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Saturday, March 26, 2005

I am currently having to add yet more bandwith to my websites so I can keep the ones I have up and add 2 more this week.

I have been in fits over the discrepency with my hosting company on the amount of bandwith used for this month. Always watching, Yahweh finally got my attention this morning. He started to the other day but I just wasn't seeing what it was He was trying to show me. Until today.

There are over 116 countries visiting my websites, actual traffic is over 2 Million hits a month to my websites.

I was going by Extreme Tracker, which is a waste because it doesn't calculate more than a 1/3 of your actual traffic for any site you use it on. And I figured that one out ages ago and started using the website traffic reports from the web host themselves. That's when it gets really eye opening.

Either way, according to their own reports it wasn't coinciding with their claims that my bandwith has been reached and is over by 100GB. If that were the case they would be charging me mercilessly for being over my paid amount, and they haven't said a word.

So where's the mystery 100GB coming from that I'm using that no one can figure out how or from where?

Well the biggest bandwith vacume is the website. And that's where all this is centered around anyway because it's the biggest bandwith soaker I have right now.

More people are listening than I thought. People are listening to the archives, not just the weekly show, but the entire archives, constantly. And alot of it includes from unknown traffic.

So the answer, adding more bandwith to the site.

As if I can afford it.

Yahweh will provide.

Countries are listening. People are waking up. 2 Million hits a month to my websites.

That's what He was showing me this morning.

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