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Monday, May 24, 2004

I just posted a new article - Yahweh's Warriors: The Two Armies of 144,000 site is down, I'm's a weekend. Seems to be the status quo for weekends and there doesn't ever seem to be anything I can do about it. I don't think changing webhosts would change the mysterious problems this site seems to have with staying up on weekends.

Looks like May will come and go without the NESARA announcement. I'd love to be a fly on the wall sometimes and see just how much exposing their plans on both sides of the coin affects them. The Omegans vs. the Illuminati. If it were up to me they'd both lose and be forced to crawl back to the pit they crawled out of. Soon enough. Battles will be won but the war already has a predetermined outcome. The Most High God, Yahweh, wins. Anything or anyone else is just fighting for last place. Losers.

The NESARA crowd boasts about how they got it passed unanimously through congress in 2000 and that it's a law just waiting to be activated. What they won't tell you is they did it by gunpoint. You can read about it at They had the Seals and Black op Delta groups invade the House and Senate and force all politicians to sign the NESARA bill under the threat of death. Not one opposed under those conditions. Then of course everything was swept under secrecy and kept away from the public. This is how the story goes if you can believe it. I for one, just don't doubt it.

Or we have the Illuminati working to bring about the New World Order which is the old Luciferian system that was destroyed pre-adam. He's trying to repackage it and sell it for the last days as something new.


One of them will win the reigns of last days events for 7 years or 42 months however you look at it, but their time is determined, and after that time all those involved will be cast into the lake of fire.

Most people are thrilled with 15 minutes of fame. These people are putting their souls in hell for eternity for a few years of what they think will be bragging rights and sheer power. They have no idea. They don't see the betrayals coming because they're so blinded by greed for money and power they don't think it's possible. They haven't seen the real side of Lucifer, or Horus, or whatever name they're calling him yet.

Wait till they see his real colors and what and who he really is...and then they'll learn that what we've been saying all along is true..he's the Father of Lies.

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