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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Out With The Old...In With The New

Rolling into February already, I've been busy in the background.

I put out some new videos over the past month.

Message from the Most High for 2017

Lilith is Back...Reptilians Out of Control

Trump's War Against the UN, Ashtar Alien Alliance

Lucifer Controls the Narratives That's Why People Don't Have Truth

Angels In The Flesh

Lilith - My Conversation With The Ancient Evil Goddess - Disclosure

Angel Wars - Fight Against The NWO - Fight Back!

Current Events With Obama and Trump...And Should There Be a 3rd Temple in Israel?

Lucifer Has a Sister on Earth...the Truth Revealed: Disclosure

Ashtar Arrival 2017 New Age Alien Agenda

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I'm way past tired of the lizard and libtard wars against America. Obama's gone, it's over...end it already...Trump represents the Alien New Age Regime that will take over the Earth...whether he realizes it or can get all my info on the Alien New Age Regime at

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