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Monday, November 17, 2008

Transcribe 11-10-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 11-08-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live, it’s Monday night November 10th. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I’ll be checking those, here in a little bit.

Probably not going to talk too long tonight. I’ll probably try and cut down the shows to about a half an hour. I was thinking about changing the times; so I need your feedback on that. I was thinking about 9 o’clock on Mondays or maybe 8 o’clock on Mondays. Give me some feedback on what you think about me changing the time of the show itself.

I’ve noticed that since Obama got elected as president, the number of times Libya is now mentioned in the codes has increased by about 10,000%. You can even look at a small word code; I always do small spacing codes...usually about 1 - 3 ELS. Libya is just dominant. Libya is dominant. Along with Libya being dominant is Maitreya. So...definitely a connection there between the four – Obama, Libya, and Maitreya. Also equally dominant are the Orgone Warriors.

Also, I’m seeing a lot of New York City coming up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have it on the table to have some kind of a missile hitting New York City. Keep your eyes open for that. They often change their plans. Just because it’s planned, that doesn’t mean they’ll do it. New York City is often in the codes, it seems...and it hasn’t really jumped up in priority. It’s just the usual. What has changed with New York City coming up in the codes is Maitreya is all over it. I find that interesting. He is going to become more and more dominant.

Another thing I see interesting with Maitreya is that we are killing him. It’s all of this Orgone that we have around the world and is being blown around the world by the wind itself and is contaminating their water sources. I’ve talked about Orgone being a positive energy and they can’t stand positive energy. So just the fact that it hits the water supplies and affects them. So it’s very dominant.

It almost looks like there’s going to be something coming up. Keep your eyes on New York City and Libya because Libya is just dominant. I think Maitreya officially or unofficially is coming out of Libya. Interesting that there’s a desert over there by Libya. I remember running into this about six or seven years ago when I first put up In this desert over there, there is supposed to be some kind of underground base where these white lizards live. We’ve always seen lizards as green or a pale yellow color. They are actually what is considered white albino lizards. These are the supreme ranked lizards. So, interesting that being in an underground base over there by Libya and now they’re coming to the forefront in the codes. Libya as being a dominant country. Either officially or unofficially, they’re going to be coming out of Libya. Interesting to keep your eyes on that.

I did a lot of research over the past weeks. Last week I talked about how I was going to write an article on the tares. And that’s what I did. I sent it out to my lists and what we’re going to talk about tonight. The Lord had told me the judgment of the tare nations is coming, so we’re going to talk a little bit about the tare nations. Exactly who are the tare nations? That’s one thing I had to think of. So I started digging in to some of the histories of China and Japan...South American and Central America....the Aborigines of Australia. What is interesting, if you really start to dig, especially with China, and go back through their early dynasties; they hail their beginning of their race...I didn’t write down the male and female name, but there were two god-kings that they had listed as their leaders. All of their lineage from their empires....and the same thing with Japan and perhaps some of these other nations can trace their lineage back to these god-kings that had established and ruled over these nations at their very early onset of them.

I also find it interesting also that Cain had migrated east of Eden and the most populous nations even back then were India and China. I find it interesting that it puts it in the time that Yahushua walked the Earth; the Chinese had approximately 25 million people. So you can imagine how many the Indians had. Probably equal to about 25 million and also spread out around the world.

I was looking at various before and after pics of plate shifts and when the continents divided and split and the Earth split apart. All of the continents had people on them and they’re ancient civilizations. These heritages; these people had lived in these areas before the continents split. So I thought it was interesting. I grabbed a bunch of graphics and may post a site up this week on how the world looked before and after the continents split. Because that pretty much explains how people got to Australia and some of these other nations. I know America and the most interesting being Africa.

Africa has a mixed heritage. The thing with not only get those long necked Egyptians. You’ve seen the history of Egypt where they had these long necked people and the Pharaohs. They were inhabitants from Mars. Then you have them dying off and regular god-kings establishing Egypt as Pharaohs. Then you have a mixture of Hams children....Canaan’s children that had settled throughout Africa and then you have the English/British settling Africa. So they have a various different bloodlines and seedlines in Africa. I thought that was interesting. It seemed to be pretty dominant to me as I looked through the creation of a lot of these races.....the most dominant theme amongst the Indian and the Chinese; the red and the yellow races was that they could establish their people back to god-kings. They are dragon worshipping races. Worshipping the dragon is very dominant in their religions and the Bible tells us who the dragon is - the devil. I’ve put this article together and you can read it at my website. The title is Judgment of the Tare Nations is Coming.

I’m going to give you a heads up on some of the sons of Adam and the sons of Lucifer. If you read in Genesis 3:15, one of the curses of Satan’s judgment and Eves was that there would be enmity between the Lord says, thy seed (to Lucifer) and her seed (Eve). “Seed” being offspring, so Lucifer obviously has offspring on Earth. I have a whole website on his seedline. How it had started with Cain and it ends up with over half the world’s population being an offspring of the serpent. So, very interesting.

You can trace the sons of Adam through Seth. Seth’s lineage with the white Anglo-Saxon peoples, the Arab and the African. Pretty much dominantly the White, Black and the Arabic races and nations would include European nations, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Russia. The dominant religions for Seth’s line include Christian (including both Protestantism and Catholicism) also Jewish and Islam. The dominant countries being Europe, the Middle East, Russia, United States, Australia, Canada and Alaska. Alaska has pretty much a mixed breed too because you have the Eskimos of Alaska that would fit more along the tare nations line. But with Cain, the sons of Lucifer, you have dominantly the Chinese, the Mongolian, the Indian the Central and South American peoples, the Australian Aborigines, all the Chinese and the offshoot Asian races such as Korea and India and native Indian cultures around the world. Dominant religions of the sons of Lucifer; the sons of Cain; are Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Dominant countries – China, India, island nations such as the Philippines, Japan, Central and South America and all of the early civilizations led by god-kings and the ones that can trace their lineage back to god-kings the ones who dominantly worshipped and featured the serpent or the dragon in their religions. Those are dominantly the sons of Lucifer. The thing I make clear in this article is that what we call the tares have mingled in with the seed of Seth. They don’t just stay separate.

We have so many mixed bloodlines and lineage now that you can’t tell who is what. So that’s why the Lord said to let the wheat and the tares grow together and at the end of days the angels would go through and weed out the tares from among the wheat. Very interesting and very hard to tell who is what.

The Lord’s salvation is open to all races that will accept Him. The new Israel that He established when He was here was all those who worshipped Him. It no longer was a bloodline issue or a 12 tribes of Israel strict bloodline of Israel that are the true Israelites. The true Israel today are all those who have accepted and worship Yahushua as the Messiah. So you move from a bloodline, nation type thing to all those who accepted Him. It moved away from religion and became relationship. Not all of our ancestors were Jewish. I know a lot of people don’t even think about it, but Adam wasn’t Jewish. Nor Enoch, or Abraham or their lineage throughout the centuries. Especially with the other sons of Noah. Even up till the time of Noah, they weren’t Jewish. The Jews came from the 12 tribes of Isaac. You had Ishmael, Abrahams other son who had formed the 12 Arab princes. So the great nation of the Arabs was from Ishmael. Then you also have Esau who interbred with the Nephilim; married tare/serpent seed wives, mixing lineage. You have mixed lineage all the way through our history as a people.

So, it’s very interesting that His Judgment is about to fall on all of these tare races, not just the ones interbreeding mixed. That would include America and Britain and everybody else that has mixed blood. You can look at the Bush’s, Hitler and all these New World Order Illuminati families and obviously they are tares, but coming out of the Tribe of Dan, mostly out of Israel. A lot of them trace their lineage back to being Jewish themselves.

This whole Illuminati thing. I’ve explained who the Illuminati are. There are 13 Illuminati bloodline families on Earth. That’s why they’re all related in some way. They marry within to keep the bloodlines pure. That was Hillary’s downfall because this Obama ended up having a higher rank in lineage than she did.

I just find it interesting the Bible codes are always referring to Obama as a “reptile” as a “lizard”, as a “creature” as a “beast”. I don’t know what happened to the original one, but I know the one we’re looking at is most likely a clone inhabited by one of these alien hosts I’ve been talking about over the years. He’s just not human; he’s a beast. He’s a creature. You almost get that just looking at him and hearing his voice. I know his voice nauseates me. Hearing it from a lot of other people that his voice nauseates a lot of other people too. There is something very demonic about it. I had always warned that when Maitreya was on TV to not watch him because he had the ability to hypnotize people that were watching him. Obama has the same type thing. I have heard it from others that he uses hypnotism in his speeches; that he is very hypnotic. I never spent a lot of time watching him; I just couldn’t. I’d spend about five minutes watching him and change the channel or something. He’s just one of those people.

I posted a picture of him at my website It shows him next to a tall grey lizard. It’s probably what he really is. Even Maitreya and this coming Sananda will admit they are tall lizards; that they have manufactured human bodies to portray themselves so they look somewhat human. I’m telling you, I think it’s the same thing with Obama, having some kind of manufactured body. Interesting...I think that Obama could actually replace Sananda coming. Black Jesus, black messiah coming up in the codes with Obama. He very well could replace and become the second beast of Revelation 13 because he is very dominant with Maitreya.

I do believe that Maitreya is the first beast mentioned in Revelation 13 and somehow he is going to die, there will be funeral and then he’ll probably come back and Obama will be hailing him as God and blah...blah. I know this Orgone is going to kill him. I keep seeing it over and over again that it’s killing him. I can’t just think that it’s always referring to forces in the background that we don’t see, because soon enough we’re going to see a lot of his forces. In fact one of the things that is dominant throughout his reign; his presidency (which will be the last one here in America) is the veil being lifted.

First of all the veil will be lifted. There is a protective veil over the Earth....between realms basically between the physical and spiritual realm. Some people have been born with their spiritual eyes and ear open and can see things in the spirit realm, but this veil is going to be lifted completely. I’ve always talked about how it will look like the Star Wars movie where you have the aliens and the humans intermingling. In Star Wars, they are sitting in the bars together drinking together and playing cards together or whatever. That’s basically what it’s going to be when the veil is lifted. You’re going to be able to see these demons and aliens amongst the human race. There are no longer going to be able to hid and cloak among mankind; we will see them for exactly what they are. That’s coming. One of the things that’s going to be ahead in our future. I’m not talking way down the line; I’m talking within the next year or two. It’ll be within Obama’s reign. Unless the Lord relented of everything and everything just stopped and stalled for the next four years we’re going to see a lot of these things happening just under Obama’s reign. He’s going to be here approximately four years. I don’t see anybody else past him. I see all of prophecy being fulfilled under him. I see that in the codes. I see a lot of prophetic events happening when Obama is king. Some things to look forward to, folks.

Another thing is Abbadon the Destroyer. The Bible passage I think is Revelation 16, where Abbadon is released with the key to the bottomless pit and he unlocks the locusts out of the pit. There are 200 million of them. This is going to happen also around the general time that the veil is lifted upon America and upon the entire world. And there will be no doubt that we are in the Tribulation Period. I don’t know how people can deny it. They don’t want to recognize it up until this point. Like I’ve said, people have asked me what the sure tell sign that we are in the Tribulation Period. I’ve said, “Watch for the arrival of Maitreya”. Of course he is already here; he is already amongst us, but will come up, he will rise up through the recognition channels you could say and announce himself as a great world teacher publicly instead of behind the scenes like he has been doing. You’re going to see the arrival of him, his forces; being the locusts out of the abyss, the Euphrates River. All kinds of these different demonic invasions. You’ll have the giants from Niburu coming. Joel talks about a northern army. I know that a lot of people think this northern army is Russia, but if you translate the term “north” in Joel, it means the “extreme north” and I believe this to be some kind of alien invasion from the constellation Orion and being some kind of alien/demonic looking army. We have several different ones that I’ve been talking about over the past several years.

So the looks of Earth...the face of the Earth is going to start changing dramatically. You almost get a heads up from our own media about it. The Geico commercials that will not go away. The one where you just want to step on the little lizard and break his neck. All these Geico commercials with the lizard. American Express; their commercials where humans are working in office settings with animals. This is all conditioning, folks. It may look funny at first, but when you really consider what they’re doing; trying to condition mankind that there are other beings amongst us and one day we’re all going to be living and working together. Very true....very prophetic. When the veil is lifted, you’re going to start seeing that there have been quite a few of them amongst us all this time. I’d talked a couple of years ago that the silent invasion had begun and it certainly has. We are being inundated by soul-scalped human beings and even aliens cloaking and using holographs as humans, blending in on Earth as humans. Its just going to come to a head probably within the next year or two, to when the veil is lifted and you’re going to be able to start seeing everybody and everything for what they are.

Definitely some eye-opening events coming. People can no doubt know that you’re in the prophesied Tribulation Period.

Remember that the Bible says the last days are going to be as the days of Noah. In the days of Noah, before the rain started to fall were eating, drinking, working, having’s a picture of everyday they would every day. Life hadn’t stopped, people weren’t waiting in fear and in judgment that the rains were coming and had decided that Noah was crazy and weren’t paying much attention to him as he sat and built his ark and warned everybody to repent and no one would listen to him. Then when the rain came...Noah knew it was coming and Noah had tried to warn them and no one would listen...only him, his sons and his wife was saved.

So, very interesting and something that had struck me last week when I was thinking about that was that only Noah, his wife and his three sons and their wives were saved. That means that not only did all of the known hybrids born at that time died....not missing too many of them...because at that time there was a massive infusion of angels falling from Heaven and mating and cohabitating with human women. You can read about it in Genesis 6:4. It happened before the flood and it happened after. Not too long after the ark had hit dry land and the populations on the Earth started blooming again, the angels started falling again.

Enoch specifically talks about a time of the giants here on Earth before the flood. Some of these giants being up to 30 feet tall would eat 500 cattle a day. When they ran out of food and animals, they would start eating humans. Just a very different type of world to live in at that time. To have cities and to have to worry about these 30 foot giants coming in and eating people. Maybe that’s where they get the T-Rex...I don’t know. “We’ll just make it look like its dinosaurs eating people”....I don’t know. Just a thought. But there were actually two brothers that were 30 feet tall and many others that were 18 -25 feet tall. It just goes on and on.

The downside of that is that all of Enoch and Lamech’s and Jared’s...our ancient forefathers...even Seth’s other children coming through Noah...there was a lot of Seth’s seed at that time as well. You had Cain’ seed and Seth seed and they had all blended and were living together. Everything was corrupt and defiled. They all died because Noah was the only surviving seed out of Seth’s whole line at that point other than his wife that survived the flood. When you think of the loss right there, it is just amazing that everybody else....Enoch’s kids....Jared, Lamech and the rest of Seth’s line...even Adam and Eve that had other children besides Seth.

Seth had replaced Abel because Cain had killed Abel. Adam and Eve had other children down the road after Seth. They had daughters. All those people killed...gone...boom because they wouldn’t listen to Noah. They had become so corrupted that they wouldn’t listen; they were deafened to Noah’s warnings. We see that a lot in our own churches today, where so many people are deafened to all the warnings of the times we are in. They won’t even listen to you about the leaders that we have, but the very ones saying that they’ll be ready. They would know when Satan is on the Earth posing as the Antichrist, but they can’t figure out that Obama is evil. They’re unsure of Obama. They don’t have the discernment to discern Obama, but all of a sudden they’re going to have all this discernment to discern the Antichrist. I find that interesting. They’re fooling themselves. Most of them will listen to the church pastors.

I was reading something the other day about how they’re already starting to enforce Romans 13 and already telling their churches and congregations to submit to the authority of the government, and how they’re supposed to be in obeyance to the government. You just want to puke. They are doing their jobs. I have warned for years that these Benny Hinn’s and Kenneth Copeland’s and these Masons....Billy Graham who’s a Mason...and all these prophesied Masons are professed Luciferian’s...Satanists. They worship and follow Satan. They turned their backs on the Lord. Just because they sit with a Bible and preach religion week after week after week, doesn’t mean they’re saved. People think that just because somebody quotes the Bible and they pray....Satanists have planted all these lies in the churches, Satanists have Christians believing that another Satanist can’t admit that he worships the Lord or that he’s a Christian or that he said the salvation prayer. They have them all snowballed into thinking that Satanists can’t pray, that Satanists can’t vow or quote allegiance to the Lord and stuff like that. So Christians think that all the people around them in their churches must be good people because they are claming Yahushua as their Messiah. They read the Bible and they pray and they lead choirs and meanwhile the Luciferian’s and Satanists are laughing silly because they are just leading them all into apostasy...and lead them into the usual church routines because the churches are so apostate. The Lord is getting ready to lead them into judgment, but for now He is going to target the tare nations.

I’ve warned about how this Orgone is going to affect the tare nations and we started seeing it last year. I’m going to read this right out of the article;

Hollywood has been conditioning mankind for coming epidemics, diseases, plagues, even zombies. Satan knows what is coming and so do those who have time traveled or can look into the future, or the ones who just read the Bible!

His plan is to offset the 'war on the tares' with his own war on mankind. To blend in, make it look like it's affecting all humans. Orgone energy doesn't negatively affect humans because they need living energy to survive, it only affects 'them' and will also adversely affect those who are possessed by demons or alien 'hosts' with hives and boils.

Humans who have opened demonic doorways of possession into their lives will also suffer adversely from the Orgone energy because of the 'possession. '

If you look at these dominant religions; Buddhism and Hinduism. They all invite demonic possession into people through trans-meditation, inviting demons into their bodies through their martial arts and other forms of worship where they invite demons into their bodies. So these are the ones that are going to be affected by Orgone the most.

One of the aspects of Orgone; it causes a cellular per mutation in people. One of the biggest terms I see with Orgone is “necrosis”. It’s a slow death. It starts to slowly kill them. Another aspect of the word is what is known as a zombie. That’s an acute reaction to the Orgone and how it slowly disfigures, per mutates and eventually kills people. The tares can and many will become and look what we know as zombies; what Hollywood has conditioned as zombies. Necrosis is a slow death and can take month’s, even years and what many of them will suffer. It just has some kind of cellular per mutation to it and its going to disfigure them. I’ve seen leprosy linked as one of the plagues. Leprosy, toxicosis, necrosis, cellular and disfigurement. Just a lot of different ways that Orgone will start attacking and affecting these tare nations. Eventually it will work its way to this side of the world. And like I’ve said, the seed of Seth has nothing to worry about. It’s the sons of Cain and the serpent seedline that have mixed in with the seed of Seth. If you are a child of God you don’t have to worry about it; you will be protected from this. I think it’s going to be a lot of these cloned beings and soul-scalped beings that are going to be affected by it.

I think it would be interesting to know the real extent of how many cloned people we have. Because if you look at China...and they have the largest cloning facility in the world, just outside of Beijing...and they have 1.2 billion people in their population. Exactly how many of them are cloned, do you think? They’ve been doing it the biggest, the fastest, the longest. How do you tell if you’re in the presence of a cloned being? We’ve been watching cloned Bush’s for ages. The thing with that is, that a lot of cloned can be just people that went under plastic surgery to look like Bush. Not necessarily an exact DNA carbon copy. With the clone, I am talking about direct DNA carbon copies. So that could be very high and I think this Orgone is coming after that as well. It is the Lord’s Judgment on the Earth. And to the cloned beings that are here on the Earth and just everything else...they’ve been cross breeding and experimenting in these underground bases all over the world for the last 20 – 40 years, so its hard telling what they’ve come up with. We know that just about every animal has been cloned. They’re now trying to feed us cloned cattle. I think that in itself is eventually going to cause more problems than mankind can chew....pardon the pun. Cloned beef, cloned chicken, cloned food....period. It’s not natural. It just isn’t natural animals. I’m sure that it’s a blaspheme. It’s going to be very different when you look down to the next year or two; what kind of a world we are living in, especially if the veil gets lifted. I think that will surprise a lot of people.

Just a heads up on Libya and possibly some turmoil with New York City.

Obama is going to move something. I can’t quite figure out what he’s moving. I can’t figure out if he’s going to move the financial center out of New York or if he is going to move the White House; the seat of power in the United States out of D.C. It’s going to be one of those two. So, heads up on that. I see that one, but I can’t quite pinpoint exactly which one he’s moving. Interesting that its coming up that he’s going to make a move. He said he was going to make unpopular decision and he won’t wait very long once he gets into office to fulfill that promise.

I’m going to start answering questions now. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to

Question from a listener: Do you think that Obama will end free speech as we know it?

Answer: Yeah. He is going to come after the internet; especially those who speak against him. If you thought that Bush had a “Hail Messiah” complex, you haven’t seen anything yet. Obama is going to be convinced that he is the messiah and won’t tolerate anyone who speaks or comes up against him. He’s even going to try to come after the Orgone. There is nothing illegal about Orgone, but he knows the effects that it’s having on Maitreya and his forces and the tare nations around the world, so he’s going to try to shut it down. I know that Bush last year tried to shut it down with the legislation....the Hate Thoughts legislation that really couldn’t do much because it didn’t specifically say anything about....his Homegrown Terrorism bill....because there is nothing wrong with the Orgone. It is not illegal. It’s not terroristic to anybody but demons and aliens and they don’t want to admit that they’re the only ones it’s affecting. Obama is going to try and come out with some way to try to stop the Orgone from being made and shipped out around the world. I don’t know what he’s going to do, but he is going to try and reduce it...he won’t be able to stop it, but he will be able to reduce the amount.

Heads up, people. You need to be making it as you can before he decides to step in. That’s another reason I talked last week about Bush being punished by these alien handlers that handle him and Cheney in the White House. He failed to stop us and do anything about the Orgone Warriors and Maitreya is just furious about it. So Bush had just complete inability to do anything to stop us; for most of his presidency wouldn’t even take us seriously – which worked to our benefit. Towards the end when he realized the effect that Orgone was having, it was too late to do anything about it at all. That’s why he is being punished for that. I thought that was interesting. The Lord keeps them in derision. The Lord keeps them going down rabbit trails and keeps them in derision and meanwhile, we just get our work done. Praise Yah for that!

Question from a listener: There is a rumor going around that some guy has proof that Obama was born in Kenya and is going to expose it sometime in the near future. I believe from he’s England.

Answer: No one is trying from here, so. I don’t think if they even put it on a poster, it will do anything. He’s going to take office January 20th and that will be about it....unless we see a wildcard thrown in here to where they maybe they renounce his presidential-ship...I don’t know what they’d do. It has never happened before here. That would certainly cause riots that the Bush camp has wanted; that the New World Order camp wanted - riots in the streets when they try and take their Obama lizard from them. Yeah, you’d get riots.

Question from a listener: What about Obama’s wife, Michelle; is she a clone or a lizard as well?

Answer: Yes, she is very powerful.

Question continues: How about their two daughters? Just wondering. Bless you, dear.

Answer: I don’t know about their kids. One thing I don’t look for in the codes is anything that has to do with kids. Yes, she is very powerful. We are almost in a Clinton thing. Everybody knew that Hillary wore the pants...well, that’s Michelle. She is very powerful, so don’t discount her. Also, you see it in the clothes she is wearing already. Some kind of African ritual garb....voodoo crap; her dress she had on the day of the election. She is very much into this whole occultic, “we love you Satan” crap.

Question from a listener: Is it wrong to go and visit family during the holidays even though I don’t believe in any of the man-made holidays like Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving?

It’s the only time I can see really see them when I am off from school and work.

Answer: Go and see your family. You don’t have to celebrate the Easter bunnies and the Christmas trees. I don’t mind the turkey. I like the turkey one and was always the only holiday that I ever liked. The Pilgrims giving thanks. I always liked that holiday and have never seen anything satanically associated with it. So I don’t think there is satanic about Thanksgiving.

Comment: Sherry, I couldn’t believe you said you were going to change your air time for your Monday night program. Please change it to 8 PM; a lot of us have to get up in the morning the very next day. Thank you for asking us and for requesting our input.

Sherry: So there’s a vote for 8 o’clock Monday nights. I can agree with that.

Question: Can you please talk about the invisible military and what they do?

Answer: I have talked about this invisible military for years because I’ve experienced them. You can hear them, but can’t see them. They walk. They cough. They talk. They whisper. I don’t know if they think they are stealth or what, but you hear all this going on around you, but you don’t see anybody. They’re just invisible. So I’ve heard recently, or read somewhere that it’s the Wackenhut forces that have this cloaking ability and they work in alignment with aliens and demons. You know what? Anytime they try and use this technology that they have, they almost always need alien or demonic help. And so that’s why you go on the defense against these weapons when they are harassing you or afflicting you with one of these weapons and you don’t know if humans are behind it, or who or what is behind it, just rebuke the humans in the Name of Yahushua and ask Him to cut the whole thing at the knees, grab all the demonic and alien beings involved with harassing you at that instance, chain them and cast them into the abyss. We can’t do it to humans but we can get the power source behind them that is helping them to do it...and that’s the aliens and demons. Just have them chained and cast into the abyss. Yeah, there are some kind of Wackenhut forces and they’re mostly just around to spy and intimidate and harass. I know when I was living in a little RV for about a month or two....a couple of years ago....and they would surround it at night and just start shaking the heck out of it. I couldn’t see them, but I could hear them. I could hear them talking and coughing and laughing. They’d stand around that thing and just shake it. I thought for sure we would roll down the hill because we were on top of a hill. Very interesting that they have this cloaking ability. I don’t know how they do it. I had always heard that Terminator movie from Arnold Schwarzenegger when he cloaked...became invisible when he was sitting in a tree, that was a real cloaking suit that he put on. They had actually borrowed it from the CIA to make the movie. It gives credence to that where they can just become invisible.

Question from a listener: Over this last weekend five to seven giant sized huge military planes have been flying into Los Angeles. It makes you wonder what they are up to. Do you have any insight into what’s going on?

Answer: Not for L.A. right now. I know there are problems with the Ring of Fire which would include the whole coast of California, Washington and Oregon. I don’t know of anything specific right now for L.A.

Continues: We look forward to your show every Monday. All we can say is “Stay on”. Anytime is fine; we will listen.

Sherry: Okay....I was thinking 8 o’clock might be better because I’ll tell you what. I can barely speak. I can’t even put two words together by 10 o’clock. If I make it earlier, it might make it easier on me.

Question from a listener: Should we be trying to buy gold at this time?

Answer: Whatever the Lord leads you to do. I mean, He hasn’t led me to buy gold or silver. Just do what He leads you to do. I think your money is better spent buying things right now. Things. Because if the money crashes, which it’s going to. They’re going to a global currency; it’s only going to be worth 10% of its value now. For every $10 you have, you’re going to get $1 of the new currency in exchange rate. It’s going to be a 10 to 1 ratio. If I were you, I would just be busy spending it; buying things you’re going to need. Food, medicine, supplies, shelter and things like that....getting Orgone out.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, the giants that are coming; are they going to be high tech? Meaning, will they have weapons and uniforms, maybe resembling a soldier?

Answer: No. They’re going to be wearing angelic robes. They are coming as the host of Heaven. They want people to think they are angels. Some of them will be wearing these robes and they’ll look very bright; as angels would be bright....because they have these ankle bracelets...something they have on that allows them to appear very bright. So they use tech for that. They’re going to be singing as a heavenly choir which is really going to make a lot of people gag. They’re going to come from Heaven like the arrival of the second coming of Christ, except its not going to be Armageddon. Just this pretend display of the messiah coming to Earth surrounded by heavenly hosts. These giant alien -Anaks. These humanoid angels. I don’t know if there’ll be other factions of them wearing uniforms or not. I really don’t know. There will be different types of arrivals of them here to Earth, so I’m sure they’ll each have their own different job, and ranks, and descriptions and assignments of things to do.

Question from a listener: Do you think that Bush could still declare martial law and Obama would not be president? Do you think the economy will be worse under Obama and the wars will continue? I’m in for 8 o’clock too.

Answer: We’re going to see an advancement of everything that Bush had already started. It’s going to take a more New Age/Islamic slant to it. We’re still going to be in wars. The economy is still going to crash. We’re still going to head down a globalist agenda. Even though it isn’t a New World Order faction agenda, he is going towards the alien side of the agenda; it is still a global agenda. Anyway you look at it, it’s global. Everybody is moving towards a global religion, finance. I think that the global religion coming out will be this help for humanity thing. A “we’re all gods, so we need to help fellow humanity” thing. It’s going to be some kind of humanitarian religion. Some kind of global humanitarian thing. I think that’s what the world religion is going to be. The economy is not going to get any better. It’s going to continue to crank down the Bush path. Wars will continue.

And watch for Libya. Like I said, because I think that Maitreya or whoever is listening and taking their orders from Maitreya, will be attacking Paris and Rome. We’re going to have some problems with some countries in Europe. They may appear as terrorist attacks but they are really coming straight from this Maitreya, out of Libya. I see that. I’ve seen Rome; the Pope leaving...fleeing with his priests, so that would be the Vatican. Paris....problems with Paris. Keep your eyes on Rome and Paris and whoever it is that attacks them; they’re going to blame it on Al Qaeda. I don’t know if they’ll do it officially or unofficially, but I can tell you that it’s this Maitreya and Libya that are behind it. So regardless of what they say, if you want to know who’s really behind it.

Question: What about tithing? Can the tithe be used to prepare for what is food storage, energy and so on?

Sherry: You would have to ask Yah about that. I can’t answer that. You would have to ask Him. If you want to help somebody else with it. If you want to help your mother or your brothers or family or people you don’t know...ask the Lord on it. Ask Him to guide your thoughts so you know that whatever you’re thinking, you are being guided by Him.

Anyway, I’m going to wrap it up for tonight. Just a heads up on some of the changes that we could be looking at. Actually it’s pretty quiet. I half expect it to just be quiet until January 20th, because once Obama gives his inaugural address, he becomes official then. He officially becomes president on January 1st, but nobody thinks of the President as official until January 20th when he gives his inaugural address. He’s going to hit the ground running. He’s going to be unpopular from the get-go. Just something we have to look forward to.

And like I’ve said; coming events – keep your eyes on New York, Paris and Rome. Also just natural disasters in the Pacific Ring of Fire. If you are on the coasts, or even New York City and you feel the Lord tell you to get out...then get out. Get out. Because these states; California, New York are just disasters waiting to happen. What you want to do is get into the Midwest; into the middle of the country where it’s going to be safer and higher. You get into those Ozark Mountains...just beautiful and gorgeous and probably the highest peaks in the entire country are in the Ozarks. Wherever the Lord leads you, but get away from the coastlines, folks.

Until next week, Yah bless.

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