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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sherry Talk Radio Transcribe 9-29-08

Sherry Talk Radio


Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. This is Monday night, September 29; and you’re live with Sherry Talk Radio. If you have a question for the show you can send it

It’s been a busy day, a busy week; a lot of things going on. I want to touch base with a few things tonight. One of the most important things that the Lord keeps telling me is to stay focused. Stay focused on what He is telling me; what He is showing me; what He is leading me to, regardless of all the fireworks going on, because a lot of that is just staging, public entertainment; dog and pony shows. We’ve known this one was coming. We’ve known it forever. It’s always been a not if, but when; and now that its here, people tend to get frazzled because so many people listen to what we have to say, but they want us to be crackpots. It’s so much easier if we are just crackpots and they don‘t have to take us seriously. The time is going to come really quick when they wished they had. Some of you, even when they think we are all crack pots have been preparing and won't be as bad off as others will be.

I’ve seen so many times in the Bible codes that Bush has a “things to do list”. It’s his little check list. I’ve often wondered what that was. When I would sit there and see this term come up in the codes and see check list, this and check list that. Okay, who has a checklist? Is that them or us? Because in the Bible codes it’s pretty much the Lord’s Warriors vs. everyone else.

I don’t really run by a check list, so I knew it had to be them. That’s exactly what it is and something that I’ve seen where they’ve gone through and check off their To Do List on how to destroy America and set up this global government and global world economy and things they have to do to set that up.

One of the things was create phony wars…check. Get the military out of the country….check. Amass our southern border with Chinese troops they conveyed from the south…check. Destroy the economy….check. Get everyone in debt and then give the debt to the debt holders…check. You can almost see them going through and literally just going checking off checklists.

Today’s current financial crisis is just a fly on the window compared to what’s coming and what’s on the checklist; it’s preliminary. If you can imagine it, there is much bigger and more devastating things coming than a failed economy.

So get over the shock, get prepared and stay focused on Him because He is the only one who can lead you through it. He has stood up so many people over the years and they need to be listened to. They’ve been warning about what is coming to mankind and people just don’t listen. They’re going to be the ones herded onto relocation trains saying, “Yeah, I heard this was coming and should have prepared for it,” on their way to a relocation center; which is a death camp.

If you get on one of these trains, you can pretty much know that by the time you reach your destination your life is going to be over.

When the power was out here for a few days last week; for some people it was just a day, for some people it was a week. It was the Hurricane Ike aftermath. One of the things I noticed was that people were headed to the restaurants enmasse. The grocery stores weren’t in demand. They weren’t even full. The dollar stores, the hardware stores; nothing was full but the restaurants. Every little restaurant we have in this two-horse town had traffic out, back down Main St. I think it goes 2 ways; people just looking for a quick fix thinking the power will be back on tomorrow…lets get out and get something to eat...lets get out of this dark haven for a while, or whatever. The other aspect being they simply weren’t prepared to cook without electric. Its like, hello, we’ve got all these catastrophes coming and if you’re not prepared to cook at home, you’re in a lot of trouble.

What are you going to do when the banks and the stores are closed and there is no where to go? If you don’t have a gas grill, a charcoal grill, a fire pit or someway to cook food at home, focus this weekend doing that and getting better prepared.

I warned months ago…months and months ago. I didn‘t know exactly how it was going to happen, but I was telling you guys that I could see in my spirit that the stores were closed and it was almost overnight. Some of you remember me talking about this; we thought maybe it was earthquakes or missile bombs that breaks up the infrastructure…maybe the high gas and the trucks go on strike. There were always a lot of possibilities as to why our stores would just close seemingly overnight. That’s still very much alive today, folks. If the banks close, the stores are going to close.

So the things that I see coming along with the Wall Street crash (which is just completely engineered). They have to bring down the financial markets of the world so they can build their own global dictatorship. Global government is global finance and it’s the global government of the world that will control all of the finance and that’s how they implement the mark of the beast in Revelation chapter 13 and 18. All of that is in the control of the world dictator that is coming. It’s not the "decider", which is Bush. He’s nothing but a wuss; he’s off hiding somewhere.

I told you guys last week that he was recording messages and was probably hidden somewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if the messages on TV this week were part of these recorded messages I’ve been seeing, because he really doesn’t want to be here to have to deal with the panic that’s going to be coming. There’s a little lull right now. Wall Street was down 700 points plus; nothing what its going to be. This whole thing with the bailout bill failing in the House. They’re not stressed over that folks. They’re well aware there are two different routes they are going to use.

If the bill passes they’ll do this….if the bill doesn’t pass, they’ll do this. They just go down two different routes and all roads lead to the same goal. It doesn’t matter which road they go down; all roads lead to Armageddon to begin with; but in this instance, a crashed economy of the USA. It just seems like so many times that when everybody else is screaming one thing, I’m screaming another. It does feel lonely out in left field every once in a while and the Lord just tells me to stay focused, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve warned about the banks closing and the stores closing overnight, because that will happen. This whole banking fiasco is exactly what can cause that. I just know that it’s coming.

Another thing is this whole mortgage and foreclosure coming thing. You’ll remember several months ago when I talked about, I kind of hinted around at the time about....since we’re in so much debt and the Chinese own almost all of our mortgage backed securities. They pile it up in investments and the Chinese bought them up and own pretty much all of America’s debt when it comes to the homes and businesses here and what would happen if the Chinese decided to take ownership of what they own?

I just mentioned that several months ago. It was just a thought I was throwing out there that had hit my spirit. Sure enough Sorcha Faal has come out with an article on it. I know that Sorcha Faal’s real name is David Booth and everybody has a laugh or two about some of the stuff he comes out with...she comes out with...or whatever. It’s not very credible most of the time. You just chew the grass, spit out the hay. But this article that she wrote; it just hit the nail on the head of what I was warning about months ago.

It came out today and was called, "US Homeowners Soon to be Evicted by Chinese Police Under New Law". I’ll tell you right now our war is not with Iran, it’s not with this Al Qaeda. Most of you out there know that it’s with our own government, but it’s also with China.

China is the armed forces of the antichrist; it’s a big part of his armed forces. So, this is what I was saying months ago; that with all these foreclosures coming and everything, what would happen if the Chinese decided to come in and take ownership of all the houses that they own? What can our government do? Apparently they’re helping them!

I want to talk about this tonight because this is very real. I see a lot of stuff on the internet; some of its hype, but some could happen – a route that could be taken. This right here is very real and that’s why I’m going to spend some time on it tonight. Some people just aren’t crazy all the time. This is definitely real and couldn’t have been said in better words and she already did the research for me. What our government did was pass this law called The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. In section 101, paragraph 7-3 it says

Designating financial institutions as financial agents of the Federal Government and such institutions shall perform all such reasonable duties related to this Act as financial agents of the Federal Government as may be required.

What this does is make China a financial agent and allows them in a sense to legally come in and take ownership of the homes that they own here in America.

I know a lot of people in Middle America and the suburbs – you pay your bank note to the banks. Well guess who owns that bank note? It’s not the bank you’re paying it to; it’s the Chinese because they had wrapped your mortgage loan into securities and the Chinese bought them all. So even though you are paying the bank, it’s really the Chinese who own your note to your house; your mortgage. So what are you going to do when Bush steps aside? He’s already aside and off in Paraguay somewhere.

What are you going to do when all these Chinese soldiers come in? The Lord is going to allow this because they had two different plans. They were amassing on our southern border; a southern gate for a hostile and quick invasion and we successfully stopped them in their tracks on that. The only way they’re heading is back down to Panama to get the heck out of Mexico and Central America to get away from our southern border. We shut that down; the Orgone warriors did a great job. We had many different warriors out there covering that area. Our gate is secured.

What they have to do now is go through the legal process of overtaking America. We’re not going to be with a bombs and missiles type of war with China; they’re just going to take over what they own. They’re just going to walk right in. This has been planned for years. They’ve been hauling Chinese Jeeps and equipment for the past 10 years over our border. Clinton had signed off a shipyard on the West Coast (California) giving them full access to docking and unloading equipment.

They’ve been planning this for years, folks.

Now with this law that Bush came out with; this Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, it gives the Chinese legal authority to come in and evict American homeowners out of their houses. They can’t come in and start shooting up the place. That would be war. That’s what Middle America is going to do when they see these Chinese and it is what will cause Martial Law. They’re legally going to come in and use their military forces to take control of all of these homes that they own. We’re talking in the millions, folks. We’re not talking a house here and a house there. They wouldn’t bother with that. They own millions, in fact I’ve heard as high as 95% of all mortgage loan debt is owned by the Chinese. It could be higher.

A word to the wise: If you outright own your property; if you own the outright title and deed to your property, get it. Have it with you. Do not leave it in the bank.

When the banks close you won’t be able to get to your safe deposit box if that’s where you have it. If you get a knock on your door and they want to see proof of ownership of your home and you can’t give it to them, you’re just as good as not owning it at all. So, get ownership proof; the title, the deed and have it in your possession. They will have a list and they will go through and take possession of all the homes that they own here in America. I see this coming. As crazy as it sounds to you, our government would never do it...bah, they are helping them. Bush has been working hand in hand with them for years on this.

So that’s what they’re going to do and what’s going to create a lot of chaos here in America. That is what is going to create the conditions for Martial Law. Not just the banks....if the banks are closed, first of all you can’t make a payment on your house. If you don’t have a job because businesses are closed, you’re not making money anyway. It’s going to create total chaos here just from the banks closing and the businesses closing. You can’t pay your bills even if you had money stashed because nobody is open. They’re not there to receive your check, process it and give you credit for paying on your home.

So in a sense the bank can say we haven’t received your payment, even though it’s sitting in your box and we can’t process it and they can take ownership of your house. The Chinese are going to take ownership of everybody’s homes. Now what happens to the people that are living in these homes and all these mortgages for the last umpteen years? All your parents and grandparents and anyone that has a mortgage? They’re going to be hustled off. They could either going to be set off into the streets or the Chinese could have an answer. They could have a van; some kind of transportation with them, load the people up and haul them off, tell them they’re going to be relocated to a tent city, a refugee center or protest center. I don’t know what they’re going to say or do. This is pure conjecture. I just assume that they’re going to cart these people off.

They’re going to end up in these internment camps. I don’t know what kind of lie they’re going to say to get them there. Either way, they’re going to end up in these internment camps. They’ll separate the children from the adults. They’ll take the adults, herd them off and kill them. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. That’s what’s coming.

People can’t believe that can happen in America. Hello? Do a Google search on FEMA, Rex 84 and internment camps in America. You can go to You Tube and spend a day watching all the You Tube videos on the white trains, on FEMA, on the coming martial law and Rex 84. There are You Tube videos galore on all this stuff that’s coming.

Most people aren’t going to be surprised because they know its coming. What’s going to surprise them is that it’s already here; that it’s already happening and that will put a lot of people into shock.

According to this article, China is the holder of over 1.4 trillion of US debt backed by the mortgages and homes and properties of tens of millions of people. That makes China the largest land holder in the United States.

What do you do if you’re Satan and you want to overtake the world without firing a bullet as less as possible? You just buy out underneath. The best way to make a war against a nation is to buy it out from under them. Own all its debt and you own all its people. The people are slaves to their debt.

Now don’t give me the laws about the Constitution making it illegal. They don’t care about the Constitution. We haven’t been acting under the Constitution for months now. Some of you would argue, years. The people will become slaves to the debt holder.

We’re going to be at the mercy of these Chinese troops that are coming to foreclose on your homes. And all this is legal. And I’ve seen in the Bible codes how things have been delayed up to this point because everything goes by a process. Everything has to be a legal process and procedure on everything that they do. They have to have their i’s dotted and their t’s crossed. Everything is a slow process; a procedure. They have to do it legally. You can follow a paper trail on everything that they do. That’s why things get delayed and at the same time, we have used the delays; the time that we’ve had to get more and more Orgone out there.

This Orgone is the only defense that we have against Satan and his forces. It’s what the Lord led us to a few years ago. We saw what it did to the southern border. There’s been a total media blackout on it. Its Maitreya himself; this Iranian Mahdi who has demanded a complete media blackout on the effects of Orgone. He doesn’t want any credibility given to it. You can see what it’s done. They’re calling it a milk crisis and everything else, but no, it’s this Orgone. The timing is right, dead on.

I told you in September it would be quadrupled and you had over 100,000 Chinese falling sick to “milk disease”. There is no milk disease. I told you it would start in the east and move to the west and that’s exactly....its starting to trickle. Not all of the Chinese or all the people of the Middle East are serpent seed; it’s just very many of them are. Those that are, are the ones we are at war against. I’ve said on my site, it’s literally us against them. Its not just believers in the Most High against those who aren’t; it’s humans against aliens, tares and hybrids that have been born by the tens of thousands on Earth. It’s us against them. It’s the wheat against the tares; actual humans against non-humans (tares). These tares are psychopaths, they’re serpent seedline and those are the ones we are at war against.

Now I think people are going to open up their eyes and see more and more that we’re not at war with Iran or Iraq. We’re at war with China right now. I’ve been seeing this one coming for a long time. Just with the Chinese soldiers in our streets. Now it all makes sense because that’s exactly how they’re going to do it. They’ve bought up our debt and are going to peacefully walk in, claim ownership and say “give us our home”. It’s going to be the American people that freak out. Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t to see foreign soldiers on our streets repossessing homes and businesses? We really have no recourse because you’re not the deed holder, they are. You’ve just been paying payments on it for years. You thought you were paying it to an American institution and here the Chinese own it.

Our government isn’t going to do anything about it because they signed the laws enabling that to happen. While all this chaos and panic is going on, they’re underground sipping Martini’s and leaving the country to go to their hideaway billionaire retreats centers and everything else. They’ll have no pity on the American people. This has been planned for a long time.

The truly amazing shock of the whole thing is going to be – they are not going to overcome America. They are going to hurt America. There’s going to be a lot of destruction in America, but as long as there are warriors here in America, they won’t get it 100%. They won’t even get it 90% because the Orgone is eventually going to kill them off.

With so many Americans being gun owners and homeowners, you pretty much know that when you start to see the Chinese forces here, that’s what they’ll be here to do; repossessing everything that they own and things that are foreclosed on. There’s going to be a battle in the streets. That’s why NORAD has acquisitioned a military unit to work with them here for civil unrest. Another aspect comes in to play as well, folks. Like I’ve said they never go down just one route, they have several working at one time. Obviously they do and they are and they will.

The Lord has told me that when the banks close the bombs will drop and out the ashes of the bombs, the giants will rise.

Not only are we going to have chaos with the banks closing but we’re gonna be hit when we’re down. If you browse through my website, back in 2003 I posted codes and said 2009 was going to be the year from Hell.

We’re going to have a lot of cities bombed and Russia and Iran are the ones behind it. While the Chinese are foreclosing on everything and kicking everyone out of their homes, we are going to be bombed by the Russians and the Iranians. It brings to do you say his name? Ahmadinejad the president or prime minister of Iran; always warning that he would preemptively strike against the United States; that he would never just sit back and allow America or Israel to just bomb his country. That it was a sure thing, he would strike first. He has a preemptive strike policy.

That’s what I had warned about back in 2003; and he says that starting 2 years ago that he had a preemptive strike policy. I’ve always said that Bush just eggs him on, “We’re coming, we’re coming,” and puts Marines on the border, pissing him off. It’s like he’s been egging him on to go ahead with his preemptive strike. That’s basically, probably what’s going to happen. Maybe Israel will strike Iran; out of anger or whatever, or before he thinks they will, he’ll strike America too. Either way I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. The end result is that there are bombings on American soil. Regardless of who’s behind it; the Russians or Iranians, we also have our own government involved with unleashing missiles here on American soil to attack American cities. They really all work together, folks; there are really no enemies in this plan here. They’re all on the same script when it comes to destroying America. We not only have our own government to worry about, we’ve got Iran and Russia and them working in cohorts together. I definitely see bombs hitting American cites.

What I keep feeling in my spirit and what the Lord has told me is that out of the ashes of the bombs, the giants will rise. This is the return of the Nephilim. Some call them the Annunaki, the Gibborim. Enoch warned about it. Right now they are amassing; there are giants here. They’ve been arriving and I’ve told you guys I see them in the codes. I don’t know why anyone else isn’t seeing them. I see in the codes where they’re hidden and there’s media blackouts and silencing going on. All that coming into play. But they are here.

I’m not saying they’re all here, because especially when Niburu gets closer, that is their main base. Most of them will be coming from Niburu. There are a lot of them already here underground, on islands and in underground bases. There is some kind of a gateway off the Tigris River. Keep your eyes on the Taurus Mountains in eastern Turkey; that’s where they’re at. They’re also gathering in the Negev Desert. I think it’s the southern side towards the Sinai Desert.

Sometimes those two deserts are interchangeable in the codes. You see the Negev and the Sinai; they kind of run into each other there in the southern half of Israel. The Negev Desert pretty much encompasses 55% of the land mass of Israel. It’s a very big desert. I think I can pinpoint it a little more by being over by the Sinai Desert. Also Ethiopia is one of their staging grounds. I’ve warned about them coming out with this fake Ark of the Covenant. Claiming that God is here and here is the Ark and all this crap. Definitely part of their plans is coming as messiahs.

One of the things that is concerning is that this "Jesus" that is coming; people are going to like him. He’s listenable and people are going to like him. You might hate Maitreya because he’s nothing but an Islam terror king waiting to unleash his fury on everybody in the world. I told you he’s a double of Cain. He’s the Iranian Mahdi; the one that they’re hailing as their messiah. He’s going to get 10 of the Middle Eastern countries over there in an alliance. He’s going to own the oil. He’s going to own the Middle East. Bush might as well get out now; save our sons and daughters from destruction because that’s exactly why he put them over there anyway – to be destroyed.

Whatever is going on there with them now is just dogs and ponies, because the biggest plan for the Illuminati thing to begin with was to disarm America. The one way you do that is getting rid of the existing military. Getting rid of able bodied fighting men and women and getting them out of the country. That’s why the Chinese will be able to walk in without shooting a rifle because there is nobody here to defend America. All of our fighting men and women are sick, injured or in a war somewhere. That’s what’s coming down, folks.

These giants that are now in eastern Turkey; they can get here by whatever....UFOs, underground subways. They have a whole underground subway system that connects all the cities of the world together and governments together. You know how you see them getting into Air Force One and fly? That’s a bunch of crap. They don’t even need airplanes. They can just get into these underground subways that they have and travel at lightening speed. They try and hide that from the public that they exist. If anyone does 5 minutes of research on underground bases they'd know their capabilities of travel throughout the entire world without even stepping foot on the surface of the Earth.

Just a heads up that when the banks close the bombs will drop and out of the ashes of the bombs the giants will rise. I want you to remember that because that’s almost like a pecking order of some of the things to come. The banks are going to close. The bombs are going to drop. Then the giants will arise.

I’ve been warning about the giants; this whole giant and alien agenda for years. There is nothing that takes your breath away deeper and faster than these giants. It’s so much easier to sit here and talk about the Chinese and their plans. Not that it’s easy, because America is going to be destroyed without a shot and a whimper because people are going to be hopeless. You’ve got all these soldiers at your door kicking you out of your house. Basically you’re helpless at that point. When these giants rise out of the ashes...I know that the Illuminati quote is out of the ashes will rise the New World Order; well, that’s the giants.

Back in Noah’s day and Enoch’s day the giants were not a set height. Goliath was 9 ½ feet tall and so were his brothers. Those were the Philistines. When you look in the codes when it refers to giants, it refers to them as Philistines. They surrounded Israel once before and are trying to do it again. These giants, 9 ½ feet tall and Enoch talks about brothers that were 30...33 fathoms high.

I don’t know the correlation between a fathom and a square foot. But that’s pretty big. Everything I get is that some of these giants are just huge; 15 – 20 – 25 feet tall. They’re going to be roaming through the earth. You get something that big coming at you (30 feet tall) that’s just like a little ranch home might be a bug under his foot.

So, a lot destruction coming with these things loose, walking through the countryside’s and cities. Talk about King Kong. This is coming. I’m trying to warn you. I’ve seen where these giants.....and in Noah’s day, these giants would go through 500 cattle a day. They were wearing the people out because when they would eat all the animals, there was nothing left but the people.

So these giants; this is our real past, not the fake little nice pony show that the churches have painted of our past. When these giants would get hungry and there were no animals, they would just start eating people. Even if they’re aliens or whatever you want to call them, they’re fallen angels – they eat....and they eat humans. That’s what they’re going to be eating when they come here. They’re just going to be these uncontrollable animals that are never full.

They’re going to be eating all the time. What do you think they’re going to be eating? Now the stores are closed, even the stores that probably had food in them would have been looted by then. It would be much easier for them to pick up a running person than it would be for them to scavenge through somebody’s house; peel the roof off and look through somebody’s house with their fingers. It’s almost like science fiction here, but this is reality. This is coming. Like I’ve said, this coming economic crash right now is nothing compared to what is coming. People are freaking now about it. Its nothing compared to what is coming.

The one thing that we have is our faith and trust in the Most High and in His protection and the Orgone weapon that He’s given us to make safety zones; to make protection areas, so that they’ll stay out of orgoned areas. I don’t know if it’s going to work against these huge giants. It’s worked against regular aliens and demonic beings and things like that. I would have to have faith in that because it’s something that the Lord gave us and we can make protection zones. It’s worked against the chemtrails. We’ve seen the adverse reactions with the regular reptilians and greys towards Orgone. So why wouldn’t it work against these giants? It’s the one hope that we have against this. Just keep getting it out there. Get the woods and the forests and places that humans will be running to hide. Get those areas protected with Orgone.

Major cities are just going to be a zoo. Not just from foreclosures, but at the same time their idea of crowd control is going to be bio-attacks. That’s our government’s protection for you. Their idea of crowd control is going to be kill everybody with bio-attacks, chemical attacks and blame it on the Iranians, Al Qaeda or somebody....that’s their idea of crown control, folks. So at the same time that all this stuff is happening, it just mounts; it goes from one thing to the next.

The only person you’re going to have is the Lord. The only person you are going to have on your side is the Lord. So now isn’t the time to be sitting on the fence, be backslidden and not be worshipping and following Him. Now is the time to get right with Him and start learning to listen to His Voice. You can go to and type in salvation prayer. I have this salvation prayer on my website. I’m not a big advocate of the prayer as I am just people living for Him. Being a warrior or a believer in Him is a way of life. It’s not based on a 10, 15 or 30 second prayer; it’s based on your life. It’s a lifestyle change; it’s learning how to seek Him. But it’s a start. You can check out my articles on how to build a closer relationship with Him and The Kingdom of God. You can read the articles in my articles section. It’s the same articles I have in my books. Of course everything in my books is in my article is on my website for free, but if you’re afraid your internet server is going to go down, you can get the books. But like I’ve said, everything is on my website.

A fathom is 6 feet. So, if somebody is 30 fathoms tall...that would be 180 feet? Am I saying that right? What is that? Wow, that would be big. Look who’s coming for breakfast; a 180 foot giant. Maybe it was different back then....I think it’s a little less. It gives new meaning to Jack and the Beanstalk. Yeah, that’s what’s coming. I’m not saying they’re all going to be that tall, but there will be several. It’s going to be as in the days of Noah. They existed in the days of Noah and will exist in the last days.

Of course, when Noah was busy building the Ark and preparing for what was coming, people were running their mouths; mocking, ridiculing him, laughing at him, forming their little gossip groups; just up one side and down the other of Noah and his family. You can hear it now. You see it now on the internet. They just get on these forum boards and “nee..nee..nee..nee..nee” They hate everybody. Nobody wants to hear the truth; it’s much easier to be kept in the stupid box.

Noah was just busy and got his work done, got in the Ark and he was safe. I think that’s what the Lord is going to do for the warriors who have put their butts on the line; their lives on the line the last several years. The assassination attempts, the harassment, the stalking. People have no idea what we go through because they can’t believe our government is capable of the things we claim that they are and the things that we say they do. People can’t believe it.

But the warriors know and they’ve still stuck to it. It’s for that reason that I think that a lot of the warriors will have a taste of some of the things to come, but when it gets really bad the Lord will just take us home; take us out of here and protect us. That’s what our hope in Him is. I do think we’re going to see a bite of it. For most of us, a bite of what’s coming ain’t nothing.

I really wasn’t freaking out when the electric was out, but of course my electric didn’t go out. Everybody else’s did around me. I was really blessed. I would suffer at the hands of a foreclosure because I don’t own this house. If somebody has $40,000 out there, you can send it to me; I can have title and not have to worry about being homeless.

That’s one thing I do. I told the Lord, I don’t want to be homeless again. I was homeless a couple of years ago. I got into a thing with the military people and lost my home. Somehow this military Marine miraculously came up with the lump sum to buy our entire complex and kicked us out of our home. I really don’t enjoy that. We lived in a campground for a couple of months. That’s was fun; watching the UFOs crash out of the skies every night. Of course, I had orgoned it pretty well. That’s another reason I think it will affect the giants; it affects UFOs. Orgoned areas will bring down UFOs. So, that’s why I play that song before the show, Its Raining UFOs, because the Orgone does bring down UFOs and so I think it will bring down the giants.

When I asked the Lord years ago what we could do to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order, it was because I didn’t want to sit back the rest of my life and watch us get stepped on by them. I knew there was something as the Lord's people that we could do to thwart Satan’s plans. The Lord has led us to various things. My ancient grandfather King David; He led him to 3 small stones in a river. He picked up these small stones and he not only killed Goliath, he killed his 2 brothers. He picked up 3 stones and these Orgone pucks of today, I look at as the same thing; these are our stones and we are going to take down the giants with these. I’ve never been afraid to stand up to the giants. At the time, it was the New World Order giants, the government, the Satanists, the military freaks. It’s literally going to be giants that are coming.

A heads up for everybody tonight. Take it in stride. Take this whole economic thing in stride. I’m not saying, like it; I’m just saying to take it in stride and prepare because these things are coming.

While everybody else is freaking out looking for alternative places to live, look to getting title to the place you live at and having proof of ownership; that you own that home. Do not head to relocation centers. Relocate yourself because their public transportation is to take you to a camp where your ultimate destination is a crematorium facility.

They’re not here to help; they’re here to kill and destroy. If you have to take off to the forests, the woods, mountains and deserts, do what you have to do. Try to band up with other people. I don’t know how much time we have before the banks literally just close the doors and the businesses close the doors and you can look for the bombs to drop. I don’t imagine it’s much. I don’t imagine it’s much. You can look at this year as still 2008, and of course all this stuff could become more dominant next year in 2009 or you can view it as I do; this is already 2009 as of September of this year.

We’re at the beginning of what I have always called the year from Hell. Either way, you are only buying time by 3 months. Things are coming, just pray that it’s not in the winter time. If the government has you hauled off to the internment camps in the winter time, you’re going to freeze. By all means, try to avoid it as much as possible. Just don’t be there at your home. Don’t be a sitting target. Don’t be a sitting duck. If you know they’re coming, just get out of there. Things like that.

Think on your feet, folks; and ask the Lord to guide you and speak to you in your spirit and guide your thoughts so that you can listen to Him and have His guidance. Ask Him to teach you how to here His Voice so that when He is speaking and you know that He’s giving you a warning about something...not to go there....not to go there....that’s going to be what’s going to save people in these last days; their ability to hear Him and listen. Some people mistake Him for intuition. They call it the sixth sense when it’s really just the Lord trying to get their attention. Now is the time to really start leaning on Him.

Comment from a listener: The House speaker declared that we are under Martial Law two nights ago.

Sherry: Of course that’s been all over the internet. They haven’t made it public yet, but the House speaker declared it. So you know, everything else is just window dressing. Like I’ve said, they have to do everything in a legal process and a legal order. Everything has to be legal. I don’t know when they’ll come out publicly and declare it. What could happen is with the eons of foreclosures that are coming, Bush could declare his declaration of economic emergency and put the nation in Martial Law and that will explain to the people why there are so many Chinese. He could say that we’re getting help from the Chinese because our soldiers are off in Iraq. I don’t know what excuse they’re going to use, but there’s going to be a lot of Chinese soldiers here. I don’t know what excuse they’re going to give at the time.

I’m going to answer a couple of questions from listeners.

Question: Blessings to you dear Sherry. You mentioned about when the stores close dear hubby is an over the road truck driver. What do you think will become of the trucking industry? Will he be out of a job like overnight? I just wanted to know what you say about this situation.

Answer: They’re just going to close. I can’t tell you anymore. Banks are going to close. Stores are going to close and bombs are going to drop.

Question: Do you think it’s a good idea to sell books, DVDs and CDs online even though these things pertain to the end time government cover-ups or any type of truth that is out there, just to have more money for food and supplies.

Answer: I am completely against commercializing and making money off the Name of the Lord. Those people will have their reward here on Earth. I’d rather have mine in eternity and why I offer all of my things for free. You don’t have to buy my books. I just put those up as a convenience because people don’t like reading my websites all day. You can actually just sit and read chapter by chapter everything that’s in my books, on my websites. All my articles are chapters in my books and free. Commercializing the Name of the Lord is just blasphemy. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Especially if it’s something that the Lord has told you. When the Lord has told me something, I tell the people. I never think twice about it. Other people wrap it up in a book and sell it. I would be afraid....I would be afraid if I was them to be standing before the Lord and asking why you charged money for what He told me. I just wouldn’t want to be in that situation. So, no I don’t advise that.

P.S. What’s a good idea for people who live in apartments to cook their food when the power goes out and we’re not allowed to have grills because of the apartment rules?

Answer: You’re in survival stage. Get a roaster. Get a grill. You’re far into survival stage. The big thing is whoever owns that apartment is probably going to lose it because they probably have a mortgage and the Chinese own it.

Question: Sherry, what’s the latest word on the Super Hadron Collider? Have they actually used it yet?

Answer: I do think they did have it running for a while and were able to open up a gate. They say now that it’s closed and not working. I have to laugh, because I know a lot of people were praying that the Lord would crash it -’s crashed. I don’t know what the status of it is. I haven’t seen it in the codes. What they needed to accomplish they did; they got the gate open and the giants came in. What more do you need?

Question: What’s the deal with this ridiculous bailout plan? What is the cover-up for this garbage?

Answer: Handing everything over to the Chinese. The whole thing....don’t just look at it folks as the Chinese; look at it as the antichrists forces. Serpent seed races are all going to align as Satan’s bride. They are part of his bride. They are part of his forces. They’re taking ownership of Israel; of America, to destroy it. Throw us into martial law; take us off to death camps. Yes, folks it’s the wheat against the tares here.

Question: The movie Fallen; it does actually depict and show these giants.

Answer: They’ve warned from Hollywood what’s coming.

Question: The CDC; will this agency shut down because of all the sickness?

Answer: They figure out ways to create it. I don’t see it shutting down. I see it as being part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Question: Hi Sherry, I would like to know the difference between chemtrails that the Orgone gets rid of and HAARP.

Answer: It just doesn’t work against the HAARP clouds; the weather weapons. It may wipe them out, but takes hours and hours longer where chemtrail clouds just disappear within 10 or 15 minutes of being laid in an orgoned area. HAARP trail clouds are just very thick, very intense looking. They use those as weather control weapons. You just have to Google HAARP cloud. There is a lot more rivets and edges in HAARP clouds than in chemtrail clouds. I don’t really know how to describe it. I know the two when I see them in the skies.

Question: You have mentioned before that we are now into 2009. Scripturally speaking, have you seen anything major in the codes for this year?

Sherry: Yeah, I talked about a lot of deaths. The Orgone being quadrupling the east in September; I was right about that. Moving towards the west; I was right about that. Economic collapse in September; I was right about that. We’re scarily on schedule. The next thing I see is bombings here in America and the giants coming. Despite what everyone else wants to get focused on or whatever, people need to get prepared to holding up and hiding. Literally, because when the giants are here, you don’t want to be here anyway. You don’t want to be seen and thrown on public transportation and taken to an internment camp. People need to start preparing to survive without banks and stores being open. Just being able to take care of themselves and surviving on their own. We are going to be at war. We’re going to be in martial law with all these Chinese here. The Russians are coming. It’s going to be Hell on Earth. It’s what I’ve said since 2003; that 2009 would be the year from Hell. I believe that’s what it’s going to be. I do believe It started this month. Up until September – October of next year, I just think we will see a drastic change in life as we know it. Not only because of the economic collapse that’s coming and the banks and foreclosures, but the weather disasters that are coming; they’re just going to be unprecedented. The tsunamis, the earthquakes, the tornadoes; all that is going to be unprecedented. Like I’ve said it’s a bathtub effect; it’s going to be one thing huge thing on top of another. One disaster on top of another. You’re going to use all that....

Comment from a listener: Cubits, not fathoms. About 3 feet.

Sherry: So, 30 cubits is 90 feet. We cut that giant down a little bit smaller from 180 feet to 90 feet. Just a lot of destruction coming, folks.

Question: Do you think that Obama is the one that Iran is waiting for?

Answer: No. But if we manage...and I see we have a shot at it. I see Maitreya dying sometimes because he can’t handle the Orgone, he is a secondary route. He is. He is the black beast. He’s an auxiliary for the Muslims. I’ve warned you of that as much as he wants to deny it. Hogwash. Not exactly that one that Iran is waiting for, but probably would except for whatever reason. He is a black beast; that’s all I can say.

Question: Is he their Mahdi that they’re waiting for?

Answer: I don’t think so, but would they be forced to except him as one? Perhaps. I don’t know.

Question: Do you think the giants are in the US right now?

Answer: Some of them are, but not the ones from Niburu. Some hybrid giants are here. Not necessarily the ones that are returning; the Nephilim, but a lot of humans that have been born over the years that have hybrid blood. They are becoming more prevalent as it was in the Olympics. I don’t know if you guys noticed. I said there would never be another Olympics like the last one. What I kept feeling about that is because it mostly was giants there! Look at how many tall athletes there were. It’s going to be the last for the short guy because the hybrids are going to take over from that point on. Not that I think there is going to be an Olympics again...; but that was my impression as I was watching; the hybrids are taking over; the kids. Even our own swimmers; 6’7”....6’8”. Some of our athletes were outrageously tall and they’re hybrids. Its that gigantism defect; that DNA defect becoming more and more prevalent now in the gene pool of Americans.. Not only hybrid kids being born here and raised; but the giants that are returning.

Keep your eyes out on Orion. Watch for the orange moon, planet, satellite or whatever you want to call it coming out from the belt of Orion. Niburu coming through Orion. That’s the huge base for the Annuniki. That’s supposed to be visible to the naked eye by the middle of next year. Of course, they say 2012, but I think its going to be visible next year.

They usually have their satellites all over the place. They’re usually over here at my house, but they do take off to harass other people. I notice when they’re gone; it’s kind of amusing. I’ve been praying for those things to be crashed and destroyed. The Lord is allowing leeway folks. He is allowing them to accomplish whatever it is they need to do; are allowed to do for whatever reason....just to fulfill prophecy.

I just want you guys to know to get prepared for the things that are coming. Get your money out of the banks. Be prepared to be able to cook at home, survive at home and stay warm. Pay your bills ahead of time if possible. Just do what the Lord leads you to do. If He’s giving you ideas. I really don’t think the Lord’s warriors will be here to see all of what’s coming or maybe a taste. So either way, you need to be prepared. The things you leave will be here for other people. I know the church is just totally clueless right now and they think a rapture is going to come and save them from everything that’s coming, so they’re not preparing; which is just completely stupid...and the reason that most of them will be on the trains to the FEMA camps.

Anyway, just a heads up. Be back next Monday. Keeping an eye this week on what the Lord wants me to reveal and what’s going on. You know, like I’ve said, when the banks close the bombs will drop and out of the ashes the giants will rise.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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