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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter #3

Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter #3

Ambassador - Prophet - Messenger of the Most High

Hello Folks,

The new schedule started this week with my new show lineup, Blacklisted News & Bible Prophecy Watch on Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays at noon EST and 9am Pacific.

Still the same place

Father's had me focusing on alerting and waking people up about the false interpretations in the churches of the Last Days. The events in the Book of Daniel have already been there is

-no expected 3rd temple to be built in Israel (physical)

-no war with Russia

-no 7 year peace treaty between the Arabs & Jews

These are not Prophetic Events but contrived events of the Masons and Vatican who wanted to script and push for a 3rd World War between the Arabs and the Jews. Pushed and promoted by the self-appointed prophecy gurus to help it along.

It's all misinterpretation and distractions folks.

When I was talking to the Father about it I said, "ok someone has to have this written out already somewhere" and I immediately stumbled on Matthew Henry and he has it all laid out in great detail of the popular chapters in Daniel 9, 10, 11 and 12 that most people like to use today in relation to Bible Prophecy. And it's already been fulfilled folks, in our ancient past.

Trump has subtly been announcing NESARA in his speeches via truth bombs of returning to a gold backed currency, returning to constitutional law and a restored Republic. When they announce the new currency and actually start using it, then watch for the 6th Seal earthquake or the New Age "Event and Arrival" of their "Ascended Masters, World Teachers" to happen. Both events will happen around the same time frame. 

Stop wasting time on "Daniel stuff" to happen.

People aren't going to recognize the events coming up because it doesn't align with their theories and doctrines. Nor will they be ready or mentally prepared for the times they are in...they won't recognize the RFID chip implant as the Mark of the Beast because they will be told it isn't. Be Aware folks!!

We are much further along in the Last Days then most realize.

I posted a video on my Tuesday show this week 

Are Child Traffickers Plotting Trump's Assassination?

Another one The Most High wanted me to alert people about:
They're Putting Human Meat in Our Food Supply Folks!!

Check out my youtube channel for uploaded videos this week at

On the backside I've had a lot of attacks against me coming from the Chinese along with the usual consortment of Air Force planes over or around my house. They've been staying way up and way back this week not coming to close. Just observing I guess.

The Chinese have been trying to use various satellite tech weapons against me, or whatever it is...when you start to fry when you're trying to sleep and feel like you're getting lit up and heated up it's usually some kind of weapon. I would suggest getting out of bed because they have your bed GPS'd and they're not going to leave you alone until you ask Father to destroy the air ships and weapons or satellites they're using to attack you with. 

Ask Him to destroy their equipment beyond repair. If it's a satellite ask Him to blow it up.

NASA must have read my book Interview With The Devil because now they're coming out with Nibiru as a star and exoplanets that parade around it. Lucifer's attempt at creating his own heliocentric solar system before he was cast out of heaven and had to abandon his project.

Everyone always takes my info...and they never credit me for it either. It's frustrating.
The numbers are frustrating to...the low numbers of people subscribing to or watching my videos, listening to my shows, it's like no one cares but the usual 300 people. 

I get very discouraged. I have a tremendous's tiring and the majority just don't seem to care. I don't know how much longer I will keep at all of this because for as much work as I've done the past 17 years the people themselves just don't seem to care other than the few, trusty, loyal followers I've had throughout the years. I don't know what else to do. I'll just leave it in the Father's hands for now while I try and scrape my heart off the floor.

Keep focused on the Father folks, ask Him every day for the Truth In All Things.

Yah bless you all very much,
Sherry Shriner


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