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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sherry Talk Radio Transcribe 12-08-08

Sherry Talk Radio


Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night December 8, 2008 . We’re moving quite along into one of the coldest Decembers I can remember. It is cold outside, especially if you have to sit out there and make Orgone. Even with a kerosene heater, your hands just want to freeze to death....fall off.

I want to thank all those who support me in my ministry. I couldn’t do it without you and I love each and every one of you. So I wanted to start the show off by thanking all of you for your support. Some of you have been with me for quite a few years now. It’s comforting to know that out of all the millions that do hate me, there are a handful that actually do pray and have a relationship with the Most High and have asked Him about me and He’s has told them that I’m one of His. You’ve stuck with me through all these years; all the attacks.

The closer you get to the Lord, the more that Satan hates you. The more that he attacks you. Especially when you get off the couch and start doing things that the Lord asks you to do. You know, Satan can’t stand that. He's got billions of dollars in technology in ELF towers and everything he has erected all over the world and especially all over America, to dumb you down and make you passive, not want to care about anything or do anything. On the other hand, it just seems like he can use so many people that he can just walk in and use as he wants to, to do his bidding for him. And (they) just become hate mongers, attackers, and really go after the Lord’s Warriors and His people.

We really are fighting a war where we are completely outnumbered. But the humorous thing is no matter how many of them there are, all we need is the Lord Himself. All we need is Him. That’s why He always tells us not to fear man; not to fear them. Not to fear anyone who comes against us. If He is for us, who can be against us? Satan has been trying to shut me up and stop me for years now. It hasn’t gotten him anywhere. I don’t care how many hate websites go up over the internet about me. I don’t care how many forum boards bash me, hate me and spread lies. It hasn’t stopped me; that motivates me. The angrier Satan gets, and the more and more people that he uses out of his anger....the more I know that I’m doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do. That’s some of the biggest confirmation out there, folks. I find it amusing.

I tend to hibernate a lot more. I keep to myself. I’ve always been that way, anyway. I get emails everyday from people that I don’t know. A lot of them are hate emails that I don’t even read. If they sound like hate emails or spam emails or emails from people that I don’t know. There’s a lot of stuff that I don’t read. Some I’m going to answer later, and I never get to later. So some of them go unanswered simply because I put them for later and I never get back to later. But the people that I’ve been with for years; you know that I love you. If I’m not answering emails its just out of hindsight or blind sight. It’s not because I’m ignoring you or anything like that.

One of the things that I’ve been seeing in the codes over and over again: I’ve told you about how the Lord has kept me up with the coming Christian persecution. Regardless of what the auto industry is doing or the failing banks, or the economy going to Hell in a hand basket, the end result of that is going to be Christian persecution in America. It is coming. There’s going to be a headon collision; a head on war when Satan arrives on Earth. That’s what I keep seeing over and over again. They’re trying to leave space now. It’s so miserable in space for them just being in the Moon, being in their ships and being on their little star planets they have all over the place right above our horizon. They can’t breathe and they’re burning because the Orgone is saturating the Earth. So many of them have put up these little star like orbs and starship looking things right above our horizon, that they’re just within our own aerospace and they’re being affected by this Orgone. So you’re seeing a lot of their ships crash to the Earth. I’m hearing about it from different countries, different states. Somebody sent me an email today; they actually have one of video and you can see some of them on You Tube. Some people are posting videos of these UFOs crashing. Of course, the general propaganda is that it’s meteors crashing to Earth. Some of them might be, but I’ve seen a lot of UFOs and I know they’re are crashing. I see it in the codes.

There definitely is a war going on. So when Satan finally does get kicked out of space; if you read Revelation chapter 12 where Michael stands up and kicks him out of space. He finally gets tired of him and he gets the okay from the Lord and casts Satan to Earth with all of his angels. They come very angry. I’ve been talking for years about how I kept seeing in the codes where Satan’s big time...the one he’s been waiting for, for thousands of years now. He’s been plotting his arrival on Earth where he can declare that he is God and make everybody worship him as God. But instead of coming as some nice, charming ascended master, he’s going to be angry. So you have to laugh. I think it’s funny. He’s very hot tempered; they all are. You hear about these ascended masters I’ve been talking about them myself for years. I have websites on them. You’ve got this whole Ashtar Command, this Jesus/Sananda, this Maitreya, this Saint Germaine. All these New Age ascended masters...they’re all very hot tempered and get angry very quickly. So it’s going to be very hard for them to play these nice spiritual beings from Heaven when they’re such hot heads. And they’re evil; they won’t be able to stay nice very long. Especially when they get into these orgoned areas. The country is covered by it. The world is getting there. The Lord can certainly blow it around the world as Orgone. We put Orgone out and it permeates in the atmosphere, and the Lord can blow it around where He needs it. So every time the wind starts to pump up, I just laugh. I’m just like, “Yeah, take it over there to the Middle East and dump it.”

One of the things, back to what I was originally talking about; the Lord was telling me that in the Middle East the giants are here. I’ve been talking about the coming Annuk invasion and all these different UFO and alien invasions that are coming. They’re certainly here already. I’ve talked about how I keep seeing in the Bible codes about Maitreya, Sananda and all these different Annuks and giants hiding in the deserts. The Lord confirmed to me that they are hiding in the deserts. Recently I’ve seen in the codes, “ Red Sea ” “ Dead Sea .” They’re going to be flushed out of these desert areas simply because of the wars that are coming. Just in Iraq alone, all of the radiation that’s being blown around. They’re going to be chased out of the deserts. So watch Africa . Watch for them to start arriving and appearing more so publicly to mankind. Watch it coming out of Africa , because that’s pretty much where I think they’ll head. And they’re going to have a rude awakening in Africa too, because we have Orgone all over Africa . So they’re not going to be very happy.

You know, we’ve worked hard for this. I’m certainly not one sitting here that wants to make Satan’s arrival to Earth very comfortable. I serve the King. I’m a child of the King. Satan is His adversary. I hate Satan. Satan is our adversary. It is a’s definitely a war. I’m going to do everything I can, and so are the other warriors that have stood up, to make it as miserable here as possible.

Another thing I’m seeing is a rise of leprosy. This leprosy is going to become an international plague. It’s going to freak people out. It’s going to shock nations. So watch for a rise of leprosy. This leprosy is a plague from the Most High Himself. His judgment is on mankind. It’s just going to shock a lot of people. I was watching some video tapes I had gotten a week of so ago. These Shocking Asia tapes that somebody had mentioned on one of my lists, so I went ahead and ordered them. They were made like back in the 70’s. They are very old tapes. It mostly talks about Asian countries; Thailand , a little bit of China , Malaysia and some of these other Asian countries over there. They showed this leper colony inside China . This was back in the 70’s. There weren’t that many people in it. They may have showed 10 – 20 people in it. It was just an eye-opener. These people that were suffering from leprosy; leprosy doesn’t discriminate by age. You can be a child. You can be an old person. You can be an adult. It does not discriminate by age. Some of the effects of it are....completely nasty. If you’ve read the New Testament, you’ve read about the lepers sitting outside the gates of the city begging for food. When you see what a leper looks like....this leper colony that they had featured from China ; their skin is just a gray, ashen color. They look like the walking dead. It’s a plague that starts eating away at your skin. The first thing that I noticed that goes on these lepers, because they had different lepers in various stages....their fingers would disappear. Their fingers were eaten off, and then it would move to their feet. It would eat their toes, and eventually their feet and their legs. So they’d be missing limbs. It eats at their face. A lot of them have like half-noses. Eventually they just succumb and die of pneumonia. It’s a very slow and grotesque disease to where your skin just gets eaten by it. This is on the rise.

It was interesting that a week or two ago I was reading an article where there are 15 million cases of leprosy around the world. I’ve been seeing leprosy appearing in the codes for over a year now. I was thinking it was coming, but it’s already here. 15 million? And it’s going to rise. It’s going to shock a lot of people. No one that’s in the Lord has to fear it. If you’re one of the Lord’s people and He’s your Messiah; you’ve been saved by His Grace and you’re doing the things He don’t have to worry about it. It won’t touch you. People just need to stay focused in the Lord and not fear about some of these coming plagues.

I see other things coming up; they’ll attack the Orgone Warriors as terrorists because Yah is using His Warriors to tear down Satan’s strongholds. He says over and over again, not to fear them. Don’t fear them. I certainly don’t. I just want to give that encouragement to other warriors out there. You get attacked just for going to my websites. You get attacked for just putting out Orgone. That’s just the life of a warrior. The more you’re awake and the more you love the Most High, the more that Satan attacks you. He clearly says, don’t fear them. When you’re in His Hands, what is Satan compared to Him?

Another thing I also see: Libya and New York City . I’m always seeing them in the codes now. A huge jump in the times they’re mentioned in the codes since September alone. I half expect to see a terror attack of some kind on New York City , or even the White House itself. If Bush has to leave, he’s not going to leave quietly. He’s always acted like a two-year old with his temper tantrum problem. I don’t expect him to leave quietly. I’ve seen in the codes that he’s trying to stay in office. If he has to leave....he’s already working on bribing Libya to bomb the White House when he leaves it. I’m not saying that he’ll succeed in it, but he’s working on it.

It always seems that when I expose their plans in the codes, they just change to something else and I just look like an idiot all the time. That’s alright. I’ll look like an idiot and spare a lot of people’s lives, just so they have to change their plans and do something else because they’ve been exposed. Once I expose things on the air, I don’t know if they’ll still go through with it or not. It’s interesting that when I do announce things that are written in the codes...I’ll talk about something on my radio show. Later it’ll just drop and you won’t see it in the codes anymore. So you can correlate and put two and two together. Once I announce something, they cancel it and go on to something else. I’ll just start announcing things I see; that way they’ll just cancel it and move on to something else. That’s what I’ve seeing. He’s actually working with Libya . Libya is his ally. And Libya is Maitreya’s ally. And now we have Obama coming into office and he’s gonna be Libya ’s biggest friend because they’re all...I guess you could say lizard buddies or Muslim buddies. Islam seems to tie those guys together. But that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Bush on his way out of office is trying to bribe Libya into attacking New York City or Washington D.C.

Other terms I’ve seen in the codes with that are, “white planes”. These little white chemtrail planes that you see will also be used for an Anthrax attack. And also balloons. Interesting I also see that in the codes every once in a while, “balloon”. That’s what they’ll use for these chemical and weapon attacks. Congress needs to watch their back, because Bush spent so much of his time in office putting all of these executive orders in place so that if there was an attack, or the next 9-11 on American soil, he could declare an emergency and then declare martial law and become a dictator. He had all this stuff in place to do that and now he’s not going to be the one that gets to see that happen. It’s going to be Obama. Obama takes office in January. He’s got everything in place, legislation-wise through executive orders to become a literal dictator. All we need is one disaster here in America and he can declare martial law, dissolve Congress and declare himself a dictator. That’s exactly what he plans on doing. It’s what Bush planned on doing and Obama isn’t going to be much different. So a huge attack; some kind of Anthrax, chemical or bio-attack on New York City or Washington D.C. would definitely do that.

I found it interesting; when I was looking at an Obama code about a month ago where he was going to move the capital of the United States . I assume that would be over to Colorado, because there’s been mumblings and grumblings about that for the past year...moving the center of power over to Colorado where they have NORAD and Peterson Air Force Base and a lot of things over there. It’ll be interesting if he did that. And if Bush blows up the White House, it kindof helps Obama because Obama could just move over to Colorado . I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot of people upset if the White House is blown up at this point.

With Congress; it the same thing because they’re not going to be needed. In a dictatorial society, nobody wants somebody behind them telling them what to do. Congress for sure would be up for attack. I know they’re all ingrained...”oh don’t worry, when something happens to America , we have these underground bases for you and your family.” All you have to do is show your little pass, show up at the little airport or landing strip or wherever they have pre-planned to meet. They’re going to hustle Congress off and keep them all safe during a nuclear attack on America . That’s such hogwash! It might look good on paper. Their little plans...they make it look real. They have practice runs where they promise them all safety from attacks on America and tell them where they’re going to put them. You would have to one stupid duck to get into one of these planes to be protected by our government, even if you didn’t know they were lizards/aliens; because they’re just going to be food. They’re going to stack up this whole Congress and all these gullible, stupid people that have been going along with all these charades all these years because they were promised that them and their families would be protected. They’re going to put them all in these underground bases. They’re just going to be food storage for the aliens. The aliens eat people. They eat humans. If all the humans on top of the planet what we know as Earth. We’re on top of the planet. If we’re all undergoing death and destruction, what do you think they’re going to be eating if they want some fresh meat? They’re going to be eating the humans that they have stocked in all these underground bases. It doesn’t pay to be evil, folks. It doesn’t pay. They’ve all been listening to Satan’s lies and they believe them. They’re going to learn for themselves the hard way....the hard way, what a liar he is. When the Lord called him the “father of lies”, that’s because he is a liar. So it’s going to be very interesting.

An Annuniki invasion is very dominant in the codes. Another thing I want to mention is not only are the giants part of Lucifer’s forces, but also the Chinese Army and the Arabs. They’re big parts of Lucifer’s forces. This whole Islam thing and all these Chinese; this whole...probably tens of millions in the Chinese Army; those are part of Satan’s forces, folks. So when you read Joel 2 and you see these invasions that are coming; I always see “Joel” mentioned in the codes. Whenever you see the mention of the giants and the Chinese Army, Joel will always pop up. I’m assuming that would be Joel chapter 2 because it’ll be right there in the codes. You need to spend some time reading Joel chapter 2. Very descriptive. Very interesting that we truly are out numbered. Just regular Israelite humans.

I put up an article a couple of weeks ago talking about how the judgment of the tare nations is coming. And here it is. It’s starting with this whole leprosy outbreak. I’ve been warning about this leprosy. Several weeks ago on November 7th, I posted this article: Judgment of the Tare Nations is Coming.

I’m going to read it verbatim.

Yahweh (pronounced Yah huah) recently told me....Tell them the Orgone will destroy the tare races and that NOW is the time to repent, even for the tares who have the choice to do so.

The Judgment will be set for many if they refuse to do so..

Tell them everything you know.

Time is coming quickly for things to end the way they are now. There is not much time left....things are ready...they are ripe for Judgment and Repentance.

Judgment is set for the world. Repentance is a personal choice.

You can choose to repent, or you can choose to keep on living your life the way you have been, and you’re going to be judged for it. All these tare nations; China, Malaysia and all these Asian nations. You’ve got Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Vietnam. All these Asian nations that are serpent seed and hybrid nations....

Just because you’re born of a serpent seed bloodline does not mean you cannot receive the Lord’s Salvation. The Lord’s Salvation is open to all. So if you are Asian or Japanese or Korean; you can accept the Lord’s Salvation and follow Him and choose to serve Him. Repentance is a personal choice. Of course, some people will never be able to; especially the ones who Satan has here on Earth to fulfill his purposes who are born on Earth to do exactly that. They’ll never choose the Lord; so you don’t have to worry about them.

From what we can read in prophecy, most aren’t. Most of the world...all 6 billion are apostate and they hate Him. They don’t want to do what He says to do. They’re listening to the New Ager’s. They talk about how Jesus was just a fourth level ascended master and blah, blah, blah. They’re going to have a rude awakening when leprosy starts eating all their skin off. A rude awakening because His Judgment is already here and Satan will combat it.

I found it interesting; I was reading somewhere. I was even talking about it myself, how the Pope would run. How he would leave Rome. Yesterday I put two and two together. Leprosy is going to hit Rome. He may run from Rome, either because of war – the Muslims are coming against Italy. We know that Maitreya is fully planning on going to war with France and Italy when he finally arises to power. He could run because of the war, or he runs because of the outbreak of leprosy that’s there. It’s going to be interesting to see which one it is. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. The Judgment of the Lord; you can’t run from the Judgment of the Lord. He may think he can hide, but you know what? When he dies, his soul is going to Hell. Was it really worth it? Was it really worth it to live in these 10 million dollar mansions and have all these fancy cars...or have all these big bank accounts, but when you die you just go to Hell for eternity. Was it really worth it? Is it worth it to sell your country down the river over to aliens and Satan himself and satanic agendas? Just because someone promised you when crap hits the fan, they’ll pick you and your family up and take you to a base where you’ll be protected? Is it worth it then to find out you were fooled; you were lied to, because all they’re going to do is imprison you in one of the bases and use you as food?

I find it amusing that even some of these people that have talked about visiting underground bases and have described the security down there. They don’t get a good look at them and they don’t really like them either because they’re dressed all in black and don’t act human (these are all hybrids or cloned beings they’re using for security in the underground bases.) They always talk about all the security they see. Do they ever put two and two together? You know what? If this is a secured underground facility....which I’ve never heard from anybody saying, “Hey I stumbled on an underground base”. I’ve never, ever heard or seen of anyone accidentally stumbling on a base, getting inside and coming out to talk about it. The stories we have heard from Congressmen who have actually gotten a trip or tour of an underground base or whatever...and the dominant thing is how much security they saw down there. So if nobody gets down there, why is there so much security there? You know why? Because they’re going to keep the people that are down there......down there. They’re not coming back out. They’re not coming back up. Very amusing.

I’ve been talking about these joint military bases. We have these joint alien and military underground bases where they work on technology where government prefects the ability to build UFOs....because Satan is going to need them. He can’t use his own third dimensional craft in the fourth dimension because are crashing his third dimension craft. The Orgone is crashing his third dimension craft. So the only way he can fly is with fourth dimensional aircraft. Lucky for him, our space command has been busy for 40 years perfecting their abilities to build and fly what we call UFOs.

Just another heads up on the persecution that’s coming....that personally I don’t think even think the Orgone warriors per say will be here for. I really don’t. What I see happening....there are two different routes that we can go down. One route is that all the warriors get raptured out. Satan arrives; he’s furious. Maitreya is furious because Bush failed at his job. Bush didn’t stop the Orgone warriors. He’s going to go after Bush for that because he’s furious with Bush. Bush didn’t do enough to stop the Orgone. Bush thought it was a joke. Bush it was stupid. Bush thought it was a joke. I can remember one conversation that the Lord allowed me to hear. They were talking about Sherry Shriner in Ohio and he goes, if you want to go after somebody, go after Cindy Sheehan. She’s more a pain up my butt (in so many words.) He laughed. The thought it was a big joke. This was a couple of years ago.

He came out last year with that Radicalization act that none of them even have the knee’s to enforce right now because it’s so vague. How can they come out of anywhere and say, “These people putting together these Orgone pucks...or whatever you want to call them...we’re going to throw them in prison.” Society...our world isn’t ready for that yet. So, something is going to happen. Something is going to happen because I see two routes: Where they finally imprison me; they take me imprison me, kill me, whatever. Then shortly after, they come after the rest of the Orgone warriors (about a month later) but the warriors are gone. They’re gone. And they’re furious because they can‘t find them. What happens is that the Lord has taken them home and they can’t find the rest of the warriors and are furious and go after the rest of the Church; the rest of the Bride. That’s definitely a route I see. Where my death is a signal to the others that they’ll be going home in about a month. Or just the one outright where they just miss us all; the Lord never even lets them get me. In one instance they do, in another they don’t. There are two codes.

It’s exciting to finally see this stuff coming into fruition. I’ve seen if for years. And there are always delays...delays....delays. I’m getting tired. I just want to get it on. Let’s get it on. I’m so sick of....sometimes you see months and I’ll have three or four assassination codes in one month alone. In December; this month, I have four assassination codes this month. There’s a tree-top sniper. There’s one where I’m picked up at home during the day by a federal goon squad. There’s one where I vanish completely and no one knows where I’m at. I like that one. No one knows who got me or if the Lord has me. There are also codes where the Lord just takes me off the Earth. It’s gonna be interesting.

I stand here all along and say, let’s get it on. Let’s do it. Because we’re tired. Everybody just wants to go home. We get to come back in our glorified bodies and do more kicking butt all over the Earth. I’m all for that. I’m all for that. America is going to Hell in a hand basket with Obama as President just as surely as we are headed that way with Bush. Obama is going to finish it off. He’s looking for a disaster to....I don’t know.....stay in office for five more he’s the big guy now. I’ve told you the possible routes they can take. Bush having the White House blow up because he’s ticked off that he didn’t get to stay in office and Obama gets it. Out of envy and spite, Bush will have it blown up. Or an attack in New York City.

I find it interesting that people think the coming attacks in D.C. are because Obama is being elected. I’m telling you that they’re coming because Bush is leaving and he’s ticked off. That’s what I’m seeing the real reason is. A lot of people are upset about Obama being elected because he’s not an actual born citizen of America or they hate groups want you to think it’s because he’s black. I don’t think anybody cares that he’s black. He wouldn’t have gotten elected to begin with. I think what is hurting the average patriot American is that the Constitution is being trashed by a guy who hasn’t produced one viable, verifiable record of anything. No college transcripts, no birth record. You can’t even get a job at McDonalds without a Social Security card and a license. How come this guy can’t show anything? Shouldn’t there be some kind of requirements if you’re running for president. And how could he be nominated by the Democratic Party to begin with without even having any proof that he’s an American citizen? That’s what it comes down to. Qualifications, not color. It comes down to qualifications.

There’s a lot of rumble that there’ll be some kind of attack. He’s going to be officially inaugurated as president on the 20th. It’s a speech of all the lies of all the things he’s going to do for the next umpteen years or whatever. You have to listen to this.....they broadcast it on every station. One lie after the next pours out of their mouth. You sit there for 45 minutes listening to one lie after the next. No thanks. I don’t watch it.

But no, I don’t think it’s because Obama is being elected, that Washington is on the hot list for attacks; it’s because Bush has to leave, and he’s pissed off. That’s the reason. We’ll see if Libya stands up, or who they blame it on. Are they going to get Al Qaeda or some kind of group? They’ll put Indians together and Pakistanis together and blame them for attacking New York City or Washington D.C. It’s amazing. They just pull boogie men out of hats and blame it on somebody else. It’ll be interesting. And if all comes and goes and nothing happens, then we’ve escaped some disasters; they’ve been cancelled and we move on to the next months.

January, February, March and May look very interesting. Its 2009, folks; the year I’ve been warning about. The year from Hell. Those indeed are some interesting looking months. Especially the summer months; May, June and July for a total giant Annuk invasion and the arrival of the Annuniki. That’s always been a spring and summer months type of thing.

But we do have some persecution codes for January, February and March. That’s what was I was warning about. I do think we’ll be under persecution before the Annuks arrive in more like invasion style, because they’re already here. They’re hiding, and they’re working through normal humans. We’ve got them in the White House. We have them working through playing politicians in Congress. A lot of these humans have been soul scalped and a lot of aliens just taking over their bodies. When they come as is, the giants that they are, it will be more like May, June and July. It’ll be more of the summer months when that happens. I’ve just always seen it for those months. So interesting that the Lord is warning us now. He always gives us plenty of time to prepare for something or for those who need to prepare. I don’t think a lot of us, even if we’re alive by the time it happens, by that point won’t even care. We’ll just be out there getting Orgone out.

They can’t stand the Orgone. Orgoned areas burn them. It’s more like they do hit and runs instead of pulling up a chair and sitting on your lawn. They may walk up to your lawn, then hurry up and get off of it. You don’t want them sitting and getting comfortable on your property. So get it orgoned. Get it out there, because they don’t like the Orgone. We don’t have much time left. The snow won’t bother it. It just bothers me. I sit out there and make it in freezing cold weather. It’s actually pretty warm today, so I’m going out after I get off the show tonight to make some more Orgone. I’m usually out there about three or four times a week.

We don’t have a whole lot of time left. I’ve been tired so long...all of a sudden you get that last burst of energy, the adrenalin starts to hit. You finally get that last burst of energy before you just totally collapse. I think we’re all on that last burst of energy now. It’ll just be interesting to see what happens.

I know they want everybody focused on the failing economy. How many have been sounding the alarms on the failing economy for ages? Why is this surprising anybody? This is all a show. It’s scripted. The whole thing with India and Pakistan. The things that the New World Order wanted; a war between India and Pakistan. And they want one between North Korea. That’s their thing with a war. America goes to war with Iran. Maybe we’ll get Israel and Iran going at it. Then America goes at it with North Korea. Then India and Pakistan are at it. This has all been scripted. This is like the third world war where you see all the nations involved. That’s how it looked on paper. Israel against Iran. America against North Korea and India against Pakistan. So all this stuff coming out of India and Pakistan is no surprise. We just sit and watch them scurry along in their little script and see what they actually do. I’ve seen them change their plans a lot of times, so we’ll have to see if that’s the route they go.

The biggest thing is they wanted to blow up....they wanted to have a nuclear explosion on the Korean Peninsula. When the entire thing was just one big fireball, then they were going to bring Jesus in. Down from the sky with all of his angelic host in this second coming of Christ scenario. That’s why they’re planning the whole thing. If you read on my website, I have this whole Blue Beam project. How they’re going to bring in the second coming of Christ with technology. They have Sananda all ready to go playing Jesus. They have all these aliens dressed up in white looking angelic with a false glow around them so it fools everybody. Then they’ll have Jesus arriving in the skies right after the Korean Peninsula is on fire. That was their big plans. They’re moving right along towards them. Here goes India and Pakistan. Next it’s going to be North Korea and America going at it. It’ll be interesting.

Any questions for the show just send them to I’m going to answer a few questions and then I’m gonna hang it up for the night.

I got a comment earlier on chemtrails. A guy out in middle Tennessee needing help with Orgone out there. If there are any Orgone warriors out in the middle areas of Tennessee; he’s asking for some help out there. He’s one warrior out there and says they’re getting bombarded by the chemtrails out there. He needs other people in the area to stand up so they can get rid of the chemtrails. Any warriors out there in Tennessee? Start getting Orgone out.

Question from a listener: Sherry, how does the Orgone affect the hybrids? Is it like Kryptonite with Superman when they get close to it? Or is it a slow sickness? Also, so the hybrids or terrorist tend to be religious?

Answer: They tend to be religious, but they worship Satan. They worship the dragon. They worship Satan. And the little voodoo and religious rituals they do is sick...inviting demonic possession. If you look at all of Asia, there is a handful of Christians there because they’ve been persecuted throughout the centuries. Many, many Asians have died for their faith in the Lord, but the majority of that whole seedline is just a dragon worshipping, Satan serpent seedline. Like I’ve said, it doesn’t have anything to do with your blood; it has to do with your heart. You can accept the Lord’s redemption and be saved no matter what bloodline you are. That’s why I’m reaching out to all these Asians now. They’re all about to get afflicted - Bird flu, leprosy; these are judgment s by God. And yeah, the Orgone does cause a lot of it.

Orgone from what I can tell; if I’m at a grocery store someplace....a public place and I have Orgone on and there is somebody around that is demonically possessed, they start to get really fidgety and really angry. Just watch that around people. They’ll stare at you. You’ll get stares. They want to get away from you. From what I can tell in the Bible codes, Orgone has an odor. These demonic beings and alien beings can smell this odor that Orgone emits. To them its very obnoxious. It’s very toxic and makes them sick. It’s like us having to smell them. They have to smell something good and they can’t stand it. It’s like when we smell something evil, we just want to puke. I know I do. When I get around really possessed people, I get nauseous and want to puke. I’m sure Orgone has the opposite effect on evil beings. I’ve often referred to it or talked about it like Kryptonite. I’ve seen in the codes where it burns them. It’s a burning agent. Toxic. Poisonous. They break out in boils. You’ll even see some humans who are demon possessed who have an Orgone pendent on and will break out in boils. It’s reacting to the demonic possession that they have. It causes a whole lot of things. I have all the symptoms and everything the codes say about it at my website You can read it there.

Question from a listener: I live on the space coast near NASA. Nauseating. I have orgoned the heck out of here. My question is: we don’t get many chemtrails here. Do you think they’re protecting NASA or the orgoned is working?

Answer: The Orgone is working. Because chemtrails don’t bother alien freaks. It doesn’t bother them at all. If you’ve got that place saturated in Orgone, it’s because of the Orgone not because of them. They’ll spray it over their own families. They don’t care. It doesn’t bother them. It’s a negative energy, so they thrive on that.

Question: Sherry, Fox News reports that the Supreme Court has rejected hearing the Obama citizen case. It’s outrageous and illegal. What else can we expect?

Answer: What I’m seeing is Bush being pushed out of the White House. He had all these big plans to stay in office. The Bible codes weren’t referring one way or the other what was going to happen. You had one route where Bush was going to stay. You had another route where he was going to have to leave. So now it looks like he’s going to have to leave at the moment. He may still try something else. He’s got two...three more weeks left to stay in office. My bets are it’ll continue on. Obama will get in. Bush will get pissed off and try to get his allies; his friends to attack America because of it. And attack D.C. because of it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens and if his allies will even do it. Just because he’s bribing them to do it, doesn’t mean they will.

Question from a listener: The other day I was driving and noticed a helicopter dropping an orange box and sped up to get away from it as fast as I could. Any idea what it would be?

Answer: No idea.

Question continues: I was reading about rose quartz and different metals for Orgone. Is this good or evil?

Answer: You have to be careful about gemstones that you mix together. Each gemstone has a different quality about it. All of them have a living energy about them. You can even read about them in the breastplates of the priests of the temple. Rose quartz is one of the good ones. Rose quarts and amethyst. Rose quartz is like a healing stone and amethyst is the dominant stone on the top floor in Heaven. Its a religious stone. I love having orgone with amethyst in it. I have that in a pendant. I have that in orgone around my computer. Just don’t get into the other hocus pocus stuff that the New Ager’s attach to everything else. I stick with those two stones and clear quartz crystals. Of course we make our orgone with clear quartz crystal. I don’t put any other stones in them when I’m making them and putting them out. When you add things to orgone, you no longer have orgone; you have something else. So, you have orgone with amethyst, or orgone with rose quartz. For our purposes in tearing down the strongholds of the New World Order, we need orgone with clear quartz crystal. That’s exactly what the Lord has led us to do and make. I don’t waiver from it. I don’t waiver from it at all. One of our pucks can negate a thousand of the pagan’s negative orgone they have all over the country themselves. They can’t negate us, but we can negate them. They can put out 100 and one of ours will negate all of theirs. We’ll see who’s going to win that war. Satan shows up and his forces are all dying. All his little hybrid armies on Earth are getting leprosy and everything else. It’ll be interesting folks.

I’m going to wrap it up for tonight. I’ll be back next Monday night. I have no idea what I’ll be talking about. I’m sure the Lord will be telling me over the week. And we’ll be able to see what’s going on with the Supreme Court and Obama. Pretty much looks like the Supreme Court is going to snub its nose and not do anything about Obama. We’ll see what Bush does, because he’s mad. He’s going to retaliate and wants vengeance. He doesn’t want to leave the White House. It’s going to be interesting; never a dull moment.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

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