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Friday, November 07, 2008

10-20-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 10-20-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night. Sherry Talk Radio October 20th. If you have a question for the show, just send it to I’ll check those a little bit later.

Tonight I just wanted to get into a few things that I’ve been up to and some of the things I’ve seen coming. Some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time actually. A couple of weeks ago I started making this bucket; it’s called the Power (bucket) Blaster. I put this 2 inch x 5 foot long copper pipe in the middle of a metal bucket and covered the entire base with crystals the size of baseballs, put a lot of aluminum shavings in it and then poured about a half a gallon of resin over that and started again; more crystals, more shavings and then another half gallon over that. You manipulate the pole to stay in the center until it hardens. When it hardens it will stay in the center and you don’t have to worry about it. Then you just fill up the pipe with regular Orgone material. I wrapped copper wire around crystals, put that in with some shavings and poured the resin over that. You just do that all the way up the pipe; crystal, shavings, resin crystal, shavings resin – all the way up the pipe; about ¾ of the way up the pipe. You don’t want the whole thing full.

I put that out in the yard. There was a lot of curiosity around here. It was quite a nighttime show around here, so I put that bucket out there in the middle of the yard. I noticed the second night they were here a half hour, an hour and they were gone. The third night I put it out it and it was a couple of hours before I went back out that night, but noticed that the sky was nice and clear. So it is definitely scaring them away.

At the time, I was thinking, “How could it get that high up in the atmosphere?” Usually these UFO star ships are at about 33 degrees above our horizon. They aren’t has high as stars, but not as low as planes either. They’re like at 33 degrees horizon level. I was working on codes a couple of nights later and I see this whole thing about the pipe and the blaster and the distance and how it’s comical. Apparently the Lord thought it was kind of funny, because I don’t understand the distance. And it came to my spirit then, “Remember that Orgone is dimensional.” So not only the Orgone that we put out affects the atmosphere, it is also a dimensional weapon. I’ve been seeing where it’s burning them and causing their equipment and ships to malfunction. So it is definitely a power weapon. Other than just regular Orgone that we have in these last days, because it really blasts into the astral realm; the dimensions that we don’t see and not only in the aerospace.

I put the directions and some pictures on my website at Click on the page Make Your Own. I have pictures of the pipe I did with the bucket; my bucket blaster. I also did just a regular 5 foot pipe that I can position anywhere I want. I can have it lying at an angle. I can pretty much have it so it’s straight at a...I can see anything in the sky and position it so it’s shooting straight at any kind of object in the sky. I’ve been having a lot of fun with that lately. I just thought it was interesting because I had no longer done it and the next thing it was in the codes. I was real fascinated by that; how quickly...I’ve always said especially in the last year that the codes are almost in real time; I can see what’s exactly going on in real time. That’s how real it gets when you’re making a pipe blaster or a pail blaster and the next couple of days you see it right in the codes. Very, very interesting.

I was looking at Obama’s code the other night. I get a lot of questions from people, “Is Obama the Antichrist? Who is going to win the election?” and things like that. I’ve warned about Obama before. Back in January I warned about Obama. The Bible codes call him a creature and a lizard. He’s hollow; he’s empty. So I can deduce from that, he is either just a soul-scalped human, a clone...I don’t know what happened to the original Obama, but the one we’ve got is just a puppet. He is a great orator. The Bible codes call him an orator. He’s a mouthpiece. People need to be careful because the only change he is talking about is a change from American traditional values to turning this country into a nation of Islam. You hear the attacks of people getting angry when journalists and bloggers pull up Obama’s past; being born as a Muslim, attending Muslim schools, and not even having an authentic American birth certificate. They are not kidding, because it’s exactly what and who this guy is. He is a mouthpiece for the Arabs. He’s going to be a mouthpiece for them. Especially this Maitreya that’s coming. I talked about it last week. The dangerous things about Obama is you’re going to see a shift from Constitutional law to Shariah Law. You’re going to see a blend of New Age and Islam that I’ve been warning about with this whole Age of Aquarius thing they’re trying to set up. It’s going to be a blend, because when this Maitreya comes, he’s going to implement a war of radical Islam over the entire world.

What I think is occurred to me today was that everybody keeps looking for World War 3 and it’s going to be Israel , Syria and America against Iran . These things may happen. We know that Israel will be at war with Syria because the prophetic verse in Isaiah has never been fulfilled. As of today, Damascus , Syria is the longest standing city on the planet and it’s never been at war. Eventually it will be flattened, so there has to be a war to where Damascus is destroyed. We’re still waiting for that to be fulfilled.

This whole thing that I see coming with World War 3 seems more to me a disguised war on the Saints. I keep warning everybody that the first thing the Antichrist does when he comes to power is implement a war against the Saints. So to me, this whole World War 3 is nothing but that; a disguised War on the Saints. It’s really going to be have to watch the outcomes because if Obama wins we are going down one route. If McCain wins we’re going to go another route. So it’s like you can talk about what’s going to happen if you go down which routes, but until November 4th we won’t know for sure which route we’re going down. Things can change and they often do. That’s why I keep in the codes all the time; to try to keep informed on what’s going on.

I was reading an article this week at on the board about the hypnosis techniques that Obama uses on his crowds. I thought that was really interesting because I remember years ago warning people that when Maitreya comes, to stay away from him because he has hypnotic powers and will be able to hypnotize people; especially when the whole New Age thing has this Day of Declaration on TV. Their world teacher, this Maitreya will speak on TV telepathically (he wouldn’t move his lips and speak) to people around the world. I warned then, do not watch them when they are on TV because they can hypnotize you with the demonic power that they have. I thought it was interesting they’re coming out claiming that Obama is doing the same thing with hypnosis; hypnotizing people with his speeches.

People have been sending me reversed speech clips of Obama. Unconsciously he often makes reference to the UFOs above him because he is in contact with them. I don’t know what he needs to do...just fully shape-shift into a reptilian or turn into an alien before people recognize who or what he is. I don’t think they will. I think that this whole Age of Aquarius and Ascended Master Islam thing...that’s the route we seem to be going and it would be Obama who would be President of their choice that would lead us into that mess.

If we have John McCain, we’re pretty much going to stay on the same route we’re on now; we’ll be under Bush imperialism. I detest it; I hate it when they call it American Imperialism because there is nothing “American” about what Bush is doing. Americans have no desire to take over the rest of the world or be at war in the Middle East . He used lies to get there and built it off the patriotism of the sheep...the gullible that weren’t paying attention. Arabs had nothing to do with 9-11; it was Bush to begin with. That’s what you would get if you get McCain. Pretty much the same; we’ll have a bank holiday. We’ll have a police state and we’ll have martial law. Probably end up with all those things under Obama as well.

There really is no hope between either of them. It’s like a battle between two alien factions. A battle between lizards and reptilians verses the tall greys. The Bush’s are reptilian shape-shifters. There have been plenty who have seen them shape-shift into reptilians. You can read Bryce Taylor’s book, Thanks for the Memories. You can read Cathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America. You can watch Arizona Wilder’s interview with David Icke. These women have no reason to lie. They can tell you more about what goes on behind the scenes then you can imagine. I would suggest that everyone read those books. If you read, Thanks for the Memories can get that at It’s just an eye-opener. It’s just an eye-opener. It’s a great book. These women have no reason to lie and they will tell you exactly what these politicians are and what they’ve seen them do and they name names.

That’s what it’s almost like. We’re at a war with the Ashtar Command which is pretty much dominated by the tall greys. I guess the reptilians; the Bush’s – I have clips on the of the small greys in the window of the White House. The small greys have always been slaves of the reptilians; I think they are a cloned and manufactured race by the reptilians to do their bidding. They have them go out and implant people and stuff like that. Usually it’s just the small greys that act like slaves to the reptilians. That’s the faction that the Bush’s and the New World Order are hooked up with.

Then you have the Aryan and the Ascended Master’s faction. I talked a little bit about it last week; how these Aryans (not a Nazi-fascist Aryan) but Aryan is just another term for these Ascended Master beings who live in the cities in the center of the Earth. I talked about Shambhala and Shangri-La. These are names for Agartha and some of these cities in our hollow Earth. I went into researching that because I kept seeing the Himalayas in India in the Bible codes and wanted to see what the connection was. I had always believed that Maitreya and these beings had a base in the Himalayas . Do a little bit of research and you find out they don’t just have a base there; they have a whole underground city there. So very interesting what leads to what. I was already familiar with hollow Earth cities, but had never put the connection together with these Ascended Masters also called Aryans would be connected with that. They’re also the same Aryans that Hitler had talked about; to build the master race. It was the Aryan master race he wanted to build; an alien hybrid race. It had nothing to do with a whole German race or blond haired blue eyed race or whatever you think of when the term “the Master Race”...he really meant Ascended Masters; the Master Race.

Just a heads up on presidential races; I’m not voting for either one of them. Choosing between the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil, folks. I do think there could be some drama with the election...a recount...perhaps the same drama of what happened with Bush and Gore. Eventually I do think it will be Obama. Things have changed over the last couple of months. If somebody had asked me in January who was going to be voted in, in November, I would have said Hillary. Interesting lineage wise, Obama outranks her. For some reason he’s not even pure human. I’m not sure what this being Obama is. He’s a creature. He’s a lizard. John McCain is just a pawn. Things change and so you just have to keep watching the routes that are being taken.

Like I said, if you have any question, just send them over to

Some other things I wanted to mention - I just wanted to give a heads up; I know I talk about this on the show all the time about understanding who and what is behind the world scene and who is controlling the world events. Folks, its an old Illuminati trick to implement a war and then fund both sides of it so matter who wins, they have control of the stake on the winning side. This whole serpent seedline; the human hybrids and offspring of the aliens themselves....they get their strategies from Satan himself. It’s the Illuminati’s Earth council known as the Bilderberger group that we see as the Earth based Illuminati. The controllers of this council live above the Earth in UFO star ships often referred to as the Ashtar Command or the Galactic Federation. I know you can lose a lot of people right there because they don’t understand. They start thinking you’re talking science fiction.

What they need to understand is that aliens exist; extraterrestrials exist, but what are they? They are fallen angels. That’s all they are.

The Bible has always talked about how Satan rules the heavenlies. If it were just clouds and planets, what would there be to rule? The truth of the matter is there are tens of thousands of these fallen angels that inhabit our solar system.

The way they travel is with what we call these UFOs (unidentified flying objects) because they don’t know what to call them. Some of them look like hats. Some of them look like tin cups. Some of them look like cigars. So they group them all as UFOs. Then there are the starships. If you look up at the sky at night...and this is what I get to see all the time...because when you know what to look for you’ll see them everywhere...these starships that have like a yellow-orange glow to them and look like stars. They look like stars, but are very close to the Earth; at 33 degrees above the horizon and not as high as typical stars. Those are the ones to watch out for.

Sometimes they are a brilliant white light, other times they are orange-yellow and other times you’ll see white flashing a red light or blue light. I think the red and blue are definitely some kind of military thing; only they would think of that so when airplanes and people from the Earth look up they would think they’re just an airplane flying by, but they don’t move; they just sit there. It’s amazing what they can do in the skies and nobody notices or says anything.

So we not only have the extraterrestrials flying these UFOs in our atmosphere now, we have our military has their own fleet. They have satellites that can mimic stars. They have them so they can operate their spy satellites. I’ve posted articles about spy satellites and the capabilities they have. It’s almost scary. They can look right into your house. They can see what you’re reading. They can see what you are watching on TV. They can listen to phone conversations you are having. They just go from person to person. They have a list of people they target, so they sit and target people nightly.

I’ve been warning for years; they’ve been mapping out who the 144,000 are. They want to know who the 144,000 are that the Bible talks about in Revelation. They’re trying to find them, map them out and get them located because they know who the real war is with. Especially if you’re an Orgone Warrior, you have pretty much already been harassed by the black helicopters; now you’ll get harassed by these satellites. Look up in the sky and notice any satellites that are white and look like stars and are flashing red lights? That’s usually the military coming by to target and see what you are doing. Just a heads up on exactly who they are.

The Bible talks about angels designated to watch over the creation and called the Watchers; actually a rank in Heaven called the Watchers. They were the guardians of the Earth of what God had created; especially the ones He had created - Adam and Eve, and set them in the Garden. A lot of these angels rebelled against God’s authority led by Lucifer; Satan or whatever you want to call him. So they lost their status as being angel’s because they wanted to mate with human women.

Enoch talks about it; how 200 generals had met on Mount Herman and had decided to leave Heaven. Just because it talks about 200 have to know that these 200 officers had tens of thousands of ranks with them. We don’t know if they fell with them or not, but I tend to believe they did. Tens of thousands leaving Heaven and coming with them to the Earth. Over time, Genesis 6:4 talks about how angels fell before the flood and after. Angels are not required to stay in Heaven. They have free will. They can leave Heaven, and thousands did and thousands have. That’s why we have so many of what we call extraterrestrials in space. That’s why some look humanoid and some don’t.

There were 2 different rebellions. Satan’s rebellion before Adam and Eve were even created. He and his angels were judged; they lost their angelic looks. That’s why you have them looking like snakes and lizards and all these other races they’ve created and cloned and manipulated over the years. Then you have some that are tall beings; were at one time angels but have been cast out of Heaven and can’t get back in. They lost their angelic powers, but they didn’t loose their looks. They still look very humanoid, but they are giants. They are very tall. So we have two different kinds of beings that we are dealing with because we are dealing with 2 different rebellions. You have to understand that Satan rules over all of them in space. He is the ruler over everything that happens in the aerospace. Many different planets are inhabited by them. They are organized and organizing themselves into councils and federations and things like this; very Star Wars George Lucas type stuff. Where do you think he gets his info from? He got it somewhere. It’s very accurate. Except for the entertaining stuff he throws in, a lot of the stuff he reveals, how things work is very accurate. So it shouldn’t surprise you; this whole Galactic Federation/Ashtar Command thing because that is the council that governs the children that they have on Earth. Satan has his own seed on Earth like these extraterrestrials. And that’s why you have the Illuminati/serpent seedline. You have 13 Illuminati families that are direct descendents from fallen angels. Their parents were fallen angels. That’s why they interbreed. That’s why they intermarry. So they can have pure, fallen angel seedline. By having this fallen angel seedline, they retain the ability to shape-shift into lizards.

I know some of you...if you haven’t read my material or David Icke’s, you kind of get lost in the whole thing. Once you recognize this and learn this it just becomes second nature. It doesn’t shock me at all, but when I talk about it I have to stop and think somebody else might be freaking out here. This is all what the Bible goes back to the Garden of Eden. Genesis 3:15 - The Serpent seedline. When Yahushua was here on Earth, He called the scribes and Pharisees children of the devil and literally meant offspring of the devil. The tares at that time; the serpent seed had infiltrated and were living among the Israelites as Jews.

(Sherry coughs) If they let me speak tonight. I always get these attacks. It’s almost like there is some kind of witch coven around, trying to choke me all the time. Anyway, before they choke me to death, I encourage you to do some research on my articles where I talk about In the Beginning and my website You’ll kind of get a grasp of everything that we are dealing with. We’re at the point where we don’t even have a pure human government. Anybody who makes it to the White House; it is such a controlled process to get there now, you better believe that its not by chance and we really don’t have a choice. We’re just voting in the choices that they give us. Have this lizard A or lizard B. That’s why our hope is no longer and has never been in the hands of the government or men; it’s always been in the Lord.

I’ve been watching the government for the last....when I woke up to this whole aliens are dominating America thing about 10-15 years ago. You just see it over the years and it gets worse and worse and worse.

I warned several years ago that the silent invasion had already begun because were so many were coming to Earth and taking over human bodies. I posted an article on my list last week. I often hear from people from California ; producers, writers, people involved with the industry either directly or indirectly. So no surprise; the email I got last week from somebody from California indirectly involved by having his own experiences with the immigration out there. You might want to read that. It’s at How the aliens are running the immigration office out there...killed his family off. It kindof gives you an inside look at how things are happening out there with the government agencies. He doesn’t even have anything to do with Hollywood which was amazing. Hollyweird. It’s just someone totally disconnected with that saying the same things.

If people want to do some research, all of my books articles are on my websites, so you can go to and click on the articles section to read all those articles.

I talk about how Eisenhower was the first President to sign a treaty with the aliens. Last week I told you how everything has to be orderly and every “i” has to be dotted and every “t” has to be crossed. Everything has to be orderly; they can’t just come in and take over...Satan can’t do anything without being permitted to and authorized to. One of the biggest requirements for that is it has to be done orderly. It’s almost like there has to be in our way of understanding it, a paper trail. Everything has to be legal. If someone is going to be stood up and anointed and have a certain position, they have to have the right lineage. That goes for the Lord’s people and it goes for Satan’s. If something is going to be done; declared a law or whatever, it has to be done through paperwork. It has to be a statute; a law. Everything has to be done in order.

I find it interesting that you can go back to Eisenhower who was the first president who signed a treaty with the aliens in exchange for technology. They bribed him with technology. What they did from 1933 on; in every so many years...I don’t know how many it is, but they have to renew these treaties with the aliens. Most of Congress doesn’t know that these treaties exist because this is all done away from Congress; away from revolving door politicians who come and leave every 2- 4 years. This is all run by the shadow government, Majestic 12, Committee of 300. They go by different names. You can Google “Majestic 12” and get started there. That’s one of the first names they were called. And of course....what’s his name is involved...I can see his face....Kissinger. Kissinger is involved up to his eyeballs. Another interesting guy and total lizard.

These treaties that our presidents have been signing and these leaders in the secret government have been signing with these aliens authorizing them to abduct American citizens; authorizing them to implant citizens. What they do when they abduct you (there’s thousands and thousands of cases of people being abducted) is they implant them with tracking chips so they can track them because Satan is not omniscient, all powerful or all knowing. He has none of the attributes of God, so he has to count on technology to run his kingdom. One of the ways he does that is by chip implanting people so they can track them. He has loads and loads of think our government is bad with bureaucracy; you should see the computer system that is running theirs. I’m sure it’s a lot less bulky than ours because they are much more advanced in technology. They had nano-chips and nanotechnology years ago and we’re just getting it now. They have every citizen tracked by chip implants and they also use them for breeding experiments.

Satan has never stopped trying to clone his own human. He can’t get it. He can’t create a soul, so he ends up with all these beings that might look human, but don’t have a soul. He’ll never be able to duplicate that because Adam didn’t become a living soul until the Lord breathed His breath into his nostrils. Satan can’t duplicate the Lord’s breath, so he’ll never have a human. I don’t know if he understands that. I don’t know if he gets it. Until he finally gets it, he’s going to keep trying to create his own master races. He’s creating all these races through the aliens and we’re going to see them in the next war. Some of these super soldiers they’ve been working on for the past 30 -40 years. Half-human half-machine, so it’ll be interesting to see what some of these beings will look like because I’ve always heard that in the last war these hybrids; these crossbreeds will be used. I don’t plan on being here then, but if I am so be it. Heads up on that and why everything is so orderly because our presidents have allowed it. They allowed it.

Roosevelt after Eisenhower had signed treaties with the aliens...I don’t know if it went underground at that point or not because I don’t know if Clinton and Bush’s....I’m sure now that I think about it....they’re (aliens) IN the White House, why wouldn’t they sign treaties? “Oh, by the way, sign this while you are here.” (LOL)

Our government has authorized the aliens to be here. Another thing they have done is support them being here. We’ve built over 100 underground joint military bases that they use for these aliens supposedly to transfer technology. Some of the technology that we’ve gotten from them being - laser lights, laser surgeries, the computer, computer chips, microchips, nano-chips, a lot of the biotech that we have...all this stuff coming from alien technology that they’ve gotten over the years through these underground bases.

In exchange for the technology, the government looks the other way while Americans are being abducted and chip implanted and used for breeding experiments and even often being used for food. I have all that on my website Read my article on the Dulce Base. It talks about how they have these huge vats at Dulce Base. They would cut up humans and use the body parts in these vats and the aliens would soak in them for nutrition. It’s really disgusting.

That’s why America is called Babylon in the last days. The United States funding all this to keep it away from the public eye. To do so, they have become the largest drug dealers in the world and the public knows nothing about it. Our government puts on the big facade “The War Against Drugs”, its more like a war for drugs. The USA is one of the largest drug dealers in the world. They bring all these drugs into the country so they can sell them and then use the profits for these underground bases and the black projects that they have so that Congress knows nothing about it.

You can read...I’m not sure which one talks about it; I think its Bryce Taylor. The office of Vice President (Dick Cheney) is the one who is put in charge of domestic drug operations. It’s an eye opener when you realize how evil and corrupt everything is and is even more so than what you thought. That’s another thing. I’m going to say this again; if you haven’t gotten these books folks - Cathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America and Bryce Taylor’s Thanks for the Memories.

In the book of Revelation it talks about America the Babylon . Babylon is a trader; a merchant in the souls of men. Here we’re not only the largest merchant in the world for drugs and child prostitution and slavery rings, I’m sure there are things that you can’t even imagine. I’m sure that cloning has something to do with that.

It just floors me that Beijing , China has the largest cloning facility in the world and now they have over 1 billion people there. So now you’re thinking, “How many are clones?” How long has this been going on and we’ve been completely clueless of all of it?

Another heads up folk. Earthquake weapons; I’m seeing a lot of earthquakes coming and a lot of flooding on into next year, even the year after. Someone is shaking America and China . Who is it? Someone is sending hurricanes to America ; who is it? Someone caused the tsunami last year that wiped out millions in Indonesia . These are not normal, natural brought about by stressful earthquakes. These are manipulated and created earthquakes. I believed for a long time that it was Russia who had sole control of an ETW (what they call earthquake triggering weapons) but now I believe America does too because I don’t think that Russia has a bone to pick with China but America does. The recent earthquakes in China . The earthquakes in Iran . Always seem to correlate with China getting them to go along with a policy, an agreement or an agenda. When someone doesn’t go along, all of a sudden they get an earthquake in their country. I think the hurricanes that we had were retaliation by Russia . I definitely think that Russia is going to be the ones that trigger the San Andreas Fault and the Madrid Faults and the Pacific Ring of Fire. We’ve got 2 super power countries that have E.T.W.’s (earthquake triggering weapons) and this is a very dangerous time. These are going to go a lot further than dropping bombs on a country would.

What I think will happen is America is just going to over the next year...get embroiled with the disasters caused by earthquakes, by flooding, by the economy going down, the banks closing, this whole New World Order touting a new European currency. That’s why it really depends on who is going to win the election; Obama or John McCain - which route we’re going to go down. Neither of them is going to be any good. At least we’ll know which way to focus more of our attention. I’m not sure what will happen with the banking and economy if Obama is elected, but if John is elected, we’ll have more of the Bush stuff. Then the banks will probably get closed for a week or two. Chaos will result. Martial law....we’ll just go right on with the Bush theology. They call it the Bush Doctrine; it’s basically just his New World Order doctrine or we just go from New World Order doctrine to Age of Aquarius doctrine. Islam is going to run the world crap. It’s going to be one or the other, folks. It should be interesting to see.

I do see a recount of the election. The only thing I can’t tell is if this was from the past from Gore and Bush or this is something new where there is going to be some drama at election time over who gets the actual vote and they have to do a recount. If it comes to America having to go to the voting booths to vote again to settle the arguments over who won. If it goes that far, Obama would take it hands down at that point.

I’m going to answer questions from listeners. If you have a question, you can send it to

Hi Sherry, can you explain how to do the Bible codes and get an honest answer on yourself?

Answer: How honest do you want it? I see it all the time. When you’re looking at a Bible code and it’s talking about how you’re know you are getting an honest answer.

Question: What is the Kolbrin Bible?

Answer: The Kolbrin Bible; I’ve started to have my reservations on it. I ordered it and got that little addendum PX book with it. They are both written by Marshall Masters. So if the Kolbrin Bible itself is written by him, then I’m going to have some concerns with that. My husband was reading the addendum book and was telling me some stuff it was saying. It pretty much knocks everything out about the Lord having a hand in any of the early events of the Israelites. It talks about how it was Planet Niburu that did it. This planet Niburu parted the waves of the Red Sea ....that it was some kind of reaction from this PX that caused the first born in all the families to be killed. They explain away the Bible, so I’m going to have some real reservations if the Kolbrin Bible is doing the same thins. It’ll be some more New Age garbage at that point. I haven’t read it yet. I’m going to try to look into it this week. As of now, the addendum book on PX is garbage. I’ll tell you that right out, because you don’t throw anything of the Lord out and replace it with a PX, New Age garbage or anything else.

Question: Could Casey Anthony the baby killer be a product of demon possession or alien controlled? She was always in a trance.

Answer: Anybody who is always in a trance is being controlled. Being in a trance like state is programming. She probably has no idea what she is doing. If you are in a trance like state, you are being controlled.

Question: Greetings Sherry, I just received my Mylar blankets and know how I should put them in my window in my apartment. They are bigger than my window. Should I cut them or just put them up. Does it hurt to cut them?

Just overlap them. Fold them up. It doesn’t matter. Tape them up. You don’t have to cut them. Just fold them because it’s such a thin foil. Just fold it and then tape it. That’s all you have to do. Mine don’t look pretty; I just have them up and they’re effective. I don’t open my curtains very often anyway. Do what you want. It doesn’t hurt to cut them.

Question: Have you heard of the Avalon Project? Carrie Cassidy and all their interviews?

Answer: I’m familiar with Project Avalon the website. I haven’t listened to any of the interviews. No.

Question: I no longer know if I’m saved because of all the bs I received in church. Since April of this year I’ve been dabbling in alcohol. Can you tell me if I’m demon possessed? I’ve been a pork eater and other meats and don’t know how to practice Shabbat. (Sherry: and so on....and so on.) Please say something if I am lost or not. God have mercy.

Answer: The Lord always forgives. It says, be filled with the spirit, not alcohol. Alcoholism can lead to demon possession. They have access to you. If you are living a life of sin, then you are an open doorway to demonic possession. So quit the drinking, renounce it, rebuke it and seek forgiveness and start serving the Lord. He’s not the legalist; the holier than thou that is preached in the churches today; like the Pharisees were. He’ll forgive you for your sins. Just seek Him. But you can’t live a life of sin and then wonder if you are being messed with by Satan; because you will be, probably are and you can be. But there is nothing that the Lord can’t stop.

Turn away from your sins and start asking the Lord to start to reveal the truth in all things everyday. Ask Him to teach you who He is and how to get to know Him more. Ask Him those things. People always get on emails and seek other people for help when they should go directly to the Lord and say, Teach me who you are. Go to Him direct.

Comment: Yah bless, sister. You talked about starships. I sat and watched those for several weeks come up and rotate like a star and then begin their change of color. What we’ve found is if you look at those things with binoculars you can see the colors. Unbelievable, but when you take binoculars and change the focus to where it is blurred; you can see literally see the plasma and continued motion of these things. I only pray that your listeners will start watching the sky starting at 9PM . They used to start at 3AM , but are now starting earlier. Listeners, get familiar with your sky.

Sherry: I can see them starting to move into position at 7PM ; right when it starts to get dusk. That’s where the real fun is. Of course, it depends on what area of the country you’re in. My fun out here starts about dusk. I live in Ohio .

Question: 5 military planes flew over our house early this morning. We heard nothing. We heard something hit outside of our house. It was quite noticeable. We found nothing, but we have a lot of landscaping that something could have fallen into. We read by accident of them dropping shells on houses. Are you personally aware of anyone else being targeted like this? Do you have any idea what else this could be? We’re in Florida . Also at 5:20 AM someone rang our doorbell and there was no one there.

Answer: This is typical intimidation. They do this for intimidation. Get some Orgone outside your house; especially in your yard, if you don’t have Orgone in you yard. I’ve been hit by satellites beam weapons (Tesla Beams). They were trying to explode my house from space. They’d blame it on a gas line or something. I don’t know what they were trying to do to you. I can look at one code last week; I had 4 different assassination plans on it. I don’t know if they were dropping something on your house. Perhaps they were, and the Lord wouldn’t allow anything to come out of it. We’re protected by the Lord, so don’t fear them. If anything, they’re amusing to me. I certainly don’t fear them.

Question: I checked out your picture of the massive pipe bucket blaster. I just had to laugh because I imagine you walking outside with that massive thing and all those around, spying on you, wondering what you were up to. All of a sudden screech and run when they realized it was a bazooka blaster. I’m sure they’re faces were priceless. I can’t wait to go make mine. My main question: Are you voting. If you are, are you voting for the lesser of 2 evils?

Answer: No I’m not voting. There is no one to vote for as far as I’m concerned.

Question: I’m not voting because I don’t think it matters now. What can I tell the Bible Belt-ers when they tell me it’s in the Bible and my right?

Answer: The Bible never told us to compromise with evil; it tells us to walk away from it. I’m certainly not going to compromise with evil simply because there is a lesser of two evils. Which one is the lesser of two evils? Which one is that? I think they’re both evil. If you look at Chuck Baldwin who is running on the Constitutional Party or Libertarian Party; this Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the same agenda as Obama. So what difference is there if you vote Ron Paul or Obama? They work for the same people. Ron Paul works for the New Age/NESERA crowd. The same Ascended Master/Aryans that Obama does. Who is there to vote for, folks?

I was trying to find this one email I was it is.

Question: Is Obama the Antichrist or is the Maitreya to come the final one?

Answer: Maitreya is the Antichrist. Obama is just a pawn. The Antichrist is going to come from the Middle East . He’s going to conquer nations. He’s going to have his own Islam army. That kindof knocks out Obama for that, although he will be a pawn. It will definitely be a Middle Eastern Arab. Just a heads up on that for everybody, because I know I get a lot of questions on that one.

Question: Hey Sherry, the giants that are coming; are they going to be high-tech, meaning will they have weapons? Will they be wearing uniforms resembling a soldier?

Answer: There will be several different groups of giants that are coming. You have the cross-breeds that have been created in joint alien/military bases (half man/half machine.) you have the actual Annuniki returning. You have Joel’s army that is returning. You have the buzzards (200 million) coming out of the Euphrates River . We have different groups of aliens coming; types, I guess you could say. The giants that I know that are coming; the humanoid looking type....I don’t know if they’re going to be high-tech. Most of them will be stranded here without their ships and without their stuff- they won’t work, especially if they hit an orgoned area, they will malfunction. I don’t think they’ll need weapons.

The countries still have space weaponry. The United States has it. Russia has it. I’m sure by now China and Europe . Everybody has a stake in space weaponry. We’re going to see laser type weapons that we’ve never seen before. If you look at the videos of 9-11, the WTC buildings coming down, it always looks to me it’s that one ship firing a beam at the one building that causes it to come down. We could have Tesla beams. Tesla technology was pretty much...I think the Russians have control of a lot of that. You might want to research Tesla technology, because he had extreme and advanced laser type technology and satellite beam weapons and stuff like that. That is going to come out in the next war. They hide it now. If you hear that huge sonic boom, that indicates a space weapon has just been used. Like you heard when the Challenger exploded in the sky. Just seconds before that happened. It was taken down by a space weapon. A sonic boom is one giveaway that a space weapon is being used.

Question: I just looked up the book, Thanks for the Memories at It is $60. Are there any places you can get it cheaper?

Answer: That’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen it. There was a long time on the internet when you couldn’t even buy the book if you wanted it. If you were lucky enough to find a copy, it was $300 back then and now it’s only going for $60. That’s a deal because that book is really hard to get and it’s a really big book; like 8” x 11” and 400 pages long. It’s a huge book, not a little paperback that they’re charging 60 bucks for. I know its expensive, but worth reading. It’s worth having.

Comment from a listener: Hey Sherry, the cow abductions I have seen on You Tube are very interesting. What if you put Orgone around the cow’s necks? They are putting green clothes on the cows to make them look like grass. I still think the Orgone around the farm and on the cows. I’m putting them on all my horses, dogs and cats.

Sherry: I would definitely be orgoning cow farms. I do out here and have orgoned a lot of cow farms around here just to protect the animals. Not only are humans affected by all of this alien and government technology, but also the animals. I think we need to protect our animals and I have always put it where the farms are. Not only does it help them, it gets it into the atmosphere.

Question: Sherry, how do you place the Orgone on large acreage? Do you place it in a grid pattern, so far apart?

Answer: I am a firm believer in over saturation of Orgone. I put a lot of it everywhere. You can never have too much Orgone. Put it on the corners of your property and put it in the center of it. That’s the best advice I can give you. If you can’t put it on the corners, because you don’t have a level lot; maybe you have a half-acre or something or live in town like I do, just put it up in the gutters of your house, plant it in gardens, flower beds, plant pots or whatever you have laying around. You just want to get it where people won’t find it and take it. If you have a lot of acreage, get it out there. Put 6, 7 or 8 of them in your yard. Put them in your bushes. Places you won’t run over them with the lawn mower. If you have a pond, or a lake, put them in there. As much as the Lord leads you to do. I don’t think you could possibly ever have too much Orgone.

Question: Do you think Azazel of the Watchers has a role in the end time? I think that in Enoch it describes him as all sin.

Answer: Azazel was one of the angels that was Satan’s general. Some people think that Azazel is Lucifer himself. I think he is just one of the generals. I don’t know if he’s going to be back or not; I have to re-read Enoch. I don’t know all the names of them, have then written down anywhere of who did what, but Enoch has it. Different angels teaching people to make weapons, make war, make music, how to make make-up. They covered everything. That’s why the Lords anger was with them so harshly because they was giving mankind knowledge and information that He didn’t want them to have. That’s why their judgment was so severe.

Comment: Hey Sherry, I believe I saw a Mother ship. It was huge. I see it almost every night. Sometimes it’s the only thing in the sky.

Sherry: That thing is outrageous. I don’t know if you’re talking about the white one or not. That usually positions itself here at about dusk; about 7PM now. It’s this big, obnoxious, white star that’s in the sky. It’s not even the only one. I was going to the store the other night and in a different direction, saw another one. There is more than one. I had seen them out West when I was out in Utah and Nevada , so they’re all over the place. I don’t know if we are all seeing the same one or if we see different ones. That’s something I haven’t grasped yet. I think we should all be making bucket blasters and just get all of them.

I love it when I have something new to do. It just makes things so much more fun. So now I have the pipe blaster and the bucket blasters. Like I’ve said, they’re on my website I give directions and have pictures; you can make your own. It’s just something more to do to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order. I’m not going to sit around on my couch and gripe about it; I’m going to get on my feet and do something about it. Even if it’s just Orgone, it’s something. Just doing what the Lord leads us to do. It’s better than sitting around and doing nothing and just watching the world go to Hell in a hand basket and waiting for it to go there. At least we can be having victories along the way. We definitely do that. We’re definitely causing a stir in the astral realm right now. I can see that in the codes. It’s a complete uproar in the astral realm because of the more powerful blasters that are coming out; the bucket blasters. It actually says, “pail” so I got a kick out of that. I know I’m not the only one doing it right now; there are other warriors getting the pail blasters out. This is going to get fun.

Just a heads up:

If you have your money in the banks, like I’ve said, “Get it out.”

If you live in the North, Northeast, Midwest ; be prepared for a cold winter.

Be prepared for the electric to go out in the middle of the winter so be prepared to stay warm.

If there is no electricity, find alternate ways. Do it now. Don’t wait until it happens.

Have alternate ways of cooking.

Have alternate ways of staying warm.

Even if you have a couple days of food in your house: I think you should be stocking and hoarding where you have a couple of months.

Judging by the reaction of people after the last hurricane, people aren’t prepared for disasters. They’re not prepared at all for the electric to go out for 2 -3 days, even a week at a time. Simply not prepared is the majority. The majority of people are just going to find themselves in one catastrophe after another because we’ve got nothing but disasters coming to this nation. So what do they expect?

We’ve got tons of earthquakes coming and everything else that’s weather related they can destroy this country. These are the types of things that are coming and what results is famine.

We have terror attacks coming from our government.

We have bio-attacks coming from our government.

If we don’t have everything coming from our government, then we just have the natural things to happen; coming from nature.

We have not just our own government targeting things, but the Russians. We have everything coming from every direction, so you need to be prepared, folks; just having food, water and medicine on hand.

Have alternative forms of shelter.

Being emotionally being ready to handle these things that are coming.

I’ve sat here the last couple of weeks and even couple of months; its a blessing every day that you have that you get up and life is normal. Life is still normal. I can get up, get on the computer, take a shower and get in my car and drive somewhere. I count the days as blessings that life is still normal. I can see the times coming when life ceases to be normal and it will never return back to how it is today. Most of us have normal lives today right now. That will quickly change and a lot sooner than people want it to. Whenever it does start, it will be too soon for a lot of people.

Count your blessings, folks. Count your days because it’s definitely a blessing that things are still normal.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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