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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

So now NASA is calling Planet Rahab, aka Planet X, Planet Sedna (goddess of the sea)


gives the 'beast rising out of the sea' a whole new meaning doesn't it?

We know that once this planet arrives to earth that the AC will arise shortly after..of course he won't announce he's the Antichrist, he'll be God, or God's Son Jesus. Something blasphemous since there's no decency in him or truth for that matter.

Studying the Omegans will help prepare you for the blasphemies coming ahead

My bandwidth for that site is almost used up for the month. I need more bandwidth...I need some support from those who visit my websites to help pay for the's amazing that those who preach lies and nonsense are so supported by the church crowd that they can afford multiple homes and bank accounts..and those who preach the truth live in obscurity and can barely pay the costs to do so. Why because we preach the truth? I think Christianity has their priorities ALL MESSED UP. They love the wolves and hate the watchmen. Unreal..

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