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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Transcribe Sherry Talk Radio 10-07-08

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 10-07-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Tuesday night, October 7th. I had audio problems last night and had to delay the show until tonight. Hopefully I don’t have audio problems tonight. If you can’t hear me, or you’re having problems, send me an IM or an email and let me know. I thought I had that taken care of.

Tuesday night, October 7th. The presidential debate is on. I didn’t watch very much of it. Not much to watch. Two shells going at each other. A lot of interesting things for this month. I know that a lot of people are kind of panicked. I knew it was going to come to this. Even those of us who have known what’s going to happen, when it finally gets here, you’re like “finally”. Others are just absolutely freaking out because they need more time. I didn’t think last year that another year would do them any good in preparing. They just put things off and that’s basically what they’ve done again. I say bring it on. Let’s get this show on the road. Bring it on.

Dick Cheney obviously is acting in accordance with his alien handlers. I find it amusing because I’ve always talked about Bush and Cheney and the entire administration being controlled by aliens. Even in the codes now with Dick Cheney. He usually comes up when he’s up to no good. I’ve always said every time you see him he’s up to no good. He’s pretty much been the driver behind Bush. Sarah Palin kind of taking a stab at him the other day. For as much as they wanted to, he has been pretty much president the whole 8 years. They control him. You know that Bush is controlled. He’s just a mouthpiece for them and just repeats whatever he hears; what they tell him to say. He’s pretty much just a puppet.

I find it interesting; I’ve been warning about the Antichrist's forces on Earth and how you go through Scripture and read about the armies of the far extreme north, which are alien armies, and some of the serpent seed on Earth that are part of his bride.

I’ve been warning about the Chinese at our southern gate. We’ve done a lot. A lot of damage to them at the southern gate, so they always have a different route they can take. They have the financial route. We’re seeing an economic 9-11 this month. Everybody figured there would be some kind of false flag in October starting last month. It is here. I talked last week how they’re just going down their checklist and economic annihilation being one of them on the list.

Certainly not the worst thing we’re going to see. People can’t get over the shock of how much things are changing now. I would say in a year from now you won’t even recognize America let alone global finance, global government and global economy. Everything is going to change. I’ve warned about the bathtub effect; how water starts to trickle slowly down the tub and as it gets towards the middle and the end, it speeds out of the drain. That’s kind of how last days prophecies and events are going to happen. They start happening slowly and then they start speeding up faster and faster and faster and faster.

We’re kind of in the middle right now to where people are all of a sudden starting to take notice that things are changing.

I find it interesting. Another thing is that I was listening to somebody else on a radio show the other day. They talked about the largest cloning facility is outside Beijing, China. I had to listen to that twice. The largest cloning facility in the world. We have several in the United States; there are several in Europe, but the largest one being in China.

I’ve talked about how Orgone will affect Satan’s seed; Satan’s bride. His alien forces, his hybrid forces on the Earth and how they’re disguising it as poultry, as milk and whatever else they’re going to come out with to try and disguise the effects of Orgone on hybrids and serpent seed. Certainly not all of these races are serpent seed, but many of them are and many of them are just cloned beings; they’re creatures. Interesting that we have the Chinese amassing at our southern border across into Mexico and then the Orgone affecting them. So I don’t think they’re even real human. I think they’re hybrids because Orgone doesn’t affect humans. It has no effect. It’s positive, it’s good. It’s like having a breath of sunshine around you at all times. It would only would affect something that is evil and negative; that’s Negative energy, because Orgone is a positive energy. Starting to get into thus whole darkness and light thing that Yahushua talks about. How our war would always be between the dark and the light. And that’s pretty much how it its. These are energies; negative energy positive energy. Some people can’t get over it sounds too New Age. You just have to break down the terms. Yahushua talked about it all the time.

It is going to be a war on this Earth; mankind against Satan’s bride. The Chinese forces are very much a big part of Satan’s forces in the last days. It’s Satan’s forces that will be running FEMA and running these internment camps. I’ve warned about the giants that are coming. I talked about it last week and they’re going to be the ones also that are running FEMA and running a lot of these internment camps because I just don’t think a human mind can take that much death and destruction. They aren’t counting on humans anyway.

I find it interesting that the Satanists of the New World Order....the Bushes and the Clintons, the NATO’s and other branches and groups of nations. I’ve always warned that they’ll be the first ones killed when Satan arrives. He’ll have no more need for them. So while all these Satanist Illuminati families are fighting over control and power of the New World Order, when he gets here its going to be a whole different story. He’s not going to need them. So they’re going to be the first ones rounded up and carted off. I don’t know if the ones the public recognizes will be, but I know that a lot of the riff raff in the background will be.

Very interesting because he doesn’t need to count on human forces; he going to have enough of his own; He has all kinds of hybrids, clones and aliens that are coming with him. I’ve warned about Nibiru and how its a base for the giants; the Annunaki that are coming that pretty much have the bulk of his forces that are coming. It’s not only going to upset the balance of the Earth and cause us to have a pole shift, but also it’s just a home base for millions of them to come and conquer the Earth. We’re talking giants 9-15 feet tall. If there are taller ones as well, I wouldn’t doubt it. The Lord said the last days would be as in the days of Noah. In the days of Noah, especially in the days of Enoch, there were very huge giants. Some 33 feet tall. So, they’re coming. My order that I keep seeing in my spirit is banks, bombs and beasts. So that’s pretty much what we need to worry about now.

Banks, bombs and beasts, folks. The banks closing; this is just getting ready for re-opening into a New World Order. If the banks do close and declare a bank holiday and we have every bank in America closing...maybe even around the world, they will re-open at a future date. I don’t know how quickly, but expect a huge change in them; no longer will they serve as just banks as they are now. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have to take an oath - a Luciferian initiation into the New World Order to resume your rights in banking; as a citizen of your country, able to buy and sell and trade. Things like that; just cashing your paychecks or whatever kind of checks you have coming in that you’re living on.

I half way expect them to sneak that one in; that in order for the banks to re-open and resume business, we’ll be under a new currency, under new laws and under new global finance which will be the New World Order. Then you’re looking at Revelation 13 to where no man can buy or sell unless he receives the mark of the beast. I think that they could implement that slowly by some kind of Luciferian initiation. I know that David Rockefeller had stated that every person would have to take an oath and be initiated into the Luciferian New World Order. So they could sneak that in there. I just think things will be a lot different if the banks close and then re-open. They could throw out some new stuff there. They’re closing down what we know. They’re closing down the way we do business, the way we survive and the way we live, to implement this New World Order.

Interesting that looking in October in the Bible codes to see what kinds of things will be happening for October. One thing that I started seeing probably a month or two ago and I’ve been laughing about it ever since. They’re going to try and blow up my residence. This would be like assassination attempt number...I don’t know....180.....280. I thought that was interesting because Cheney is behind it and has been trying to kill me off for years now. But it was funny because it was two terms I didn’t recognize, “plug” and “malfunction”. Maybe it means detonator. Maybe it’s a hand grenade? I don’t know. A plug malfunctioned, so they couldn’t blow up my house. They tried that two years ago with a satellite beam weapon; that didn’t work either.

Another interesting thing that I’m also seeing is that one of the buildings in D.C. could actually be blown up. I’m not sure which one it is; the Capitol, the Pentagon or the White House. One of them being blown up. I find it interesting that it’s the aliens behind it. As much as they think they’re allied and interchangeable with the aliens that are controlling our world government, politics and finances right now, they’re the ones who retaliate against Washington and blow up one of the buildings. Keep your eyes open and see if that happens. I know I’ve warned about a Capitol building bomb going off in July of any year. So it’s interesting that this is coming up for October that one of these buildings could get blown up. The reason I didn’t talk about it on my lists or state was simply I didn’t want the Secret Service at my door at 7am. This is just something I’ve seen in the Bible codes.

Also I’m seeing a bio-attack on an Ohio city. My town is a little too small to really gather their interest as much as they want me dead and keep sending assassins here and everything else. It’s a little too small to waste a bio-attack on. I don’t know which ones they’ll be targeting; Toledo, Dayton comes to mind. Of course Dayton is the home of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The surrounding area around there is Lima, Ohio. Cincinnati is not too far down the road. I haven’t seen Cleveland or Columbus or any particular city pop up, so I’m not sure which one they would be targeting for a bio-attack, but Ohio comes up. So I know it’s got to be some city, some town in Ohio. If it is Carrollton, then I’ll eat my shorts. I’ll probably be right smack in the middle of it. If they’re going to target Carrollton, they’ll target right where I live. If they can’t blow it up; they’ll try and get me with a bio-attack or something. I don’t know. It’s kind of funny. The whole thing being retaliation because they’re really angry about the Orgone and the effect the Orgone is having on Satan’s forces; the things they keep out of the media; the things that they have a media blackout about. That’s exactly the things that are affecting them now. They want to stop the Orgone. They tried doing it a year ago. I warned about some kind of Draconian legislation they’d come out with to try to stop the Orgone Warriors. They came out with the Homegrown Terrorism Act. It’s on my website That was pretty amusing.

I almost expect Bush, before the year is out to actually publicly recognize Orgone in one of his speeches on TV. It’s something that he does to publicly recognize the Orgone. So, look for that. Keep an eye out on that. I’ve also warned that he has many recorded speeches that he’s in hiding and recorded many post dated speeches that they can pull out and show Bush on TV giving a speech. They’re planning for some kind of attacks here in America; things to happen because he’s already off in hiding somewhere and they’re just using recorded speeches.

Another interesting thing is Tampa, Florida coming up. I don’t think something’s going to happen to Tampa, I think Tampa is behind some attacks that are coming to America. There are some facilities in Tampa. I know that some people will say it’s not in Tampa, but in Orlando, but Tampa is the one that keeps coming up in the codes. There is something going on with Tampa, Florida where some of our leaders are hiding and directing things from. It’s interesting that it keeps coming up. I’m going to keep my eye out for it. I never really see anything on it, but I keep my eye on it. Especially when a city or town comes up, it grabs my interest...especially when Ohio comes up. It’s pretty central to Bible codes right now because I’m here; they’ve been trying to kill me for years so there’s going to be mention of Ohio in the codes. But also because of what I’ve seen with “processing crowd”. That reminded me of some kind of internment camp roundup type thing. Especially with the bio-attack. Some kind of cylinder used...a cylinder container. I’ve warned about balloons and if you saw anything coming out of an airplane or a helicopter; like a parachute or balloon, just run. Get away from it because that’s how they’re going to be doing these bio-attacks.

I would imagine that when this container or whatever it is drops and breaks on the ground, it’s released or whatever. That’s what you need to watch out for. If you see one, run, get out of the area. Get upwind because especially bio-attacks won’t work if it’s a really windy day or you don’t want to be caught downwind of one either. So just get to a hill. Climb up a hill; get to the top of something. Just something there to watch out for.

America’s first line of defense has failed. Congress has failed the people. They have failed to uphold the law. They’ve failed to uphold the Constitution. They failed to defend this country against domestic terrorists. Now the domestic terrorists; the psychopaths of Washington are claiming everyone else is a terrorist. What’s going to happen is Bush is going to declare everybody that doesn’t agree with him, everybody who isn’t on the one world government bandwagon; this New World Order; this alien takeover of our Earth, as a terrorist. Roundups are coming. They might be already. They might start here en masse soon.

I know that with the bio-attack that’s coming that I saw, the processing of people is involved with that. That doesn’t sound like to me...I don’t know...that they are trying to help them in any way. Anytime I see processing of people, I think twice. Even with Katrina, the way they handled that, thousands of people are missing. Cynthia McKinney even stating it, which was almost amazing that Cynthia McKinney stated that 2000 people were gunned down and killed. That the National Guard was ordered to shoot them in the head and they were dropped in some kind of a lake or pond. 2000 prisoners. I had talked about back then how there were hundreds and thousands still missing.

The aliens will use these kinds of disasters to fill up their food banks. Another thing I’ve been warning about why there has to be disasters. If there aren’t wars going on they’ll use disasters. We are the dust of the Earth. The Bible talks about in Genesis 3:15 how Satan was cursed to crawl on the dust of the Earth and that’s what they do. If you look at the originally translation, what is the dust of the Earth? Everyone thinks that the whole Garden of Eden is about a snake and an apple. If you do some real research, you find out exactly what was going on in the Garden of Eden. Humans are dust of the Earth. Often quoted in the Bible; in the KJV itself where mankind is considered as dust. So we are the food for these aliens; these different groups.

I get so many emails. I’m going to put up a question and answer page on one of my websites because I get the same ones over and over again about people deceived that there are good aliens; the Andromedian’s, the Pleiades. People, there are no such things as good aliens. There are many different factions of aliens, but they all have their own agendas. If there were good aliens they wouldn’t be aliens, they would be angels. There are no good aliens. Yes, there are groups of aliens that fight against the New World Order because the lizards, the Draconians, the reptilians and the greys are dominant with the New World Order agenda. Then you have all these other groups of aliens that want to install a different agenda here on Earth. They all want control of the Earth, folks. There are no good groups of aliens; they just have different agendas. Just to answer that question for the millionth time.

If you have any questions for the show, you can send it to I’ll get to questions here in a little bit.

I was talking about the drastic changes for now and up to a year from now. Watch out for the arrival of Maitreya, the Iranian Mahdi. Once he arrives, folks, we can look at possibly up to a billion deaths in just one year once he arrives alone. He’s coming as the Iranian messiah, as God. The New Ager’s will hail him...I’ve told you who he is – he is a double of Cain. They’ve managed to find Cain’s body and create a clone double of it. It’s going to be this Maitreya. His buddy Jesus; this Sananda will arrive a month or two later, shortly after. This Jesus, this Sananda will serve as his deputy; the false prophet, the second beast of Revelation 13. Just things to look out for with that because they are actually the ones implementing everything behind the scenes now with the global financial meltdown. It’s not just in America, folks. This is happening in Europe and all around the world. Countries are needing to bail out banks. It’s all part of a script and they’re all acting on script.

Look for some massive starvation by spring of all of the countries that are dependent on rice and wheat for their food. A lot of island nations. Starvation can take 2 or 3 months. Starvation alone is a very slow, cruel and torturous death. We also have many plague attacks coming and many bio-attacks. The bombs are coming. I’ve warned that when the banks close the bombs will drop. Not necessarily drop from outside of the country, but our own government will have a hand in directing attacks against cities here in America. Once we have cities here in America that have been bombed and there is much chaos, watch for the giants to arrive. The beasts...Satan’s forces. More beasts to come. Chinese presence in this country will just pop up and appear overnight. Just because we were able to block off the southern gate; the southern border with Mexico.

As far as I know the California border is still open with Mexico. I don’t think it’s been orgoned at all. They have that border and also the port in California. Now they own all of our debt. Citi Group is a Chinese owned company. They’re buying up all the debts so that all Americans become slaves to the Chinese because they own the notes on your homes. Any kind of debt you are in; you are going to become slaves to the Chinese. If people think I’m crazy, you need to re-read the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. It gives them the right to come in and protect what they own; and they own most of the homes in America. They’re the largest landholder in the country and they own 1.4 trillion of our home mortgages. Bush and our Congress have given them the right to come in legally and protect what is there’s. We’re talking about a huge Chinese invasion of this country without even a rifle being shot; they can come in and take over ownership of this country. We’re talking about a bunch of politicians here, folks. You’ve heard of doctors without borders or journalists without borders; these are politicians without borders.

The Bible codes often refer to Bush as the Fourth Reich because that’s exactly what...his family being from Germany. Prescott Bush being a huge supporter of Hitler. I think it’s come underground into America. Bush’s I’ve talked about; he has this checklist. His mandate was to destroy America and he’s done that. He’s got the military out of the country. He’s destroyed our economics. Most of our large corporations have sent jobs overseas. He’s done what he was mandated to do.

Be prepared folks. Be prepared for a cold, hard winter. Be prepared for stores and banks to be closed. Figure out a way now how you would keep yourself warm if the electric or gas went out. There’s no power, no electricity if the grid goes down. Be prepared to stay warm especially if you’re in the north and northeast, parts of the Midwest we’re expecting to get a brutally cold winter this winter. Be able to keep yourself warm and dry. Stay indoors during bio-attacks obviously. Stay indoors if there is chaos and civil unrest in the streets. If you live in cities or apartment buildings, don’t go down and get involved with that. Stay indoors. They’re not going to be here to stop these riots and send everybody home. They’re going to just start killing them; rounding them up so they can kill them.

We’re in a phase of depopulation. We’re not in a phase of helping people who need help any longer. They’re implementing the phase of New World Order and a big part of the New World Order is depopulation. They want to kill off about 250 million Americans. I think there’s like 278 million, so they want to kill off more than ¾ of them and it’s how they’re going to do it. They have all these internment camps; over 700 internment camps across the United States. Halliburton alone getting a contract of $325 million to put these internment camps up. They’re going to be using them...probably staffed by Chinese soldiers until the beasts get here. If these Chinese are even human...I haven’t seen them and don’t know if they’re even human. Pretty much, you can look into the eyes of a person and see their soul. If you look into the eyes of these Chinese and all you see is lights on, nobody home look...just evil, then they’re not even human.

Folks, you need to be able to defend yourselves and your families. I hear from people saying that it would be easier to get on a train then to try and survive the things that are coming. Your duty as a human; as a child of the Most High; as part of being of mankind is to survive. To allow yourself to be taken over by these thugs and killed is basically suicide - there’s no difference. It’s your duty to survive. The Lord put you here for a reason and you need to fulfill the reason why you are here. You need to keep seeking Him and asking Him to show you what it is that He needs you to do; what He wants you to do. It’s your duty to stay alive. We can’t let this country be taken over by Satan. We’ve worked years now on Orgone just getting areas completely orgoned for protection safe zones for people. It’s going to play a huge part in the destructions that are coming to America. So don’t allow yourself to be taken over by these hybrids, these clones, these beasts or these aliens. Just a heads up to the things that are coming. The banks closing, the bombs dropping and the beasts rising.

Any questions, you can send them to

Keep your eye out on the rise of the Luciferian initiations. People taking oaths and joining the New World Order. If you are a child of the Most High, you cannot do that because it would be renouncing your savior Yahushua and claiming that you are joining Satan’s kingdom on Earth. Any Bible believing, Yahushua believing, Son of God believing, person on the planet could never join this Luciferian New World Order.

A reminder folks: Re-read Revelation chapter 13. It talks about how every man, woman and child will be forced to have this chip, number, name or however they’re going to implement it; a chip, bar or tattoo on or in their right hand or forehead so they could buy or sell anything. That would include having a bank account because you won’t be able to buy or sell anything. It’s those who refuse to worship the beast that are killed. The Lord Himself, Yahushua in His Judgment against mankind, anyone who joins this Luciferian New World Order and gets the mark in or on their right hand or forehead to join it, will be cast into the lake of fire. On Satan’s end, anyone who refuses to worship the image of the beast is killed. Somehow they’re going to be having his image everywhere. I don’t know how they’re going to do that and enforce that but people who refuse to worship the beast will be killed. That’s why I’m stating, as all this starts to go down, stay in your homes. Don’t go out into public areas. Stay away from the churches.

Like I’ve said a couple of attacks are showing up in the codes. A bio-attack. I would expect some kind of bio-attack in Ohio. Also one of the buildings in D.C. being blown up.

I’m going to answer a question from a listener.

Hello Sherry. Good to hear your voice tonight. Is taking Holy Communion a false practice of the church or should we still practice on it on Saturday, the true Sabbath? If so, how should we do it? Thanks.

Answer: At least you got Sabbath right, which is Saturday. We’ve got all these people worshipping on Sunday and violating the Ten Commandments. Communion is fine. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to take Communion. It’s just a remembrance. The Catholics have totally apostatized the whole thing of Communion, so stay away from that.

Hey Sherry, with all that’s going on I guess I shouldn’t worry about paying back my hefty student loan. Thank you for spreading the truth, standing for Yah and waking up His people.

Answer: Yeah, I wouldn’t either. I’ve had people wanting to know, “Should I bother to pay off my credit cards or pay off my student loans?” I’m not going to say. You need to ask the Lord about that because I’m not going to say one way or the other. I’ve always tried to live my life debt free. That can be a real hassle believe it or not. I’m not stuck in a mortgage loan, but tend to become the victim of eviction as a renter. If they play the eviction card, I’m out on the street for several months at a time. Just a couple of years ago I was out on the street for a couple of months at a campground with four kids. Its not always fun not being able to own the home that you live in. You can become a victim of being a renter. As far as vehicles and things like that; my car is 14 years old. Don’t get in debt. I don’t get into debt over any kind of vehicles. I don’t have any credit cards. I’ve always tried to live as debt free as possible. That’s what I would suggest for other people as well. You just don’t have the nice things that everybody else has. But you know what? I’m building my rewards for eternity and not here on Earth. I’m not building a kingdom here on Earth. You come head to head with a lot of people who commercialize the Lords Name to make money; sell their books, their videos, “Look what God told me. Buy my book.” They commercialize His Name. As far as He is concerned, they’re building their kingdom on Earth and that’s their reward. They’ll have no reward in Heaven. Don’t forget folks, we as His children will stand before Him at the judgment seat of Christ where you are rewarded or not rewarded for the things you have done here on Earth. Just keep that in mind.

Question from a listener: What would be your reply if you were putting out Orgone Blasters and someone stops you and asks what you are doing? I have some thoughts, but want to hear yours.

Answer: I’ve never been stopped. I know someone who has. They were throwing a blaster out a window and a cop pulled them over. She told him that she threw an apple out the window. She happened to have a bag of apples sitting in the car and said that she tossed out a rotten apple. It was no big deal. If I’m going to be throwing blasters out all over the highway, I don’t do that during the day, I do that at night. That way, nobody can see what you’re doing. I’ve always used the cover of nighttime to get a lot of the Orgone trips and things done.

I went through questions yesterday, now they’re just buried. If you sent a question for last nights show and I’m not reading it, resend it because I get so many emails during the day that they get buried.

People are sending me information about all the earthquakes and want to know what I think about the Ring of Fire tonight. I sent out a warning on my lists during the week about the Pacific Ring of Fire because it seems to come up a lot. That could really start making some noise in 2009. If you’re in an area - I believe its northern California, lower Mexico, Washington, Portland, the Philippines and some other nations that are affected by this Pacific Rim; this Pacific Ring of Fire. You might want to head out of those areas. People are going to see a lot more earthquakes and volcanoes erupting underneath the water. Pacific is always coming up, so I think we’re going to get a lot of action on the West Coast coming up over the next several months. You may want to protect yourself. If you hear the Lord’s urging; if you feel His urging to leave an area, then leave it.

Hi Sherry, so glad to hear you’re on tonight. I just want to share what my sister and I saw this evening. While driving, I spotted a shiny object flying in the sky and then we saw an unusual black object too large to be a bird. On the way home we also saw a satellite in the sky.

Sherry: Oh yeah, the obnoxious satellites...usually right over my house. They were both here the other night; one on one side, one on the other. There’s a really white obnoxious one, it was so high up the other day; it looked like it was right next to the Moon. Usually they’re about 33 degrees above horizon level; this one was just way up there by the Moon. The other kind of flashes a red, white and blue light within it. They sit there and hover for a while and then leave. They go and target somebody else...go and spy on somebody else. They take pictures and video. They want to know what you’re doing and where you are in your house. They mark all that stuff out for some reason. doesn’t stop me. I just get my work done.

Comment from a listener: I’ve actually seen an Anak tonight. I was in Wal-Mart in the computer section and there he was. Beady eyes, 7 foot 7 inch man standing behind me dressed like a western man with the hat, the boots and the Wranglers. Thank Yah; I had my blaster necklace on. He couldn’t stand to be next to me at all. Before I left, I looked for him again and he was gone.

Sherry: This was in Montana. There are a lot of these Anaks. These are just outright children of the hybrids because they are very tall and have that gigantism defect. I’m hearing from a lot of people in Florida that are just running into outright Anak that are posing as humans....trying to fit in, but kind of awkward because they really don’t fit in. If you have an Orgone pendant or an Orgone puck on you in your pocket and they can’t stand to be around you, that’s a good indication of a possessed, controlled human or just an alien in a human body.

Question from a listener: Do you think that all Americans will allow this to happen with the takeover?

Answer: They won’t have much choice.

Question continues: Or will we just rise up and fight back?

Answer: I do think that Americans will fight back. I do think that the areas that we’ve been able to saturate with Orgone will be protection havens for the Lord’s people. Several years ago I had asked for donations. I wanted to build a safe haven for the Lord’s people and nobody with significant funds would step forward and donate it so we could get land, start preparing and just make a big safe haven for the Lord’s people. Shortly after that, just the outright rejection. I was laughed at and scorned all over the internet as usual. If you were even trying to do such a thing it was ludicrous, ridiculous. Now it doesn’t look like a bad idea, does it? A lot of them were just government agents and Satan’s agents posing as Christians running websites and ministries online. You can usually tell Satan’s because they sit and attack me day and night. There’s nothing else to do but attack me. I have way too many things to do then sit around and just attack somebody as my sole purpose in life. But then the Lord started sending me on road trips and it was almost His way of answering my plea; that I wanted to build safe havens for His people. It was several years later, even up to last year that I would learn that these areas that we had hit with Orgone would become safe havens for people. It was almost a blessing in disguise. We didn’t know at the time that would happen with the Orgone. There are like 101 different uses for Orgone...real happy about that.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, I wanted to know if Seattle was safe since we aren’t really close to the coast. Also, will the banks close before 2009?

Answer: Seattle is not safe. Seattle and San Diego are like two of the main cities involved with aliens and humans. There are some bases out there in Seattle where they hide them. There’s cloning facilities out there. Seattle is one of the cities where a lot of these aliens try to mix in with Earth people and look human, just like in San Diego. There are a lot of them in San Diego, Orlando, Tampa and Miami. I’ve heard one of their favorite hangout spots is Starbucks Coffee. I would stay away from those. Starbucks Coffee joints...and they like the night life, so clubs and things like that. I would never go there anyway, but if you guys do, you might want to stay out of these all night bars and clubs because these aliens/tares mixing in with humans here on Earth like the nightlife. Seattle...I would get away from Seattle. There’s a hospital out there...Madigan or whatever it’s called that’s run by aliens. I had a friend who had a child in that hospital whose husband served on a military base nearby. Hearing of the architecture and the way it was built years later by some of the electricians that have worked on that hospital talking about how there are little 4 foot sections in the walls all the way around the hospital for these R2D2 robot type things. I don’t know what they were talking about. The whole thing is a very strange hospital and run by cloned humans and stuff like that. Seattle - not being on the top of my list as safe places to be in right now.

Hello Sherry. What’s all this business about October 14th and the Federation of Light? Is it some government test to see how the public will react to such an event?

Answer: The Galactic Federation. I have them on my website SherryTalkRadio and even on my other website the I talk about Maitreya, Sananda, Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command. The Galactic Federation of Light is the same thing as the Ashtar Command. You can see that at my website They’ve been giving dates for years. “We’re gonna come. We’re gonna have a flyover. We’re gonna do this....we’re gonna do that.” I say bring it on because you know what? When they hit these orgoned areas, we’ll crash their UFOs out of the sky. I’ll be the first one out there with popcorn cheering it on. There always giving dates of when they’re going to arrive. This is the whole New Age agenda and this is the one from Obama is going to merge American politics with and this whole New World Order because he’s one of them. We’re going to see a merging of Muslims (Islam) and the New Age. It all goes back to this Maitreya that’s coming; this Iranian Mahdi and this Jesus, Sananda. The Ashtar Command is the actual council that is behind the Illuminati that rules over our global finance and economics and who are the ones pulling the strings forcing all of these countries to turn everything global. The Ashtar Command are the ones behind it. If they want to land, if they want to come, I say bring it on. They’ve been giving dates for 10 years. “We’re gonna arrest Bush and Cheney.” You’ll see some of their mouthpieces on the internet like Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan. They pull this outrageous stuff. Al Gore is one of their main mouthpieces with the whole alien agenda. The alien/New Age agenda. That’s what I’ve been talking about for the last 6 -7 years - this alien/New Age agenda. They are going to arrive sooner or later. October 14th? Fine, but like I’ve said they’re always giving dates...they’re always giving dates. They were supposed to arrive in July, but their ships malfunctioned. Not to mention, when you see the flashes of light coming out of the sky that means they’re crashing. A lot of people say it’s a meteor. It’s a UFO crashing. Can’t see them during the day, but during the night if you see these flashes of light like falling stars or whatever, they’re UFOs crashing out of the skies.

I do expect Satan to be cast down to Earth relatively soon. It could happen as early as this month. Satan being cast down. When he’s here, we’re stuck with all of this. We’re stuck with all of these aliens posing as gods and ascended masters. These ugly beings race that they’ve cloned. Like the little greys with the big black eyes. Those aren’t eyes; they’re plastic lenses because their real eyes, their red beady demonic eyes are really sensitive to light. So they have these huge black lenses that they have over them. Alien beings are just cloned. They’re manufactured by the reptilians. The reason that they work in a hive minded way is they are all chip implanted and controlled. It’s usually a reptilian in the background that’s controlling whatever these little greys are doing. They’re the ones pretty much responsible for chip implanting humans, which is why we have so many abductions of humans and being chip implanted aboard these UFOs. Also breeding. Taking women’s eggs and men’s sperm for cross-breeding purposes. That’s pretty much been their agenda and they do everything for the reptilian masters that are over them. The aliens do clone and manufacture their own races to become their slaves. That’s basically what the greys are. They don’t have a brain of the own and think; they’re robotic, chip implanted and controlled. What I find interesting is that anyone that is chip implanted, when they come into contact with the Orgone blasters that we make it burns them. You’ll see a lot of these people; these aliens stay away from orgoned yards and orgoned places. It will also cause them to malfunction. It’ll be really interesting to see how Satan’s forces fare on Earth; especially the ones that have Orgone in them. Anyway, just a heads up.

Question: Sherry, my sister wanted me to bring to your attention how we drove through this patch of fog when it was virtually a clear and dry night. We had noticed 3 satellites in the sky. What do you think this fog might have been?

Answer: I don’t know. I have no idea. I don’t like driving through fog myself. They could have been up to something but I don’t know. Usually when I’m driving...and I’ve had to warn my son because my son is only 17 and the CIA is already trying to kill him. Watch out for the light, white rabbits that they shoot under your car. They want to freak you out so you wreck your car, so they shoot out these rabbits to freak you out while you’re driving. If you see any rabbits in the road, them over. Rabbits and raccoons. Don’t brake, don’t freak out. Just stay completely calm. Just run them over because they don’t exist; they are just holograms.

Comment from a listener: It’s funny because people joke about how reptilians work at Madigan Military Hospital. It’s very true. Also, there is a lot of construction here. They’re building a light rail train that goes to the airport which has an underground base underneath.

Sherry: A lot of military hospitals have alien bases underneath them. Like I’ve said, Seattle wouldn’t be one of my favorite areas to be in. Madigan Military Hospital is indeed just run by aliens. Maybe they need alien maintenance. I don’t know what the deal is or why they have one out there.

Sherry, do you think anything bad will happen on October 31st other than the witch’s holiday?

Answer: I don’t really know. Like I’ve said there are things to watch for. I can’t give any dates. Look for a bio-attack...a building being blown up. Whether it’s the Capitol, Pentagon or White House...some kind of building being blown up. I’m not even sure what city, but a building being bombed. Bio-attacks coming. Roundups being implemented. Banks closing. No matter how much they prop up the banks right now, they’re going to be closing. They just don’t want a run on the banks right now. If you’re smart you’ll get to the bank, get your money out and buy something with it because money itself will be worthless and the stores will be closed. Get the things you need now. I was out last night making sure that my kids had gloves and hats for the winter to keep them warm. Buy the things that you need. Get them now. When the banks and stores are closed, it will go hand in hand. We do have several different attacks. I think they’re kindof just waiting to see civil unrest. Things are going to happen like all at once. When the banks close, probably they’re banking on having riots in cities...which would most likely be a sure thing in quite a few of them because people can’t get their money. Most people...I think the average household has about 3 day’s worth of food in their house. You need to be stocking ahead of time; getting food, water and medicine into your house. Like I’ve warned especially in the northeast, it’s going to be a cold, brutal winter. You need to be able to stay warm if the electric grid goes down. If you don’t have electricity, if you don’t have gas, you need secondary methods of staying warm in your areas. That’s just a heads up to some of the things I’ve been seeing.

You know what folks? If they do decided to come out and acknowledge the Orgone war that we have against them and something does happen to me, don’t stop doing what you’re doing. Don’t stop because we are the only line of defense that America really has.

It’s the Orgone that is destroying Satan’s kingdom and nothing else. Nothing else is destroying him like Orgone is. We need to continue to get that out. Every time I turn around they have an assassination plot to take me out. If something does happen to me, keep going. Keep fighting. That’s my life’s work; protecting the Lord’s people and people around the world. We need to continue that; destroying the strongholds of the New World Order. A little Orgone blaster; these little things that you put out all over the place destroy their technology. It’s the only thing that tears them down and causes them to malfunction. It has 150 million different things it does because it’s something that the Lord has given us to protect ourselves in these last days.

Back in Noah’s day, they didn’t have high tech weapons. They didn’t have beams coming into their rooms at night to zap them while they’re sleeping or fry them with microwaves. They didn’t have to deal with the technology that we’re dealing with today. When I was praying and asking the Lord for a defense against these tech weapons, exactly what He led me to was the Orgone. I have the directions at my site or

You can learn to make it yourself. I love the pipes. If you want to get into Orgone pipes, the directions to make them are also on the directions page. I find them very, very effective. It’s the one thing that we have.

Just a heads up; no matter what happens to me, keep doing what the Lord leads you to do. As long as Cheney is in office he’s not going to stop planning my assassination. He just jumps from one thing to the next. Whoever comes after him, it will be the same thing. It doesn’t really matter at this point, because we just keep doing our work and aren’t affected by the things going on around us and we just stay focused on what it is the Lord has us to do.

Anyway folks, until next week, Yah bless.

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