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Friday, February 03, 2017

I'm a Destroyer and I'm Not On Vacation

So they tried to kill me again last night, early this a.m.

About 2 a.m. I got pounded with another heart attack. It was a full blown attack and it was brutal, the pain was unbearable...I don't know how I survive these. This is the 3rd or fourth time since the heart attack that put me in the hospital in Oct. 2015. I'll never go back to a Cardio Care Unit again. Ever. They don't put showers in the bathrooms, or tubs. I was there for 4 days and had no contact with water other than from a tiny bathroom sink. Seriously?? Not going back...ever.

I could hear the music. Some kind of beats, rythmic, energy raising they typically use alongside the chanting to direct their voodoo chants, curses toward the person they want to kill. Which was me. They tried it last week on Friday night and it was shut down pretty quickly. We just start blowing stuff up or sinking stuff, we cause mayhem and destruction to wherever the chants are coming from. And the fools seem to forget I can command billions of angelic forces. I don't know why this one early this morning was harder to stop. Father allows things for His purposes.

I know it was St. Germaine and Sananda who started it and spearheaded the whole thing. They wanted me to be their sacrifice for the RV/GCR kickoff. Looks like they're their own sacrifices now...don't mess with me.

Retaliation was sweet. Took out a bunch of bases around the world they were trying to hide. They won't get squat out of Antarctica, Easter Islands, Seychelles. Enjoy those earthquakes Italy...those fools at the Vatican never learn.

I'm not a choir girl. I'm an Angelic Warrior, a Destroyer. So when you come against me I retaliate. I have many titles. Prophet, Warrior, Destroyer, Messenger, Sere, but they forget the most I"m Father's Daughter here on Earth. I'm here to war against Lucifer. Everyone else just gets in the way.


Unknown said...

Here here! They have been making me sick too I've had major stomach attacks bleeding coming out my anus and everything..I GI to doctor abs they can't find anything wrong! They know I have light and pray against them on a constant basis! Keep up the good fight sister! With u until the end ..Love u so Holly N.C.

Malie Mapour said...

My PREVIOUS...and BAUTIFUL PRINCESS Sherry, I am mad, enrage, ...For what Those disgusting...and worthless devils are doing to attack you again with "their evil-fake "heart attack. I will kill them now if I could find those monsters. Be strong.

Malie Mapour said...

I am an "Angel-In-The Flesh", and an "ELECT"; attacking one of us is attacking us all; and WE ALL going go after those "DISGUSTING
...and DESPICABLE CRIMINALS" that are continually attacking..."OUR PREVIOUS AND BELOVED" Sherry Shriner just for their own little stupid low life selves. I personally would hunt you all worthless suckers down and slaughter your CRIMINAL ass like wild animals.

Watch out! Because Sherry will NOT UNDER---YOU ARE .

Malie Mapour said...

Sherry Shriner is not and will never go unde;you are. Those CRIMINALS and devil mother fuc$##ers that are giving her these fake-heart attacks. I SWEAR I would have
Kicked your CRIMINAL ass right now if I were to find your stinky little hiding places.

We would not take shit from DEVILS like you out there anymore. I want to freaking kill...and dedtroy those disgusting...and worthless CRIMINALS that wasting their times and efforts coming after "OUR PRECIOUS...and BELOVED SHERRY SHRINER". Watch out LOSERS
...!Cause we are one with Sherry and we will find you and give you heart-destructions.

Malie Mapour said...

Sherry Shriner is NOT going under! Demons, DEVILS, and all those human-CRIMINALS are the ones going UNDER....! To HELL. I hate you all. Worthless pinkd! I really want to kill all of you now.