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Friday, November 07, 2008

11-03-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 11-03-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio. It’s November 3rd, the night before the big day. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I’ll be checking those for questions tonight.

It’s a big day tomorrow. It should be interesting, folks; really, really interesting. I know that a lot of people are expecting a lot of chaos. That’s because there could be. We could also go off in silence, there is no drama and Obama gets elected and we go off into Islam Hell for the next year or so. I don’t think if he is president that in a year from now anybody will recognize America . The same way with John McCain, folks. Really no hope with either one. So instead of counting on buying time with either candidate, I hope you’ve been doing what I and many, many others have been telling you to do for the last umpteen prepare for coming hardships. You’re just not going to get a break from either one.

I started spending more time with Obama in the codes because it was just more along the lines with everything that Yahuah has showed me over the last 8 – 10 years that others haven’t picked up on so I thought it was interesting. I was in the codes last night and was looking at just one on Barack Obama.

I found it interesting because even before then, some codes I was looking at during the week about how they were furious that I had figured out Libya. And I couldn’t figure out, “What am I figuring out about Libya? I know I’ve mentioned it, and I know its one of these countries that Maitreya’s going to take over, lead and have an army...and it’s possibly Libya itself that tries to launch a nuke against Israel.”

I think one of the things that caught my eye....early this morning as I was still in the codes and going completely back to Barack Obama’s code. He’s a relative of the leader of Libya. So I was thinking, “I’ve looked at all the genealogy stuff online and no one has mentioned Muammar Khadafi, so how could he be a relative? Is this a bloodline relative?” Interesting that “relative” comes up because usually if the term “kinsman” comes up....lets say I’m doing a code on myself. I’m an Israelite and I’m doing a code on somebody else who is an Israelite. So the term “kinsman” would come up because we’re both Israelites. It’s like saying your both American or you’re both Germans or something. You’re both related by bloodlines or somehow. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re bloodline related or family generational related, but the word “relative” did come up between Obama and Libya’s leader Muammar Khadafi.

Somehow, he is definitely related to Muammar Khadafi. I’d often heard that his college education had been paid for by a Saudi prince, but there was no names given. How does somebody like Barack Obama afford Harvard? He’s got law degrees from Harvard and I also believe at Columbia. I’m not sure about Columbia, but I know it was Harvard. A hundred or two hundred thousand dollar education paid for by somebody. Obama didn’t grow up with money. He wasn’t one of the rich elites. Somebody was taking care of him and some speculate that it was the Illuminati, but I think the guy that said his education had been financed by the Saudis hit it on the head because the Bible codes indicate that he is related to Muammar Gaddafi in some way. Interesting also that Libya seems to come up more and more and more dominantly in the codes with Obama as president as opposed to John McCain.

I think it’s exactly what I’ve been warning about... in fact, I know it’s exactly what I’ve been warning about; he is a pawn of the New Age/Alien agenda and if he is elected, we’re going to see a huge merging of Islam and the New Age agenda. I kindof snippily sent out an email talking about it yesterday. I was like, “Sharia Law, anyone?” Because I do think he will usher in some kind of Sharia Law. I don’t know if he’s going to stick with Sharia Law as it is now.

What happens is, when Maitreya arises....and all of the world leaders know him. I was doing a little bit of research. Back in 1991, when George Bush had announced the formation of a New World Order....and this was right before he had aligned several countries and was going to go into Iraq and liberate Kuwait and blah, blah, blah. It was the first time that George Bush had introduced to the world that we were going to form this New World Order. Well, back in 1990, there was a secret meeting on a ship in Malta of all the world leaders. And who was there? Maitreya. He was actually, spokenly nominated to be the one that would lead the New World Order. Interesting that he was there at this meeting in 1990, and since then we’ve had the Bushs and the Clintons and now were going to have Barack Obama, a puppet of Maitreya’s. In the Bible codes, it refers to Maitreya as Obama’s “boss”.

I’ve always warned...back in 2003 and even in 2004, that whoever was President of the United States in 2009 would hand basically the power...the keys to America over to this Islam beast. So it’s very interesting that he’s aligned with him already.

I’ve also seen a powerful female and I even thought back then it would be Hillary Clinton. If John McCain would win, I don’t think he would stay in office very long; it would more or less be Sarah Palin. I think it’s a long shot because either one will get them what they want. I mean, if Obama loses the election we are liable to be in martial law and they can keep implementing all their fascist police state and martial law. We know what route that is because everyone’s been talking about that for years. I just don’t think they really understand what were going to be under with Obama. That’s a very interesting route and one that’s going to happen very, very quickly.
I decided to see what Nostradamus was into. Every once in a while I’ll go read his stuff.

Obviously, he was not a prophet of the Lord’s but he had some insight....psychic or whatever crystal ball type stuff. Nostradamus was a mystic and a physic that people have referred to over the years. He predicted a Democratic president to be the last President of the United States. So that would be Obama. What he didn’t understand was election fraud in America today and John McCain could easily win this thing. He who rigs the polls the best wins. I think a lot of Americans are finally starting to catch on to that one. That’s why you can’t call a race. You can’t actually say, because even if the popular vote is for one person, another one could win through electoral votes or they just have Supreme Court judges call the election which is totally unconstitutional, but how Bush stole the election and got in the first time.

Very interesting what it’s going to come down to tomorrow. Do we go to Islam and Sharia Law or do we go into a police state and martial law? I think its going to be much more destruction and much sooner with Obama than McCain. So for those of us who want to go home, Obama getting would be very quick. Much, much destruction over the next year. It’s almost fascinating to sit and watch the alignment between Obama, Maitreya and Libya.

I talked last week a little bit about Joe Biden’s speech about how Obama would be tested as a world leader right from when he takes office. And Colin Powell saying the same thing. Also you also have Libya stepping up more of a terrorist organization or country in the next year or so. I think if the United States does fail to attack Iran or do anything....I don’t know if its in regards to what the United States does or doesn’t do, but I would watch for Libya to rise up against Israel. I think that one might be interesting. He’s got nuclear bombs. They have suitcase bombs. If you do research on Libya and Muammar Khadafi. From stuff I’ve been reading on alternative new sites; they’ve had access to underground suitcase nuke weapons and things like that. So they obviously have them. From what I’m seeing in the codes, they’re going to become more dominant and so they are going to become major players.

I don’t know if Osama bin Laden will show his head. If he did, that would be very interesting because there is definitely a leader in Libya. I don’t know if it’s Muammar Khadafi or somebody else that will stand up and that’s the one that Obama is related to. I don’t know if it’s Muammar Khadafi himself; it says, “leader of Libya,” so whoever the leader; the king of Libya is and right now that’s Muammar Khadafi. I haven’t seen anyone else stand up and that’s the one that Obama is related to. He has his script pretty much laid out. That’s the one I’ve been warning about and also did a code on him.

I haven’t posted Bible codes in a long time, simply because it took up too much web space and it got cumbersome. So I hadn’t posted the actual graphics of codes in a while simply because of all the space it takes. I decided to go ahead and post the one that I had seen about Obama. Just to give people an idea....because you guys hear me talk about it all the time and I see it in his codes all the time that he is a lizard. I thought I would just snap a screenshot pic of it. You can to Right there in the center of the page I have a couple of links to things I just recently posted. The terms that I’m showing and took a graphic for you to see are, “shamrock” (which I understand to be a green...or a shapeshifter) then you have “lizard” and “Obama” He’s “identical, a duplicate, the same” as a lizard, “mirror, speculum and glass” Mirror can also be another word for clone. So he’s got the cloning and he’s the duplicate of a lizard and this is Obama. Shamrock is a term rarely seen in the codes. I usually only see it in regards to people like Al Gore (a shapeshifter) or Maitreya and the well known lizards. There was also an article that I posted on that code page The Reptilian Candidate. It talks about Obama and gives some evidence that he is in fact an alien hybrid.

Art Greenfield has a great book and there is a link at the bottom of that article for his book. He has a really good book on aliens and abductions. So if you’re looking for more research...I’ve tried to mention some great books on the show to give people more to research things on their own. Art Greenfield definitely has a great book there and you might want to check that one out. In all things, and as usual, just chew the grass and spit out the hay.

You’ve heard me talk on the show about this obnoxious brilliantly lit satellite that I see almost every night here in Ohio. It usually moves into position right at dusk and it’ll sit there for a couple of hours and then go. Sometimes it only stays for a half hour, it used to stay all night and hasn’t been staying that long since I put the bucket blaster out. I was doing a Bible code on Abbadon. You all recognize those terms Abbadon and Apollyon the destroyer; the king of the locusts from the abyss. So I was doing a code on Abbadon and sure enough I ran into this whole satellite thing here in Ohio. You can always end up finding some of the strangest things in codes. Things you don’t expect to see in a particular code will show up.

I tried to make it as clear and clean as possible. When I do a code, I do all the words in a code. When you look at one of these code graphics, it’s just all covered in blue...because I’ve done the whole code, I write it all down and do very detailed notes, in lines and in sentences and paragraphs. So when I take snapshots of them I just come up with a clean graphic for you to see and put in the words that I wanted you to see and the relation of them together. This satellite in Ohio has “Ohio” running along the terms “Abbadon, magnificence, splendour, glory, moon, satellite, colonized, seated, lizard” and it also has “bush”. I thought that was interesting.

What I pay attention to is when a word overlaps another word and that happens a lot. Those ones have high relevance. So the fact with Bush and satellite and Bush overlapping the term satellite, he is directly or indirectly involved with that. No doubt it could be part of the NSA, the DIA, one of NASA’s satellites or a joint alien/human satellite. But there is a lizard involved with it. I’ve stated it on the show and have seen it in other codes where Maitreya himself is seated in this satellite. I never got pictures of it. Next time I see it, maybe I’ll grab a graphic of it. Maitreya himself is associated with the satellite. I thought it was interesting and posted that for you guys so you could see what I’m always talking about. You can see these at

If you guys have questions, send me emails. Don’t send me IM’s. Unless I’m having problems with audio or something, I like to be available for people to contact me via instant messengers if I’m having problems with audio or live stream. If you have questions or comments, send them by email to It just gets too distracting reading them by IM’s, so I just end up shutting my instant messenger down. Send emails instead.

Another interesting fact is the Pope choosing McCain. So it seems to be the Rothschild’s and the Pope choosing McCain, and the Rockefellers and Warren Buffet and lizard snakes of Saudi Arabia choosing Obama. Nostradamus predicting it would be a Democrat as the last President - so very interesting what will come up tomorrow. I’ll have more to say about it next week because like I’ve said, there are always 2 -3 different routes that we can take and we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen until that action has been taken. Back in 2003, I had a lot of people ask, “Why didn’t somebody find the destruction of the World Trade Center towers and warn everybody before that?” It’s can see everything in the codes. There is always a rainy day destruction code for New York and you don’t know if it’s going to be taken.

So it’s not a tool to predict future events, but you can definitely see the handprint of God in the codes in the fact that everything is recorded. Every jot, every tittle, every route, every thought, every plan - He records. So, interesting that the Bible codes also work in that way.

If you go down one route, we’ll see one way. If we go down another route, we’ll see another way. It’s going to be very interesting to see what comes about tomorrow. By Wednesday I’m sure we’ll know one way or the other. I saw “drama” in the codes.

Of course we’ve seen plenty of drama already with the National Guard being put on notice to cover riots in known riot areas or cities. It’s almost like you expect know, the media has been in Obama’s pocket since day one. It’s hard to find any media channel that is fair and balanced and actually giving McCain and Palin even a chance at running. It’s been like a setup from the get go. “Lets get it set up, hype Obama and on election day, we’ll pull in McCain as the winner and everybody will be mad that Obama didn’t win and they’ll riot in the streets.” They want a riot, folks. They want race wars.

Very interesting to see how they’re going to play this up. They always end up doing something that you don’t expect because they know what you’re saying, what you’ve figured out and what everybody else has figured out. So they usually try and come up with a plan that nobody has figured out and nobody sees coming. That’s the way they like to operate.

One of the reasons I stopped posting so many codes all the time was because as soon as I posted something and warned, they would just change their plan. They like the element of surprise. It’ll be interesting come Wednesday, because it’s probably going to be midnight before anybody realizes who is going to win this election. We’ll see Wednesday and then next week I’ll pick up which route we’re going to go down at that point because right now it could be either one, although it’s tipping a lot more towards Obama, especially with the Maitreya gang.

I’m going to write an article on this Maitreya. I never thought he was anything but a tunic wearing; temper ridden Imam that the Iranians were hailing for...some psychic. You’ve had this Benjamin Crane going around the world for 20 some years talking about this Maitreya. When think when I first heard about Maitreya, I was in High School. And I never paid much attention to him over the years...he doesn’t age; he’s an ageless being. He’ll be the first to admit that his body is a manufactured body. At, I have pictures of this Ashtar Command and what they call Ascended Masters. Their leader, which is called Haton is a tall grey alien. He shows a picture of himself as an alien and then a picture of his manufactured, humanoid looking body. They’ll come right out and tell you that these bodies are created because they’re lizards and need a body to inhabit so they create these bodies.

I’ve warned on this show before that this Maitreya is a clone of Cain. Somehow they’ve cloned his body and he is just a clone of Cain. I didn’t even know he was at the meeting back in 1990 at Malta. All the world leaders were there and he is definitely the front runner to be the leader of the New World Order.

I love how the Lord works. He’ll lead me into something then later give me confirmations. That s also one of the reasons I’ve always been really cautious, with a healthy cautiousness, of what I talk about on the show and what I bring out and some of the things that I know. Because I usually wait until I know, that I know, that I know. That’s how it works with a lot of things that I know or that He has shown me. I want to make sure that it’s Him that is showing me. I don’t want to just give out thoughts and ideas and if they are just thoughts and ideas, I’ll just say so. I like to know, that I know, that I know something before I speak about it.

Anyway, a heads up. We’re going to talk more about this next week because it seems very important at the moment. When the Lord gives you a mandate and a message to speak, you speak it whether you want to or not. I am writing an article. I’ve been busy all day writing a new article on this. I haven’t done a whole lot of writing articles in the last couple of years just because I’ve been so busy with the Orgone and getting that out.

I’ve got two books with all my articles in it and trying to keep all my websites updated. I’m a one man show here, folks. It gets to be a bit much with all my work load, plus raising 4 kids. The world load is tremendous.

I wanted to give a heads up because of the fact that Yahuah is warning that judgment is coming. This isn’t a new warning at all. In fact when most people hear it they’re already deafened by it. You’re warning that judgment is coming and repent and they just look at you, “Huh?” They give you the lights on, nobody cares look because they’ve heard it so many times they are deafened by it. Then you’ll also hear from the funny farm crowd that a loving God wouldn’t condemn anyone. It’s interesting because it’s the Creator Himself and that includes the Creator of them that is set to do exactly that. He is set to judge all of them.

He gave me a word last night. Basically in a nut shell, He told me to tell them:
Tell them the Orgone will destroy the tare races and now is the time to repent. Even for the tares who have the choice to do so. The judgment will be set for many if they refuse to do so. Tell them everything you know. Time is coming quickly for things to end the way they are now. There is not much time left. Things are ready. They are ripe for judgment and repentance. Judgment is set for the world. Repentance is a personal choice.

I’m going to go on with this more. I’ll cover some more of this next week and next week. Definitely a wake up call and a warning to the tare races of the world. I’ll talk about who some of these tare races are. I hear on the internet, people say “Oh, Sherry Shriner....she’s a racist.” I’m not a racist. I don’t care what they think, or what they say, but I’m not a racist.

There are tare races. There are two seedlines on the Earth. In Genesis 3:15 you have the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. “Seed” meaning offspring. I have a whole website on this at You can also Google it; there is other information out there. More people are standing up with information and knowledge about the serpent seedlines. One of the things taken from us over the years is the knowledge that Satan’s seed exists. At one time it was basic knowledge on the Earth and in 2008 it is a conspiracy theory. I could bring that information back so that people can understand why the Lord Himself said in Matthew that the wheat and tares would grow up along side each other and the angels would go out and separate the wheat from the tares. Who are these tares? I’m going to get into who these are specifically next week.

I wanted to talk about the dragon itself because a lot of these tare read in the Dead Sea Scroll books how Cain had migrated east of Nod (which is Eden). You look at the nations today and the two largest and oldest races we have are the Asian races and the Indian.

Interesting that India is also termed in with Asian. It’s considered Asia. It’s interesting that those two races alone are almost half the world’s population....just within those two races. These races being Cain’s races. Cain had gone east and those are the oldest races in the world. People say the flood destroyed them all and blah, blah, blah. You know what, folks? 1.5 billion Indians. 1.3 or 1.4 billion Chinese today. The two oldest races. If you look at their own culture, they worship the dragon. This isn’t something that I’m saying they do, they say it themselves. I want to talk about the dragon that these cultures are worshipping. I didn’t really realize myself that Hinduism had its own version of the dragon.

The Japanese, the Koreans, the Filipinos, the Vietnamese; a lot of these are Asian nations steeped in dragon worship. The difference between having dragon worship and just having the meaning of dragon worship like in America when we talk about dragons, not like its much conversation here , but if someone was to mention a dragon you might picture something with a big fat stomach and head, spitting fire and venom and whatever. It’s like that in a lot of nations, but when you look in the Asian nations, it’s a form of worship. They can tell you the lineage of their emperors traced all the way back to the dragon.

I can remember during the Olympics or around that time because a lot of the culture there is steeped in dragon worship in China. I heard that the Japanese can trace all of their emperors back to the dragon. Who is the dragon, folks? You’ve got the Chinese, the Indians. You have Hinduism and Buddhism. In those two religions alone you have half the population of the world.

The Bible tells you in Revelation chapter 20 verse 2 who the dragon is. It says:
And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years.

You can also read in Revelation chapter 12 how it talks about the dragon being cast down to Earth.

Verse 2: And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
An interesting depiction of the Antichrist in the last days in Rev 13:2
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard,
Leopard in Bible code terminology is another term for terrorist. When you put what these animals are in perspective, you get a description of the Antichrist. I’ll read it first and then tell you what the words are.
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
So he is like unto a leopard, which is a terrorist. His feet were as the feet of a bear. Bear is Communism, red, Russia. It’s all those things. So you’re looking at a socialistic, communistic, terrorist. His mouth is the mouth of a lion. Lion, being a form of the Lion of Judah, one of the depictions of Yahushua. So he’s going to be religious. And the dragon (which is Satan) gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

You’re going to have a Bible thumping, terrorist, socialist, communist....with power from the Devil. That’s the best description of what the Antichrist is going to be. Without a doubt, I believe this Maitreya is the Antichrist; Obama is just a pawn of his. He’ll have Obama in place. Obama will hand over and destroy the sovereignty of the United States and hand power over to him. It doesn’t matter if John McCain is President; he’s going to do the same thing. Just going down a different route and might take a little bit longer.

Its interesting the Kenyan prophecy I had sent out last week. The Kenyan elders warning that one of their own sons, from Kenya would be the one to destroy America...that America’s cities would burn. No other person ever arising out of Kenya, but Obama. So with the Kenyan prophecy, with Nostradamus’s prophecy it pretty much looks like it will be Obama...unless those two are going to be knocked out.

If something happens and we have to go another 4 years with John McCain and Obama reruns in 2012, errgghh! I don’t want to wait another 4 years. I don’t want to wait 8 years. I don’t want to wait 1 year. I’m sick of this...want to go home. If McCain wins, we’ll see Obama 4 years from now. We’ll see another Obama/Hillary race and a Palin race. How much destruction could he do in 4 years? A lot.

I don’t think we’re done with Bush yet. I’m seeing something in the codes about Bush throwing out some more of his Draconian legislations before he leaves office. He’s pretty much been in the background and hidden. He’s doing that for John McCain because everybody hates him. He doesn’t want to ruin John McCain’s chances of getting in. He’s being punished. I don’t want to talk about that this week; maybe I’ll talk about it some more next week. But he’s not going to be given the kingdoms of the world, as you would say. He would have had them, but he messed up. He screwed up and why we are having elections.

A lot of us thought there was no way we would have an election. There was no way that Bush after doing all this work for 16 years (combining Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.) that there was no way he would just walk out of office. Especially when he said at the beginning of his presidency that a dictatorship wouldn’t be so bad as long as he was the dictator. So, for 8 years now, he has systematically wiped out and destroyed the Constitution of America, has implemented a police state here in America. He has introduced the military which breaks the Posse Comitatus Act. He breaks everything you could imagine with the Constitution.

So now, in shame he has to hang his head and walk out. He’s not going to be handed his world dictictorialship that he had worked so hard for. I find it amusing and Ill talk about why he screwed up and why they’re so mad at him and why he lost it next week.
Sorcha Faals site; I know a lot of

people don’t even like David Booth who is this Sorcha Faal; but she comes up with some really interesting stuff and hits it on the head because I see it in the codes. Other times I don’t know where she’s coming from. You just chew the grass and spit out the hay, as in all things. She was stating that he was being held at Camp David. That he had already tried to pack up and leave for Paraguay. Although he’s been out of the limelight as an election strategy type thing, he has more legislation that he will pound out before he leaves office. I don’t know what it is, but its going to be a slam. I can guarantee that. To Constitution loving American, whatever his parting spit is going to be on the American people; it will be interesting. That’s about all he has planned. All their plotting for planetary power as of tomorrow will be officially over because he is being punished. It was taken away from him and why we are even having an election.

I think I’m going to get into this whole dragon thing and more of the warning that the Lord gave me to give to these nations next week. I don’t like to throw everything all out at once. I like to bring it up, talk about it a little bit and do more the next week; just because so much information would be hard to assimilate at one time.

I have a couple hours at least...a couple of days....sometimes years...there is so much information before I speak about it and it’s the way that I like to do things. So I’m going to wait until next week and bring all this up.

I know I don’t have much time. The Lord has told me that I don’t have much time and to get this information out. So I may post the article during the week. You’ll see the post at the main radio site at and also at my Yahoo group lists, or the Those seem to be the two sites that I keep up with the most. I’m going to get this article posted and out this week and I’ll talk about it next week during the show.

I’m going to spend a couple of minutes answering questions and then I’m going to hang it up for the night. I know it’s been a long night for a lot of people, especially tomorrow. It’s gonna be interesting.

Question from a listener: Who is luminator?

Answer: Do you mean the Illuminati, the angel of light? That’s all Satan. That’s Lucifer. The illumined ones, the shining ones. Satan was the angel of light. It’s all related to Lucifer and satanic worship, the Illuminati. It’s all his serpent seed and they’re the ones that orchestrate the events on Earth.

Question: Sister Sherry, do know any biblical scriptures, even from lost books that mention parallel universes?

Answer: No, I don’t know of parallel universes being mentioned. I know that NASA supposedly has all that studied and figured out. Sometimes you get information leaked from time travelers and remote viewers. You’d have to Google it, because I have no biblical info on it.

Hi Sherry, Do you suggest the book, Blueprint for Bondage? Thank you and God bless.

Answer: I love Blueprint for Bondage. I love that book and have it at my website, I also have Scott McQuate’s link to his interview with Daniel Ott last week. You can listen to it or you can go to to listen to it. Excellent, excellent book. Definitely, a very excellent book for research. He’s coming out with a new book. I’m real excited about it. He also has a YouTube video out on Blueprint for Bondage. I need to get that link on my sites. You can go to and type in Scott McQuate or Blueprint for Bondage. Excellent info.

Question from a listener: Is there such a thing of having a hairstyle that is against Yah? For instance having green or pink hair? Is there anything bad about the dreaded hair look? Some people think its Rastafarian connected, but I don’t think so.

Answer: I know you’re not supposed to paint yourself. If you want to get legalistic, in the Old Testament you weren’t even supposed to wear makeup. I didn’t have any lightening bolts hitting my head when I was 14 and running around with blue hair. You’d have to ask the Lord. Blue hair, blond hair...whatever floats your boat. I think it’s the whole thing where we’re supposed to present ourselves as children of God. If there is any kind of appearance of evil, we are to stay away from it. Especially with the piercings and the tattoos that were forbidden for the Israelites to get tattoos or piercings.

That’s one thing I’ve always held to for my own kids – no tattoos. What was interesting; I was watching the History Channel the other day. This guy had tattooed his whole body. I have seen worse on MSNBC....those prison shows. This guy had several tattoos that he had done all over both his arms. And this is the History Channel...he was talking about how he had gotten demonically possessed; that demons had clung to him because of the tattoos on his body and he had been nothing but harassed and possessed by them since he had gotten the tattoos. He was working on getting the tattoos removed and said he would never get another tattoo. I had never thought of it that way. We know that demons can cling to objects.

Often if you get anything especially from overseas, any kind of child’s those Smurfs. Remember the big story years ago that they had assigned demons to all the different Smurf toys the kids had? So when you brought these objects into your home they were cursed. They were cursed objects and demons were associated and attached to them. Parents and people in general who bring cursed objects and books into your home....I remember one time getting a book in the mail from somebody and I could feel the demon attached to that thing. You can remove cursed objects in the Name of Yahushua and command the demon to let go of that object and leave. Cast them into the abyss if it won’t Yahushua’s name. You can get rid of cursed objects, but I thought it was interesting that they would align themselves with tattoos. I had never thought about it.

It’s one of those things....why didn’t I think of that? It’s an image. You’re putting an image on your body and the demon is attaching itself to that image. Some people always think the Lord has all these lying, cheating, stealing and getting tattoos...getting piercings. There’s always a good reason as to why He has rules. You’ll never win it either, because once you do learn the reason you’re like...”Oh.” A heads up on tatoos.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, yes our city is swarming with lizards. How do you integrate Yahushua’s lesson on turning the other cheek when dealing with reptilian - humans? Also, when do you know it’s too late to recover friends who have been infested with sinners or snake beings influencing their lives?

Answer: We are not to be friends with the Devil and that’s what these reptilians are. I would never befriend a fallen angel, a demon or a human who has been soul scalped and replaced by a reptilian. They are our enemies. You don’t have to turn the other cheek; take a sword to theirs.
Question: How do you keep loving the world in these trying times?

Answer: We are not to love evil. That is the biggest doormat that the churches have done to people today. You go to church and “we’re supposed to love, love, love, love, love.” That’s why this is the most spineless, lukewarm, apostate ever in the history of Christianity or even the Bible. This generation of Believers...the majority is completely apostate. Completely apostate and lukewarm. Everybody seems to think, “Oh, we’re the religious ones. We have it all right. We know what we’re talking about.”

All these Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans and Catholics; they think they have it all right with their holier than thous. I’ll tell you what. We are the biggest cesspool of apostate lukewarm of all the generations of Israelites on the Earth. Not something to be proud of. That’s why you seek the Lord. You don’t befriend evil. You rebuke evil. You walk away from evil. It’s just a huge manipulation on scripture that they’ve done to put people to sleep. When they were talking about their neighbors; the Jews lived in communities; their neighbors were fellow Jews, not fellow reptiles. So use common sense when you are reading the Bible. Ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to you.

Question: How do you see Orgone working if your home is inhabited by demons?

Answer: Just put the Orgone in your home and the demons will have to find another one. Trust me, they will. They might not like it the first day or two, but they will leave because they don’t like the Orgone.

Question from a listener: When Ham saw the nakedness of his father Noah, did he perform a homosexual act or as Scott McQuate says, that he had sex with Noah’s wife, his own mother?

Answer: That’s where we differ. I know that “the nakedness of your father” was some kind of Jewish phrase that they used when someone saw his wife naked. I believe it was totally opposite; that Ham committed a homosexual act on Noah. Because when Noah woke up, he immediately knew that he had been violated. How would you wake up and immediately know that your wife who is probably in a tent 100 yards away from you been violated by your son? I definitely think that Noah was drunk and that Ham took advantage of the situation. Ham was evil, he was corrupted and defiled and that’s why his race; his son Canaan was punished for his actions and cursed for his actions. I’m going to differ from Scott on that one, but it is one or the other. I’m not 100% sure that I’m right on it, I’m not sure that he thinks he is 100% right on that theory either. I’m sticking with my original thought.

The same argument; the same thoughts come to my would he have known as soon as he had gotten up that his wife had been violated, but he would have known if he had been. Just and FYI, I guess, for your information. Like I’ve said, I don’t have a Thus saith the Lord on it, just theories. Sometimes they’re fun to bat those around back and forth. I’m trying to find out what the truth in all things is. That makes the journey all the more interesting.

Just a heads up on Scott McQuate’s book Blueprint for Bondage. Also Art Greenfield’s book. You can Google Art Greenfield. I also have his link on my site at on the page with Obama. You might want to read that article that he posted, The Reptilian Candidate. Some really interesting information on the facts of whether Obama really is hybrid or not. One of those things that make you go, “Hmm.” Pretty much goes along with what I’ve been saying in the codes forever and a day now about Obama being a lizard....not even being human. The Bible codes call him a lizard, a creature a beast, a reptile. He’s just a pawn. He may not have been at one time, but they’ve done something with the real Obama and the one we have is not even human. I don’t know what they did with the original one.

So it’s going to be interesting.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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