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Friday, November 07, 2008

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 10-27-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night October 27th, 2008. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to

I’ll probably just be handling questions tonight or comments, so just send those in. I know I haven’t gotten to a lot of them over the last several weeks and they tend to get buried during the week. So if you have a question or comment that I haven’t addressed on the show, just resend it for tonight and I’ll try and get to it.

We’re a couple of days away ‘til elections, so I spent some time this week looking again at codes, as usual. Something that I stumbled on at about 5 o’clock this morning and I didn’t get all the way through it; it was pretty interesting...because lately we’ve been hearing some rhetoric from Colin Powell and vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden. They’ve been warning about...I thought Colin Powell was funny; he said once he warned of a coming crisis that we don’t even know about right now.

How can you warn of a coming crisis...and he gives a date January 21 or 22...but we don’t know about it yet. That was kind of funny. I mean, he knows about it, but nobody else does basically; just a circle of people who know about it. When you’re planning and generating these things to take place, you have to know when they’re going to take place. Amusing as usual; tipping their hat that they’re up to no good.

Also, Biden had said the same thing and was talking about how he wouldn’t be president 6 months and the world would be testing him to see what kind of a president he was going to be. Kind of giving you a heads up warning that...hey, something is going to happen and if Obama is elected, he’s going to be really unpopular.

He’s going to make unpopular decisions and he’s going to need his supporters to stand behind him even through they’re unpopular decisions. What kind of unpopular decisions would demand blind loyalty from your followers? I’ll tell you what kind of unpopular decisions Obama is going to make. I’ve been warning about him since last January.

I never thought he’d get this far because Hillary Clinton just had it in the bag. The thing with Obama is his lineage in the occult world is stronger than hers and the fact that he’s not even a real bread and butter human. People argue over whether he is a Muslim or an American. Find me anywhere, especially in these Bible codes where it says he is a human. What I’m seeing is he is a creature. He is a beast. He is an intelligent robot. These are the terms that the Bible code refers to him as. He’s a robotoid. He’s an automaton. He’s basically a shell. And above all he’s a mouthpiece.

It’s what I’ve said about these cloned beings – they don’t have souls and they can clone a human and then an alien or demon can walk in and possess that cloned body. Different options of what exactly this Barack Obama is comes to he a clone? Was he soul-scalped? I really don’t know; but I do know that he’s a creature. He’s a beast. The Bible codes call him a lizard. One way or another, somehow or another, he is just an alien; a reptilian being/lizard in a human body.

So, yes he is going to make unpopular decisions because his chief role as President of the United States once he is inaugurated is to destroy the Constitution of America, continue the economic annihilation of America and become a mouthpiece for the ascended masters of the New Age movement. I’ve said he is going to bridge the New Age and the Muslims together. They’ve kind of got this whole little funky thing going on with the New Age and Islam and they will just bridge it together...combine it together. He is going to be their mouthpiece.

The reason that he is enjoying so much support now....because the New World Order bankers who are financing him, financed his education and his whole life pretty much, had thought they could control him. They’ve got a good puppet in the White House. The difference between him and John McCain....John McCain would be another battery pack president; saying what he is told to say just like George Bush does.

With Obama, they thought they had 100% control of him, but they don’t because he will double cross them. He will double cross his supporters and he is going to be a mouthpiece for this coming New Age/Islam/Age of Aquarius phase. And you could say, in the end of times/tribulation period, he will be a mouthpiece for Satan and his forces when they come to Earth and come to power. He is the perfect puppet that they have that they can install as President of the United States. He doesn’t have any human ties on Earth. He doesn’t have any loyalties or patriotism to the country that he’s going to be President over, so he can continue. One of the things he’s going to be doing is continuing economic annihilation. We stared seeing that with Bush 8 years ago and even as far back as Clinton . All these global new world policies that have slowly destroyed the economy of America , have chipped away at our jobs...sending our jobs overseas. Now we’re kind of at the icing of the cake now, with finishing off economic annihilation in creating chaos with the banks and the currencies.

Still looking for bank holidays; of the switching of currencies. These things can be delayed and just a mess inherited by Obama. They fully intend to just continue doing what Bush has done; in the fact that they’re going to turn everything into a global economy. Nothing is going to change with that. Obama is not going to; I don’t know.... shape-shift and save the day. As far as finances and the economy; that’s all scripted and is not going to change. So, just a heads up.

Another thing is also a possible draft under Obama. I know he sounds like he’s anti-war, but I would look for a draft to take place under Obama because he’s about as anti-war as Bush was. There won’t be any changes there either, although he may put our soldiers on our own American streets or swap them off with another country as countries single handedly start declaring martial law around the world. That is definitely coming.

We all know martial law is coming because it doesn’t matter which agenda comes to power in the last days, the first thing on anyone’s agenda is to come after the Saints; the believers of the Most High God. It doesn’t really matter which faction; which agenda comes to power....there is going to be martial law and an attack on the Saints under what ever guise they want to use...resistors of the New World Order, resistors of the Age of Aquarius....just resistors. People that aren’t going along with the force fed plans.

We’ve been coddled over the last 30 – 40 years....we’ve been slowly coddled and slowly led into this global economy. No one asked Americans. It was never voted on if we wanted to participate in a global economy. No one was asked about it. We didn’t vote on it. We didn’t vote to change from our Constitution to a global worldwide constitution. We didn’t vote to change from being under the jurisdiction of American courts to be put under the jurisdiction of international criminal courts. There was never a vote on anything; it was just shoved down your throats. This is exactly what Obama is going to further. When he comes to power, he is going to start shoving things down people’s throats, changing America much more quickly than McCain would have if McCain was President. It’s going to be very interesting. Also it will be interesting to see how quickly he will come to power.

Just a lot of nay saying and police forces getting ready for riots if Obama doesn’t win. I’m not real sure what to think about any of that. If there’s going to be problems with the elections or not. At this point I would be shocked if he wasn’t elected and we just go with John McCain. If we go with John McCain, things are going to slow back down a little bit, I believe. I just don’t think the winds of change are going that route. I think the one with Obama is definitely the way things look like they’re going...because we’re in a time schedule here. We’re in a timetable and don’t have a whole lot of time to play with. He is the puppet and the one to help the Antichrist and Satan start taking control of the Earth.

I definitely think that Obama will probably take it. I believe this will be the last president we ever have. So it will be interesting to see if Hillary comes into play because I always knew there would be a dominant female in the last days and I’ve always warned of her and her involvement with martial law in the last days, so we’ll see if that stays in effect with her as far as martial law. 2009 is coming quick. Officially 2009 for a lot of Americans doesn’t start until January and is going to be here quicker than people are prepared for. Just a heads up on that. Things are going to change very quickly under Obama’s leadership; his destructiveness, I should call it. Things are going to change very quickly for the worse.

Another heads up; keep your eyes on Egypt and Libya . I keep seeing Libya in the codes....and Egypt . It almost makes you wonder to watch for somebody....a rouge suitcase nukes or bombs or something. Keep an eye on those two countries because they’re always coming up. It’ll be interesting to see if a Bin Laden type will arise again out of that area...or what they’re going to do out of that area.

I know that the President of Iran (Ahmadinejad) is still touting the arrival of this 12th Imam to come who will come with Jesus Christ. I’ve been talking about this Maitreya for a long time. I actually saw something online where he was going to be speaking somewhere as a world teacher. He has made appearances around the Earth before as far back as Kenya in 1988 as a world teacher. That’s what he wants people to embrace him as. Watch him come to power rather quickly and start assembling Arab nations around him. Just keep an eye on him. People always want to know...when do you know, that you know, that you know that we are in the tribulation period. I have always said, watch for Maitreya to come to power.

I thought it was interesting. I was reading some website about different varying views of who the people think the Antichrist is. One of the things stated was Christian scholars believed that the Antichrist would be an offspring of Satan and a human woman.

So I was thinking, this is like the Omen series and Rosemary’s Baby and all these occultic series they’ve had on TV over the years where a woman gives birth to a child and he has the 666 on him and everything. Typical going by what they believed there. What they don’t understand is something I’ve always said about this Maitreya; he is a clone of Cain and I’ve always said that Cain was Satan’s child. Satan had sexual relations with Eve and they had Cain. If you read the real Hebrew version of Genesis, there is no doubt about it. I have a whole website on it at You can read the Hebrew Interlinear Bible. Nobody masked it up. It was common knowledge back then; even Jesus referred to them being the offspring of Satan. Literal children; offspring of the seed of Satan who at that time were the tares; the Scribes and the Pharisees that were there amongst the Jews. So it really wasn’t covered over until the 4th century A.D. The whole serpent seedline. It was common knowledge back then. I’m not saying it was a doctrine or a theory, but it was common knowledge. Now, it’s a conspiracy. You get to 2008 and 2009 and it’s a conspiracy. Back then it was common knowledge. That’s what this whole thing is; I’ve warned about Maitreya being a clone of Cain’s body. I don’t know what possesses the body, but that’s who we have; Maitreya. I’m sure it’s just a tall grey alien. I can’t tell you the name of the fallen angel or anything, but that is what Maitreya is going to be; a clone of Cain.

I know a lot of people are still wondering if Obama is the Antichrist. I don’t see him as the Antichrist, but a puppet of the Antichrist. He’s a mouthpiece. The Bible codes clearly calling him a mouthpiece. He’s very capable of fulfilling what job it is that he needs to fulfill for them. There’s going to be a lot of drama coming up, I believe. Watch for him to sign some kind of a concordat or peace pact. He is going to sign it with these Aryans, these ascended masters, these soul scalped humans.

But it’s interesting that what I see in the codes doesn’t always play in real life as we understand real life to be. He’s going to sign some kind of contract, pact or treaty with these buffalo, these aliens. In our understanding, they could just actually leaders of other countries. I’m trying to pin that down more. I know that the New Ager’s claim that this Sananda/Jesus is going to take over Rome and lead the Christians into accepting Maitreya as a great world teacher. Those who resist, especially the fundamentalist Christians will be the ones dealt with. It’s either believe or die. Accept it or die at that point. They’re going to come after the dissenters and people who don’t accept Maitreya as a world teacher, a great ascended master being or this Sananda/Jesus...they’re going to be the ones that they get rid of.

It’s almost a repeat of early Christianity; because what we had were two different groups of believers being sprung. The 12 Apostles and Yahushua – they were never called Christians. But there was this son of Satan leading a second group of Christians who became known as Christians in Antioch . You know who I’m talking about; Paul and his whole group. Paul had his own disciples. He had his own group of believers. So it’s interesting that these 2 groups would fight against each other for the supremacy of the early church. It was James and Peter who were anointed to lead the early church and this Paul who stood up and claimed that he was an Apostle. He became a self appointed apostle and claimed that he was sent to become an apostle to the Gentiles. We already know that Peter had been appointed for that. We went into 200 – 300 years of persecutions at that time. Even Paul states in Galatians that all of Asia had rejected him. In Revelation chapter 3, it praises the church of Ephesus for testing the fruits of these false apostles and not believing them. That’s what happened and we went into 200 years of persecution. They killed off everybody who was of the true teachings under the true Apostles; the 12 apostles. We always had 12; we never had 13. Paul is not an original apostle. But they killed off all those early church believers. They burned all the books and the manuscripts at that time. They didn’t have what we call a Bible. They had scrolls. Scriptures that they had. Letters that they had. They went into 200 years of persecution. At the very end, who came out on top? The RCC and Paul.

That’s what we’re going to have again. The real believers being thrown to the lions and persecuted, except for a much shorter period of time, this time. When all is said and done, all the truthful believers are gone and killed, the ones coming out on top will be the ones who will push this facade and whole new lie that Maitreya is god and this Jesus Christ/Sananda is what we call the false prophet. I don’t know if they’ll call him the son of God or what. Revelation 13 calls him the second beast and the false prophet. So its very interesting that they’re going to throw everybody into a time of persecution and martial law to get rid of those who refuse to follow their heresies, their blasphemes and their apostasies. We’ve seen this before in our history. A lot of correlation; look at the Jewish Holocaust in World War II. I’ve talked about the Holocaust before and how it was a war at that time between the Torah Jews and the Talmud Jews. The Torah believing Jews were at odds with the Talmud Jews. Israel was going to be granted its own country; its own state.

This was already planned before that time. The Talmud Jews; the Satanists wanted control of this new state that was to be created so they knew they had to get rid of the true Israelites at that time. So they killed them off in what we call the Holocaust. I don’t think I’ve heard anybody come out with the real and truthful version of what the Holocaust really was yet. I’ve heard people deny that it happened. I don’t deny that it happened, but I’ll tell you the truth why it happened. I don’t hear people coming out with the truth of exactly why it happened. Even Hitler himself had Jewish Serpent seed bloodline just as the Bush’s and these 13 Illuminati families. These old serpent seed bloodlines here on Earth even have...go back, Jewish blood. Interesting.

That’s what is going to come. We will have martial law here against the dissenters and it doesn’t matter who is elected – Obama or McCain. Like I’ve said, if we stick with Obama, things are going to happen more quickly because they already have a crisis generated for him. They’re warning and already giving dates. January 21 and 22nd. I think he gives his inaugural speech on January 20th. Really, that would begin his first day of real power; taking office. That would be interesting. I’m not sure what exact date he moves in to the White House and officially becomes President. Perhaps January 1st, has a couple of weeks getting in and then on the 20th he gives his state of the Union speech to the nation or whatever. Powell is talking about 1 or 2 days after, there will be a generated crisis that they have thought up and came up with to test his ability as a world leader.

I think this crisis has something to do more with a global effect. They want to test his ability as a world leader and not just America . One of the things that came to mind when I first read about that was this whole generated thing with Russia that was on the books years ago. Oops, I pressed the wrong button! Sorry about that, but we just nuked 4 of your cities, type scenario and then Russia in turn nukes 4 of ours. That would be a huge crisis to welcome in a new president with, don’t you think? Something like that or one of these... Libya or Egypt standing up and going to war against Israel . Yeah, and everybody has their eyes on Iran . I’m telling you, I always see Egypt and Libya ; keep your eyes on those countries. Something global.

As far as global economics, they have every nation where they want them – broke and crying for bailouts. Its almost past beyond done and all they have to do is start introducing a global currency. Like I said last week, every day that we have that is normal...just count your blessings because it will not be the norm for too much longer, no matter who is president come January. With either one, we’re looking at a definite fighting of the factions here between McCain and Obama. I just think it will be Obama at this point.

Another thing is....what if Obama doesn’t win the election and there are riots and chaos in the streets because everyone is shocked that McCain did win? Whatever. I guess once the elections take place and it’s voted and counted and we know exactly who is gonna be the last president of America and completely destroy this great nation. It once was a great nation; ripe for judgment now. I believe it is the last one we will ever have and its interesting to see who it will be. Something not human or John McCain who is swarmed....I see where he is “swarmed” by soul-scalped people and he’s controlled. He is just a controlled pawn. That is what we have now with George Bush. He is controlled by soul-scalped people and swarmed by them. They’re in his administration. You have these reptilian beings from space who come and inhabit a human body. They soul-scalp humans take their bodies and kill them. That’s what surrounds George Bush now and John McCain. If you have Obama, you just have a lizard direct in some kind of cloned body. Its so interesting. There is not a lot of hope for America and why I’ve said we don’t put our hope in government; put your hope in the Lord.

I put up a page this week on spiritual warfare and the most frequently asked questions that I normally get. I get tired of having to type out the same answers... I get the same questions and emails all the time. So what I did was come up with a fact page of frequently asked questions. I have spiritual warfare prayers on there for you guys. Go to and the and the link to spiritual warfare and frequently asked questions. I sent a link out to my lists earlier this week.

You can go to Lets cover this a little bit before I go into questions.

Just questions that I get all the time about what to do with different things that they are going through.

One of the biggest things that I get is: I'm hearing voices - rebuke them in the name of Yahushua and command them to stop speaking to you and to leave in His Name. If they don't leave, ask Yahweh to chain those speaking to you and cast them into the abyss in the name of Yahushua.

It’s easy to call him Yahweh, but it is actually pronounced Yahuah. Just a heads up on that.

If you have chip implants; I have a link how to deactivate chip implants with neodymium magnets at You can just put “chips’ in the search box.

Various questions and different warfare prayers that you can pray.

Just hearing from a lot of people that are under attack. That is pretty constant, folks. Right now, they’re attacking us with tech weapons...microwave weapons. Sooner or later these tech weapons and microwave weapons are going to disappear and they’re going to be coming after us in martial law; to put us in camps. So... that will be the fun one. Ask the Lord to make you invisible so they can’t see you.

Always ask the Lord what it is you should ask from Him. If you are undergoing some kind of attack, ask the Lord what you should do to stop the attack; or how you should pray to stop the attack. It’ll be interesting in these last days.

Comment from a listener: Just a few days ago, I read an online news article in the Jerusalem Post about plans for the construction of the third temple to be slated by 2012.

Sherry: Yeah, I sent the same article out to my lists about a week ago. The codes don’t get that far. I do see “Solomon” and “temple” in the codes, but not always in regards to a literal Solomon temple in Jerusalem . We know that David had a temple and that Solomon built a temple for the Lord. I don’t know if they will; a little bit too far down the road for me to see in the codes right now and not something that He wants me focused on, but I do see it mentioned every once in a while in the codes. That’ll be interesting. And it’s interesting for me that the timeline for us ends even before that comes about. Either our timeline as a people, or my own personal timeline; I’m not sure which one it is.

Question for the show: Sister Sherry, I am curious on whether Cain was a giant. Knowing by all indications that he is the offspring of Lucifer and Eve and Lucifer being a fallen angel. Cain and Abel had two separate births?

Answer: There are some that claim they were twins. That the first one was seeded by Satan and the second one by Adam and they were born as twins. Others say there were 4; Cain, Abel and their 2 sisters and that the whole fight in the field to begin with was over their sisters and why Cain killed Abel...and whatever. I believe Cain was a giant. When you see this Maitreya and this Jesus/Sananda coming....they will be giants. They will be very tall. I think a lot of people will be shocked by that because they half expect...the Jews of old.....especially when Yahushua was on the Earth, to be a much shorter race. Not a very tall race and certainly even today, the Israelites aren’t very tall people. It will be interesting.

Question/Comment: I was watching a TV show where people believe they are descendents from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. What is your take on that?

Answer: That’s kind of like that Zeitgeist/New Age crap where Jesus and Mary Magdalene got married, had children and that’s how they get this whole Moravian line of the Illuminati. It’s a bunch of garbage, folks....garbage. They want you to believe that so they can push this whole British royalty thing that the people in Britain now are actually the royal line of Jesus. It’s all a lie. They’re not even related to King David. They’re related to Satan. That’s all they are. They come up with this New Age garbage crap and TV shows to come up with this fake lineage of royalty and its all lies.

Question: Did you hear of the Brits coming out with the UFO files? Of course they deny their existence.

Answer: The Brits are up to their eyeballs in cahoots with the aliens and the UFOs as much as the Americans are...not to mention the Queen herself is supposed to be possessed by a very tall, hideous reptilian lizard. That whole family line.....Diana was quoted as telling her friends before she was killed that the royals weren’t even human and that they were lizards. It goes along with what everyone has been saying for years anyway; that this world is being run by aliens possessing human bodies.

Question: Hey Sherry, did you see on the news today that two guys were caught planning to assassinate Obama? One was from Tennessee , the other from Arkansas and they were from a white supremacist group. Just probably some government pawns. What are your thoughts on it?

Answer: I really don’t know. I heard about it. I don’t really care. Obama is just a lizard. know....whatever. I don’t know how anybody can plan anything in this technological age where the government has full access to your computers at all times, your telephone conversations, your household conversations. I know without a doubt that everything I say, breathe, mumble and write is being seen, listened to or read by somebody. They can read what you are writing on your desk with a satellite. They can go on your computer with all their backdoor accesses. It’s ridiculous. People have no privacy today. It should be the most secured nation in the world already just because of how much surveillance we’re under all the time. Usually when something gets foiled, you almost always think it was a government operation to begin with; a PSYOP. Anyone smart wouldn’t even bother trying to do it.

Question from listener: Hi Sherry. I was just going over this very subject today and want to know if the Apostle Paul’s teacher Gamaliel could have been a Mason.

Answer: Yeah, Gamaliel was. There were two schools of thought and two different leaders back in that day; Gamaliel and Hillel. It’s very interesting when you do research on Gamaliel and Hillel. Paul being a student of Gamaliel. Paul’s father worked being a Roman government official and his mother being from the tribe of Benjamin. Paul was a hybrid and not of full Jewish blood; and his father was a Mason and so was Paul. Very interesting when you get into research.

Question from a listener: I think everyone should go get the movie They Live. It was made in 1989 and stars Roddy Piper and tells the real story of how the aliens have taken over the world, live among us and have for years. I bless you for the work you have done in the country in the past years and all you do. Blessings from Montana.

Sherry: It really is a great movie. It really is. It’s an old one but it’s a goodie. If you ever get to see it now where there are subliminal messages up on billboards. Somehow they lose their clocking and you see all these aliens on TV. Supposedly those who are supposed to be television news anchors and suddenly you see them for who they are....aliens. I’ve been waiting for that kind of thing to happen for a long time, where the cloaking would just be lifted and they would no longer be able to hide and everyone would be able to see all the aliens around us for what they are. These humans around us; I’ve been talking about the soul-scalping for years now and just how rampant its gotten, so that would be amusing. You go outside and see your neighbors are aliens and the people you’ve been watching on TV are aliens. These “stars” that people coddle are nothing but aliens. That would be amusing.

Question from a listener: Sherry, I have been talking to Yah for several years now and I myself have been hearing answers in my head. Do you think that this is wrong?

Sherry: Yeah, because the Lord doesn’t speak to our heads; He speaks to our hearts.

Question continues: So far, all that has been spoken to me has come to pass. Do you believe that Yah can talk to us in different ways?

Answer: There are many different ways that He gets our attention. It would be so much easier if He would just speak to me directly and He doesn’t even do that all the time. He uses many different ways because He wants you to recognize when He is working and how He is working. You won’t learn that if He always just uses the same way to talk to you. When He speaks to you, try and decipher where the voice is coming from; your head or your heart (your spirit). He will speak to your spirit, which is the hardest way. When I ask Him to guide my thoughts then I will get thoughts of things and I know that He is guiding my thoughts are my thoughts are from Him. There are different ways you can hear from Him, but test the spirits. I get people all the time, “I’m hearing voices...I hear voices.” You know when they hear voices...plural - it isn’t the Lord. It’s usually technology, from chip implants. You don’t know at this point whether its military or demons that are messing with people. When you have these chip implants, military bases have control of chip implants and serve as 2-way transistors. What happens is these chips can malfunction so not only can they hear what you are saying, but you can hear what they are saying. Very wild. You can deactivate chip implants with neodymium magnets. I have that on my website at and also at on how to deactivate chip implants.

If they are demonic beings, you can ask the Lord to protect your mind and to keep you from all evil. When you ask the Lord to keep you from evil, prevent them from harassing and talking to you. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to just asking the Lord to protect you from evil. If you suspect a chip implant, try and deactivate that as well. Just ask the Lord to cause the chip to malfunction. You could be walking into a grocery store and be shot by a chip implant gun. If you feel a sharp sting, like you’ve just been bitten by a bug or something, that’s a pretty good indication that you’ve been hit by some kind of chip implant gun. You’re not even safe walking into a store these days. They use it for tracking. To track you, to spy on you. It can record the things you say and do...stuff like that. They’re just annoying.

They don’t have enough satellites up as it is; always spying on and annoying the Lord’s people. I can go out at night and count 2, 3, 4 satellites and have them all targeting whatever it is I’m doing. I’m usually packing up or making Orgone at night, so they’re usually getting recordings of that. They must have really good technology because it’s pretty dark by the time I get moving. For that not to be a hindrance to them, they have some really good technology. It’s why I like these bucket blasters and pipe blasters I have; just annoy them while they’re sitting there. They’ve got a lot further out now and they don’t last as long either. They used to sit up there all night long; now they sit up there for maybe a half-hour tops and take off. I have bucket blasters at my website These are just monster Orgone protection devices for the Lord’s people. Aliens don’t like them. Demons don’t like them. Chip infested humans don’t like them. They cause the area where the chip is implanted to burn.

Very interesting protection that we have with this Orgone and watching more and more of what it does. I see all the time in the codes about how effective shutting down our southern gate has been and was. We’ve had Chinese amassing there for years and we pretty much set up a border across our southern states with the Orgone to keep these Chinese forces out. I had no idea what it would do. The Lord was just telling me to get it down there and we did what He said to do. A lot of things have been averted because of that. That is still coming up in the codes because we orgoned what is called our southern gate. I love seeing it when we hamper their plans. It was something that the Lord’s Warriors got together and did as a group; as a family of warriors who love the Lord and do what He says to do. Just kind of waiting for the next assignment to come along. Until then, we’re still getting Orgone around the country and around the world.

One of these things that could test Obama’s ability as a world leader is a threat from space. Not only a threat, but an actualization of seeing 100 – 200 million beings from space arrive on Earth. It’s definitely a possibility. I’m going to leave it hanging there; that during his early presidency, that is a definite possibility, folks. A very, very definite possibility. That would change things as we know them. Definitely.

Until then, just keep stocking up on food and medicine and the things you’ll need if the stores close. We still have destructions coming. Everything is going to hit at once, folks. HE said that things are going to happen quickly and will have a bathtub effect. If it’s not a war or bomb going off somewhere; it’s an earthquake and tsunami somewhere else. It’s going to be one disaster after the next once it starts to roll. With Obama, things will definitely start to roll and quickly. You’ll start to see Bible prophecy come alive before your eyes.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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