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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ok, so this was funny, picked up my blog on the chicken,

Topic: Government agents stole my creamed chicken!

The Miami bomb hit I exposed last year, didn't go away, it's coming back again for 2005. A January hit is still in play. How desperate is the shrub regime? Considering there are going to be resistance protests against his inauguration on the 20th, they're probably thinking another "terror" strike on our soil will give him some kind of an edge as far as our "protector."

Give me a break.

They are being sued out the ying for their involvement in 9-11 as it is, and now I'm TELLING YOU they are involved with this Miami fuel-air bomb explosion as well. For the brethren living in that area listen for the Lord if He tells you to leave, leave. No I dont' know if it's a certainty for this year, or if they will cancel it again, but just be aware, be advised this attack could happen.

Two attacks on our soil, the third leads to martial law folks.

Of course the third could be an all out war here..invasion of China/Russia forces.

You would think it would be a time of war, but not in a Satanist regime where the leaders of all these countries are in cohoots with who goes down when. No, our blood drinking leaders won't be calling Americans to arms to defend this country, they'll be throwing anyone who can pick one up in a camp to kill them. An American Holocaust. Welcome to the 4th Reich.

And my God, quite whining over Bush winning over Kerry. Kerry would have done the same things. They follow the same Satanic plan, they're both Satanists in the same brotherhood serving the same lame Devil. So it matters not which one is in charge folks.

America screwed up by allowing ANYONE involved in secret societies into the government to begin with. They have all committed treason. Why? Because when you are sworn in to a secret society you are bound by your oath to it. So reciting the oath of President and taking over this country is nothing but a lie to them. They can't defend and protect our constitution when the Satanic faction they belong to is sworn to destroy it.

Think folks.

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