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Saturday, September 04, 2004

I had a lot of fun with Lisa Guliani and Victor Thorn last night on my talk show at

The archive for the show will be on my site tonight if you have AOL or can use m3u files in your real player. They'll all be avail as mp3 files this week.

Signs in the skies..

Planet X, Sedna, Toutatis, Sylphs, Venus getting bigger and bigger as the earth moves closer to it.

Planet X is the former home planet of Lucifer, then known as Planet Rahab. When Lucifer rebelled against God, he led an interplanetary revolt. Several planets were involved. In Judgment Yahweh destroyed all the planets involved with hailstones of fire, those included earth and mars. The Planet Lucifer was from, was knocked out of our solar system. It is coming back in these last days. It has been the prison and home of millions of the angels who rebelled with him against God. It's filled with Draconians and Annunaki.

Planet X has 2 moons.

Sedna is a moon that follows Planet X - Rahab. It's the same thing. A prison, home of fallen angels.

Toutatis is a renegade moon of Planet X - Rahab. And again, it is filled with dracos and anuk just like the others. This one is off course and threatens to do a lot of damage to earth. Especially if it runs into us. It's much smaller, nASSa says it's an asteroid, it's not an asteroid. But it is a renegade off course.

Is this the anomaly Aussie Bloke warned of? Could be..

Aussie Bloke was one of them. He had detailed info and the codes indicated he was either part of them or just one of them. Who's them? Prob worked with black ops who work in this high classified areas of dealing with the aliens. At what capacity I don't know, or I just don't remember. His code is on my site.

Sylphs..the demonic looking clouds that eat chemtrails and keep our skies clear. I posted this code a long time ago but you can see it

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