so. Perhaps some prime time on the Bush Crime Cartell..

Someone's climbing up Dan Rather's shorts. Interesting he's bending over to the what is obviously now, the USA faction of the NWO and kissing Bush's feet over bad press.

After all, Rather's a pawn. Maybe he should speak up on what he knows about UFO crashes. Who cares about Bush's cowardice record in the military, like it's going to make a diference, they still elected Clinton. Enough Said.

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