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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Transcribe 12-29-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night December 29th. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I started getting some questions earlier in the week. That’s fine; you can send them in during the week and I’ll get to them.

A couple of things I want to talk about tonight. I did an interview on Friday night with the Irish Outlaw with Warrior Society Radio. I have that link on my websites at the right hand side of the page. It’s also at and You can catch the unedited link and there’s an edited link where we took all the music and commercial breaks out and you can hear just the straight audio. So you have your choice on that.

It was a great interview. It went on for about two hours and I got to present a lot of information. That’s typically the kind of interview I really enjoy doing; where they just basically give you the floor and let you say whatever you want. That way I can get a lot of what I consider teaching done. Giving out a lot of information and preparing people for the things that are coming and telling them the things they need to hear. So I had a really good time with that interview. Great host; Irish Outlaw. I’ll probably be returning again for more interviews as time permits. We are running out of time.

It’s December 29th. This whole month has kind of felt like “enjoy the peace”. It isn’t going to be peaceful much longer, so I’ve basically been trying to do that. The weather has been insane. I live in Ohio and the weather here is always insane, but this takes the cake. Four days you’re freezing, your hands are so numb it’s so cold…just really, really butt cold, and four days later you’re driving with the window down. This is nuts. This is absolutely nuts, but I’ll take a day like that in an Ohio December any time you can get it. I can’t speak for how the weather is going to be the rest of the year, but they said it was going to be a cold one this year. I’ll tell you what; when it’s cold…it’s cold. It’s just been bone chilling cold a lot of the days we’ve had the last two months. I’m hoping for an early spring just so I can get more and more Orgone made without having to freeze my butt off so bad. I really dread the winter months in having to make Orgone because I don’t have a heated garage. Even having a kerosene heater; it costs a lot of money to burn the kerosene and it’s not insulated, so it just goes out the roof. It doesn’t really keep it warm and I don’t like spending the money on the kerosene. We won’t have to worry about all this too much longer.

I think there’s going to be a panic across the world when they start seeing the giants and people are going to want Orgone then. Even if you think I’m crazy, print out the directions on how to make it. I have them at I have a page on how to make your own Orgone because it’s my Orgone on that site. That is the Orgone that tears down and defeats Satan and his forces and their strongholds. There is no other Orgone on the planet sold by any other person on the internet claming that they make Orgone that does the thing that my Orgone does. My Orgone was given to us by the Lord Himself. It is very simple and basic. That’s the recipe that you want for Orgone and its the only thing that truly does work and keeps the evil away.

I spent a lot of time Friday night with the Irish Outlaw. You could see right then and there, the Lord bringing this interview together. He is ex-military forces. He works with militias. They concentrate on the physical weapons; how to defend yourself with physical weapons. The Lord has always had me with the non-conventional weapons. I’ve always said the rider of the white horse has a non-conventional weapon. It’s a rider with a bow, but he has no arrows and arrows would signify weapons; what we know to be conventional weapons. He has a bow, but no arrow. Some people think that’s diplomacy. That’s what these Masonic gurus tell you. I’m telling you, it just means a non-conventional weapon. The white horse rides first. He goes across the entire world. That’s what we’re doing with this Orgone. It’s been traveling around the world. I’m hearing from people in other countries have been making this Orgone. That’s always fun to hear, because just when you think you’re not getting through to anyone, you’ll hear from people around the world that you have gotten through to and they are doing things to protect themselves and their countries to get rid of the demonic and alien strongholds in their countries. So it’s very good to hear from various people and knowing that they’re doing what the Lord wanted His Army to do in the last days. The Bible talks about how His people are doing heroics. This is part of that. This is definitely part of that. We’re doing these heroics around the world with this Orgone. There’s not a lot of time left.

I wanted to talk tonight about some of the things that has been reporting on. I’ve talked about this Sorcha Faal’s reports before and how sometimes she’s just dead on and other times where I just have my disagreements with her. It’s a site like any other site; chew the grass, spit out the hay. I get people asking me all the time....what do I think of this person…what do I think of that person. One of the most common ones I think is people asking me what I think of Alex Jones. Alex Jones serves a purpose in the fact that he wakes so many people up to the fact that there is a New World Order; that there is a conspiratorial agenda to take over the world, especially this country with the New World Order. I know a lot of people have disagreements because he works more from a Jesuit base where he turns everything away from Israel and the Jesuits and just talks about the New World Order.

I’ve always said this, with all of these people that are working online in various capacities, they all reveal good information. They may be protecting a faction or a certain group, but they’ll spill the beans on the other one. You can get good information from whomever or whatever they are; no matter what agenda they’re working. Then you just take the pieces and put the puzzle together. So you get good information on the left. You get good information on the right. You bring it all together and start bringing the pieces of the puzzle together in the center. That’s the only way to really approach anybody’s website, news shows and blogs. You can glean info here, there and everywhere and start putting the puzzle together. I don’t spend all my time tracking down all these different individual radio hosts, blogger and agendas; I just stick with what the Lord leads me into. There’s a lot of times….especially when it comes to anything biblically based where He will just lead me back into something that I’d written before and forgotten about. It happens all the time. I’ve written so many articles over the last several years and He’ll just lead me back to something I wrote before. Its find it amusing that He leads me back to my own stuff rather than lead me somewhere else on the internet. But He does lead me to other news information sources to get the heads up on things sometimes. It’s really interesting as well.

This Sorcha Faals website - She does come up with some stuff that’s dead on. Stuff I’ve seen in the codes. So my eyebrows just raise…okay where is she getting her info as a Russian interior ministry…okay...whatever. I do know that there is an anti New World Order faction on the Earth. I didn’t know that it was international; I just knew that it existed. From what I know and I think I’ve referred to it before as Com3. Sorcha Faal refers to them as Earth Defense Forces. Very anti New World Order and made up of former military officials and anti New World Order Patriots and big mouths. I’m not sure of who all is in their group, but I do know that they have supposed friendly aliens amongst their forces. This is the biggest thing why the Lord wouldn’t allow me to go near this group of people. Because the aliens that are within them will double-cross. That’s one thing they need to be watchful about. They kind of serve as agent provocateurs and eventually this whole Earth Defense Force is going to be destroyed.

That’s what I wanted to warn about tonight. Especially if any part of that navy is listening. I know that they’re all over there in the Gulf of Eden and according to Sorcha Faal are attacking an underground Watcher base that’s there that’s under the water in the Gulf. I knew there was a base over there; I didn’t know it was under the water. The problem I see with it, is that this Earth Defense Force....they’re being set up. They’re going to be sabotaged and need to be very careful. They need to get out of there. So that’s a warning to them from me, in that you can’t fight aliens; these dimensional beings with conventional weapons. You may see some kind of luck blowing them up, but that’s like seeing a UFO crash and they die. If you really want to destroy them en masse, like by the thousands, Orgone does that. I’ve seen Orgone; this weapon that the Lord gave us in these last days, clear out entire underground bases and all we did was place it in their water supplies, in their air supplies, getting it in the ground and above the ground of these bases. It destroys the whole base.

These navy’s out there....I’ve got directions on my website for Pipe Blasters. They’re just copper pipes with all the Orgone ingredients in them like I state on my website. You need to get copper pipes in the water. Stick those in the sea floor. Don’t stick bombs down there, stick Orgone pipe blasters. It’s these pipe blasters that will assimilate into the air. These aliens have to breathe and they need water. So if you get Orgone in their air supply and in their water supplies, it destroys them and you don’t have to bomb the sea floor and risk all these massive tsunamis. It was interesting that there was a warning in one of her reports about the aliens causing a huge tsunami that was possible going to hit a coast and kill thousands of people. I couldn’t help but remember that vision I had years ago of just watching L.A. slide right into the ocean. You need to watch out; especially the West Coast of America. I don’t even know the cause of that; I just saw it slide right into the ocean. These things are coming to pass. They’re going to happen.

They’re fighting this battle the wrong way. Not only are they using the wrong weapons for the wrong beings that they’re trying to destroy, they are putting their faith in double crossers…double agents. These human navy’s that are anti New World Order and trying to fight against the New World Order for the good of mankind – you really need to watch who your leadership is and what they’re doing because they’re just serving as provocateurs. They’ll get all these navy’s together, knowing that they’re all anti New World Order and destroy them all. That’s pretty much like government provocateurs do; they form groups. They say, lets form an anti New World Order group. They get everybody in the area they can think of and people that want to join that are anti New World Order and they start collecting names. Then they start doing insane things like introducing terror activities. Governments will do this. Their agents will do this. They’ll incite assassinations and riots, get everybody in the group in on it, then have those arrested in the group for planning some kind of terrorist activity or whatever. That’s what you call a provocateur. That’s pretty much what is going on with the Earth Defense Forces. You have a lot of provocateurs in your leadership that are going to turn on you and cause a lot of these defense forces to be killed.

My warning is to get away from these aliens that are “friendly aliens” in your groups. Don’t trust them. And fight the war with real weapons that will destroy aliens; and that’s Orgone. You’re piddle-footing with bombs and missiles and conventional weapons. This is a spiritual battle. It’s like Friday night when I was talking to Irish Outlaw. You have your physical weapons and your spiritual weapons and you can’t fight this war without either one of them. You have to have both. You have to have both of them. That’s why I’ve been telling you listeners over the last several years to stock up on the guns, ammo and Orgone. You’ve got both weapons. You’ve got both covered. You’ve got the physical and the spiritual dimensions covered.

I do find it amusing that all these forces are trying to prevent the Watchers from rising. That’s the only thing I could think of; when I look back at the New World Order script (they have this all scripted out) and it called for a war between India and Pakistan and a war on the North Korean Peninsula and obviously the Jews and the Arabs going at it. So now you see all this taking place, but they’re using underground bases as a background excuse, “We have to hit those underground bases for the Watchers.” So I was trying to figure out why they’re going after the Watcher bases, because the Watcher bases are the giants. They’re the giant beings.

Steve Quayle has a book out called Longwalker. On the cover of it he has a picture of a giant that they had captured in Afghanistan in 2005. This giant had taken out a whole Special Forces group and so another Special Forces group went in after this thing and killed it. The pilot that had to go and fly this dead giant out of there was the one that contacted Steve Quayle. He drew this portrayal of what this giant looked like. I thought it was interesting in what he was saying; when they went back to this giant’s base; where this giant lived, there were many, many skulls and bones. This giant had been feeding on the American military. I warned about how these giants are cannibals and how they eat human beings. Interesting that you have confirmation, because that’s exactly what they had found when they found this giants home base. They found a bunch of bones where he had been eating on the American military. And this was back in 2005. I’ve been warning for years that the giants are going to be returning. Even just a couple of weeks ago, warning to watch the Middle East. The giants are going to start arriving en masse. The Lord had told me they had already started arriving in the Middle East, but it was going to become a lot more over the next year, several months or whatever. Interesting then that we ran across this Steve Quayle stuff talking about a giant from 2005. It kindof confirms everything.

What’s interesting is that we seem to have a war going on between the reptiles/lizards and the giants. Very interesting, because all of the presidents we’ve had over the last umpteen years have all been controlled by reptiles. I’ve got my website where I talk about how the presidents and most of Congress and the politicians are reptilians and shape-shifting lizards. Even on I have a You Tube video link to where Bush is giving a speech and you can see a small grey in the window of the White House while he’s giving his speech. Very interesting that what we’re seeing is a war between the reptiles and the giants. The Watchers are giants, not reptiles. They’re giant humanoids. The administrations that we’ve had have all been reptilian administrations. So with Bush leaving…and I said he wouldn’t go quietly. I warned against that. He might not get everything he wants, but he’s giving his last push trying to destroy these giant bases. His father, Bush Sr. is controlled-possessed by a reptilian/lizard as well. He’s the one that’s probably in charge of all this stuff that’s going on right now against the giants; against the Watcher bases. That’s what we’re seeing; a clash between the factions of aliens. A clash between the reptiles/lizards and the giants.

What’s interesting though is we have an outgoing reptilian administration finally after all these years. Starting with Reagan then we had Bush and Clinton and Clinton again and Bush again. These have all been reptilian administrations. Now we have an incoming Obama who represents a new faction. Obama is going to represent the giant faction. He’s going to represent the Watchers. Interesting that now we’re seeing an outgoing of reptilians and here come the giants.

I’ve told you that Obama is aligned with Maitreya. This Maitreya that’s coming; this Iranian Mahdi; this Arab ascended master according to the New Age. He’s going to call himself a world teacher. His home base with is touting his arrival as a world teacher. He’s aligned with Obama already, and he’s a giant. When you look at the codes of this Sananda that’s coming and these ascended masters that are coming...this whole Ashtar Command that’s coming – they are giants. We know that the giants are going to prevail, because that’s what this whole New Age fifth dimension thing that’s coming...this whole agenda of theirs that’s coming is a whole Watchers base thing. It’ll be interesting to see. I’m not sure if George Bush’s push is going to amount to anything, attacking the Watcher bases.

That’s where we’re at now. It’s interesting because this report by Sorcha Faal was talking about Obama going to Hawaii and Hawaii being attacked by a weather weapon taking the electricity out. I don’t agree with her on why they have Obama over there. She seems to think that our forces need Obama over there. They’re rushing him over there. I think they’re more or less using weapons to keep him from going over there. Because I can’t imagine what good he would do...being flown over to the Middle East under whatever cover to be there. He represents the giant faction. He doesn’t even represent the Reptilian faction. So if he was even going over there, it would be to get them to leave; not to encourage them on. The way that some of these articles are written, instead of Obama trying to encourage them on, I think it is the total opposite because he doesn’t represent the reptilian faction. He’s the giant faction. It’s going to be interesting to see more and more of this stuff coming out.

A lot of people waking up now. I’m getting a lot more emails now. “I can’t believe this stuff is actually happening. I can’t believe what you’ve been saying is actually true.” So it’s very interesting; a lot of people finally waking up and realizing there has been this hidden agenda all along behind the New World Order and that it’s been this alien agenda. I’ve always said this alien agenda is what’s going to be dominant. The whole New World Order was just the stepping stone, the set up for the alien agenda. And in the last days the world would be ruled by the giants and this Watchers agenda. That’s what the Antichrist is going to be. That’s what these ascended masters coming are going to be. They’re all just a part of Satan’s last days....general’s coming to Earth to help subdue the Earth. I’ve always said that giants would be here...and they will be.

Interesting that the Lord led me back to an article that I wrote several years ago. I was reading that tonight and was like, “Wow.” I hadn’t read it in so long. You can read it. It’s a really short article; to the point like every article I write is. It’s called The Aliens will Overthrow America. Just a really good article. Everybody needs to go to my website and look for my articles section. I remember years ago having this vision of giants walking the Earth. They were just behemoths. They would walk up to human beings and literally just tear their limbs off of them and start eating them while the person is still alive. They are very wicked, very evil and very powerful. It was definitely a wake up call even years ago knowing that they giants will be walking the Earth in the last days. It’s going to be as in the days of Noah. Most people can’t even begin to grasp that because they don’t understand what was going on in the days of Noah. Most people today when you talk about the days of Noah, they think about people just living in sin like we are doing today. Just look around the world. You’ve got your booze clubs everywhere, bars, the night life, every sin imaginable is rampant; the moral fabric of every society decaying quickly, giving every sin its rights to exist. If you try to speak out against sin and vice today, you’re practically thrown in jail for hate speech. That’s pretty much peoples idea of the days of Noah...basically what we’re seeing now. Yeah, that’s true there was a lot of sin in Noah’s day, but there were also a lot of things the church hasn’t taught you about Noah’s day.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do through the years as I wake up myself. I always tell the Lord whatever He taught me I’d turn around and teach His people. I’ve always been very faithful to that. It’s just this whole thing with the gods, the alien god-kings and the giants that ruled the Earth in those days. It is mentioned in the Old Testament. When you see the Raphilems and the Giborens, these are giant races.

The Bible is full of talking about the giant races. The problem is it uses the races and not the word giants, so people don’t grasp it when they read the Old Testament that all these races were giants. They get to the point where Egypt is returning from Egypt and they’re going to reclaim the land. Joshua and Caleb go in and report back to Moses that they’re all giants and we’re just grasshoppers to them they’re so big. To be a grasshopper, we’re talking 15- 20 foot tall giants. Even those giants that we inhabiting Israel at that time were probably 15 – 20 feet tall. There were 20 cities of them, there wasn’t just one.

Another thing that gets misconstrued with atheists and hate mongers; people that hate the Bible. They often talk about how the Lord would command Israel to go in and wipe out an entire nation including women and children. Not to leave anything standing, not even their animals. These were giant nations. These were alien nations and the Lord wanted them completely destroyed. People don’t understand this was after the flood. People think all the giant problems were taken care of at the flood. If you mention to anybody today who hasn’t really heard about giants and things like that; the first thing they say is, well they would have been destroyed by the flood. They don’t understand that in Genesis 6:4 it says that the angels fell before the flood and after. Even though the world had been destroyed, angels would still continue to fall after flood. When angels fell they would procreate with human women and create this giant offspring. So they have always been on the Earth. What’s happened over time, and I don’t know the time spans, but the gigantism defect that was caused by the procreation of these angels and human women created a gigantism defect in the DNA. Over time that kindof corrected itself to where these children could be born looking normal without the gigantism defect. It also went underground. I think that something happened with that time after the flood to where they couldn’t have normal intercourse with human women. What they would do is abduct them and what we’re seeing today with abductions. They would use them to breed with, but they would do it in test tubes and things like that. There a whole area there that I don’t have a lot of information on. Nothing ever stopped. You just went from one thing to the next. From having normal relations to things being taken a different step, but still continuing and going on. Even today we have contamination in our bloodlines. You still have a floating gigantism defect because every once in a’ll see it in the world book of records, the world’s tallest human, where this gigantism defect lasted. It wasn’t killed off and someone would be born giant sized; over 7 feet tall. Goliath was 9 ½ feet tall and not even near one of the tallest giants at that time. These cities that existed back then in Canaan and other areas; these giants were just huge. This is coming back. Moses, Joshua and Caleb went in and destroyed the cities of these giants...these hybrids. You don’t hear as much about the giants after that.

Once you catch the names of the races. I have them listed in my article Aliens Will Overthrow America, so you can see some of the names. When you see it in the Old Testament, you’ll recognize them as giants. Nephilim, Rephaim, Emim, Gibborim, the Philistines, Zamzummim, the Anakim, the Ivvim, and other names as well. When you see that in the Old Testament, those were parts of giant races. It was very much a part of their life back then. The church just has some kind of view that none of this stuff existed. That’s why they kept Enoch out of the official KJV version, which was never taken out of the Ethiopian version, just the American KJV version. So Americans have always been in the dark about our true past and what it was like to live back there in Moses day, and King David’s day, when giants were on the Earth.

In the last days, the giants aren’t going to build their own cities and live amongst each other when they return; they’re going to take over our cities. They’re going to be taking over ours. If you follow the work of Zechariah Sitchen, he talks about the return of Niburu...this planet that is returning, is full of these giants. So we not only have them under the Earth and under the water in these underwater bases, we also have them returning on the planet Niburu. They’ve been in judgment and punishment all this time and when Satan comes to Earth, they’ll be released and be allowed to come to Earth and let Satan subdue the world for 42 months.

Another thing I find interesting is this Jesus that’s coming. This Sananda I’ve been talking about for years; he’s one of these ascended master gurus. He’s a giant. What I find interesting in the Bible codes in regards to him is I always see him as a sailor, a navigator, a sailorman. He’s always associated with the water. It makes it interesting that they’re over in the Gulf of Eden trying to attack this Watcher base under there and what that has to do with the connection of Jesus being a sailor I don’t know. But I find it interesting that even the beast of the sea the Bible talks about it in revelation 13. It talked about 2 beasts; one of them being the beast from the sea. Of course, the Masonic gurus, the high ranking masons will tell you that sea represents gentile nations and blah, blah, blah. I find in the Bible codes that sea is literal. It’ll be interesting to see him rise and when he does...

I’ve always felt that him and this Maitreya would have two separate arrivals. Last week I said they might be trying to combine their arrivals because they’re having such a hard time even being able to pull off their agendas to come to Earth. They’re running into a lot of resistance from the Orgone in the air. Now you have this Earth Defense Force in the Gulf of Aden which I’ve said is the Gulf of Eden, fighting them as well from coming up from underneath the Watcher bases that they have.

I find it interesting that in the book of Jasher; I know that a lot of people that have grown up in the churches or whatever....have always believed that the Garden of Eden was over in Iraq. Especially when the Iraq war started and all this stuff...”guess what was in Iraq...the Garden of Eden was in Iraq”. Because of the Tigris and Euphrates River were over there. There were four rivers that came out of the Garden of Eden. For so long people have held they believe that the Garden of Eden was over in Iraq. If you read the book of Jasher (which was also not included in the original KJV, but which is referred to by the Lord Himself, His Apostles and other prophets throughout the Bible. They talk about the books of Jubilee, Enoch and Jasher. All three of these books were excluded from the KJV. They say it’s because the books couldn’t be validated. They’ve always wanted to keep information out. They’ve always wanted to mind control in what the church is to believe. They took out the legitimate books and put in Paul’s books and led everybody astray in all this confusion and corruption for the last 2,000 years; calling it the church age when it’s nothing but the apostate age.

But anyway, this book of Jasher talks about the Garden of Eden. It tells you exactly the layout of where this Garden of Eden is, and we all know how tech minded I am...just sit here and lay it all out. I can’t really do that, but it was over there in Jordan, by Egypt somewhere. If you go by the description given in the book of Jasher. Interesting that you have the Gulf of Eden over there as well. Very interesting. Now it seems to be where this huge battle is taking place between the Earth Defense Forces; this Com3 I call them, and the Watcher base that’s underneath. There are a lot of Watcher bases over there. Interesting that they’re going up against the one under the water, so they say. I mean they’re under the water, under the land. They’re just everywhere. How can they possibly think they can just take all these Watcher bases out with just a navy?

Like I’ve said, they’re using the wrong weapons. They need to be using Orgone weapons. Orgone blasters and Orgone pipes. You can kill off thousands of these beings without ever firing a conventional weapon. That’s just my warning to this navy. I know they listen to this show. I know a lot of people listen to this show that most people would never think in a million years listen to this show because they know that I know a lot of info. That’s just a warning to them because they’re using the wrong weapons tying to take them out. They need to Orgone them. That’ll take them out. It’s going to get interesting.

I got an email from a listener asking me if I know of any prophetic events happening for the month of January. I’m just I’ve always said on this show, the Lord doesn’t give dates. If you’ve got some “prophet” somewhere telling you that he’s got a prophetic event happening on January 20 or 21st, they’re hogwash because the Lord doesn’t live in linear time. To tell you “the Lord told me that this was going to happen in January,” I could never do that in a million years. What I can do is tell you what I see in the bible codes. It never lists just one month. If something is listed that can happen in January and doesn’t it can also happen down the road in another month. There is never a definite time on anything. I’ve certainly never given a definite date either in the Bible codes or from the Lord Himself on an event because the Lord doesn’t live in linear time.

Anybody who does get linear time dates is listening to the church of NORAD; a mind control technology. They love using their technology to give people false visions, false dates and false prophecies. You see that all over the internet. This and this and this is going to happen on this date. That’s usually the church of NORAD getting the church crowd stirred up and distracted on something false. I don’t have any dates. What I do have is months and possible timelines is all I can go by.

What I’ve talked about seeing in January is Obama making a monetary payment to Kenya. He owes them money. He bribed them to stay quit about his true birthplace being in Kenya. So when he comes to office, the first thing he’s going to do is pay Kenya for keeping quiet with taxpayer money. I think people should throw a fit about that one and make him account for what kind of money he’s spending. It’s going to be our money for his bribes keeping people quiet. The guy can’t produce any legitimate records of even existing. Its interesting that we’ve appointed this beast to be our head; our king. He’s not even human. (coughing)I get dehydrated from talking.

Transitioning to the question and answer portion of the program.

Question: I’m curious about greys. Can the smaller greys use psychic attacks as a weapon?

Answer: Well, the small greys are chip implanted and controlled. Anything they do is from their handlers. Whoever’s handling those small grey aliens which is usually the taller greys or the reptilians. The small greys are a manufactured race, and they just do what they’re told from their handlers. They do so by the chip implants. They’re all chip implanted and why you’ll hear about the hive mind mentality where they don’t have a brain of their own. They all just kind of think together. No one is the leader. The do everything in unison and think together and act in unison because they don’t have a real brain of their own. They’re chip implanted and controlled. As far as physic attacks go, I don’t know. I don’t even know how to answer that. I can describe what they can and can’t do. Psychic attacks...psychic things are usually demonic related and it’s usually demons that work through people that produce psychic things. I’m not sure the small greys could do that, but don’t write it in stone. I don’t know everything there is about small grey aliens either.

Comment from a listener: I kindof believe that when Obama gets into office, that he’ll declare that he’s a messiah figure. To satisfy the Rev. Wright crowd and New age crowd and much later in his presidency, turn his back on all who voted for him which would make the people more desperate for a change out of a market crash.

Sherry: He’s going to do that much sooner. You’ve got all the lizards just in awe of this new lizard that we’ve put into office. Even Oprah Winfrey is going to buy a house in D.C. just to be near him. “Scaly” I’ve seen that term recently to describe Obama in the Bible codes. He is a pure lizard. So it’s going to be interesting. He will declare himself...the thing is though, if he’s going to be the black messiah. If he’s going to be the Antichrist...which very well could be, folks. The last days leader of Babylon would be the Antichrist, so whoever is leading Babylon (Obama). Unless Obama hands the keys and reign over to this Maitreya and Sananda when they come to power, very well could be a black messiah. It’s in the Bible codes. I’ve talked about that forever, that there’s a black beast. I’m not talking about the black horse rider, there’s a black beast. They are two separate things. The black horse of the apocalypse is symbolic. When you talk about the black beast, it’s a Negro beast. He’s human; he’s a Negro and literally just a creature/beast. That’s referring to Obama. I think people are going to be turned off from him within months of him taking office.

It’s going to be a mess because things are going to happen very quickly. They really do want to implement 2009 as the year they finally implement one world government here. Gonna be a lot of chaos, a lot of martial law and a lot of death, destruction and plagues. I know they’re still working up something for New York City. I’ve been talking about that one for the last couple of weeks. Then Hal Turner had some kind of pictures on his blog of trains being seen outside of New York City. Six miles outside of mid-town New York in New Jersey, the passenger FEMA trains to haul prisoners in are starting to load up out there. Yeah...its coming folks. I’ve been warning about that. Also about Libya bombing Jerusalem and Damascus being at war. It’ll be Israel that’ll take out Damascus and maybe in retaliation Libya takes out Jerusalem. I don’t know. One of the reasons I see it, is Libya taking out the Knesset because Israel wants to rebuild their temple. When they rebuild their temple they don’t want to be ruled by the Knesset, so they’ll just have Libya take out the Knesset. They all work together. There aren’t any surprises anywhere. It was the same thing back in World War II. The United Nations but before they took hold they wanted to get rid of the Torah believing Jews. When they got their own land, the Talmud believing Jews (Satanists) could control Israel. So this whole holocaust thing was instigated by the Talmud Jews. Hitler was a Talmud Jew. They killed off all the Torah believing Jews so that when they did get their own land, they had control of it. The Talmud Satanists had control of Israel ever since. That’s really why things happened back in World War II.

Question: what do you mean “saturate” you area with Orgone?

Answer: That means just get it out there. Fields, trees, bushes, gutters, strip plazas. Get them on top of the roofs. If you have ditches, any kind of water. Just get as much Orgone in your area as possible because you want to saturate the air. It does best in water. SO if you have lakes, ponds and rivers....get it in the water. Clouds just soak up moisture and will draw up all the Orgone in the air. If you don’t, just get it out in fields and places it won’t be found. Just get it out there.

Question: Have you heard of Dr. Deagle on Google video?

Answer: Deagle is a hybrid. He’s one of these people that pose as a Christian but believes that mankind was created in test tubes by these reptilians and aliens. So he has nothing to say that I want to hear. If he doesn’t even believe that the Lord created Adam and Eve, but were created in test tubes by aliens, forget it.

Question from a listener: When we’ll we start seeing planet X? How close will it get to the Earth?

I don’t know when we’re going to see it. We’ll feel the effects of it first by spring. When I see Planet X coming it’s always in the spring, like May, June and July. It will cause so much destruction that it would put America into marital law, just from all the destruction it causes. Wiping out the coastlines, the earthquakes and this will be universal, everywhere around the world. You’ll feel the effects of Niburu coming before you see it.

Some of the things to watch out for: Jupiter igniting and becoming our second sun to hail the arrival of Jesus or Maitreya. Which ever one is going to hail themselves....usually it’s this Sananda as the return of Christ by having his own star again to mimic the star of Bethlehem.

We’ve even got some interesting things going on in the skies. Jupiter lining up as supposedly our second sun. And with this star that I was warning about that I see coming out of Orion...some kind of planet...some kind of coming out of Orion. I almost think this whole cubic city they’ve been building. I have a website on this at how they’ve been building this New Jerusalem. This thing actually exists. I remember talking to somebody years ago who was into this Illuminati stuff and had been taken to this literal city in space. This New Jerusalem that Satan has been building. I actually think that will be lowered out of Orion. IT might be this star; this orb. They can’t really describe it themselves in the codes. I think it could be this crystal city; this new Jerusalem coming down from Orion. That’s pretty much with the arrival of these ascended master idiots...with this crystal city. They’re going to play this charade to the hilt, just as we read it in bible prophecy. They’re going to reenact everything on their own. They’re going to have their own second coming of Christ, which is going to be Sananda and they’re going to have their own New Jerusalem which is going to be this brilliant looking city coming out of Orion. They’re going to use it all as bait, to fool you that they’re actually legitimate. That they’re heavenly beings, sent by god. That god is here now and going to establish his millennial reign here on earth. But to join it, you have to get their mark in or on your right hand or forehead there’s always going to be that initiation thing. That’s when you should run. That should set off every flag in your head stating that these beings are liars.

Question: I believe tat we’re in the first half of the tribulation. Do you?

Answer: I’ve always said, I don’t think anyone is going to realize that we’re in the tribulation until this Maitreya arrives. ‘Til the war on the Saints begins. That pretty much signifies the middle of the tribulation period. I know a lot of people in the churches...I grew up in the Baptist religion for so long...and I know the prophecy like the back of my hand. I’ve been studying bible prophecy since I was 7, 8, 9 years old. I read all the supposed gurus until I found out they were high ranking masons. Tim LaHay and Hal Lindsey and all these guys I used to love and adore...yuck. Now we know they’re all masons and steering people astray and giving them false info. Most people are thinking the beginning of the tribulation is Russia going to war against Israel. They totally got that
all wrong. This Ezekiel war doesn’t take place until after the millennial reign. So everyone is looking for this war to begin before they’ll even believe that they’re in the tribulation period. Another thing is the rebuilding of the Jewish temple. From what I’ve seen, that can happen so quickly...that by the time it does even happen, we’re in martial law. Most Christians...the Antichrist, this Maitreya or even Obama are at total war with the saints. Most are dead by then, before that even comes about. People are waiting on these tell tale signs; war between Russia and Israel, the temple being rebuilt. Most don’t think they will be here at all with this pre-trib rapture. People are so bamboozled with false theology that they’re not going to see anything that’s coming and they’re going to misconstrue everything. Even I have to step back and look at things. I remember the Lords warning to me; that I would even be surprised by the way things happen. So don[t get locked into any kindof a box; any kind of pre-set view that things are going to happen this way or that way. Things are going to happen that we don’t expect. That’s what the Lord has always told me. I try to learn everything I can so I’m not taken by surprise. The things that do surprise me, is this Sorcha Faal coming out with the info she’s been coming out with and people waking up. Those are the things that surprise me the most because we are in a time crunch. There’s not a whole lot of time left for people to be sleeping. We’ve got the second wave of home foreclosures coming. We’ve got businesses closing. We’ve got massive land destruction coming from Earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes. Job loss is reaching an all time high this spring. Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out behind the scenes, they’re coming to the front of scenes. You’ve got things on your home front to worry about. There are so many things coming from different directions.

Question from a listener: Most of the anti-New World Order groups that I’ve been seeing on the net are saying they’re being helped by the Nordics.

Answer: I know the Nordics. They claim to be very anti-New World Order, but they’re not. They’re just provocateurs. They’re just leading people astray as well. They have their own agenda; the Nordics do. They don’t want the New World Order; they want to put their own New World Order. They just have their own agenda. So I wouldn’t believe anything the Nordics say either. All these different alien races have a different agenda that they want to establish on earth. So they act like they love mankind and want to help us and they hate the New World Order too. It’s only because they want to establish their own agenda on Earth. Nordics have been around forever. Usually the ones you see in the skies besides the greys are the Nordics. Those are the ones who can also shape-shift and used as double agents...the ones you need to be careful about. A lot of these human groups that have welcomed these friendly Nordics in are going to be amazed at the double-cross that’s going to be happening down the road. You need to watch out.

Folks, there is just so much stuff coming, but what I want to encourage you on is just to stay focused on the Lord. There is great joy in tribulation. I can’t remember the exact quote, but it’s so true. You can’t have joy without tribulation and there is much joy in tribulation. He’ll lead us through everything that we need. You may not have what you want, but you’ll have what you need. I know people now are losing their jobs and getting a little panicked knowing about the times that are coming. We’ve been warning about these times that are coming for ages, so now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to really start seeking the Lord and getting strength and comfort from Him. He’s not going to end one thing for you and not open the door up for another. Especially for those who are seeking Him. He may need you out of where you’re at now so He can lead you somewhere else. Seeing that time is so short, He only has so many warriors; so many people that He can work with. Face it, most of the people here today that call Him Lord, He cannot use. He cannot use. They are not willing to do anything for Him. They are not willing to step out of their comfort zones and do something for Him. He doesn’t have that many people that He can use. So don’t be surprised if He starts moving you out of areas or things that you’re doing to put you somewhere else where He needs you. Like Ive said, He only has so many that He can use. He only has so many reliable warriors.

Reliable. That’s one term that you don’t see very often in peoples codes. Even in the times I have done personal codes for people I’ve seen that term “dependable” and “reliable” very few times in regards to people. When I do see it, it’s like “there’s a warrior for Yah.” They’re reliable and dependable. One of His go-to people. That’s what we need to be in these last days. Not someone cowering in fear of the things that are coming, but being one His go-to people. “Okay Lord, what do you want me to do? I’ll do it, just pave the way.” And just being available for Him.

Anyway, just a heads up on some of the stuff going on with the clash of the factions. I’m gonna try and get more info over the week from the Most High Himself with what’s really going on over there. Obviously we do have things going on where we have the reptilians and lizards fighting against giants and the Watchers. So that’s interesting. It’s the evil battling against the evil. Then you have the good guys; the anti New World Order humans fighting against them. Got like a three way war going on. So very interesting.

Heads up to the humans that are fighting; they need to not just use physical, but spiritual weapons. They need to get hold of this Orgone and use Orgone to fight these dimensional beings with. Orgone is dimensional. Bombs and missiles are not dimensional. They’re just going to be defeated themselves if they try and use those kinds of weapons against thieve aliens. These aliens can cause their own weapons to malfunction. Like Sorcha Faal says, they can lift the whole sea bed to block a missile and then cause a tsunami that kills millions of people. They have the ability to do that. The Orgone....they’ll never see coming. They’ll never see it. It just makes them sick and kills them. It’s like a silent poison to them; Very toxic. There are directions on my site for Orgone pipes. That’s what this navy and these forces need to be doing; making these Orgone pipes. Stick them in the sand. Stick them in the water. Stick them in the sea floor, the base of the oceans and have them lay there. Just get it out there. That’s what destroys them.

Anyway, I’m gonna close it up for this week. Like I said, I’ll spend the week trying to get more info from the Most High on exactly what’s going on with the Gulf of Eden, which is really interesting.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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