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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Latest figures on my websites...132 countries with over 3 Million hits.

I think there are 167 I have a few more to reach. I will leave that in Yahweh's hands.

As I just leave everything in His hands...always...

People are waking up. And His remnant is waking up while the church goes to sleep and promotes New Age theology.

The Most High has had me studying the Feasts and so I have decided to put up a Feast website for dummies, or Feasts for Dummies 101 type of thing. It isn't easy trying to play catch up and get back to doing the things you're suppose to be doing, like celebrating His feasts and not man's holidays. And what makes it worse is going to all these Messianic websites to learn and they confuse you with all the Hebrew terminology, or tell you what it is but don't tell you how to celebrate it from home and what to do. I will venture to assume that most of Yah's remnant aren't sitting in churches or temples. He has many in the "wilderness" learning from Him direct.

So that's what I'm doing. A dummies for us website.

It will be interesting to see the reaction and feedback on the website I just put up at

I'm tired.

Long days, long weeks, long months, and then you look back and they were over in a flash.

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