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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Jingle Bells, Satan's bells, Robin laid an egg..

If you missed the radio show, our Christmas Special you can catch it at

We put the archives of our shows at but I put those there as an offering to the Lord for those who can't afford to subscribe to Archive on Demand. Bandwidth isn't cheap and if 10,000 people go to our archives the site would be down in no time running out of bandwidth.

I'm putting up a page on Maitreya, Sananda, the man of a thousand faces. Makes you wonder why exactly he can't decide what he looks like. Why so many different pictures and faces of the same person?

Ok we know the facade..he's supposed to "appeal to all." But you would think that would be via personality and agenda, not actual looks itself. Or is Satan just confused? Not real sure what he wants to do or play the game when one of his beasts arrives?

Never a dull moment.

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