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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Something interesting I've seen in the codes lately and just putting things together that I've seen over and over is that the "pavilion" the Antichrist "Jesus" will rule from is indeed the rebuilt Solomon's temple.

This temple is regarded as dishonorable and shameful..which it is because it negates and denies the real Jesus death on the cross and perfect sacrifice for our sins. Rebuilding this temple is a mockery of who He is and what He did for us and it's blasphemous. The fake Jesus who comes will approve this temple being rebuilt (obviously because it's blasphemous) but then he'll overthrow and negate the treaty that allows this and sabotage and rule from it himself.

Another interesting aspect is the increase and dominance in the codes of this coming alien invasion with the Antichrist. They're his armies. And right now they are ruling behind the scenes and guess where this Draconian seat is? The Vatican. Yes, the Draconians (dragons) are running the Vatican.

Ok not a big surprise to a lot of folks that Satan's seat is the Vatican. Satan is a dragon. And if that's where the draconians are, then that's where Satan is. And that has also been revealed in the codes.

These Draconians and others involved with this Alien Faction fighting for control and dominance of the world via the NWO are coming to earth from Planet Nibiru and their arrival is abrupt and unexpected. So watch this planet, because as it keeps getting closer and closer to the earth, realize it's carrying the armies of the Antichrist. And they are coming to earth, the veil will be lifted, and people will be able to see these aliens for what they are. And the ones we'll see aren't human looking. Some on this planet are the Annunaki, and the Annunaki are humanoids just very very tall. So there will be a mixture of human looking aliens to grotesque reptilians, greys and draconians.

I find it interesting that the annihilation and destruction of Damascus, spearheaded by the USA is what will bring this covenant about with the Jews and the Antichrist. The Antichrist is Jewish, has Jewish blood. Hitler had Jewish blood. You don't have to look Jewish to have Jewish blood. Most people in America have Jewish/Israelite blood and don't even know it. So I don't know if the AC will look the stereotypical Jewish or not, but he'll claim to have thier bloodline.

Does the Antichrist arise from the United States? He could. There's different routes being played, all these end time scenarios and events are like a card game, where we know the final outcome, but getting to them is picking what card and when.

The Antichrist rising from the United States is a definate card that can be played. Or the False Prophet rising from the United States. I think that's the more formidable beast card, the FP being from the USA because the False Prophet is a political and economic leader, not a religious leader. It is the False Prophet that passes worldwide legislation demanding everyone to accept the mark/chip/number to participate in the new global economy brought about by the one world leader, the Antichrist. Of course they won't call him the Antichrist, but that's who he is. No other nation has the influence or power to carry this kind of law and legislation out but the USA or the UN.

So here's what we're looking at, the Antichrist rising out of the Vatican and the False Prophet rising out of the USA or UN. I don't think the Antichrist will be a "pope" in the traditional sense. I think he'll just rise to power there after the current pope dies. But you never know.

Whoever it is, serves a short while, dies, and THEN comes back as "God" approx 3 days later. He's not proclaimed as God until he dies and comes back in a charade of UFO's which is his demonic alien army bringing him in as God as the world looks on at this UFO invasion spectacle.

I've been praying to Yahweh that He will make these last days events clearer to me as HE wants me to understand and know them. I've had enough of self-head knowledge, I'm only revealing what He wants revealed and known. I don't know if the Solomon temple will be as magnificent as it once was, the codes clearly call it a pavilion-tent. So we'll see, it will be some kind of temple-pavilion that the Jews construct for these last days.

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