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Thursday, February 16, 2017

NIbiru - Planet X - The East Gate and More!

I have put out some videos the past couple of weeks - enjoy!

They're Putting Human Meat In Our Food Supply Wake Up Folks!!

Nibiru Planet X and the Coming Tribulation Period

Is Giant Red Nibiru Going To Turn Blue?

The East Gate of the Sun, Nibiru, sAint Germaine in Lock Up

Mike Pence and Paul Ryan Reptilian Satanists in D.C.

Was Tory Smith Murdered for Exposing Mike Pence in Child Trafficking??

Lilith is Back...Reptilians Out of Control

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1 comment:

Malie Mapour said...

Hello My Dear Sherry,

This is One of Your Fellow-ELECTS Sonite from Connecticut; thank you for this revealing informations about planet "Niburu". What I would to know about this particular planet I'd that, was it created by "Lucifer and His Inventors...? Or was created together with all the other planets?

It will Be great to know...