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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Another Death Threat....
"You Will Pay For What You Have Done!"

Considering the fact my websites expose the Omegans..Sananda - Germaine - Maitreya and the rest of the liars who are claiming they want to come to earth to help mankind...

Now hear from their own words what they plan to do millions of humans...

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I dont know where you got that information. but i dont care, you will pay for what you have done, and very soon. you have been a center of attention among aliens. I should just use you for the new experiments at my base. one day when you open your eyes you will be in a cage among thousands of other humans shouting for help, and then you will wish you had never created those websites.

why do you waste your time? its all done, we are just awaiting confirmation to invade this planet. you think we dont know anything about you? we have followed you for a very long time, and there is a very interesting and painfull experiment we want to try with you.. but it can all end if you just close those websites.

when the invasion takes place millions of people around the world will disappear... you probably think you can convince people that its your god who abducted them and not us? well... on that day, The Prince of the Power of the Air will make sure you will be taken to our home planet for eternal punishment. it has been decided since a very long time ago, you're on his list.

CLOSE THOSE WEBSITES, this is your last warning


blah blah...

New Website and Forum will be up soon

yeah...I"m real intimidated...

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