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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter 02-02-17

Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter

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Prophet, Messenger, Ambassador, and Servant of the Most High

Hello folks,

The background war continues between the falling Reptilian regime run by the Illuminati Nazi bloodline families such as the Pope, Soros, Clinton's, Bush's etc...vs. the Knight Templars represented by President Donald Trump.

It really is baffling about the news associated with the Vatican kicking all Masons out of the Knights of Malta since they're all Masons...everyone in the Illuminati is a Mason. Another thing is they make it sound like it's a Mason vs. Jesuit war when even Donald Trump's father and youngest son are Jesuits...Trump himself could be a Jesuit.

So if you're getting lost in all the rhetoric, so is everyone else.

So let's just kick the rhetoric to the curb and look at what's really going on.


The 13 Illuminati bloodline familes are Reptilians. Often called lizards as well, it's the same thing. These are the German faction dominated by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, and George Bush Sr. They are dominated by bloodline to the Reptilian-lizard-snake faction of Lucifer's fallen angels.

Donald Trump represents the new Regime taking over that I've always referred to as the New Age Alien Agenda. This agenda is represented by the Ashtar Command, Galactics, Tall Greys, New Age Ascended Masters etc..everything New Age. These are dominated by Lilith's offspring in space known as the Tall Greys. The Tall Whites are also associated with them...such as Mt. Shasta (Tall Whites).

So it's basically the Reptiles vs. Tall Greys. 

The Tall Greys take on human manufactured bodies so they look human. This includes Sananda, Maitreya, St. Germaine, all the Ashtar Command, also known as Ascended Masters etc..

We're seeing the Reptilian regime fighting to stay in control of the western world such as USA, AUS, Canada, GBR, Europe etc...

However the New Age regime is establishing it's footholds and taking over with the election of Trump as president. It's a Regime changeover and the battle has been fierce amongst them.

The reptiles are kicking and screaming. They dominate the Democratic Party and Republican Party...which is why you see both of them seeming to work against President Trump. This has nothing to do with politics but associations and regimes. Most of the Democrats and Republicans had aligned with the Reptilians just to get in Congress and get their jobs. With their regime going down and the New Age taking over, alot of them see the end of their own careers.

Many working with the New Age Alien agenda are referred to as White Knights, or White Hat politicians, or White Hat/Knight news reporters etc..

The Illuminati bloodline fascists/socialist regime is now being taken over by the NESARA/GESARA platform which is the worldwide economic platform of the New Age regime's.

You can also check out my many articles and videos exposing the New Age Alien Agenda and their plans for the world at

One regime has died, the other is rising to replace it.

As children of the Most High we should not be supporting either of these groups. Both regimes are evil, neither of them Serve the Most High...they all serve Lucifer, they're just different branches of his (Satan's) tree.

We are heading into the times of Great Tribulation folks.

The Antichrist and False Prophet are from the Ascended Masters group, Maitreya and Sananda (fake Jesus).

As Trump aligns with this regime, and already has, it will bring about the events of the Tribulation Period as we will watch them unfold.

Anyway I just wanted to give a brief overview of what's going on and who is who and who is what and where.

Until next time everybody,
Yah bless,
Sherry Shriner


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Malie Mapour said...

Sherry I love you forever! My beloved PRINCESS! I love all of your wonderful works. Love always. Sonite from CT.

Malie Mapour said...

I am for the "New Regime" or "Ashtar Command" with President Trump, because humanity must be judged...for it's EVIL, crimes, wickedness, abominations...and gangstalking-crimes against the "PEOPLE OF GOD----THE "ELECTS".

We the People of GOD have been at an invisible WAR known as "gangstalking" by individuals neighbors, fake friends,
...and haters for nothing. FIGHTING us night and day ever since We were born on earth as "ELECTS". Now GOD is using the Ashtar-Command..." to JUDGE...and DESTROY Those humans and humanity.

Payback is here and I CANNOT wait for the "Ashtar -Command to begin crush THEM.

Malie Mapour said...

There will be GREAT JUDGMENT on humanity for all its crimes and this "New Age" regime is the very weapons of GOD against them. It's beyond word the EVIL...and crimes humans are committing on the "ELECTS" Angel living on earth; I know so because I have been gangstalking....and persecuted since I was born by EVIL...and CRIMINAL humans For nothing ; and it's all of us ELECTS Who are going through "HELL on earth with humans and their demon forces raging war against GOD'S ANGELIC RACE HERE ON EARTH.