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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I've been extremely busy this week..

A new audio will be going up soon and I've been working on the show for this Saturday night at

I need more hours in a day..

Thank you to those who have contributed to my ministry, Yah Bless you all greatly. The radio show will be going to two hours starting in January. This will give us more time to answer listener calls and allow us to have more interaction with you.

I have been a little hesitant but I know this is what the Lord wants and what He wants I will do. It's about HIM. Everything is. It's not about us, or me, it's about and for HIM. So I thank those who have listened to Him and have blessed me so I can bless others. There's no "i" in the word Army. We are the Lord's army, called out in these last days to do exploits for Him. Leading, teaching, ministering, battling, donating, helping others, it's all part of Him and doing what He leads us to do for Him.

Agape love to you all who stand for Him.

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