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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Transcribe 12-22-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio


Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live; it’s Monday night December 22. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to As I sit here and start my doodling for tonight. I usually sit here and start drawing things on a piece of paper when I speak because I never really know quite what I'm going to speak about. I just let the Lord lead me and guide me to what He wants me to say. I spend a lot of time during the week in the codes. I wrote out a bunch of stuff that I was finding in the codes, and wouldn’t you know, I don’t know where it is. I type things out and when I turn my computer off I lose stuff because I don’t save it. I pretty much have everything tucked away in my mind somewhere. The Lord just has to draw it out of me.

One of the dominant things I’m seeing; I'm going to talk about this Christmas miracle – this Christmas gag that’s supposed to be coming up. You know, Sherry Shriner isn’t going to look like such an idiot for very much longer. For about six, seven, eight years now I’ve been talking about things. People just shake their heads and think I’m completely nuts. When they see this stuff happening they’re going to start freaking out. There’s going to be a lot of people in an uproar because these things are going to come about. Most of the time I deal with things that are happening behind the scenes. It takes a while to get used to my websites and talk shows because I deal with things people can’t see. I’m kindof like a play by play referee telling everybody what’s really going on behind the scenes; behind the New World Order and the alien agenda and who really controls the strings of the New World Order. I’ve always given you the background info. All this stuff is going to come out of the background and be in the foreground soon enough.

It just dawned on me the other day because I keep seeing about how the veil is going to be lifted and things. It dawned on me, when we can see.... talked about Maitreya coming forever-this Iranian Mahdi- the 12 Imam. I don’t know if he’s going to use the name Maitreya or not. I have pictures on him at my website. When he comes....and it looks like Jesus and all of them are going to come as a group. They were supposed to have separate arrivals and that’s not working out. They have various different plans. I never know which thing they’re going to do, but when they do I’ll recognize it because I’ve seen all of it. They keep jumping around because they like to do things by surprise. They’re getting really ticked off at this radio show because I expose things. I just saw this in the codes yesterday or early today that I was a liability to the White House. I’m beginning to be too much of a pain in the butt for the House because I know too much and I blab everything I know. It really ticks them off.

This is going to get interesting because what dawned on me is when we can see them, that’s when the veil is going to be lifted. They’re fourth dimensional beings coming into our third dimension. Don’t listen to their lies where they tell you that they’re from the fifth dimension and masters of wisdom and ascended masters. They’re from the fourth dimension.

Anything that comes from the fourth dimension is Hell. It’s Hell. It’s the fallen angels. It’s Satan’s kingdom. When they arrive and we can see them the veil is lifted and all their little forces are going to come with them. The funny part is the Nephilim....they are the Nephilim and part of this Nephilim invasion that I’ve been warning about. That they’re returning. The veil is going to be lifted and we’re going to be able to see all of these demonic beings and alien beings and all of these beings that are part of Satan’s kingdom. I don’t know if he’s going to claim them or not. He may say “Oh, they’re demons and we’re angels and we’re here to destroy the demons”. I don’t know what he’s going to do because they’re such ugly beings.

There are different invasions coming. There are different types of forces associated with Satan’s kingdom. You have different rebellions. You have the Watcher rebellion. I’ve written plenty of articles about it. The Watchers fell from Heaven, came to Earth to procreate with human women. They were cursed but didn’t lose their angelic looks. They’re still very tall beings. They’re going to use technology; some kind of bracelet device they have to where they can turn on the glow so they look like angelic beings. They can turn the glow on. They can masquerade as angels; as angelic hosts. The Bible warns about that. Satan can transform; morph as an angel of light. He’s going to morph; shape-shift as an angelic being. That’s what they’re going to be doing.

The other rebellion: Satan’s rebellion....back before the Garden of Eden was even created; they were all cursed to where they lost their looks. That’s why you’ll see Satan as a scaly reptilian being in the Garden of Eden; described as a snake. They’re actually just reptilian beings. Lizards being another term for them. They lost their angelic looks, but Satan can morph. Satan can shape-shift into an angel of light and look like one of them. There are actually a bunch of alien races that don’t have to morph; they already look like angelic beings. Very tall. They fell from Heaven, but they didn’t lose their humanoid looks, I guess you could call them humanoid. They’re very tall beings.

It’s going to be very interesting that we’re going to be able to see all of this. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing, because a lot of you are just going to get plain grossed out and freaked out and surprised you’re even here to see it. The churches have always taught they would be raptured off the Earth before the tribulation period started. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re going to be here. They’re going to be the brunt of the Antichrist's war against the Saints. He’s coming after the church. They’re going to be the brunt of it. A lot of them have never been tested for their faith. They sing in church every Sunday how they’re going to be warriors for Jesus. Meanwhile they just refuse to do anything but sit on their butts and sing about it. So they’re going to be tested. Refined by the fire, as the Bible describes it.

Many others have already been tested. They don’t fear man. They don’t fear Satan. They’re willing to die for their faith right now and they show that with their actions. Their boldness in seeking to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order and of Satan’s kingdom that he’s trying to establish here on Earth. Different types of believers. Completely different levels of maturity and faith. The Warriors just so much more far advanced in their love and faith for the Lord because its their walk with Him that has built their boldness and built their faith...and they’re doers. They’re not just talkers and singers, they’re doers. They get out there and do what the Lord asks them to do.

So one of the most dominant aspects in this whole thing starting is with the Orgone. When I prayed years ago and asked the Lord, “How do we tear down the strongholds of the New World Order”? And He taught me how to make Orgone Blasters. And that’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve been putting Orgone Blasters all over the country. I’ve been sending it all over the world as a protection against aliens and demonic beings that are coming. They’re going to be here if this Christmas miracle pans out. This whole thing....they started this back in 2004 where they said there would be a Christmas miracle....we would see a star like the star of Bethlehem that announced Yahushua’s arrival and birth. They’re going to mimic the same thing. I’ve been seeing two different things. So that’s why I’ve been warning you guys to watch for two different things. Watch for Jupiter burning valiantly. Watch for a star coming out of the north; out of the Constellation of Orion.

Watch for a star coming out of Orion because Orion has been coming up in the codes an awful lot. Also with Jupiter. It could be either one that’s going to be played out. They want to pre-announce his coming arrival. He’s supposed to have this whole Blue Beam facade in the skies. This Hollywood production. The Bible codes call it a “simulation”. It’s fake. It’s phony. This whole thing where they have their arrival in the sky. "Jesus coming with his angelic hosts". And they’re singing hymns as they crash to the Earth because our Orgone is causing their ships to malfunction. That would be a sight. That might be why they forgo this grand entrance. But I don’t know if they’ll forgo it or not. I still see it either way where they’re going to arrive to Earth in a whole cascade of UFOs. This whole “here we are...we’re coming to Earth...we’re angelic beings...we’re from heaven.” That would take place in the Middle East , most likely because so much of the airspace in America we’ve been able to conquer and keep away from the chemtrails and the planes. Orgone; if you have enough saturated in your area, chemtrails won’t be able to stick in your area. They need the chemtrails. They need the barium to use for their holographics. So their holographics aren’t going to work if you don’t have chemtrails. Without chemtrails, this whole Blue Beam facade that they’ve been prepping for many years (won't work).

This whole charade of the second arrival of Jesus isn’t going to work I know we have Orgone in Israel so it’ll be interesting to see if they can pull this charade off there. As far as I know, we have Orgone in just about every country in the world. As long as this Orgone is outside, it is saturating the atmosphere. That’s why you’re seeing UFOs crashing now and they’re calling them meteors. Granted, some of them probably are meteors, but a lot of them I’m seeing in the Bible codes are UFOs crashing. The Orgone causes their navigation systems to malfunction. These UFOs will just crash. Some kind of clash that it has when they come into our dimension.

Orgone is dimensional anyway. Orgone can affect the fourth dimension. Our dimension you don’t really see any effects. It’s a positive energy. It’s actually very scientific. It also has to do with some kind of knowledge King Solomon had. I know it has something to do with the Ark of the Covenant. Orgone is an ancient energy. It’s something that was rediscovered by Wilhelm Reich. It wasn’t discovered by him, it was re-discovered by him. It’s an ancient energy. I see that all the time in regards to the Bible codes about Orgone energy. You’ll see terms, “Ark of the Covenant”, “King Solomon” and “David” and things like that. So this is an ancient energy that the early Israelites had with the use of quartzite crystals. It’s the quartzite crystals that are the power of this Orgone that we make that is disrupting Satan’s kingdom. So all these UFOs and these aliens that are coming that causes them to burn; it gives them boils. Definitely, the war is on between the Lord’s Warriors and the millions of Satan’s that are coming. Gonna be very interesting to see which route they decide to take.

They have been planning this Global Peace Initiative for 2009 which basically in normal speaking terms is global government. So they have to get moving. They don’t have a whole lot of time here. Satan’s on a timetable so they really do have to get moving.

What makes it interesting this year as opposed to all the others where they’ve threatened to come. Like I’ve said, they’ve been talking about this Christmas miracle since 2004. Every year they say this is the year they are going to have their Christmas miracle. They actually announced it in the Dow Jones and Company Market Watch website. They actually announced it there. So this isn’t just Sherry Shriner alien talk show stuff anymore. This is actually hitting the mainstream now. They’re actually announcing, “Hey, there’s going to be a Christmas miracle and we’re coming.” They will arrive eventually. I can’t tell you when, but I’m seeing it very soon because the crisis that they keep warning about that Obama is going to experience when he comes to office. I was laughing about this the other day because this isn’t going to affect us....its going to affect them. The crisis is when these “masters of wisdom” and all their forces arrive that arrive with them start dying; it’s a crisis for them, not us.

There are many things coming up in the codes. A couple different things that could work in the crisis here. That could be in the background. It could be in the foreground. What I see is a “swarming” in Libya . I think what happens is maybe they come to Earth....I know where their powerbase is going to be – Libya , Ethiopia and Iran . What I wasn’t expecting on seeing was “ Damascus - metropolis - terrestrial - landing strip” and a “conference” taking place in Damascus . So very interesting that Damascus could hold some kind of “Welcome to Earth” format for these aliens or something. I don’t know what’s going on. What terrestrial conference? But Damascus is involved with this. Interesting that it’s still even standing.

What I’m also seeing is Libya bombing Jerusalem . Ethiopia is also mentioned. I don’t know if Ethiopia and Libya are going to align or they’re going to go to war and then Ethiopia gets taken over by Libya . Either way, I’ve been warning to watch out for these three countries; Libya , Ethiopia and Iran because that’s the powerbase of this Maitreya that’s coming. Another name for him is Mede. The Bible talks about how the Lord is going to stir up the Medes and the Persians in the last days. The Medes are these Islam terrorists. The Persians are the Iranians. Interesting that back in 2003 I was warning, “Hey in 2009, I’m looking at a lot of missiles hitting American cities and Iran is behind it.” Throughout the eight years of Bush’s squatter-ship in the White House, he’s always kind of egged them on like, “C’mon, bomb us. C’mon...c’mon, c’mon.” Because they’ve always had a first strike policy. If Iran thought that we were going to go to war with them, they would strike us first. So you would always almost see Bush taunting and mocking them, almost begging them to go ahead and bomb us.

I don’t think America is ever going to war with Iran . I don’t see it. I see Iran involved with other things. I don’t see America directly involved in any kind of war with Iran . Iran is going to be so embroiled with its own problems here. We’ve got a second wave of home foreclosures hitting. I’ve been warning about the businesses closing. No home base, no commercial base. America is going to be in martial law. You’re looking at a correlation between martial law and complete chaos here in America because of our economic collapse, bank closures and stuff like that.

All that’s going to be taking place at the same time as all the stuff in the Middle East happens. Maitreya comes...the Arab Mahdi is here and they’re all foaming at the mouth over this rabid beast from Hell, calling him their messiah. He’s gathering his power base over there. Remember that the Antichrist has 10 nation power base. Pretty much is Libya , Ethiopia and Iran and he’ll get seven more. He’s going to consolidate a 10 nation confederacy of these Islam nations. Like I’ve said, it's nothing but these Islam terrorists. That’s all going to be led by this Maitreya.

Now he’s coming as a world teacher. He wants the world to hail him as a world teacher. He also wants to be recognized as the Mahdi to the Muslims, as the Imam; as the Krishna to the Hindu’s; as the messiah to the Jews; as Buddha to the Buddhists. He hails himself as a world teacher for all, religious or not and educated in the broadest sense. What’s going to happen; pretty much all of the European races are going to reject him; especially America . So he’s going to abandon any attempts of trying to win friendship.

Like I’ve warned you guys, they can’t stay nice for long. These are evil wicked beings playing angels. Playing ascended masters. Playing gods. They’re purely wicked and it’s not going to last long before you can see their true colors come out because they have vicious tempers. It doesn’t take a whole lot to set them off. They’re going to abandon trying to play Mr. Nice Guy...Mr. Nice Teacher, to where he’s just going to use brute force to take over the world. At this point he has his 10 nation Islamic terrorists lined up with him. He also has access to Satan’s forces. He’s going to have the 200 million locust/buzzards, whatever you want to call them, coming out of the Euphrates River . I believe that is Revelation chapter 9. I’ve talked about these different types of alien invasions coming. These forces that he has now.

One of the interesting things is that this arrival; I always see the terms, “locusts’ and “buzzards” that I assume is trying to describe the same type of being. They’re swarming. They could start swarming this January. January and February, I’m seeing them swarming. These are demonic beings. These are going to be a part of their forces, believe it or not. These aren’t just animals, but actual demons. They’re demonic beings that just look like locusts or buzzards or whatever. I know some of these prophecy guru’s say that’s describing a helicopter. They’d say that until they see one of these things. These locusts and buzzards that are coming up out of the abyss; out of the Euphrates River , are the ones that Orgone will kill. That’s why I’ve been telling everybody to get Orgone in your areas. The Orgone will kill these locusts and buzzards.

I have the directions on my website where you can make you own and get it out to protect your areas. It’s going to counter attack these locusts and buzzards. Very interesting when all of these things are swarming the land at the same time that they hit orgoned areas, it will kill them. So that’s our only really defense and protection against them.

Another type being that I see is the buffalo. Bison is just another term for buffalo. That always describes the titans that are coming. This Maitreya, Jesus, Saint Germaine and a whole group of them coming. They’re always called the buffalo. You know what we’re called? The humans on Earth? We’re the cattle-herd. That’s what they plan on doing. Rounding up all the humans on Earth like they’re cattle and throwing them in these internment camps.

Every nation is setting up these internment camps to where they can kill them. They’re going to terminate all resistors. What they’re going to call this is “cleansing.” This is the coming cleansing to where either go along with the new world order program or you’re going to be killed. That’s their way of cleansing the Earth of all the resistors; everyone who disagrees with them. In America we call it martial law. They’re just going to be rounding up all the New World Order dissenters. You’re going to see that happening at the same time as their arrival because it’s almost hand in hand. I’ve warned that this Maitreya is the Antichrist; the first beast. This Jesus that’s coming....this being that portrays Jesus is going to be the second beast. He’s the false prophet.

The first beast is Maitreya. The first thing he does is begin his war on the Saints. There is no rapture there. There is no hiccup in Revelation chapter 13 to where there are no Saints to capture because they’ve all been raptured. He begins his war on the Saints.

At the same time, you’re going to see the correlation of martial law beginning in America . You’re going to see an attempt by him; a world-wide conquest for a form of Islam. I’m not going to call it the Islam that it is today, even in its radical sense. He’s going to re-do things. They’re going to come to Earth and right all of our wrongs. Show us where we’ve all been in error and re-do all the religions and make one religion. You’re seeing this religion more and more and more. It’s about serving humanity. It’s more like a secular humanism with a humanity spin. We’re going to "serve humanity and have global peace". Then they bring in the world-wide Communism by calling it sharing. They want everybody to share everything but don’t take anything of theirs. They have all theirs pushed aside and hidden so nobody touches their stuff and want everybody else to share what they have. It’s coming. This world-wide Communism is coming. I see it in the Bible codes all the time signified by the terms “red” and “reddening.” The world is reddening and becoming more and more socialistic/communistic. That’s the kind of political banner that they’re going to be under.

I’ve warned about their whole economic program called NESERA. I have two websites on it, and where it talks about their economic agenda that they’re going to institute around the world when they arrive. This Saint Germaine fellow that’s coming with them; one of these ascended guru’s. One of these ascended masters. Masters of wisdom. He’s going to be the one to describe it and explain it supposedly on television on a series over days, whatever, lecturing people on what this NESERA is and bribing people into wanting to join. You have to go through this initiation. It’s not just going to be handed to you. In our terms, we know it as the Luciferian initiation. To where you take a global allegiance to this new economic program. I don’t know if they will come out and be so bold as to have a oath to where you vow your allegiance to Lucifer. They could be very bold and go ahead and do that, or they’re just going to mask it and say, “We’re going to have heaven on Earth. We’re going to have Shangri-la here on Earth. If you want to join out new kingdom you have go through this initiation and say this oath.” I don’t know what they’re going to do. They’re going to bribe people with money. You wonder where all these trillions of dollars have gone? You’ll know where it is when these guys come and say, “Join our program and we’ll give you $75,000 a month for all these umpteen years.” They want everybody to have the same income and have the same things, whatever.

It’ just a bribing tool, folks. Don’t fall for this. It’s not worth selling your soul over. They could hold that over like a carrot on a stick to get this chip or mark in or on your right hand or forehead, to join their kingdom. You’ll get $75,000 a month and you won’t be poor anymore. We’ll all be rich and live in the utopian society because everybody’s making $75,000 a month. And all the products supposedly are to drop way down so they’re not expensive. The workday has changed. It’s just bribing steps to get people to get that mark or that chip or whatever it is they’re going to require in or on their right hand or forehead. Once they have you do that, they have your soul. And guess what? These little buzzards and locust and all these demonic beings that don’t have bodies; they now have yours. Because when you join Satan’s kingdom and you receive that mark or chip or however they’re going to do it, in or on your right hand or forehead, you are giving your allegiance and soul to Satan. He now owns you. So he can kill you and just take over your body and one of these little demon beings can have your body. So your soul is dead. You go to Hell. As far as you know, you are in Hell. But on Earth, some demonic being has now taken over your body and is living in your body on Earth. That’s called soul-scalping and that’s what they’re going to do to all these people that are stupid enough to join Satan’s kingdom. They’re not going to use rhetoric and say, “I’m Satan. We’re going to set up Hell on Earth that’s only going to last temporarily until we can fool as many people as possible to join us. Then it all goes away and everybody becomes slaves because we are just liars. We aren’t really going to give you $75,000 a month. Only as long as we have to, so everybody sees that its working and they want the $75,000 a month and they join.”

It’s all a game. It’s all a big gimmick, folks. Don’t fall for it. The biggest cheerleader is going to be Obama because he’s one of them. I’ve warned you, he’s a lizard. He’s a creature. He’s a beast. The Bible codes call him a Negro beast. A black beast. A lizard. A creature. I haven’t called him anything that I haven’t seen in the Bible codes. I’m not just calling him a beast and a lizard and a creature because I don’t like the guy. I don’t know the guy. But I’ll tell you what. I can see what the Bible codes refer to him as. He is going to be the right hand man of this Maitreya that is coming.

I thought it was interesting that they’ve put a gag order on his family in Kenya from talking to the media. I had just seen in the Bible codes where the first thing he does in January is give Kenya a monetary payment. You have to wonder why he is paying Kenya . You know it has something to do with keeping Kenya quiet because he was actually born in Kenya and not Hawaii . So the first thing he does when he comes to power in January is make a money payment for a bribe. He’s got that worked out with them already. That’s why they’re being quiet over his birthplace in Kenya . He’s bribed them. He’s going to pay them when he gets into office. Whose money do you think he’ll pay them with? Taxpayer money. Who knows how many millions it’s going to take of taxpayer money to shut up the Kenyan government so they don’t expose Obama being born in Kenya ? So very interesting that he can hide all this stuff, but the Lord just shows it to me in the codes and boom, you’re busted. There’s not a whole lot I’m not going to see if the Lord wants me to see it. Yeah, he comes to office in January and pays off Kenya . Then he’ got a big crisis on his hands because locusts are swarming in the Middle East , which are these demonic beings. Then you’ve got Libya bombing Jerusalem or even New York City . I see them bombing both places.

The thing about New York City is that I don’t know if it’s literal New York City or our capitol in Washington D.C. because in the bible codes New York City is the capitol of Babylon . It actually is. We’re run by the bankers. Washington D.C. really doesn’t have any power. Wall Street has all the power in America . In the Bible codes it’s New York City that is the capitol of Babylon . So you don’t know if they’re bombing the capitol of Babylon – New York or just Washington D.C. the official capitol. I told you last week how Bush has been bribing Libya to bomb the White House because he’s furious that he has to leave. He is so narcissistic that if he has to leave and he can’t have the White House, he doesn’t want anyone else to have it. So he’s been trying to get them to bomb D.C. He’s worse than a two-year old, but it makes it interesting. Never a dull moment with Bush. Now you have stuff going on with Bush and stuff going on with Obama. December is not over yet. We’ve got two more weeks for Bush to still do more mayhem.

I know that a lot of people don’t think Obama will take office. Once he takes office, that’s it. I mean, short of death (which I’ve seen) I’ve always seen his death. I’d seen it back early last year. I never thought he would make it to the Democratic primaries because the New World Order folks were going to kill him. You had Hillary and all them back then planning his assassination. They’re always planning people’s deaths. I’ve got four death codes just for the month of December. They’ve only got two more weeks and they have to work on some new ones for January. They’re always working on assignation attempts. Because not only is Bush furious and wants me dead, but you have Obama coming in who is furious and wants me dead. It’s hysterical. Right now, it’s the most interesting time. We’ve had all year. It’s kindof exciting. It’s exhilarating because stuff is finally going to get going so we can get out of here.

Some people are just so in fear of everything that’s coming. I’m telling you; just put your faith in the Lord. IF we have Him, we don’t need to fear them. He says, Fear not, I am with You. So why do we fear? Don’t fear them. If I die tomorrow, I’m done. My work on Earth is done! I’ve done what the Lord asked me to do and I’m done. How many of you can say the same thing? That’s why you’re fearful. Because you haven’t been living for Him and now all of a sudden you find yourselves...the days are closing to an end and you’re getting a little worried because you haven’t really been doing what the Lord wanted you to do. Well, now is the time to start, folks. Now is the time to start. You literally only have...if you have six months to do anything left for Him. I’m telling you, by September this country is going to be in complete shambles. Probably earlier than that; much earlier. But we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and push it to September, even though I’m seeing actions starting from January, February, March, April and May. Just those five months more than most people will be able to handle in a lifetime. A lot of action happening in those first five months of 2009.

Get it done now. Whatever the Lord is asking you to do, do it. The only way you’re going to know is to keep bugging Him. Ask Him to reveal to you what it is He wants you to do. Ask Him to reveal to you the truth in all things so you can get all of the deceptions out of your head. I grew up a pre-trib rapture theorist for 30 years, or whatever. I never believed it; there was always something wrong with it to me. Even as a child, there was something wrong with it. You have to skirt scriptures to make it work. When you have to do that then throw the theory out; it doesn’t work period. Just ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to you. Stop listening to your pastor. Most of them aren’t even teaching Bible prophecy in the churches today, so when this stuff starts happening in the churches today, you’re going to have Rick Warren and Benny Hinn and all these little beast preachers that are Satanists telling the people to worship Maitreya. To accept this new global religion of serving humanity. It’s almost like a Communist religion; one where we all just serve humanity. It’s humanistic.

So that’s what’s coming. So many people are going to be deceived and in camps before they even know what’s happening. The trains are going to be rounding up patriots and big mouths and America is going to announce martial law. Everything is kindof correlate with the same timing as Maitreya’s arrival or their arrival in the Middle East . They better be gearing up now, expecting America to just be going into an uproar over their arrival. Americans aren’t going to accept it. I don’t know what’s going on in other countries, but America is not going to accept these ascended masters. They’re going to know what they are. They’re going to know that they’re just fallen angels masquerading as ascended masters because they’ve had people like me for the last 10 years sounding the alarms and warning them of what’s coming. So when they finally see it, they’re going to recognize it. So that’s going to play in the wrong hands for them, but in the right hands for us because then people will be aware of what’s going on. So is going to get interesting on exactly how much of an uproar there will be here in America when it happens.

They’re going to be busy over in the Middle East consolidating his ten nation powerbase. There’s going to be some action in Israel . Jerusalem possibly being bombed by Libya . Then you have Damascus being turned into a parking lot eventually. So you should have some wars going on over there, but in America it’s going to be martial law and a total economic collapse. You’ll see economic annihilation. That is retaliation.

I’ve warned about who runs the governments of the world. These Watchers; this Ashtar Command. That’s really who they are. They call themselves the Masters of Wisdom and Ascended Masters, but they’re all really part of this Ashtar Command. This space command group. They rule over America . They rule over all the countries of the world through their children. You’ll recognize them...who was it? Rick....his name escapes my mind. It’s on my website You can read about the 13 Illuminati bloodline families. These are the direct children of these aliens. This is their human offspring on Earth and they rule the Earth through them. They’re kindof sitting above the Earth and they rule the Earth through their serpent seedline offspring children on Earth. There are 13 dominant family lines on Earth that they rule through. These are the children that run the banking and the governments and are establishing the New World Order in the world. It’s going to be interesting. I totally lost where I was going with all of that, but you can read about that at my website

So we’ve got that to watch out for in January, February and March. This whole locust/alien invasion. Both the arrival of this Ashtar Command...this Jesus/Sananda and Saint Germaine. That’s why I’ve been telling you guys it’s important to start calling Jesus by His real name. I know that when a lot of you talk about Jesus, you’re referring to the Son of God. His real Name is Yahushua. It’s important to start calling Him Yahushua because Jesus is the name of one of these Ashtar Command aliens that I’ve been telling you is one of Satan’s generals. That’s his name, Jesus. Start calling the Son of God by His real Name which is Yahushua. That way there’s no big misunderstanding in the last days when you are talking about who you worship – Yahushua the Son of God. Jesus the son of god is an ascended master claming to be a son of god and an ascended master and everything else. So just start calling the Son of God by His real Name, Yahushua.

It’s going to get interesting. If they do pull this Christmas miracle thing off, I guess that’s when we’ll really know. We’ll find out in a couple of days anyway because I don’t think they’re going to arrive on December 25th, but they’re going to start their star thing and maybe blow up Jupiter. They already had an attempt several years ago in a practice run when they shot a nuclear payload to Jupiter to see if it would blow it up. That’s what they are planning to do. I think its Cassini or Gemini; one of these space ships that NASA sent up to blow up Jupiter on a practice run.

Watch for Jupiter. Watch for this burning star coming out of Orion. The constellation of Orion is the largest constellation in the sky right now in the northern hemisphere. You won’t see it in the southern hemisphere, but the bulk of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere. If you don’t know what Orion looks like, do a google on it or go to Wikipedia or something so you can get a description of this constellation. Because when you go outside, you’ll see it. If it’s a starry night you’ll recognize it right away. The belt of Orion is three stars in a row. Once you locate that, you’ll recognize the whole constellation. That’s actually Satan’s seat in space; in the heavenlies. It’s in the constellation of Orion. I know he’s got temples. Some kind of big temple on Saturn. On Mars. In the moon. He’s got temples all over the place. But this Orion is where a lot of these Watchers; these Nephilim are coming from. They’re going to be here to play their games. They’re going to be here to “help” mankind. They want to “help” humanity. They want to help us in our transitions and all this crap. They’re not here to help; they’re here to destroy. They love you if you agree with them. If you don’t, they’re going to kill you. But they’re better than religion. They’re better than religion. I mean, they’re going to come to Earth and tell us what’s wrong with religions and they have the same mentality; love us or we’re going to kill you. That’s the same thing the Catholics did for years in the Inquisition. That’s how they built their wealth. The same thing with Islam. You’ve got this radical Islam. Worship Allah or we will kill you. That’s why I hate religion. They’re used for agendas. They’re used to push purposes and agendas. God isn’t about religion, it’s about relationship. That’s why I’m a Believer in the Most High God, but I’m into relationship and not the religion, “Believe or I’ll kill.” We leave judgment in the hands of God; we don’t take it ourselves.

It’s going to get interesting for the next five months, folks. You need to prepare. Some of you need to prepare to be homeless. Especially with the wave of foreclosures that are coming through with businesses and homes. Just being able to hold onto the homes you live in. Joblessness. The jobless rate is going to shoot through the roof. I live in Ohio and I’m watching it dismantle one city by one city at a time. The foreclosures now, the big employers just closing down and moving out....shutting down totally. Don’t believe what the government is telling you because they are really hiding the true numbers of the jobless right now. Also foreclosures.

Everything is playing together right now with the economy tanking and the arrival of the ascended disasters that are coming. Everything is kindof correlating. So when Obama comes to office not only has a society on the brink of total chaos to deal with, but also the fact that his buddies are coming to Earth finally and they’re dying because the Orgone is killing them. And they have to come after all the Orgone Warriors and try and stop the Orgone. Try and figure out what it is that’s making them sick and killing them and then try and stop it. So they’re going to be a little busy. It’s gonna be interesting. It’s gonna be interesting.

I don’t know, I’m just excited. I’ve seen this coming for so many years now, and finally its here....maybe, if they do come....if they do arrive and we’re not stuck for another year. I would just die if I had to go through a year of Obama. I can’t stand looking at him. He’s not even a real human. He’s got some kind of a cloned body because he’s a lizard. The only way that lizards can operate on Earth is through cloned bodies or soul-scalped humans. He’s either been soul-scalped or he’s a cloned being. Who knows what happened to the original Obama? I don’t know. The one we have in office is not even 100% human. Just listening to him speak...his voice, and looking into his dark, soulless, black eyes is nauseating. But that’s what we have to look forward to folks. We had ding bat Bush and now we have lizard/creature Obama.

It’s going to get really interesting, but actually enlightening because you’re going to start to see the victories that the Lord’s people are going to have over the strongholds of these strongholds of Satan and over these forces of Satan and the New World Order. We’re not always victims of their agendas. So many are fall as victims to their agendas over the next several months just through martial law round-ups. Once you see the martial law round-ups begin, just get out, folks. If the Lord is leading you to head to the mountains, or the deserts or the hills or wherever He is telling you to go. Go. Life in America is never going to return back to the way that it used to be. We’re not going back to 2006, 2005, 2003 or 1999. We’re not going back to the way it was. It’s going to get worse and worse and worse. People are going to be fighting for their mere survival. Not against any foreign enemy invading our country other than these alien invasions, but our own government coming after us. It’s our own government that we are fighting. So just do what you have to do and do what the Lord leads you to do. If you have to defend and fight against federal goon squads from taking you and your family to an internment camp, that’s going to be the last chance you have to try and survive.

Once you get to an internment camp they’re going to put you on a train and incinerate you. These trains can pull right up into an Amtrak garage, drop the bottoms off, and drop you out of the train from the bottom of the train. From these floors that move and incinerate you and kill you. Put it this way, once you get onto train you’re never getting back out. Then can just put you in these trains and the floors come out of them. There’s a huge facility in Indianapolis . The Amtrak station that they were converting is going to be one of the large incinerators around the country. There’s one in Fairbanks , Alaska . One in Indianapolis and there’s a couple others around the country. They’re like mini Auschwitz ’s. They just kill the people. So yeah, don’t get on a train. Don’t let the government goon squads round you and your families up to take you to these internment camps. It’s going to be a fight for survival, folks. So you need to prepare to be able to defend yourself against being taken prisoner.

I get a lot of hesitancy from people because they’re almost afraid to defend themselves. But your right to life was guaranteed in the Constitution of America and you’ve got lizards and aliens and demonic beings posing as humans, running our government who don’t give a crap about our Constitution of America ready to just kill you and your family. You better believe that you have a right to defend yourself. I have an article on this A Call to Arms. I wrote it several years ago. Especially for those of you with a conscious of arming yourselves and whether it’s right or wrong or what you should do. Listen to your pastor who is saying to bend over and kiss their butts? It’s no. They’re all being recruited by the government to use Romans chapter 13 to put people into a passive state to just submit and obey the government. What does the Lord say? What does Yahweh say? That we are to submit to the government until it conflicts with what He says, and then we follow Him. That’s the bottom line. You submit to a government until they conflict with what He says. So don’t be afraid folks, of what’s coming; just be prepared. Just be prepared.

Get Orgone in your areas. Guns and ammo. Be able to have food, water and medicine stocked up. If the stores close and they’re gonna be, you may not even have access to get to a store to buy anything because they’re closed. These businesses are going to be closing just as much as home foreclosures because they can’t afford to stay in business and pay the rents. Just a total economic bust coming that’s been orchestrated for years. Everything hitting at once, it seems.

I’ve warned about the bathtub effect where one thing begins and all of a sudden the water starts coming out of the tub slowly, then at the bottom the water gushes out very quickly. Exactly what’s going to happen with this. Over the next couple of months, not only watching our economy completely tank, but watching Libya rise as a real terroristic threat on the world with these rouge suitcase bombs and stuff they’re going to be using to go after Jerusalem , possibly New York City and Washington D.C. We’re going to see them align with Iran and Ethiopia . Maitreya is going to consolidate a powerbase over there of these Islam radicals; these Islamic terrorists. That’s what’s going to be happening over the next several months. Also the arrival of the Watchers. The Annuniki. The Nephilim. Whatever you want to call them. The Bible codes calls them Titans. Also the locust invasion which is I’m aligning with Revelation chapter 9.

Just be prepared that things are going to happen in an order that you don’t expect them to. That’s one thing that the Lord has always said to me. He’s said, things are going to happen that you don’t expect. So have an open mind about the things that are coming. Just because something isn’t happening the way you expected it to. That’s what’s going to throw a lot of people off. They’re not going to recognize the times that they’re in because they expect things to happen in a set timeline in a set way. That’s why I’m warning to be prepared for things to happen in ways that you haven’t already prepared yourself to think that they’re going to happen in a certain way. Just keep an open mind on the way they’re going to happen and don’t get boxed in on church theologies. Because things are going to be different than what the churches theologies have told you. You can read the Bible and know what’s going to happen. The problem is, most people don’t read the Bible for themselves. The pastors interpret and tell them what it says. Tell them what to believe.

We’re looking at Joel. Joel chapter 2 for everybody that’s following Bible prophecy. Joel chapter 2 coming up. I’ve seen Joel in the codes all the time. So when you see this Maitreya and this Jesus coming, you’re looking at Joel. So that’s where we’re going to be with Bible prophecy.

Alright, until next week everybody...I’m not sure about the date next week. I may not be here next Monday. I know this Friday I’ve got a radio interview with Warriors Society Radio. I’ll be sending an announcement out to my list on that. I’ll be live this Friday night at 11 o’ clock Eastern Time on Warriors Society Radio. So you can listen to that. Also gonna be doing an interview with Dr. Carley’s What’s Ailing America, a show she runs one of these Saturdays. As soon as I can hook up a Saturday with her. It doesn’t look like the next three I’m going to be able to get with her. It might be a month before I can even get on her show. She’s asked for an interview. I’m looking forward to this Friday nights with Warrior Society Radio. They don’t censor their shows. First thing I asked was, “Can I talk about aliens?” They said, “Yes.” I said, “Okay, I’ll do your show”. Because you cannot understand what’s going on with the New World Order in the next six months unless you understand the concept of who and what is running the Earth. These aliens are coming to Earth and they’re not ascended masters; they’re fallen angels. This whole Satan’s agenda coming to Earth. We’re looking at Revelation chapter 12 and 13 kicking off. So its going to get very interesting the next six months.

Until next week everybody, or the week after. I might not have a show next Monday night. I’ll let you know. I’ll put an announcement on my website.

Until then everybody, Yah bless.

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