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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Transcribe 10-13-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 10-13-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live, its Monday night October 13th. It’s Sherry Talk Radio. If you have any questions for the show, you can send them to Be sure to send it to that email address; I don’t look at my other ones during the show.

I was on the radio earlier today with Stuart Harrison of the Edge. You can hear that interview at Just click on the perspectives icon at the top of the page. It’ll be right there on the perspectives channel at It’s almost a two hour interview. I had a great time with Stuart. I always do. He’s a great interviewer. He asked a lot of questions, so we covered a lot of material within that 2 hours. One of the main questions Stuart had asked me was what are the coming events and what are some of the main signs that we will know without a doubt that we are in the tribulation period?”

It’s like I’ve explained before, folks; you can tend to get a timeline in your mind from reading the Bible, from growing up in the churches and reading everybody’s stuff and listening to Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe and all the "prophecy teachers". The Lord has always told me things are going to happen the way that we don’t expect. So I’ve always kept an open mind...”Okay, show me what to expect. Tell me what to expect. Teach me the truth in all things so that we can recognize the events going on around we can recognize the tribulation period.”

I know especially if you’re ingrained with the rapture theory like I was growing up in the Baptist church for 30 years you pretty much believe that a rapture is going to come and take the church away and you’re not going to be here for the events of the tribulation period. So you don’t even worry about the tribulation period because you’re so convinced that you’re not going to be here. One of the first things that the Lord did was peel that apostasy away from me and show me how much we would be here for parts of the tribulation period.

And also that it doesn’t mean that life is going to be rosy here in America until a rapture would occur. And exactly who would be taken by a rapture? If millions of people; the entire church and bride are taken in the rapture, then who are all the souls under the altar who were murdered for their faith in the fifth seal in Revelation chapter 6?

I know the churches explain that away by saying that’s all the people who get saved once the church is raptured and taken off. That’s just a way to hide that; to shove it under the rug. The truth of the matter is, a big bulk of the church will be here, because a big bulk of the church is in apostasy. The only ones taken in the rapture are those found without guile. A big part of being in apostasy is being in drenched in guile. Another term for guile is witchcraft. Rebellion is considered witchcraft to the Lord.

A big bulk of the church today is just in drenched in rebellion; is drenched in witchcrafts. A lot of them are going to be left to undergo the War on the Saints that the Antichrist commences against them. The first thing he does when he come to Earth besides declare how great he is or want everyone else to declare how great he is, is to start his War on the Saints. So that’s where you find all the souls that are beheaded as depicted in Revelation chapter 6 the fifth seal.

A big bulk of the church is going to be here for that. Exactly who is raptured? I’ve told you that before. The 144,000 who are....another thing that the church twists around in saying there is only one group of 144,000 – 12,000 virgins from each tribe of Israel . If you translate that correctly, “virgin” is just another way of saying they’re not in guile, they’re not rebellious, they’re not drowning in apostasy. And they’re not just men. The term men in Hebrew writing always referred to men and women. It was a general term. In the KJV they tended to translate it as just a male term, so we find a whole group of 144,000 of men and women that will be raptured. If you look at Revelation chapter 7 and Revelation 14; there are 2 different groups of 144,000 depicted. One of the first truths that I had revealed years ago is that there are actually two groups of 144,000. You can read that on my website in my articles section at

Some of the biggest events coming that I’ve been seeing and been warning about on this show is the coming of these New Age ascended masters, the rapture of the 144,000, and you’ll see the whole implementation of Satan’s kingdom on Earth via the New World Order, the Fourth Reich...whatever you want to call it. Not only their arrival, but also a radical Islam attempt to take over the world that this Maitreya will lead. He’s their Iranian Mahdi that they’re waiting for. Also we’ll have coming down the road after his arrival, a year or two into that you’ll see the coming of Niburu; also called the Destroyer, the Nemesis from the Dark/Death Star system. A lot of interesting things coming up, but what I wanted to talk about tonight was to tie some things in for you. Some things that the Lord had just shown me recently...being able to tie some loose ends together.

I’ve always wondered... in the Bible codes I’ve always seen that these New Age ascended masters such as Maitreya and this coming St. Germaine who is going to implement this new economic program on Earth. They call it NESERA, but may change the name of it because I’ve already exposed what NESERA is and they hate being exposed by anything beforehand. He’s pretty much going to be in charge of the economic program. This Sananda (Jesus) that’s coming...I’ve always seen these beasts associated with India , Tibet and the Himalayas . I’ve even stated in past shows that I believe they have some kind of underground base in the Himalayas . Tonight I want to tie a few things together because it’s not just a base that they have in the Himalayan Mountains ; it’s a whole underground world. Underground cities located inside and under the Himalayas . These New Age masters are steeped in Tibetan Buddhism, which also encompasses the Aryan Vril and Thule Societies which was also known as the Third Reich. Hitler kind of brought that all under the Third Reich. Also with Hinduism. I wanted to give you a brief rundown. You can also find this information at

What I wanted to talk about was these underground cities; this Shambhala is the chief city for the Agartha which is a mythological land of advanced races and knowledge living at the center of the hollow earth. Agartha (sometimes Agartha, Agharti) is a legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth's core. It is related to the hollow earth theory and is popular in Esotericism. I’m just going to read what Wikipedia has to say about it.

Agartha is one of the most common names cited for the society of underground dwellers. Shambhala (also known as Shangri-La) is sometimes said to be its capital city, the chief city of these underground cities. The mythical paradise of Shambhala is known under many different names: It has been called the Forbidden Land , the Land of White Waters , the Land of Radiant Spirits , the Land of Living Fire , the Land of the Living Gods. Hindus have known it by the Sanskrit term, Aryavarsha (literally: The Land or Realm of The Aryans ; the Land of the Noble/Worthy Ones)

I thought that was really interesting because these ascended masters are also called Aryans in the Bible codes. When you think of Hitler and the Third Reich and how he wanted to create the master race on Earth and he talks about the Aryans being the master race. If you’re like me, you misunderstood that as being the tall, blond-haired, blue eyed Nordics, the giants of old; this Nordic race. It wasn’t that at all. What he was referring to were these ascended masters from Shambhala in these underground cities such as Agartha. A whole new eye opening thing of what this whole Nazi - Third Reich thing was about. It wasn’t just about breeding some kind of serpent seed race on Earth; it was tying in with this whole New Age Buddhism, Hinduism theology about these underground wise ones. The Illuminati refers to themselves as the “illuminated ones”. It ties that all together so I thought it was very interesting.

It’s also known as an underworld people by initiates and led by the masters who are the spiritual leaders of humanity. Agartha is the great Asian University of the Initiates of the Greater Mysteries. The great soul, who is also known as the lord of the world, plays the part of the supreme spiritual leader of humanity - we would recognize that as Satan himself.

These underground cities Shambhala and Agartha are located in the Himalayas in Tibet . Shambhala concept figures prominently in Buddhism and Tibetan teachings and has been revived in the West by Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society.

Blavatsky was pretty much the one behind all of the New Age teachings and they’re the same ones that a lot of those in the New World Order follow today. The outer meaning understands Shambhala to exist as a physical place, although only individuals with the appropriate karma can reach it and experience it as such. There are various ideas about where this society is located, but it is often placed in central Asia , north of Tibet . The inner and secret meanings refer to more subtle understandings of what Shambhala represents, and are generally passed on orally. Alice Bailey transformed it into a kind of extra dimensional or spiritual reality. She is also one of the forefronts of New Age theology today.

One of the earliest sources for the belief in underground civilizations is The Smoky God by Willis George Emerson, which claims to be the biography of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. The book explains how Jansen's...if you’ve ever read this book...I’ve read it online before, several he was sailing in the North Pole and somehow stumbled onto the entrance into the North Pole.

For two years he lived with the inhabitants of an underground world of colonies who Emerson writes were 12 feet tall and whose world was lit by a smoky central sun. Their capital city was said to be the original Garden of Eden. While Emerson himself does not use the name Agartha, later works such as Agartha - Secrets of the Subterranean Cities have identified the civilization Jansen encountered with Agartha and its citizens as Agarthan. If you’ve never read the story about Olaf Jansen you might want to google that.

It’s a very interesting experience that he had spending 2 years in this whole Shambhala area. His description of the underground cities was very beautiful actually; not what you would expect. I know that most churches; when you sit in those week in and week out, you tend to think that Satan is miserable and suffering in Hell. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He has a very vast empire, not just in the heavenlies, but also under the Earth.

It is believed that the great kingdom of Lemuria which was located in the Gobi desert in Mongolia was destroyed by Atlantis in a great war that led to a cataclysmic destruction of Atlantis and Mu. Mu was a great city on the surface of what is now the Gobi desert. It had 2 satellite cities by the name of Agartha Alpha and Beta that survived the destruction. The inhabitants of Agartha are said to have scientific knowledge and expertise far beyond that of the people who live on the surface of the planet and lost technology from the days of Atlantis. The descendants of ancient Lemuria (these are pre-Adamic angelic civilizations before Adam and Eve were even created) I touch a bit about that in one of the first articles I had ever written In the Beginning.

I talk about how there were angelic civilizations on Earth and the surrounding planets before Lucifer’s rebellion. Anyway, back to this because I’ll tie this in here in a second. The descendants of ancient Lemuria now live in peace in subterranean caverns. The leaders of these states (variously called Ascended Masters, the perfected ones, Ancient Ones, the Watchers, the Immortals, the Monitors, the Hidden Directorate, the Children of Seth) all follow what is known as the Ancient Path and do not interfere in the lives of humans that live above the surface. Nor is there any interaction between them.

There are no entrances to Agartha Alpha and Beta from any other part of the planet. The only entrances are in the Gobi desert itself and are secured by illusory technology that is beyond the comprehension of modern science. The Tibetans refer to the cities of Agartha as Shambhala and have believed for centuries in their existence as reservoirs of ancient knowledge and advanced technology.

The American connection with this whole thing is that some cults hold that the races of spiritual beings generally considered to be Lemurians that are superior to humans, live inside, underneath Shasta Mountain which is in the Cascade Mountains of Northern California and Southern Oregon.

I remember writing an article and putting it on the Watcher Files years ago. It talks about Mt. Shasta and how every president...I think it was since Roosevelt or Eisenhower...every president since that point has visited this ancient Lemurian race in Mt. Shasta.

One of the first things Clinton wanted to do when he came to power was to find out the truth about UFOs and aliens. They generally don’t allow the President to have any of this kind of information; it’s very well guarded. The reason is that the presidency itself is a revolving door where you have a different person coming in as president theoretically every 4 years. The government behind the government here in America especially with the military, withholds all this information from the politicians. You can Google “Majestic 12”, one of the first names they came out with who actually have all this information that they keep separated from Washington, so they can keep it secret because of the revolving door in politics and with politicians coming in and out all the time.

Another interesting aspect was this “elder race”. In 1945 some of the controversial tales going on at the time about inner Earth dwellers was called the Shaver Mystery and featured in Amazing Stories magazine. He claimed that there was an underground civilization and there was an elder race or Titans that had come to this planet from another solar system from our prehistoric past. After a time of living on the surface they realized that our sun was causing them to age prematurely so they escaped underground, building huge subterranean complexes in which to live.
This is supposedly how this whole underground thing started with underground cities in Shambhala and Agartha. Eventually they decided to seek a new home on a new planet, leaving the Earth and the underground cities populated by what he called artificial beings; robotic beings...claiming to have met them and interacted with them. I found that interesting because he kind of covers what Sitchen covers. I’ve never been a follower of Sitchen and have I’ve always stated he was government disinfo.
Interestingly enough, Arizona Wilder in her interview with David Icke (you can catch that on You Tube or probably off David Icke’s website) she also claimed to have seen him in satanic sacrifice meetings. She indeed said herself that he was working for the government and serving as government disinfo. You always have to take what he says with a grain of salt. Chew it and spit it out and look elsewhere for the truth because he tends to mislead people. Zechariah Sitchen also states that these reptilians...these Annuniki came to Earth, created mankind in test tubes and then left...had left some of their people here and are returning via Niburu. Niburu cycles every 3600 years. That’s pretty much what this guy is saying in a round-a-bout way; that these Titans, this elder race had come to Earth, didn’t like it. The sun was making them age prematurely, so they took off to the inner Earth. That’s where you just chew the grass and spit out the hay, folks.
They are here. They are in our inner Earth. Our Earth is hollow. All of the planets are hollow. The sun is hollow. The moon is hollow. The stars are hollow. Everything is hollow and that’s where a lot of these fallen angels reside. The “forefathers” who supposedly created mankind and left some of their forces here that have gone under Earth. Supposedly these Annuniki are coming back and this is where it breaks down because I know that Bill Deagle follows that line of thinking to where mankind was created in test tubes by aliens. I totally reject that. I believe that God created Adam and Eve just as stated in the Torah. I’ll never buy in a million years that these aliens created Adam and Eve.
In one of my articles I tell you the missing link...being why there were cave men and they have tried to prove evolution through all these different advanced levels of ape creatures. That was the best that Satan could in creating man. He was trying to mimic mankind and create his own human as you would call it. The Lord would never call mankind humans; He calls them mankind. Satan refers to mankind as humans. Satan was trying to create humans, so you have these Neanderthals and cave men. That’s why you’ll never find the missing link between the Cro-magnum and Neanderthals from the past and humans (mankind) - because they weren’t created by the same creator. Satan has his own hand in creating the Cro-magnums and all these earlier Neanderthals and the Lord Himself, the Most High created mankind - Adam and Eve and set them in the Garden of Eden.
We have always been surrounded by these fallen angels because of Satan’s rebellion. Satan’s rebellion occurring before Adam and Eve had been created. So once they were created and put into the garden, that’s when Satan began his agenda to try and destroy what God had created.
Once the Lord’s judgment...when you go back into pre-Adamic civilizations when Satan had corrupted the Earth and all the planets and tried to lead a rebellion against God and one-third of the angels in all these civilizations had joined with him, two-thirds of them did not. Two-thirds of them literally left the Earth and the other planets because they knew that the Lord’s judgment was going to come on them.
The Lord pounded the Earth and all these planets that had participated in the rebellion with hailstones of fire and totally made them destitute. That’s why anyone left who had survived the judgment and punishment of the Father for the rebellion against Him, ended up having to seek shelter in the terrains in the insides of these planets.
So that’s why you have all these artifacts and things that NASA will find on the Moon and on Mars and different planets. I think they’ve been on just about all of them and can find evidence of past civilizations because those were at one time angelic civilizations, folks.
At one time, those were civilizations that praised the Lord. There were men and women...another blindsided concept that the church gives you is that there are no female angels, that they are all male. Another blindsided concept because these planets and Earth itself were just full of male and female and they were angelic civilizations. When they went into rebellion when Lucifer led a rebellion two-thirds of the angels had left. The ones that stayed found shelter in the inner Earth and the inner planets and where they have been since.
Next week I want to talk about Niburu and want to tie in Niburu because these ancient forefathers who had supposedly created....Sitchen and them want you to believe they created mankind in a test tube, left and are coming back via Nibiru. We’re going to talk about Nibiru next week because that’s coming out of the Death Star system.
The Death Star is really interesting. It’s also called the Dark Star. If you’d paid attention to George Lucas Star Wars series, it always has the Death Star and Darth Vader and the good verses the evil...only the good in the star Wars series is just another evil branch, but they’re just not as bad as...they frame the whole thing and want you to believe that one race is good and the other bad. They are actually both fallen races; it’s just that ones a little better than the other one, but they are both evil. Anyway, he will give you a good insight into Satan’s kingdom and how things are run in the heavenlies because the Death Star itself is surrounded by 6 planets/ 4 minor planets and then you have this planet called the Home World, which is also referred to as the twin of the Earth where a lot of these Annuniki live.
Then you have Nibiru, which is a planet that looks more like a comet with a fiery tail. Out of this whole Death Star system, Nibiru is the only one whose rotation will cross between Heaven and Earth.
That happens every 3600 years and is set to happen in 2012 where its rotation will cut between Earth and the Sun. When it arrives they say it will look like a second sun in the skies. I’ve heard a lot of different descriptions of this Niburu. They call it the red planet, but then they call it the second sun....and they’ll call it a comet, but its going to be twice as big as the a second sun in the sky.
You hear different descriptions of what this Nibiru looks like, but we know without a doubt is all of the destruction it’s going to cause because it is detailed in the book of Revelation. If you look at the trumpet judgments and the bowl judgments listed in the book of Revelation, the arrival of Niburu is pretty much what causes a lot of those destructions on Earth. You’ll see that in the second half of the tribulation period, after the war on the saints.
Once these ascended masters...these Aryans from Shambhala (from the underground cities in the hollow Earth) All of these ascended masters I’ve warned about who are 9 -12 feet tall will come up on the surface of the Earth and you have a lot of these Annunaki and alien races coming from different parts of the heavenlies. When Michael casts out Satan onto the earth as dictated in Revelation chapter 12, we’re going to be stuck here with Lucifer and his alien forces that are flying the UFOs now in all these little alien ships in the second heaven. They’re going to be stranded on Earth. So we’re going to have them coming from above us and up from below us. Earth itself is just going to be dominated by these giants and also these alien and demonic beings.
Remember, there are 2 different sections or factions of fallen angels. You have your humanoid looking ones that never lost their angelic form, but lost their angelic powers. Then you have the ones that were judged for their rebellion against the Most High and lost their looks and lost their powers and are ugly, grotesque beings. They look like lizards, have the small greys which are the robot slave race to the reptilians. You have the tall greys. Some of these beings will be able to take over a body. They’ll use a body so they look human. So instead of looking like a lizard or a dragon or reptilian...that’s exactly what these beings are going to do. This Maitreya as I’ve said before on this show has cloned Cain’s body and he will use and access Cain’s body as his own even though he is just some kind of tall grey alien.
Satan’s generals; his henchmen; his right-hand men are going to be the lizards and greys because those were the ones that were his leaders and officers during the rebellion against the Most High when Lucifer was in charge of the Earth at that time. In all of God’s creation at that time, Lucifer was set in charge of it and he was the chief of praise and music and psalms and worship of the Lord. He rebelled against that and wanted to become God himself. A lot of his right-hand men are going to be the ones who were with him during his first rebellion.
We’re going through his second rebellion now. He gets 3 shots. I’ve always said that Satan gets 3 shots in his rebellion before he is finally dealt with and we’re in the second one now.
He’s going to come to Earth and try to deceive mankind with this Maitreya and Jesus/Sananda and the ascended masters; these Aryans from the underground cities. Maitreya will come from Shambhala. I believe that this Jesus/Sananda will come from the heavenlies because he’s the one who is associated with more so the UFOs even though Maitreya does travel by UFOs as well.
"Jesus" is going to have the whole entrance in the sky mimicking the Second Coming of Christ with the "angelic host". He’s going to have his UFOs and try to can Google "Blue Beam Project and learn how NASA is helping him to descend to Earth in that way with some modern day technology to pull that one off. The sad part is, it’s going to deceive much of the world. They’re going to fall for him. He’s going to be a nice guy. He’s going to be a gentleman...a little effeminate, but the world is going to fall for him because he’s charming.
A majority of the world will. The ones who love the Lord won’t. They’ll refuse to worship these beasts as God. Many will die for their faiths. That’s why you have so many souls under the altar depicted in the fifth seal. His War on the Saints begins even way before the world is commanded to worship them as God.
So his War on the Saints comes way before that. He’s going to come after the church when they arrive on Earth and they’ve been bombarded by the Orgone Warriors and the Orgone that we have out there. It destroys their forces and destroys their ships. They’re angry and going to come after the Lords people for doing that...and they’re going to be gone. The 144,000 will be gone at that point, so he comes after the remaining bride; the ones that were left here and that’s the ones in the churches today.
That war against the saints also being brought about by this radical Islam takeover of the world. It’s an excuse; they’re not going to come out and say they’re going to have a war against the saints. What they’ll do is start this war on Islam taking over the whole world. That’s what he’ll implement. That way, anyone who worships anyone but this Mahdi would be killed. You’re going to have the War on the Saints and also the those who refuse to worship the beast that are also described as part of the ones who are the souls under the altar because they refuse to worship the beast....which should be beasts because there is Maitreya, Sananda and these ascended masters from Hell coming out of the Earth....this Shambhala. That’s what is coming, folks.
I thought it was an interesting tie in because you have this whole German-Nazi thing and the Thule and Vril Societies that Hitler was steeped in. It had nothing to do with the Aryan concept/the alien concept of blond haired, blue eyed race being established. He wanted to establish and Aryan race based on these ascended masters in the center of the Earth that are referred to as Aryans. They include all races. They’re not just one particular race. You have the Chinese also adapted to this whole Shambhala and Himalayan, Tibetan Buddhism. You have China and Japan involved. You have Hitler involved with the whole Vril and Thule societies which are based on the same teachings. Then you have Alice Bailey and Madam Blavotsky over in America and Europe pulling in those countries. So there’s a whole Nazi-New Age connection that is centered amongst this whole ascended master race from the center of the Earth. Their supreme leader like I’ve said is Satan. It all ties together. It’s like one big circle.

Years ago, the Lord had pulled me into the alien agenda and started showing me how the New World Order was an alien agenda. Alien is just another term for fallen angels. This puts a whole new perspective...everything into perspective on who and what they are and where they’re from and how all the secret societies around the world and in governments are connected through these different societies, but all lead back to one source and that is Tibet. That’s why I kept seeing India in the Bible codes. It explains everything to me so I could turn around and explain it to you guys.

This whole New World Order is just an alien agenda to bring Satan to Earth so his new world order is where fallen angels will rule the world. Humans here...mankind here become the slaves to all the aliens and fallen angels that are going to be dominating and conquering the Earth. I know in New Age terms they hide it; they call it “cleansing”, where they’re going to cleanse people who don’t agree and send them to different planets. They’ll turn around...the hypocrites that they are will admit in their own writings that the very idea of cleansing is just outright murder and they’re going to just kill them all. They’re not taking them anywhere. They’re not going to take them to different planets to rethink their attitudes. Anyone not in agreement with these ascended masters who are going to arise are going to be killed.

If you look at any faction that takes over the world in last day’s global government; whether it be Islam, Talmud, this whole New Age Shambhala Indian alien freaks, they all come after Christians. Killing Christians, the children of God is the central theme of every agenda that wants to take over the Earth. So it doesn’t matter which one takes over the Earth.

The only thing that should matter to the children of God is first of all is getting your lives right and getting out of the apostasies, rebellions and the witchcrafts that are running the churches today. Pentecostalism; you’ll never meet a bunch that loves the Lord more that has never been more deceived than anybody else. The false prophecies, the speaking in tongues, all the witchcraft; I’ve told you what the Lord has told me about that and had wrote an article on speaking in tongues and how this ELF technology and Satan himself through demons gives people these false prophecies. They’re all seeking after signs and wonders and instead of heeding the Lords warning about a wicked generation that seeks after signs and wonders, they jump right into it and become that wicked generation that the Lord warned about.

Also, the whole worship of Paul; Paul is not our salvation, he is not our redemption. Yahushua is our salvation and our redemption. Paul was a false prophet and most people spend their entire lives on Paul’s teachings alone. I know, I was doing that for 30 years before the Lord moved me out and away from that and opened my eyes as to who and what Paul really was. So you can get out of a lot of the errors and apostasies that you are in by just praying daily and asking the Lord Himself to teach you the truth in all things. You don’t have to believe a word I say, but ask the Lord Himself to reveal the truth in all things to you and you will find that He keeps leading you back to my websites. It’s the Lord who leads what I say. It’s the Lord who leads what I write to be a mouthpiece for Him in these last days. I encourage people to do that; to pray for the truth in all things and prepare yourselves now to become spiritually and emotionally ready. Get your hearts and lives right with the Lord because there are many destructions coming to America.

These ascended masters who are claiming that tomorrow on the 14th they’re going to have this huge flyover over the world and will arrive on the world scene. They’ve been saying it for 10 years and they give different dates every year. Several times a year, they’ll give different dates. It’s the only way they can keep lulling their followers and keep them around. Eventually their followers figure out they’re just liars. But it’s also a route. It’s a route that Bush can use. We knew the financial system was going to go down in September and that in October there could be a false flag attack. I think everybody expected a nuke attack during October, but instead we got an economic attack. We could also get this alien visitation; this alien flyover that Reagan had warned about. It would be one way to get everybody in a panic seeing all these UFOs in a column, flying over the world and put everybody in a panic and implement martial law here in America and possibly other countries as well. I don’t know when all these aliens are supposed to show up or what their general flight path will be. I hope they fly over my here at my house if they’re going to arrive so I can give them the Orgone salute.

Thats when their target date is, October 14th. Bush could use that to implement martial law. He’s already in their hands, in their pockets. He is steeped in this whole Nazi faction of the Thule and Vril Society which is tied into the underground cities of Agartha and Shangri-La. This whole Aryan race thing. Bush is in it up to his eyeballs. Cheney is up to his eyeballs in it. You’ve seen these aliens in the windows of the White House while Bush is giving speeches. There are You Tube videos all over the internet depicting these aliens in the windows. I even have it on my website They’re all tied in together and Bush is ready to sign over ownership of the United States to this Maitreya and these ascended masters that are coming. He has pretty much done it to one of Satan’s major forces and bride's which is the Chinese. He has pretty much deputized them to become federal agents that can come in peaceably and take over the homes that they have here in America . They have 1.4 trillion in debt here, so they own almost everybody’s homes here in America . These Chinese can just peacefully come in and kick you out of your homes because paying on notes will be meaningless; they’ll just take possession of your homes and cart you off somewhere.

Don’t let them cart you off anywhere (if they take that route) because they’ll just take you to a camp where they’ll put you on a train and start the depopulation of America . They want to kill about 270 million Americans out of 278. They’re going to kill a bulk of the population, which is their plan. Instead of coming in with an outright invasion, firing bullets, bombs and weapons...they’re just going to come in peacefully and cart people off on trains, buses and take them to internment camps to be killed.

The reason that people will go is they are being deceived. The Chinese aren’t going to say, “We’re going to take you to a camp and kill you now.” The Torah Jews who were killed in the Holocaust in Germany were deceived. They didn’t know they were going to death camps. The Germans didn’t tell them they were taking them to camps to kill them. They were deceived and surprised by that, and it’s the same tactic they will use on the Americans when the Chinese come and start emptying them out of their homes, loading them up to go to relocation centers. Do not go. Do not go to relocation centers. Do no line up at the Post Office for a ride out of town. If they show up at your door in the early morning, do not go anywhere that they want to take you because they just want to take you to a camp and kill you. That’s how the Chinese will take over America without firing a shot.

Yes, when they do get to the point where they do show their heads here in America , we are at war with the Chinese no matter what description Bush gives. He’s already signed everything away to them. He’s already made agreements with them. He has no interest in America; he’s already signed over any part of America he could to the highest bidder and to Satan himself.

His biggest mandate as President was to destroy this country and that’s what he’s done. He still hides behind the Bible and why the churches still back him; because he speaks religious rhetoric the whole time he’s doing it. So did Hitler the whole time he ran the Third Reich; he spoke religious rhetoric the whole time he ran it. That’s how the Antichrist is going to be when he arrives. When Maitreya arrives and starts his run to take over the world with his radical Islam. This Jesus comes to right all the wrongs of Islam. They play like a good Antichrist, bad Antichrist role.

They do it all by deception, folks. They’re going to do it all by deception so you need to be very careful with anything the churches are saying because the churches are going to fall in line with promoting whatever it is Bush and the agenda tells them to promote. Most of them are CIA agents. Most of these big religious mega ministries are run by CIA agents. They are former CIA agents. They are Masons. They are Satanists. Hinn and Copeland and all these mega churches. If they’re not mind controlled and controlled by ELF technology....look at the TBN network – run and controlled by Masons. The whole thing is Satan. He owns most of the churches today. They lead the seminaries that are producing the pastors today. That’s why they spin their own interpretations on the scripture but none of them have the backbone to look at Paul and throw him out and start getting into the truth and meat of the scriptures as the early believers knew it to be.

I’ve always encouraged people to go back and study what the early apostles taught and what the early church believed because Satan threw them into 300 years of persecution to wipe all that out and implement his own church through Paul who was a Mason. At that time what was considered Mithraism is now Masonry today. The KJV wasn’t even officially adopted until the 1500’s.

People need to get back to what the truth really is because so many are being led astray by false doctrines and being led into idolatry. The Catholics have this thing with worshipping Mary. The Protestants have this thing with worshipping Paul. Everybody is worshipping all these different beings in their religions and our only worship is to be to God Himself – the Father. He is the one we are to worship. People need to check how much of their attention and focus is going towards Mary or Paul because they’re in idolatry and don’t even realize it. Even your Bible can become an idol when you just sit and focus all your time on reading your bible and you’re not worshipping the Father directly. Spend some quiet time with Him. Some of my best conversations is with the Lord is when I’m doing the dishes, when I’m loading the dishwasher or doing menial things ‘cause I’m not thinking about anything else. Just spend parts of your day focused on Him. If you’re driving to work think about Him. Meditate on Him. Think about Him. Anytime you’re just out walking around, think about Him. Have Him on your mind all day and talk to Him. Listen to His still, small voice that speaks to your spirit. He doesn’t speak to your head. You’ll hear His small voice within your inner sprit. You almost have to strain to hear Him. It’s a small voice. You’ll hear Him urging. Ask Him how to hear him; how to recognize that it’s him.

Don’t listen to any voices that come to your head. Satan speaks to your head. Ascended masters channel messages to your head and false prophecies to your head. ELF technology speaks to your head. ELF technologies give you false visions to your head. That’s why so many of these supposed church pastors or evangelists or Pentecostal freaks will talk about seeing angels at night. Welcome to ELF technology. They can do this; I’ve seen it. They’re very good at it and very convincing, but there are always telltale signs that they’re not real visitations from the Most High Himself. These people refuse to test the spirits and accept it as being real and genuine from the Lord when it isn’t – its just technology. Most of these people today; about 90% of the churches that are involved in prophecy and vision are being led astray by technology. That’s why so many of them are left and not taken in the rapture of 144,000. Just a heads up, folks.

Be back next Monday night. I’ll check and see if there are any questions really quick. I don’t want to keep the show on too long tonight. Don’t forget, you can listen to my interview with Stuart Harrison of the Edge. I have it on my website at the right hand side. You can also go to and click on the perspectives channel to listen to the interview there.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, what ever happened to Bob Lazar? Is he missing or something?

Answer: I have no idea. I know who he is, but I have no idea where he is.

Hi Sherry. Praise for you and your work. I’m not sure if this has been asked in the past, but are there active warriors in Hawaii ? I live in Oahu and we have at least 6 military bases here. Do you know if they have been given attention?

Answer: I don’t think so. Oahu doesn’t sound familiar. I know I’ve sent it to Hawaii before. Honolulu and someplace that starts with a K, I think in Hawaii , but Oahu doesn’t sound familiar.

Question: Hi Sherry. Greetings from up here in Canada . This might be a crazy question, but could or would Satan have a change of heart and repent or is it necessary for his agenda to continue to fulfill God’s plan for mans redemption?

Answer: His whole purpose is to serve as the evil ogre instigator that he is. People always wonder if God was so supreme, then why doesn’t He just destroy Satan. Well, Satan serves a purpose. Satan is going to have 43 different rebellions. We’re in the second one now. He’s going to be chained and cast into the bottomless pit (space) for a thousand years after he loses this rebellion attempt. After a thousand years, he’s released again for a short space. That will be his third and last time that the Lord will use him and will then be cast into the Lake of Fire where he’ll join the Antichrist and false prophet for the rest of eternity. He serves the Lord’s purposes.

Question: Last night Debbie was looking into Mormonism and found out how many ties are to Satan and his empire. Her mom has been a Mormon for over 30 years and will not listen to anyone about the truth. Is there any hope for someone that has been in this for so long?

Answer: Mormonism is a cult and steeped into this whole Satanism thing. The Satanists claim the Mormons as their own. The Satanists claim witches as their own. The Mormons will deny that they are Satanists just as much as the witches will deny they are Satanists, but the Satanists claim them all. They’re just branches of Satan. I spent a lot of time in Salt Lake City , orgoning Salt Lake City and the Mormon Temple . The one thing that struck me about this new Mormon temple that they’ve built is it looks a lot like the structure that you see on the Moon. I think if you go to, they have some pictures of artifacts that they found on the Moon or Mars. There is some kind of a structure there that resembles the Mormon Temple.

If you have any questions for the show, you can send them to I’ll only be on the air for a couple of more minutes.

Question: Hey Sherry. We live in Little Rock , Arkansas and are looking to buy a home in a safe haven that you might have loaded with Orgone on a road trip. We have made many pucks ourselves. What location in Arkansas is good, northeast Arkansas ...northwest Arkansas ?

Answer: Northwest Arkansas . I have a feeling that northeast Arkansas will have trouble with the Mississippi River , not to mention the Lord has never led me to northeast Arkansas . Go to north central and northwest Arkansas .

Question: Yah bless. What do you think will happen tomorrow?

Answer: They’re claiming they’re going to have an alien ship flyover. I guess we’ll see what happens. They’re always giving dates. I’ve received a million emails for 2 weeks about this in regards to the flyover date. If it happens it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. If it happens, we know that worse things are going to get rolling instead of being delayed and I know a lot of us are sick of the delays.

Question: If the 144,000 are taken out of the way, and come back to fight in the great battle...who will tell people about Yah when we are gone?

Answer: A lot of the church will be here. They are apostate, but love the Lord. A lot of them will be tested at the guillotines for their faith. The 144,000 will return. If you read my article on the two groups of 144,000- I think it’s under 666 and Phony Seal of God Club. I think that’s the article where I covered both groups of 144,000.

Question: Sherry, is it so bad that it takes something so bad before people will take the time to come to Yah?

Answer: When things are good, people don’t need God. When things go bad, He is the first one they blame or call out to for help. These events have been prophesied. For 2000 years people have had warnings of the prophets of the last day’s events. People have had plenty of time...from the time you were in diapers you had time to prepare for the last days if you could have done so in your diapers, but you know what I’m saying. You’ve had plenty of time your entire life, but a lot of people chose to ignore it.

Comment from a listener: I was on You Tube this weekend and I got into a debate with a Muslim who told me he was involved in a pilgrimage to get closer to God. I just find it hard to believe that walking around a box 7 times would get me closer to God and improve my life overall.

Sherry: Yeah...if it was that easy we’d all be walking around a box 7 times about 100 times a day! It’s amazing what amuses people that spend all their time being deceived with feel good religions whether its Muslims, Pentecostals, Protestants or Catholics. Everybody wants to feel good and hear good things and feel good about themselves. No one wants to hear that they’re deceived and believing the wrong things, need to renounce what they think they know and start asking the Lord Himself to start revealing the truth in all things to them everyday. Seek Him directly. Don’t go to pastors. Don’t go to righteous men. Satan’s whole group is coming as righteous men. They know the Bible and the Koran and can quote them front to back and deceive both races – the Muslims and the churches. It’s truly going to be one big religious mess when they arrive as they try to attempt to set all the religions in the “right path.” They’re going to come and show everybody the woes and wrongs of their religions and attempt to set them all straight in the way that Satan wants you to believe. That’s the kind of mess that we have coming.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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