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Monday, May 31, 2004

I've been praying alot lately that Yahweh would make the end time events more clearer to me. And the one thing that He keeps showing me and that I keep seeing in the codes is how terrible it is going to be here when the 'aliens' arrive.

They are going to claim they are our forefathers. That we were a test tube creation, and who's to argue besides Yah's people? We look just like a lot of them. Their own distinguishable features is that they are very very tall. About 7, 8 and 9 foot tall. They are human looking. Blonde hair, blue eyes, the "master race" Hitler spoke of and tried to recreate.

Most of us have this view of how things will come down in the end days, that the False Prophet will announce that everyone has to get the mark or chip of the Global leader to participate in the new global government etc..

What they don't realize is that it's going to go down much harder than that. The term "false prophet" is not only singular, but is plural. All these aliens, the Annunaki as the dominant ones and then their sidekicks the reptilians, greys, mothmens etc..are also False Prophets. And they are going to be encouraging and demanding the branding of all those that are their's, or to join the new global society as one of their's to get this chip/mark.

I didn't realize it until last night that it was indeed a branding. Like ranchers who brand their cattle to identify their ownership of them, the aliens will be demanding the same thing of the people of this world.

The literal false prophet will demand it, the aliens will be demanding it and the legislation will be enacted demanding it.

The aliens will serve as enforcers of the edict, this legislation passed that demands all citizens of the new global society identify themselves in the new brotherhood, and until you get it you can't participate in the economy.

How many aliens will there be here? Millions, perhaps billions. Yahweh told me that when He returns (the 2nd coming) there will be more of them than humans/mankind left.

They will be everywhere and in your face everywhere. They are hostile, and they will force people to commit abominable sins toward one another. There will be no more morals, no more kindness, no more decency and certainly not much sanity left.

Rape, molestation, pedophilia, child rape, adult rape, homosexual rape, you name it will be dominate and forced by these aliens. They will force people to do things they don't want to do and they will create an atmosphere of evil and wickedness and even murder and mayhem for those who refuse.

We hear all over the net some of the fringe groups with thier little petitions trying to stir up support for the aliens to come here. These same ones will be the ones included in the rapes, tortures and murders of the very ones they are inviting to earth, and are so deceived they think these aliens are friendly and buy their lies that they want to help those on earth.

They don't want to help earth, they want to destroy it. And they want to destroy everything good and decent about mankind to make it their own hell on earth. And they will.

The other day as some of this was being revealed to me through spirit visions I heard the Lord speak to me, He was very very angry, and yet urgent. He wants people to know exactly what to expect.

Tell Them!

Do you see the picture developing? The last days are TERROR! WOE!

Woe to those who will seek to harm My little ones! My own I will protect, but Woe to the planners of evil and those who plan to destroy the world!

I will allow it and then MY Judgment will come!

Many pieces to the puzzle. I will show them to you and reveal My Glory through you to the nations.

My child, know this that the last days are of suffering and terror. Such terror has never been known before, those of old (Anuk) will walk and control the earth. they will commit and enforce evil of every kind. And when I return there will be more of them than man left. Woe! Woe!

Give them the warnings of terror to come so that they will find peace and strength in ME. For I shall lose nothing given to Me. Those in MY hands ARE MINE.

Many will be tested but they are MINE. To be refined in the fire and then set gloriously in MY light.

Tell them child. Tell them no one can even begin to imagine the horrors that are coming. Your safety and refuge is within ME!

These days are coming folks..I am just a mere humble mouthpiece of the Lord's who is trying to warn you ahead of time. Many people call me a nutcase, crazy, new age, even false prophet, but what I tell you is true and of Yahweh. Think about me what you want, but consider the words of the Lord and prepare yourself (mentaly) for what is to come and those around you. Heed His Words, seek refuge in HIM. Satan can kill the body, but he can't have your soul unless you give it to him. Our strength and salvation is in the Lord Yahweh.

Many will die for their faith in the coming days, don't be alarmed, we've always been warned of these days coming, man just has hidden the real agenda and many of the churches have lied and misinterpreted Scriptures to suit their own feel good doctrines. Seek Yahweh Himself for the truth and let Him reveal it to you.

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