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Monday, March 22, 2004

March 22, 2004 another Omegan NESARA time period begins..will it actually start this time during this "period of permissibility when it's allowed to?" Or will it come and go like so many other time periods have? Time will tell...but, as in the past, these time periods usually come and go unnoticed..I still think it's too's just not time yet..but then who am always keep your eyes and ears opened..expect the prepared either way. I really don't see it happening until 2007 or 2009 at the latest, but I keep my eyes open.

I'll be doing Frank's radio show tomorrow in Arkansas. If you live in the area you can catch us 8-10am CST at 104.9 FM.

I'm still having problems keeping the websites and links up. If the sites are up they're messing with the links so they don't work. It's always something.

If links and pages aren't working contact me and let me know. I'm trying to keep up..

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