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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I've been noticing people trying to use the Bible Codes to find out who wins the election.


You can't do it. The Codes won't tell you who wins. Why? Because there's a 1 in 5 chance for either of them winning, or something else happening altogether.

So if someone is claiming a code says one of them will win, it's a rank amateur who doesn't know how the codes work.


I've been looking into FEMA lately, the Lord's been trying to show me stuff about it so it has my attention lately. I'll be coming out with an article soon.


Another UFO researcher/alien exposer has been assassinated. This time in London. Pulitzer Prize winner John Mack. He was at a conference speaking on abductions and reptilians.


Is my show too hot for radio? You decide..Saturday nights at 8pm EST on Reality Radio Network. Some people say they can't get anything, you have to wait till exactly 8pm for a real player to pick up the show..I have a 4 minute intro so get in right at 8pm and you'll be ok, or shortly after.


I'll be posting codes soon. I've been working on them, just sitting on them for now.


Sign My petition at
We Demand an End to the New World Order Petition

I can't believe all the fearful lazy wimps that post wimp comments on that thing. Yes Yahweh will destroy the NWO, but He isn't calling us to lay down and let them roll over us, He's calling His army up to expose them and stand against them.

His army isn't sitting down they're standing up and doing something. It's an army, not a couch potato club.

Most believers today are couch potatoes. Or just running their mouths against Yahweh's warriors to make themselves feel better because they're ignoring His commands to rebuke and stand up against evil.

And you wonder why our churches and nation are such a mess today. Look at those filling the churches..

cowards and wimps..

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