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Saturday, May 22, 2004

"Many proclaim that they know Me. They don't know Me child, they PERCEIVE Me. They make Me be what they want Me to be. And they are guided and steered by man and delusions of grandeur to the point they can no longer see Me at all."

Yahweh said that to me tonight as I was just sitting and thinking about what a triumph Jezebel has had over our churches today.

Almost sheer victory on her part.

I can't wait for the day when Yahweh's real people untaken by the charades and shenanigans of today's churches can stand up in all His authority and just royaly kick the butt of Jezebel back to hell.

It's a war.

I've lost friends I've loved to this war. It's a battle over souls. It's a battle to save a soul from deception. Those who perceive God can't see the deceptions because they're drowning in them and they've accepted them as truth and real, so they can't see the water choking them ready to destroy them.

It's been a sad past few days for me. It's not always easy to stand up. It's not always easy to be asked to do something you don't want to do, even though you know you will because of who's asking you to do it. Sometimes it's just hard. But you do things just because you love someone, or just because He's asked you to.

If I had a dollar for every enemy I'd be rich. But what would that profit me? I have no interest in the things of this world. This isn't my home I'm just passing through.

We're hated because the world hates Yahweh. We're hated because when Yahweh speaks He makes people mad. We're hated because people don't want the truth. We're hated because people want to hang onto their illusions of grandeur instead of seeking Him for what's real and they hate us for calling a duck a duck.

A small remnant will be taken and then returned. A small remnant. How small? How about just under 150,000 out of the MILLIONS who profess JESUS. Why? Because the Jesus being portrayed today in prophetic ministries and the churches, and the habitations of the devils is NOT the SON OF GOD.

Wake up and smell the sulfur. There's more deceived today than who know what the truth is.

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