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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I'm really tired right now so I'm not going to say a whole lot..just a few things on my mind. It's 4am here..another long night.

I've noticed lately on the internet a complete wave of false prophecies. Maybe a total bombardment of them is a better phrase. Do you really think Yahweh would refer to His Son via a Greek translation of His Son's Name? His name is Yahshuah. I have 4 kids and if I was talking to someone from Russia or Africa I wouldn't change the names of my kids to coincide with their language. Their names would stay the same. So do you think Yah would?

God is a title. Yahweh is His Name. I wouldn't particularly like being called Woman all day, Sherry's my name, use it. Don't you think God would like to be called by His Name? Especially from His own people? It's a little more personable don't you think?

In 38 years I've never once heard Yahweh refer to His Son as Jesus.

In fact this is the perfect setup and the agenda all get everyone believing in a "Jesus" that really is a different Jesus and different Gospel than what Yahshuah taught when He was here.

Think about it.

The days have always been leading to the end. Since the beginning of time. Satan's had a long time to perfect his plan to destroy the world in the last days. He's been working at it for centuries. How ingenius to re-create the Son of Yahweh after Mithra, change the holidays, invent new pagan ones, change the traditions, invent new pagan ones, throw out the real Sabbath, throw out His real name, and over the years bring in more heresies into the churches and dilute the truth to where no one even recognizes it anymore, and you've got the perfect harlot system prophesied about in the Book of Revelation. It didn't exactly happen over night. The problem with Christians is they point the fingers at the Catholics as being the harlot, and the Catholics point the fingers at the Christians. And neither side realizes they're both playing the whore.

I've wrote articles on my site at about the Elf God, about the Phony Seal of God Club, and have worked throughout all my sites to expose end time deception and events coming. But nothing has floored me more than the sheer stubborness for people to hold onto their delusions.

Visions, Prophecies..most people don't think Satan has the power to create a good enough delusion to fool them. Oh yeah? Ever read some of the books out there where these authors have audiences of thousands, perhaps millions who think they had something real from God?

If you read the Left Behind series it was a masterful display of conditioning by the Masons.

If you've read Mark Joyner's books it was a masterful disply of conditioning by the Knights of Malta. Ok I dont' know which came first, his crowning as a knight or his books, but either way, if he's given his loyalty to Lucifer how discerning was he when he received all those visions? has hit it right on many of their critics. I haven't read them all, but the ones I have read sounded right on to me.

Considering what the Lord has shown me about the deceptions going on today, almost none of what IS going on is of HIM.

Everyone wants you to believe in the last days revival coming, the building of His army taking place now, blah blah blah..all conditioning to get you prepared for the "Jesus" that is coming and His own people can't even see they're being deceived.

Think about it. 144,000 are taken before the 6th seal. Not the millions everyone says will be taken in a secret rapture. So where's all these millions then? They missed the 144K rapture because THEY WERE FOLLOWING A FALSE JESUS. And they'll find themselves in unprecedented persecution as the Antichrist begins his war on the saints.

When the 144,000 return, another 144,000 will be Sealed here on earth at about the same time. Again, where's all the millions? What happened to that BIG HOLY SPIRIT REVIVAL we keep hearing about? It doesn't exist's all a's all conditioning for the Jesus that's coming! Do you get it now?

All I can advise is this..start praying that the Lord will reveal the truth to you in all things..and pray that every single the deceptions you're holding onto, or think are from HIM..are revealed for what they are so you can trash them and start building something real with the Lord.

The Lord isn't building His army right now..He seals it in heaven and sends them back..then when they come back He seals another 144,000 that have been faithful during that time to be His Army. He's not doing it now He does it later. The only one building their army now is the Jesus that's coming so he'll have plenty of little faithful Jesus followers to herald him as God. Most will know the truth then and be completely abhorred. Or maybe they'll figure it out when the first group of 144,000 is taken.

So who's taken? Those who weren't defiled by the Jesus system..and worshipped the true Son. Now you know why the remnant is so small. Because most people today are worshipping a different Jesus and following a different Gospel and get offended and hate people like me for telling them that.

Well it's my job. If you don't like it you better find out why. I'll give you a hint, cuz you're worshipping Jesus when you should be worshipping Yahshuah and the real Gospel of kingdom living here on earth and not all these shenanagins our churches are teaching today.

Another thing people don't realize is that there's sins of the flesh and sins of the spirit. Yes sin is sin and we shouldn't do any of it. But let me point out the difference..

The sins of the flesh hurt our bodies, cause us to die earlier than we had to, or make us unhealthy with sicknesses, diseases or cancers.

The sins of the spirit taint your spirit so you can't hear from Yahweh correctly or even at all. This is grieving the Holy Spirit, or quenching Him. What are sins that can taint your spirit? Listening to the wrong music, watching the wrong tv shows, pornography, anything that you see/watch or hear/listen to that isn't of God. You can open doorways through both types of sins that allow access to you. You can become fair game for illnesses, sicknesses, or delusions because you're not protecting your body or spirit.

If you start listening to errors, you'll accept them as truth and being from Him if you're not praying for truth in all things. It's not His fault you accepted errors as truth..or you claimed a prophecy was from Him and it wasn't..because you've opened doorways of deception by listening to people that aren't of Him.
Protect your ears from listening to garbage. Protect your mind from accepting lies as truth. Protect your Spirit from being tainted with things of this world that aren't of Him.

Safeguard and protect yourself.

That's the second step from being able to recognize truth from error. The first is seeking Him and only Him for the truth to begin with.

oh well so much for keeping this short.

I love you all..

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