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Sunday, May 02, 2004

I will share with you a truth I've discovered from the codes.

The Indians, the natives of this land in America, are Jews, Israelites.

And now perhaps, many will realize who they are and why the Lord God Yehova loves this country so much.

We are His people. Most of us have indian blood in our family generations. If not other Hebrew DNA itself, then Indian.

America was founded under God because all along, His people have always been here to begin with. Either native indians, or those on ships coming from Europe, His other what people call..lost tribes. They've never been lost to Him. He knows who are His and where they are.

So who is the true Israel today? We know where the homeland is..Israel and Jerusalem, but the bulk of His people are scattered among Europe and the United States.

And now you know who the Indians were.

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