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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sherry Shriner on Warrior Society Radio 12-26-08

Sherry Shriner on Warrior Society Radio with the Irish Outlaw

Aired on 12-26-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

Irish: You’re on Warrior Society Radio. My guest tonight is an internet evangelist who hosts a weekly radio talk show. She’s the author of two books BibleCodes Revealed: the Coming UFO Invasion and Aliens on the Internet. She’s been working for the past eight years to expose the hidden agenda of the New World Order and runs the popular website, She also has websites,,, among many others. I’m going to bring my guest on the air.

Irish: Hi Sherry, are you there?

Sherry: Yes, how are you doing?

Irish: Good. Now I do have a lot of questions tonight and this is going to be a fun show. Many cultures have talked about fallen angels. Can you describe what these fallen angels are?

Sherry: Every belief system and religion in the world today is surrounded by things that have happened in our past. It’s the past that’s coming into the future that’s affecting mankind. These aliens that we’re dealing with today; these Watchers are fallen angels. There was rebellion back before the Garden of Eden. That seems to be the whole basis of the creation of mankind and all of the religions today. It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. That is where actually the second rebellion was when Lucifer rebelled against the Lord and corrupted mankind through Eve. Basically it all surrounds the earliest time of man.

Irish: I do have a question. There are numerous folks such as myself that have heard of various researchers and whistleblowers. William Cooper and Phil Schneider were both murdered by the New World Order by various plots. William Cooper was murdered by the Apache County Sheriffs Department and Phil Schneider had 13 attempts on his life before they were successful. They had all exposed the technology that had been reversed engineered through the secret programs in our government. Now it’s obvious these fallen angels; or aliens as you call them are real. However, what is the agenda that the New World Order and these ETs have that the government doesn’t want us to know about?

Sherry: The thing with Phil Schneider and William Cooper was that they were so credible that they couldn’t attack their credibility. They were well received by most of the public that knew them at the time, so obviously were targets. Most of the whistleblowers about this agenda today are targets. I get targeted all over the internet and forum boards and just people spreading lies and trying to discredit what I say. I don’t even go to them. It’s just par for the course.

Our government has been working hand in hand with Satan and his forces. Phil Schneider and William Cooper exposed that through the Majestic 12 organization, the shadow government information that came out. We have over 100 underground bases just in America alone that are joint bases with these aliens. This is the part I deal with on a weekly basis on my show. Things that are going on in the background that people don’t normally see. Things the media don’t tell you about. Things the schools don’t tell you. Things that happen in the background. Our government is in cahoots with these fallen angels.

This is all going to come into play because the Bibletalks about how Satan is cast to the earth, and how he rises over the world as the Antichrist and forms one world religion and one world government. It’s the governments around the world that are the hybrid children of these aliens. They’re working in cahoots with them to bring all this about. Most people talk about the elite and the New World Order elite. They talk about the Rockefellers and the Rothschild’s and how all these Illuminati families are working together. What they don’t realize is that all of these Illuminati families; the rich bankers; the rich corporations, the politicians; all of these are children of these aliens that have control of the earth. You’ll hear about it in the New Age writings when they talk about this Ashtar Command.

This is where this Maitreya and Hatonn and Sananda and all these beings are coming from. There is a council that actually rules above the earth and includes this Ashtar Command. These elite children; these Illuminist that rule the earth today are actually hybrid children of these aliens that rule over the earth and just do their bidding on earth for them as humans.

Irish: So what you’re talking about....we’ve all heard about the serpent seedline. I know on my show we talk about how the elites tend to keep their bloodlines pure. What people don’t realize is there is a force above the bloodlines and there is a force above the Black Pope and above the Vatican that is running the show. Most Freemasons don’t understand it. They see these people but don’t understand the agenda that they’re serving.

Sherry: Right. A lot of these family lines are kept pure so they can shape-shift and have a more direct communication and be easily more possible by these aliens. One of the main reasons why they keep their bloodlines pure. I think it was Fritz Springmeier who revealed the 13 Illuminati families. These are direct bloodlines on the earth of the children of the aliens. There are 13 different families that pretty much control all of the banking; all the economies and all the governments. They do all this so they can ready the world for the arrival of these Watchers in these last days. We know they’re returning to earth.

The Bible talks about not only the rebellion against the Lord and mankind in the beginning of the earth, but in the last days will be returning to earth. That’s what we’re dealing with now. These Watchers; these fallen angels who will be returning to earth. That’s why these governments are getting ready and setting up everything so that when they do return if mankind rebels against them they can throw them into martial law, which we’ve seen in America and in other countries where they’ve been establishing internment camps to deal with resistors.

They call it earth cleansing. You’re going to hear about problems with increased earth populations. All of this is just to legitimize the fact that they’re going to be killing off tens of millions of people on the earth who will resist against these watchers who’ll return. They’ve been trying to return for the past year and have run into a bunch of stumbling blocks. We’ll talk about some of those tonight. They’re in the middle of one now over in the Gulf of Aden. They were supposed to return and have some kind of a Christmas miracle this year; and that failed. They’ve tried to have fly-by contacts throughout the year. You’ll see these UFOs crashing. There are many resistors against these Watchers returning to earth. They use Sitchen. He’s government disinfo. He’s a Satanist. Arizona Wilder talks about having seen him satanic rituals of the elite.

They all serve to give disinfo, but the thing he is correct in is that they will return. But what he wants America and the rest of the world to believe is that they are our creators. That these fallen angels; these Watchers are actually the ones who created mankind in a test tube and are returning to earth to check out their creation. We all know that’s a lie.

Irish: Right.

Sherry: They want us to believe that they’re our creators and forefathers. They use Sitchen and others to push this lie. They’re using religious figures. You’ll see a lot of our big time television pastors coming out with this new form of religion where we all just serve humanity; where we all serve mankind. Kindof a humanistic type religion where we’re all serving mankind. That’s the one world religion that’s coming.

Irish: I’ve seen a lot of these New Age....I don’t want to say New Age, but I’ve seen a lot of these mega churches like Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen; they all preach the gospel of Paul. What’s your take on the gospel of Paul?

Sherry: The gospel of Paul. He was a manipulator of the Christian faith from the early days. Most of the churches today, because of the seminaries...most of the pastors coming out of the seminaries are taught Paul. Paul was just a high ranking Mason and occultist. He was brought in to prominence in the early days of Christianity’s forming.

Most of the true disciples of the word of the Lord and His people went through 300 years of persecution so they could rid all of the truth at that time and supplant this Biblethey call the KJV with their own person (Paul) to manipulate and deceive mankind. Most of the churches today are following this Paul. You’ll find that 98 – 99% of all the apostasies and falsehoods in the churches today are based on Paul’s teachings. That’s why I put up a website where I expose the apostle Paul and who and what he was and give people the truth about exactly what happened to the early part of Christianity. They kind of replaced the Lords Gospel with Paul’s gospel. Paul will tell you. I expose many of his lies; many of his contradictions throughout the New Testament. If you throw out Paul and don’t read Paul in the New Testament, it totally makes sense. A lot of people have trouble reading the KJV because it’s so contradictory. If you throw out Paul, it makes sense.

Irish: Outstanding. You are such a source of information. I checked out a couple of your shows and have learned so much. A lot of my listeners are active militia and active US armed forces and do have an open mind. But a lot of this is hard to swallow. The thought of higher forces such as these fallen angels that you describe as aliens is really mind blowing. It really is.

Sherry: It’s a very organized system and organized kingdom that Satan has. Hollywood will reveal it. If you watch the different series of Star Wars, there’s a lot of truth being revealed there. Most of these science fiction movies contain about 50% truth in them...then they have the dramatic and the entertainment. There are a lot of truth morsels that can be pulled out of them that they reveal to the public.

Irish: I’ve noticed that. I’ve started getting into researching the symbology and how they portray this in the movies. Whether you realize this or not, the elites and the Freemasons all have a code. The code is that they will reveal what they’re going to do, but people don’t realize what they’re doing.

Sherry: Why would the CIA have a 20 year contract with Hollywood? To produce movies to reveal truth so they can say, “We told them. They didn’t believe us.” Because they do so in a fiction format, so people don’t take them seriously. When you should be watching thinking...what is it they’re revealing? I stopped half-way through the X-Files when that first came out and I really watched the show. I caught an episode or two and thought, “Wow, I can’t believe they’re revealing that.” Come to find out that they producers and writers of the show are actually Masons. They were incorporating a lot of truth in that series alone. You have all these different movies coming out.

What happens is these aliens; these fallen angels can sort of time travel into the future and can pretty much guess; they can get a glimpse of what’s going to happen. The same way with the Biblecodes. I work with the Biblecodes. I can always see two to three different routes that can happen in the future; which way we can go. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to the future. That’s why you’ll see it in the movies of today where you have two or three different routes or things that can happen in the future. They don’t know for sure, but they’ll tell you what they’re seeing can happen. That’s the same thing I do with the Biblecodes. I can see two or three different routes being taken. If we go down this road...this is going to happen. If we go down that road....that is going to happen. People always say, “Well, why didn’t you use the Biblecodes to predict 9-11 and all these future events?” You never know quite what’s going to happen until it happens. You can try to expose things, and I’ve done that for years.

About two or three years ago they were going to have an attack on Miami. At that time, when I started yelling and sounding the alarm, “They’re going to blow up Miami. There’s going to be bomb in Miami and they’re going to blame it on the Syrians and then go to war with Damascus.” At that time, the Air Force and the Navy were all moving to the Middle East on the border of Syria. When I started yelling about Miami getting blown up and the whole charade they were trying to pull at that time, it was cancelled. You can often use things to have events cancelled. You sound like an idiot and it never happens and nobody really understands what’s going on, but they know. I have over 100....200 Air Force, NASA, name it computers locked on to my sites at all times.

Irish: Outstanding. Now for listeners; we generally talk on my show about tactics, warfare, the theory of warfare. But what we don’t understand is there is a spiritual warfare that is going on too. We cannot expect to fight just a physical battle. We need to fight a spiritual battle. We understand they use symbology; they use various means of propagandizing their agenda, but something I want to talk about is the agenda of how they use architecture with energy. You’ll see in various cities, obelisks and various architecture. Its all designed for various purposes of what they call. It’s kindof hard to explain. They use it for their own negative energy. You see obelisks in various cities. Pyramids and whatnot. Can you explain how that works?

Sherry: These symbols that they use are portals. They can become portals like demon magnets. They can draw negative energy towards them. I don’t know if you saw the recent Georgia Guidestones story; someone had spray painted graffiti all over them.

Irish: Yeah. I’d seen that. That was great.

Sherry: That was great. I think we should do it to all their symbols. We have the largest symbol in America, which is the Washington Monument. In their terminology it’s actually Satan’s penis. It does look like one and really shows you how far down into the occult that we are. A lot of the occultic worship has to do with birth, the female and male sexual organs and things like that. It just gets really perverse.

Irish: They’re really into sex magic.

Sherry: Right. You’ll see a lot these buildings coming up now. More and more of these symbols coming up. You’ll also see a correlation between more and more people becoming tattooed. Tattooing is becoming a big rave. Not just in America, but everywhere. The problem with people getting tattoos is they become demon magnets, just like these structures are becoming demon magnets throughout the world.

Irish: Right. We’re running into a break. When we come back we’re going to continue this. Been great talking with you, Sherry. When we continue, we’re going to really get into this.

Irish Outlaw: We’re back with Warrior Society Radio. A special segment; Black projects and hidden agendas. I have my guest here, Sherry Shiner. Going back to the agenda of the New World Order; we were talking about how these fallen angels have an agenda on earth. Sherry, let me ask you this; what are the Biblecodes revealing today?

Sherry: We’re in for some interesting times. I’ve always said from 2003.....I think I posted my first website on that 2009 was going to be the year from Hell.....and here we are. One week away from 2009, which is going to be the year from Hell. What I’m seeing for the immediate future. They keep giving hints about President Obama having a crisis when he first hits office. What I’ve been warning about this President Obama – some people can understand what soul-scalping is, or walking in. Where these aliens take on human form and actually look human, but are just skin over a scaly alien. That’s pretty much how the Bibledescribes Obama. He’s not fully human. He’s described as a scaly lizard.

Irish: From what you’re saying, it would make sense that Obama is of the serpent seedline. For example, any can steal its young and it won’t care. Look at all the things he’s keeping hidden. He’s keeping all his college records hidden. He’s keeping his birth certificate hidden. He’s keeping all these things hidden from the world and the stupid sheeple.....yeah, I’m talking to you....the stupid sheeple out there don’t question this. Why is this individual....he’s been elected....I’m going to say selected, but whatever.

Sherry: He’s selected. He’s the pawn of this Maitreya that’s coming. You’re going to watch this happen in the Middle East where this Iran Mahdi that’s coming that they’ve been screaming about. This Imam. He’s going to be his right hand man. Together they’re going to work to destroy the Constitution of America, so they can implement this global New World Order agenda which is an alien agenda. So he’s in their pocket. I’m not sure what happened to the original Obama, but the one we are looking at now is not human. So America is at peril. We’re going to see a lot of things coming out of the background and into the foreground. You’re going to see a lot more UFOs. You’re going to start to see a lot more giants on earth and alien looking creatures because the veil is going to be lifted very soon.

Irish: Here’s the thing; Canada just admitted that the United States was using alien technology.

Sherry: Oh yeah, we’ve been using it for years. That’s where laser technology came from. Some of the ancient technology that we’ve had for many years came from alien technology. So even our simple laser surgeries, the lasers are alien technology. That’s why we have a lot of these bases. We have over 100 joint underground bases where they exchange technology. What you won’t hear about is what the exchange agreement was. This is one of the things I revealed in my first book and you can read it on my websites because everything is for free. My books are just all the information on my website in book form for people who don’t like to stare at computer screens. They had an agreement where these aliens could abduct humans for breeding experiments and other things in exchange for technology. You can read about in through Majestic 12; William Cooper probably talks about it.

A lot of whistle blowers early on blowing the whistles on these exchange agreements they have with these aliens. It’s very true. They’ve been breeding and abducting mankind. They use them for breeding experiments. What people don’t realize is, these aliens eat human beings. So while we’re missing 400,000 children a year and hundreds of thousands of adults that go unreported by the media. This is world-wide. Americans are being used for food by these aliens. I have an article on that about one of these shows back in the 50’s revealing this. A lot of interesting articles at my website at the articles section. A lot of things I’ve been warning about; not only so they can breed, but they are trying to make their own human being. They can’t do it because of the blueprint. They can soul-scalp a human and they can clone, but they can’t put a soul into mankind. The Lord breathed the breath of life into Adam and man became a living soul – after He breathed His breath into Adam. That’s one thing the aliens cannot duplicate. They can’t make a human with a soul.

Irish: I’ve talked about Skull and Bones and very secret societies on my show. What is your take on these secret societies and how they intend to influence the New World Order?

Sherry: The whole thing is basically controlled by these secret societies where all these serpent seedline and hybrid children can get together and do their rituals. It’s a social thing. A lizard gathering...basically. A boys club. It goes all the way back to Solomon. They stole some secret tablets out of his temple. He was the wisest man on earth. They base the whole Masonry thing on these lost books of Solomon and this knowledge that Solomon had. They claim that Solomon is one of theirs, but they jut stole his material and then perverted it.

Irish: Right. So what you may not realize....this may be an interesting and fun fact for you; Benjamin Franklins old house in England. They actually found a couple of bodies under the floor. He was part of the Hellfire Club and they were actually performing ritual sacrifices.

Sherry: Some of our earliest presidents were actually just hybrids. You’ll see that in Abraham Lincoln; His sheer height as a man. is one of the DNA malfunctions of hybrid children is the height. They’ve been able to perfect that over the years and assimilate into society because they got rid of that defect gene in the DNA pool, but its going to come back. You often see it in some of our earlier presidents. They go on a spiel and claim that America was based on God. It was, but it also had a hidden agenda all along besides the fact that America would be one nation under God. Define God. Our view of God and their definition of God are two different things. While they try and mask it as religious, they have their own Satanism parallel along with it.

Irish: Yeah, they’re firm believers in the solar church; the church of Anton. It’s strange because they advocate that they don’t believe in a god, yet they worship different gods.

Sherry: The whole New Age thing is based on Humanism and that every man can become a god. So it’s polytheism and humanism. It relegates man to god status. That’s what Masonry does. That’s what all of them do; elevate man to a god status; you can achieve godhood. That’s what the Biblewarned about everybody coming saying, I, I, I and I am. That’s the whole New Age mantra. I am God. I can become a god. That’s what this whole last day’s religion is going to be about. But the thing about it is, eventually all that will have to be destroyed because Satan wants to be worshipped as God alone. So while he plays on mankind’s selfish pride and ego, saying you can become a god; eventually he’s going to stop that and force the world to worship him as god alone. You’ll see a lot of contradictions coming. Just out of their own writings and the things that are happening. I know that you have a militia base and I want to talk to them directly.

Irish: We definitely have a militia base. We’re ready to stomp the **** out of the New World Order. I know that you don’t advocate that kind of language, but we’re a rough crowd here. I do apologize for that, but we’re ready to do business.

Sherry: Lock and load has been my mantra for years. Another weapon that these militia guys and everybody out there needs to get is Orgone in their homes and areas. When I was praying years ago and asked the Lord how to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order, He led me to Wilhelm Reich’s work on Orgone He was a scientist who rediscovered an ancient energy that was used back in the early Israelite king days.....David and Solomon and the Ark of the Covenant.

It was an ancient energy. That’s what we’ve rediscovered and planted all over the country and all over the world. It makes these aliens burn and it kills them. This is what is causing the UFOs to crash. It’s messing with their navigation systems and causing them to crash when they come into our dimension. That’s why you’re seeing so many reports of these meteors falling out of the sky. It’s actually UFOs crashing all over the world because of this Orgone that we have. This is a weapon that the Lord has given us. You don’t always need a bullet to take these beings out. If you put Orgone in your towns and areas, they won’t even come in your areas. If they do, they’ll just crash and burn.

Irish: For those who don’t understand what Orgone is, the properties of it and how it works; can you explain how it works and where you get it or how you make it?

Sherry: I have a website I teach people how to make it on their own at the direction page. You can make the pipes. The Orgone Blaster pipes are very, very powerful. I know our Navy over in the Gulf of Aden is trying to prevent these beings from rising up out of the base. They’re using the wrong weapons. You can’t fight spiritual weapons. Orgone is a dimensional weapon. It is not only a positive energy; a living energy for our dimension, but it destroys them in the fourth dimension because it is a positive energy and they cannot stand anything positive. This is all about energy. It’s an energy based weapon and it’s what destroys them. The tech weapons they use; I know that Patriots have all been ELF’ed to death; they undergo a lot of these tech weapons that they government has that they attack the Patriot crowd and the Christian crowd with. Satellite beam weapons, ELF’’ stop a lot of those attacks as well.

Irish: What are the effects of the ELF frequencies and various weapons that they’re using? Can you describe some of the weapons that they’re currently using now?

Sherry: Several years ago, I would sit in front of my computer and start to get migraine headaches, get really dizzy. You can get dehydrated and taste sulfur. They can attack you through your computer monitors with these ELF weapons. So I started putting Orgone in front of my monitors and I stopped getting the attacks. You’ll feel like your on drugs, you’re drunk, like you’re having a heart attack. They’ll attack your chest. ELF weapons you can’t see; you just experience. All of a sudden you start feeling a lot of effects from somewhere. Sometimes people either just turn their computers off, get out of the house, get out the yard and they’re fine. If you put Orgone around your computers and your TVs and your yard, it will stop the ELF attacks. Now a lot of these laser beam attacks; the ones that burn you. I’ve been fried. They’ll burn you. You’ll see the white beam coming through the window. The only thing that i have found that fights against that is Mylar blankets; those space blankets. I tape them on my windows.

Irish: We do that for militia training. We use that against infrared. We use that to shield ourselves against....say we were being pursued by enemy and they have it. We just lay down on the ground, pull that blanket over us to give us the heat signature of a small animal. Its very interesting that you bring that up because its really very, very interesting for whatever reason I’ve been talking to you on and off for about a year now. We’ve talked about various things. I listened to a couple of your shows and I was thinking, “You know what? She has a point, because none of this stuff makes sense.”

Sherry: We have to go almost into an inner-dimensional warfare because that’s what we’re fighting. We’re fighting spiritual beings and our government has their technology. That’s what we’re fighting against. Satan is not omniscient and omnipresent. He can’t be everywhere at one time. He counts on technology to keep his own kingdom organized. So chip implanting goes way back to his own kingdom and how they keep track of their own beings. That’s what they’re doing on earth; chip implanting. Most babies that are born in the hospital have implants before they even leave it. They track and target you by chip implants.

This is an ongoing war. When you tell people....I hear a lot from people that have ringing in their ears. Gonna make these blasters or buy them to get rid of the ringing in their ears. I tell them to just get a neodymium magnet and put it on their ear lobe with a band-aid for about 12 hours. It’ll deactivate a lot of these chip implants. It’ll deactivate the older ones. When we were young we got these booster shots. If you put a neodymium magnet where you got your booster shot, it’ll deactivate that chip implant that you got as a child.

All of these vaccines have chip implants in them. Just being able to deactivate a lot of chip implants. The newer ones are much harder. I’m not sure the neodymium magnets can deactivate the newer ones. Most of us are dealing with the older ones, which are tracking chips. A combination of things; using the Orgone Blasters, the neodymium magnets, the Mylar blankets. If you have UFOs above your area and most Patriots probably see them because they’re government UFOs. We not only have alien UFOs, we have government UFOs all over the place every night. They’re tracking Patriots. They put you on a list and they track you. They put you under surveillance. One satellite and one UFO can have 20 – 50 Patriots and Christians on that list to go and target and surveil for the night to see what they’re up to.

Irish: I know I’m on a list. I have a couple of buddies that run radio shows. A couple of them had to reformat their computers after listening to my show. The goons are playing around on my show, but you know what? I really don’t care. Going back to all this: it is very apparent that there is an agenda. We have not been told what the real truth is. As far as Orgone, personally myself I’ve gotten it from you. You know my name; you know who I am. I can tell you that this stuff really works. I have witnessed....I am telling you, I have witnessed the effects of what this stuff are. I put it around my house. I put it outside. I can look up at the clouds and I can see the clouds roll back with this Orgone.

Sherry: It will attack chemtrails.

Irish: I’ve seen that. It freaked me out at first. I’m like, “It really works!”

Sherry: When you told me that you were a Patriot, I was like, “You need Orgone.”

Irish: Yeah, I’m seeing these clouds roll back and my wife is looking at me like I’m freakin’ crazy. I’m like, “No, come here...look at this.” My wife started cussing at me, “Are you serious?” I’m like, “No, look.” The stuff really does work. You may think that I’m crazy. I am a little crazy; that’s just the Irish in me.

Sherry: Yeah. They’re targeting world civilizations with these chemtrails and have 101 uses for them. So does Orgone. Orgone can do 101 things too. If you saturate your area with Orgone, chemtrails can’t stay in it. They’ll dissolve; they’ll dissipate.

Irish: I’ve seen them dissolve. I’ve seen them dissipate.

Sherry: By destroying their ability to lay chemtrails, we’re attacking the strongholds of their kingdom. That’s exactly what I had prayed for eight years ago. How do we tear down the strongholds of the New World Order and alien agenda? That’s one of their strongholds with the chemtrails. Towers up everywhere...the ELF towers; Orgone will fight against them. Anybody who has towers in their area needs to put Orgone around those towers and they’ll stop being blasted every night with their mind control technology.

Irish: We all know about the New World Order; as far as my listeners. We know about the Freemasons. We know about the Black Pope’s agenda. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the spiritual world is so much more real than ours.

Sherry: And it’s going to come much more to the forefront. When the veil is lifted...the Bibletalks about the veil being between the third and fourth dimensions to where we can’t see into the spiritual dimension. That veil is going to be lifted and we’re going to be able to see them on earth with us. I’ve been warning about the giants that are coming and to watch the Middle East. They’ll be here eventually. The only things that are going to combat these beings are things like Orgone and warfare prayers. If you don’t have a weapon; a Mylar Orgone. Like I’ve said our war is not conventional, we can’t use conventional weapons against them. A bullet will work against a giant, but if you have to use a bullet he’s already in your yard. That’s too close. Keep them out to begin with.

One of the things that I’ve found is to pray and ask the Lord to break their equipment beyond repair. If you have a UFO that’s above your house and harassing you, ask the Lord to break their equipment. I’ve had satellites above my house putting me under surveillance. I just asked the Lord to break their equipment. I went and spent some time at Dulce Base in New Mexico about two years ago.

The entire time I was in the hotel, they were trying to fry me to death with their Tesla weapons. It was my first experience with a Tesla microwave weapon and they were literally frying me. One of the things that I’ve learned to combat it, is just ask the Lord to break their equipment beyond compare. That hotel was just crawling with CIA and federal agents the whole time I was there. That was when I learned I could just ask the Lord to break their equipment.

Irish: We’re coming on a break here in a minute. Can you explain how to combat some of these things? The technology and the whole deal.

Sherry: I have an article at called Spiritual Warfare & Frequently Asked Questions. I have everything people need to combat this alien and New World Order agenda. I talk about the magnets, the Mylar, the Orgone, the prayers that will work. People need to spend some time at because I have all kinds of information there. I also talk about it on a weekly basis on my radio show.

Irish: Outstanding. We’re going into a break and when we continue, we’re going to really get into it.

Irish Outlaw: We’re back on Warrior Society Radio. Sherry, to ask you a question; what do you expect in the next year with this New World Order agenda and the Obama administration?

Sherry: Watch for Libya. Libya keeps coming up in the Biblecodes. I do believe that Libya will rise up as the next great Islamic terror nation. That’s basically what it is. It’s going to be one of the strongholds of this Maitreya that’s coming. Watch for them to bomb Jerusalem. Watch for a war with Damascus. I’m also seeing a lot of destruction in New York City that they’re planning. So New York City, Libya and Damascus would be the places to watch. I don’t believe that we are going to war with Iran at all. I think it’s a distraction. What I am seeing is some kind of terrestrial alien conference being held in Damascus. A lot of these alien beings arriving as gods and ascended masters. Obama is their right hand man. He’s all for trashing the Constitution and installing this peace initiative

Irish: He’s a scumbag.

Sherry: He is. Watch martial law here in America for resistors. People need to realize...I know that the Patriot movement scares a lot of people because of the fact that we are willing to take up guns and protect our families. It scares a lot of the religionists and Christians. People need to realize that protecting our life is a God-given fundamental right and they don’t need to be afraid. When you look at the Chinese Armies. I went to battle against them because they’ve been amassing across the Mexican border for years. They have tent cities 100 miles from the border with thousands of Chinese. We orgoned that border from one end to the other and started annihilating them. These are not purely human armies either. The largest cloning facility is outside Beijing.

Why does China with a huge population explosion and population problem creating cloned beings? They’re creating cloned armies. Our fight as American people...I’ve always said, it’s us against them. Its not only against the Satanist New World Order that are running the government, but also against these hybrids; these creations they’ve created. We not only have a huge Chinese...and they’re part of Satan’s forces in the last days....Chinese and cloned beings. We’re going to see more and more coming from the skies.

William Cooper had warned about Jupiter being blown up to mimic the star of Bethlehem to hail the arrival of their messiah, which is this Jesus/Sananda. These things are going to come about, and 2009 is the year. So a lot of things are going to be happening this year. People need to realize they do need to defend themselves and killing these creatures; these UN forces....I call them creatures because that’s exactly what they are. Hybrids, cloned beings. They don’t need to be afraid to defend themselves against them. Once they’re taken and put into these camps, they’ll never see daylight again. Once you’re put on a train, that’s it.

Irish: That exactly it. It’s hard to swallow. I understand a lot of my listeners...I go through a lot of tactical, strategic information; how to do this and that, but unless you’re going to be a real warrior, you cannot understand what is going on if you don’t understand the spiritual aspect of things. You really cannot.

Sherry: To fight both fronts. You not only have federal goon squads, you have these alien and demonic squads to deal with. We’re dealing with both the third and fourth dimensions.

Irish: I’m sorry to interrupt, but can you go into how these beings interact with our world?

Sherry: The Biblecalls it between the wheat and the tares. I get questions all the time, “How can you tell who is a hybrid or a soul-scalped being compared to a regular human being?” You can’t tell by appearances. What you can tell is by their eyes. The deep black soulless eyes. The traits that they produce; narcissistic and psychopath. They show no real human emotion. What makes them happy is torture, pain and suffering. A lot of traits in people can indicate if they’re hybrid or not, and possessed people or not. You can’t look at a person physically and say, that’s a hybrid, that’s a soul-scalped being. The Biblesays by their fruits. You have to watch who and what they are and what they do. Some of the traits that give them away is their eyes. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. If you look into somebody’s eyes and see nothing but a deep abyss of look into his eyes and see noting there...

Irish: My listeners know, I hate Obama. I really do. I hate Obama. I think he’s a usurper. And whether or not he’s involved in it, I think he’s a usurper and I don’t like him. I don’t like him. Neither do my listeners.

Sherry: That’s the whole thing with Bush. Bush was a pawn. He’s one of these satanic raised children with multiple personalities. I talked about this on my own show. They just used and manipulated him...his personalities. He has several clones. They usually keep the real one hidden. He was a big pawn of theirs and was all set up and ready to go. He wanted to become the world-wide dictator; Obama will probably become it. Bush...I’ve warned about not losing the White House lightly. He’s very mad that he has to leave. I actually saw in the Biblecodes that he was trying to bribe Libya to bomb the White House when he leaves. This is still in play. He’s trying to bribe terrorists nations to bomb Congress and D.C. when he has to leave. Interesting that he leaves Dodge once he leaves office. Hes going to leave the country. He has a 100,000 acres compound in Paraguay.

Irish: We all know that Russia is in our backyard. They have all our technology. Where does that leave us with Russia?

Sherry: Russia is very more far advanced than America, actually. America is like the little poodle that barks really loud and sounds vicious. Russia is the pit bull. They’re the quiet giant that’s sitting there. I’ve seen where Russia can pick apart every American city with satellite weapons. They can blow up every single city in America and never touch the ground here. That’s how much far advanced they are with their weaponry. I’ve been yelling for 8 – 10 years that they’re much more superior in space than America is. But America talks the big talk. They want everyone to think that we’re the ones superior in space technology, and we’re not.

Irish: The thing is; we have all these Russians in our backyard. People aren’t hearing about it through the mainstream media.

Sherry: They’ll see the fascism. They’ll see that our country is becoming more and more of a police state. Who is running our Homeland Security? A former KJB director. It is becoming more and more communist. That is part of the global peace initiative. Global Communism. It’s all going to turn into one big Communistic world.

Irish: Does that play into NESERA?

Sherry: Yeah. NESERA plays into that. I have a website It talks about their whole economic system and the reason why the economy’s of every country is going to collapse. So they can rebuild this new world economic system under NESERA. I’ve seen that they’re attempting to change the name because I’ve been exposing NESERA for so long. They may call it something different than it is so people don’t associate it with NESERA. It’s basically a way to unite the world economy under one leader and get everybody involved in an initiation to join it. You can see it in Revelation chapter 13 where everyone is required to receive a mark, chip or tattoo in or on their right hand or forehead. That’s exactly what this NESERA will do. Introduce a global economy. If you want to join it, you have to go through an initiation to do so.

Irish: We’re seeing that now with the National ID and various...

Sherry: They are all to get people conditioned into accepting a tattoo or a mark or a chip in or on their right hand or forehead. That’s another reason why you see this fad of people getting tattoos; so it’s not such a taboo anymore...that getting tattooed is no big deal. I do believe there will be some kind of tattoo if you don’t want chip implanted. People say it’ll be chip implants...tattoos. It’ll be one or the other. Even a tattoo can have a chip implant in it.

Irish: I have plenty of tattoos, but I can tell you what; I am not going to accept any sort of chip implant or any sort of marking that would pledge my allegiance to this New World Order system.

Sherry: A lot of people do, but they know full well enough to stay away from anything having to do with the right hand or forehead. The Luciferian Initiation; David Rockefeller talked about it; warned about it, how the last days government would be a Luciferian Initiation the New Age calls it. They’re just trying to build Shambhala on earth. The fifth dimension...Heaven on earth type thing. Everybody would have to be initiated to join into it. They’re going to bribe people with money; with all kinds of things. Collapse all the economies and bribe you with $75,000 a month if you join their new kingdom. Do you know how many will join just for that?

Irish: Its very interesting you said that, because Obama’s administration including himself has advocated the redistribution of wealth in the United States.

Sherry: That’s where all these trillions of dollars have gone. People wonder where all of this money is gone. You’ve gotta wonder. They’re just stashing it up so that when they come they can start offering the bribes. “Join our new kingdom and we’ll give you $75,000 a month.” This is from their writings; I’m not just pulling this out of my head. This is in their writings. They’re going to be bribing people. They have to have money to do that with. They have to tank our economy so we’ll even look at a different route. You’ve heard about the Amero and how they’re going to introduce that. Watch for them to introduce a whole new global economy.

Irish: Right.

Sherry: It’s also retaliation because they’re losing so many of their forces. We’ve annihilated underground bases with Orgone. They’re mad and are retaliating. Part of the tanking the economy is retaliation because ion America we’ve been in the forefront of getting Orgone around the world. We’re going to be seeing a lot of things behind the scenes, and eventually coming into full view for everybody. When martial law is here, everybody will have to wake up really quick because they won’t understand what’s happening.

Irish: We all know that martial law is coming. Glenn Beck had interviewed David Sid; he’s a former FBI counter-terrorism expert. Even Sid said that martial law was an unfortunate eventuality in the United States. That clues us to what their motives are and what they’re trying to do. With that being said, when martial law is declared in the United States, how is that going to play in with the whole NESERA New World Order agenda.

Sherry: The first thing; when this Maitreya rises to power, they want everybody to believe that they’re coming from galaxies millions of miles away and they are our forefathers and acceded mastered and coming to earth to help mankind. Mankind wouldn’t need their help if they didn’t need it. So you tank everybody’s economies; everybody is in desperation and despair. They come and promise to make everything better. What we know....and the government knows full well, is that they have cities under our earth. They’re from under our earth and not from millions of miles away. They have all these cities and bases underneath the earth. The first thing he does....I’ve warned about this Maitreya; he is the first beast of Revelation – the coming Antichrist. He tries to take over the world for Islam.

So you’re going to see an Islam conquest by this beast and the 10 Arab nations he’s going to put together. Anybody who resists against Islam will be thrown into these martial law camps. It’s going to be used for various things. Actually the persecution of war on the saints...and you can include the Patriots with that, because anyone who is a resistor of this New World Order agenda and this new world religion. They’re fighting it out between a humanistic religion and Islam. Every single agenda calls for the elimination of Christians and Patriots. It doesn’t matter which one actually comes about, we’re the targets. So you’re going to see all that. With the housing bust, which is going to continue for 2009, it’s going to get much worse; we’re going to see a second and third wave of that. There’s going to be a lot of chaos and civil unrest in the streets and so they’re anticipating that one as well.

Irish: Outstanding. We’re going into a break and when we come back we’re going to talk about the ultimate agenda. Stay tuned.

Irish: Sherry, how does Orgone work?

Sherry: Orgone produces an energy. You have all the components. You have the resin to hold it together. You have the aluminum that serves as an insulator. And you have the copper and the crystal. The copper heats up the crystal. Its the crystal quartzite itself that is the brain of the Orgone. The power center of the Orgone. It produces a positive living energy. What we do; we are counter-acting the negative energy that they’re trying to use. They use these chemtrails. They’re chemtrailing the world over to suppress the living energy of the earth. By putting Orgone, a living energy all over the earth, we are counter-balancing what they are doing. It attacks and negates their chemtrails.

We’ve also found through the Orgone all the other things that it does. It attacks anything that’s negative and evil; it also attacks negative and evil beings. So people that come into contact with this positive living energy; this Orgone, become very irritated and agitated. Those who are one of these beings....if you wear Orgone and walk through the mall or walk through a Wal-Mart, you’ll see people staring at you; giving you mean looks. It’s because they’re very agitated by the Orgone. I’ve heard of people breaking out into boils that put on an Orgone pendant. It’s simply because they’re demon possessed people and oppressed by demons. The Bible codes describe it as totally destroying Satan’s kingdom. The aliens as it is will be burned and boiled by it. It’s exactly what we’re seeing with hybrid people; hybrid children. They’re suffering the same effects, but its going to kill these aliens.

Irish: What are you seeing right now in the Bible codes?
Sherry: Right now I’m seeing a couple of things coming up with Obama. I mentioned on my show last week; the first thing he does in January is make a monetary payment to Kenya. Why is he paying off Kenya? Because he was actually born there and they’re keeping it quiet. He wasn’t born in Hawaii, he was born in Kenya. So the first thing he does as president is pay off Kenya for keeping quiet. He uses our tax payer money to pay off Kenya. Another thing is; he’s going to try and establish Sharia Law. Obviously that’s going to put a lot of Patriots and militia groups up in arms. Americans across the United States if he even tries to implement Sharia law here and get rid of our Constitution. Another thing I’m seeing is Libya attacking Jerusalem and destroying Israeli Knesset.

Because they want to rebuild Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. So what they’re gong to do is destroy the Knesset and rebuild the temple which will take over both religious and political functions in Jerusalem. Seeing Damascus being destroyed; that’s yet to come. Also the arrival of this Ashtar Command; these ascended masters coming playing as gods and angels and everything else. Of course, they’ve been trying to arrive. They’re having trouble because the air is saturated with Orgone. So they’re having a lot of problems being able to materialize on earth because of the Orgone. Its a huge battle right now between this Orgone and these ascended masters trying to arrive.

Irish: Project Camelot; they have various individuals like Richard Hoagland, Bob New...people like this who have been involved in the whole New World Order agenda. My question is; how do you know whether it is the Creator contacting you or these individuals that have another agenda? How do you distinguish who is who?

Sherry: The Lord doesn’t speak to your mind. That’s the biggest thing. A lot of these people that say that they’re hearing from the Lord; you’ve got George Bush claiming to hear from the Lord; you’ve got pastors in all these Pentecostal denominations all over the country. They’re listening to voices in their mind and the Lord does not speak to your mind. He speaks to your heart. And it’s a very distinct and just very small voice. You have to be able to test the spirit and where the voice is coming that you’re hearing. Is it in your head or in your heart”? If it’s in your head; it’s not the Lord. He doesn’t speak to your head. That’s the biggest thing. And He doesn’t give dates. That’s the biggest thing to throw out false prophecies you get all over the internet. The Lord doesn’t live in linear time, so He doesn’t give us a date. “On January 22nd, this and this is going to happen.” That’s Satan and the church of NORAD. They’ve got in down to perfection. NORAD has this dreamscape technology to where even they can implant false visions and false dreams in people.

You can always read what they’re saying and know if it’s the Lord’s voice or the church of NORAD (what I call it). They’ll get everybody up in arms over something happening on a certain date. You’ve seen it all over the internet. This and this and this is going to happen on a certain date. The Lord doesn’t live in linear time, so you know automatically that it’s not from Him. He always says, “soon”. Once you get to know....if you really love the Lord and ask Him to reveal the truth in all things to you; and ask Him that everyday. Ask Him to teach you how to hear His voice. He’ll take you through the process of learning how to hear His voice and knowing when it’s Him and when its not. I can read somebody’s material and or their written prophecies and tell you just by the language if it’s Him or not, because I know how He speaks.

Irish: Can I reveal something to you tonight?

Sherry: Okay.

Irish: You’re the reason that I’m doing what I’m doing.

Sherry: Praise the Lord.

Irish: I’m serious. Because...I didn’t know anything about this. I listened to a couple of your shows. I asked the Lord to reveal to me what the truth was. And I asked Him to make me an instrument. I have done so many things since I asked that. I can’t believe the things I’m doing. I cannot believe it. Listen, I’m just a guy. I don’t have **** for a living, but the things I done is by His will and grace alone. I have talked to so many people and have trained them with my knowledge from the military, what have you. All my knowledge I put out there for these people to know. Its just mind blowing what is being done. Now, I refer to Him as the Creator. That’s just how I refer to Him because that’s what He is to me. You may refer to Him as someone else, but we all know who He is if we all have the same purpose. Now, I have met so many people...and without His will, I wouldn’t have been able to meet these people. I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I’m doing now. I firmly believe that He is working in various people right now to bring about His will and to combat this New World Order.

Sherry: That’s what I find; that they’re always shocked and amazed. People expect the holier than thous to be the ones that the Lord can use, and it’s usually the complete opposite. It’s the obscure; it’s the people that are set apart for Him. The poor people of society. Because they love Him with their hearts. They’re not looking to God as a give me god. They’re not going to church giving Him their Christmas lists week after week; “I want this, I want this. Please give me this and this.” They want to serve Him. Those are the ones He stands up and uses. And we’re the ones who are tearing down the strongholds. We are the warriors. Instead of going to church Sunday after Sunday singing about being a warrior, we are one. We’re the doers; and we’re the ones tearing down the strongholds of Satan on this earth.

Irish: What folks have to understand is that you don’t have to be perfect to be a warrior for Him.

Sherry: That’s Satan’s biggest tool; to take somebody’s sin and hang it over their head and say “you’re unworthy”.

Irish: You know what? I have really never been into religion. I have never really as far as thought of myself as a spiritual person. But I’ll tell you what; I listened to a couple of your shows and just went by myself; with no one looking...nobody around....I talked to Him. I started to realize, “Hey, things are happening.” I’m thinking, “What the Hell is going on?” This show is uncensored so I can say what I want, but I asked Him, “What the Hell is going on?” I am being put into positions where I can do things. Where I’m meeting people. Where I’m talking to people. I’m letting them know what I think; where I am. It was just like all these things are evolving. It’s so mind blowing. I really can’t put it into words. I’m just stupefied by the experiences I’ve had. I think you can relate.

Sherry: Oh yeah. When you give yourself to Him 100% and say “use me,” He’s going to. That’s the biggest problem with most people. They hold onto their lives. They’re holding on to their money. They’re trying to hold on to the things of this earth. You have to be willing to give up your life on this earth. Every Patriot out there that’s a big mouth and every believer in Him fully knows that sacrifice because you become a huge target. The things of this earth no longer matter; it’s the things we can do for the Lord while we’re on the earth that become our focus.

Irish: Worldly things don’t matter to me now. They really don’t.

Sherry: You don’t even think about it. I had four assassination codes just for this month. They have one week left. Its this way every single month. All they do is plan and improvise ways to kill me. It’s because you become a target when you become a big mouth against Satan’s kingdom. It takes a love for the Lord and a service for Him to say, “I don’t care what they do. I don’t fear man. I don’t fear anything they can do. I’m just going to serve the Lord and do what I can in the last days.” Because we don’t have much time.

Irish: That’s all I’m doing. I’m serving my purpose. That’s the way I look it. I’m doing what I gotta do. You know what? They whack me...I go home.

Sherry: Exactly. The funny thing is; you’ll see them come and go because they can’t even get near you.

Irish: I’ll tell you what; I’m gonna take about 10 – 20 of them before they get one of me.

Sherry: You won’t even see them. Seriously, I’ve seen cars come....I live in a two horse town. They’ll come for a weekend and end up leaving. The Lord will show me those were CIA or whatever. It becomes a joke; it really does. Simply because the Lord puts a blockhouse of angels around you and no one can get near you. You’re just that protected by Him. When your purpose is done, then He’ll let you go home. It’s not that they kill you; He allows you to come home.

Irish: I’m going to share something with you. This is really personal for me to say this. I believe there is a reason I had you on this radio show tonight. There is a reason. And it is the Creators will alone that I have you on this radio show tonight. We’re from two different worlds. You’re at one end with the spiritual aspect. I’m into more of the physical aspect, but tonight we have combined those two aspects.

Sherry: Right. Because that’s what it takes to defeat. We have to not only take care of the physical dimension, but the spiritual dimension. Our weapons are much different than physical weapons. I know that Patriots are into guns and bullets and stuff like that; I’m into Orgone, because I don’t even want them in my town to where I have to pick up a gun.

Irish: If you know how to use a gun, that protects you against the physical, but we have to understand the spiritual as well.

Sherry: Right, if you surround areas with this Orgone they can’t even come in your town. We’re talking about alien and giant invasions that are coming to Earth. So not only do you have to worry about ICE squads coming into your house at 4am, we have these giants – the return of the Nephilim. The return of the Watchers. These are giants. These are 12 foot tall beings. Your guns aren’t going to do a whole lot, but if they reach a border of Orgone, they’re not going to cross it. That’s what’s going to protect us. We need them both. You need your spiritual weapons and your spiritual weapons. If either one, and you’re just at your wits end with a giant four feet away from you, ask the Lord to protect you. Always seek the Lord Himself. I know people that have yelled out His Name and abduction attempts against them by aliens were thwarted; simply because they called out the Name of Yahushua. We’re in a battle. It’s not only physical, but spiritual. And both dimensions are about to merge.

Irish: I left the Army in ’07. I’m actually putting my credibility on the line talking about this stuff, but I can assure you it is very real. The things that we are talking about tonight are very, very real. I’m not one for fluff. I’m not going to bring somebody on my show to get listeners or to have some sort of ego trip.

Sherry: Most people think I’m absolutely crazy.

Irish: I don’t care if people think I’m crazy. I know what I gotta do.

Sherry: Truth tellers just get blasted all over the internet. I’m sure you’ve heard half the garbage that they write about me on the internet, just to try to keep people away from me so they can’t hear the truth.

Irish: That’s the thing. You’re experiencing the same thing we experience in the Patriot movement. You’ve got a lot of paranoid people out there. They’re going do what they gotta do to try and make people look less credible. But I guarantee in the end, they’re going to be looking like the idiots.

Sherry: I get asked all the time by people, “How can we know that we’re in the last days?” I tell everybody, Heads up out there. Keep your eyes on the Middle East and watch for the arrival of these ascended masters and giant beings on earth. Watch for the arrival of that.

Irish: Here’s the thing; in Israel right now, they’re about to have this peace treaty...I don’t know what the Hell it is...but they’re going to have this treaty where its going to divide Israel. What’s your take on that?

Sherry: The whole thing about it is; because our government promises the PLO one thing behind one door and behind another they promise Israel another thing. They work with both the PLO and the Jews. They’re going to double-cross the Jews eventually. In the meantime, you have Libya that’s going to bomb Jerusalem and the Knesset so they can rebuild the temple. Everything works in such contradictions, it almost looks ludicrous. Why would we want to bomb the Knesset so we can rebuild the temple and promise the world over to Sharia Law and Islam? Everything works in contradictions. Either agenda, because Bush was the big Talmud law guy; he wanted to institute world-wide Talmud law. Then you have Obama and Maitreya that are going to try and institute Sharia Law. You’ve got Islam vs. Jews all over again. We get rid of the Talmud law and now we’re going to have Sharia Law. Either way under any agenda, the Christians and Patriots are the targets for death...under either one.

Irish: They can come for me, but they’re not going to be going home.

Sherry: Even this New Age agenda...we’re all going to live in peace and blah, blah, blah. As long as you agree with them; if you don’t agree with them you’re going to be targeted for murder as well. It doesn’t matter which agenda it is.

Irish: Any more it doesn’t matter what you do. We have a different law system that dominates in the United States - this corporate business law; UCC law. That’s the thing that’s dominating the United States right now. You see a lot of these unnecessary arrests. You see the instances of police abuse. The fact of the matter is; these cops, these officials; they’re not going to be held responsible.

Sherry: It’s all going under their plans. ICE – Immigrations and Customs Enforcement; they’re going to be the ones coming after patriots and Christians. Now they say they’re just going after illegal aliens. It’s just a front. Next they’ll be coming after Patriots and Christians; known resistors of the New World Order. They’ll get rid of them first.

Irish: They haven’t picked on the right guys yet. I’m telling you right now, what they need to do. I’m going to tell you how it’s going to start. They’re going to pick somebody and want to make an example of. Well, that person is going to make some phone calls. They’re going to call on other people.

Sherry: You’re going to see a downing of the electricity. Our grid is going down so that people can’t communicate via phones and computers.

Irish: It doesn’t matter what they do. You’re going to see at some point...I can speak from a militia community because I’m in it. I can tell you that at some point they’re going to do something stupid. These freakin’ pea-brains are going to do something stupid and we’re going to call on others and others will call on others and we’re going to go to business. We’re going to go to town and do what we gotta do.

Sherry: You guys need to be careful. I’ve always said that from day one. I used to talk to the guy that headed the militia out in Michigan. I’ve talked to people that had militias all over the country. They’re infiltrated so you have to be careful.

Irish: We know all about that. I believe back in 1987, the Justice Department had made a statement that no organization in the United States would ever be without an infiltrator. What you’re talking about is all organized militias; they have infiltrators.

Sherry: Data base collectors.

Irish: Right. That’s why I talk about resistance on my radio show.

Sherry: There is nothing that I know or do that I don’t talk about. I do nothing in secret.

Irish: You let it all just fall where it may.

Sherry: Everything I’m doing. Everything I talk about is just out in the open. I don’t hide anything. There is nothing to infiltrate with me. I don’t have an inner- circle. I don’t have an inside. It’s just me leading the Lords Warriors against these armies in the last days. They’re demonic armies. They’re alien armies. They’re human armies. If they come against the Son of God they’re enemies of mine; those are the ones that we’re against and fighting against.

Irish: I have a lot of friends in Ohio. We have a lot of militia in Ohio. When it comes down to it, I’ll make some phone calls and believe me....the guys know how to take care of you.

Sherry: I had heard about the militia in Ohio. I don’t know where they are but...

Irish: You don’t need to worry about that. I don’t need to worry about that...but they know who they are.

Sherry: I know Ohio’s been going through some rough times. A lot of our cities are going to become ghost towns from losing so many jobs here. That’s going to be relevant across the United States when we see the corporate close down. Right now we’re seeing home foreclosures. I’ve been warning about the commercial close down; when stores just close their doors overnight. That’s going to cause a lot of uproar. They’re going to mask coming after the Patriots and the Christians with going after those in civil riots first. There’s going to be a lot of rioting in the streets. There’s going to be a lot of chaos. You’ve got a making for bombs going off just with Obama and his Sharia Law. And unemployment, no money, no food and stores closing. You’ve got the makings of a bomb going off here in America.

Irish: Exactly. The biggest battle is psychological. People believe they can’t beat these scumbags.

Sherry: And people believing that things are going to go back to the way they were 2, 3, 4 years ago. I keep telling them, it’s not going back. Once it starts, it’s going to get worse and worse and worse. That’s where we are today. Once people realize that....people that lost their homes are not getting them back. The stores that are closed are not going to re-open. And everything is going to get worse and worse and worse. It’s going to lead to a huge civil war here in America.

Irish: What you’re talking about; they’re waging psychological warfare. With these chemtrails there’s barium in them. As far as these chemtrails, you’ve heard of Project Blue Beam...Project Blue Book...all these things where they intend to create a fake ET invasion. What is your take on a fake ET invasion vs. a real ET invasion?

Sherry: We’re going to have real ET invasions. I think that’s just part of throwing in the pot. I think William Cooper had written an article on both. He talks about real invasions, and then talks about a fake one. He talks about both. What we have and what people don’t realize is that we don’t have just alien UFOs. We have real American UFOs. Our government NSA pilots pilot them. We have our own UFOs. Their UFOs when the come are crashing because of the orgoned air. So they’re going to have to count on military UFOs to pull off their facade, “we’re angelic beings from millions of miles away.” They need each other. That’s why our government is working with them. That’s why they have underground bases. They’re transferring all their technology so it will operate on a physical plane when they come to rule over the world...because their technology isn’t going to manifest here. When you talk about a fake is’s a Hollywood production. When they have this Jesus Christ; this return of Jesus with all the...

Irish: (laughs) I’ll be laughing all the way on that one.

Sherry: It’s a Hollywood production. When I talked about on my show how these aliens have these devices where they can turn the glow on and look angelic. So they’re going to have the white robes and look real angelic and sing hymns all under this Blue Beam project; this charade that Jesus is returning to earth with his host of angels.

Irish: Oh boy.

Sherry: It’s all technology. It’s all simulated. It’s a simulation. It’s Hollywood. It’s videos. 9-11 was probably practice for what’s coming, because people believed what they saw on the television and would believe what they see with this second coming of Jesus to earth. They need the barium to pull off the holographics. Like I’ve said, they’re not coming from Heaven, they’re right here. They’ve got bases under our Earth. I can tell you exact locations of some of the main ones that they’re working out of. They’ve got the southern border of Egypt.

There’s an underground city there that Star Wars was based off of. I can’t remember the name of the city in Star Wars was actually from that underground base on the southern border of Egypt. People think its all fiction and its not. The Gobi Desert in Mongolia has this huge white reptilian base underneath that. Most people have seen green lizards. Well these are the leaders; the white lizards. People haven’t’ heard a lot about them. Then you have under the Himalayas - Shambhala – these cities underneath the Earth where these ascended masters live. India is dominant with a lot of these bases.

Irish: (laughing) Ascended masters. Nobody is my master.

Sherry: They’re going to come to Earth and say, “I’m Hare Krishna. I’m Buddha. I’m the 12th Imam. I’m Jesus Christ.”

Irish: They’re all a joke to me. I have a little different perspective then you, but I think we have the same purpose, but I think they’ll all a joke. That’s the way I look at it.

Sherry: The problem is, once they get rid of the European races...because we’re going to be the last ones in the world to buy their crap because we know its garbage. You’ve go Canada and Europe and the United States and Australia. Once you get rid of these problem countries everybody else is going to buy it. Most of the world; 3/4 of the world itself is already hybrid seed. They’re already hybrid nations. But like I’ve said, the Lords Salvation is open to these hybrid nations. These people can come to the Lord and receive His Salvation and escape Satan’s hold and grip on them. The Lords salvation is open and available, but like the Biblesays, most of the world is going to be fooled by Satan’s deceptions in the last days.

Irish: You’re the person to ask for this. The first thing the colonists did when they got off the boat was make a covenant with God. Obviously that covenant has been broken. What are the ramifications of what is going on today with that covenant being broken?

Sherry: The Lord’s Judgment is on the Earth; on America specifically. We’ve sealed our fate. We’ve known His Judgment has been coming over the years, but pretty much sealed it by having a lizard over us right now. We have a of Satan’s own lizards over us as a king. It doesn’t get much more nauseating than that. America is under judgment. That’s what you’re going to see...what you’re seeing now. The homosexuals and the whole “coming out of the closet” where they push all the Christians in the closet. I was just reading how there are gangs all over the schools trying to force people into that kindof thing. It’s going to get worse and worse and worse. America is under judgment. The Bibletalks about America – the last days Babylon being destroyed in an hour; which is a space of time. It won’t take an hour literally, but a space of time. The last days Babylon the Great is America.

Irish: Wow. This is very mind-blowing for the average listener. It’s really hard to grasp, but these things are all very real. There are over 30,000 documents that substantiate that there are in fact these fallen angels and ancient civilizations. Richard Hoagland and Bob Dean talk about these civilizations on other planets. What’s your take on that?

Sherry: I’ve got articles that I’ve written on that. There were actually 12 planets at one time, not just 9. There were 12 planets when the Lord created this universe. When Satan rebelled against the Lord; you can read about Satan’s rebellion and how he wanted to become like God, so he started a rebellion against the Lord. All of these planets that were involved were put under judgment and destroyed by hailstones of fire. So all the inhabitants of these planets were forced into the insides; into the hollow parts of the planets.

There are many of what we call “aliens” that live on Mars and the moon and all these other planets, but they’re just fallen angels. They’re just these beings that were under the Lords Judgment Since back when Lucifer rebelled against Him. They procreate and they’ve been around for thousands of years now. They have technology. They have their own organizations of societies and systems amongst themselves because there are tens of millions of them, and they’ve had thousands of years to procreate and grow. We do have them; all the planets are hollow. The moons are all hollow. They live within these hollow areas, just as the Earth is hollow. People talk about “the Biblesays how they were chained and judged.” The leaders were, but the children were not. That’s what we are dealing with. The children of these angels who have had children, who have had children and on down the years.

Irish: That’s a lot to swallow.

Sherry: Yeah, and people also don’t realize that he has never stopped trying to become like God. He’s still trying to create. A lot of these alien races that we these small greys, are just cloned beings. They’re manufactured. They pump them out like we pump out SUVs. They just create and manufacture them, and then they control them by mind chip implants.

Irish: What are the Watchers? We hear accounts of the Watchers in the Bible.

Sherry: The Watchers were angels from Heaven that were assigned to watch over the Earth. What they did’ll read about it in Genesis chapter 6 and Enoch chapter 6. If you want to really know who these beings are read the book of Enoch. That is the most suppressed book you’ll ever find. It was not included in the Bible. It was included in the KJV Ethiopian edition, but not the American edition. They tried to suppress that book because it has so much information about who these Watcher beings are. They were angels that looked upon women upon the Earth and wanted to procreate with them. So they rebelled from Heaven. They left Heaven to come to Earth to procreate with human women. That’s how we came with the hybrid giants; the children that were born.

Enoch talks about two brothers that were over 33 feet tall. That’s how we have giants on the Earth; the offspring between these angels and human women produced giants. That was their offspring. They fell before the flood and after. Most people that get into the churches think that the flood wiped all that out. No, because they fell before and after the flood. The thing with after the flood is that they were able to perfect the giant DNA and get rid of that as an effect of the procreation between fallen angels and human women. Right now you still see it happening. You’ll hear of these aliens that abduct human women in countries all over the world nightly and human women being used as breeders for these aliens.

They’re creating these hybrid races out of test tubes now in these UFO bases and UFOs. Breeding is a big part of their experiment on mankind. It was one of the things that our government agreed to hide. Back at the beginning of the show we talked about these agreements that our government made with the aliens. In exchange for technology they were going to allow these aliens to abduct people in America and use them for breeding experiments, and the governments promise was that they would deny that aliens and UFOs existed.

That’s why you have such staunch denial from our government that they exist. Its part of their contract agreement with the aliens. You get into project Blue Book, but the real project was Yellow Book. The aliens were supposed to provide the government with names and locations of the people they abducted and used for breeding experiments, but it became so numerous they found out that the aliens were lying; they weren’t submitting all the names of the people being used. They really had no control over the aliens at that point. Something the Lord had told me years ago, back when it was happening. Anyone who comes in contact wit these aliens in these underground bases ends up becoming soul-scalped by them and possessed by them. We’re no longer dealing with....I don’t know if you’re familiar with soul-scalping. They can just take your soul and take over your body. Get rid of your soul and take over your body and live on Earth in your body. They can take your soul and put you in a box somewhere. I’ve seen this before. They have all these boxes lined up in rows under these bases.

There are people’s souls in those boxes because they took the souls out of the human body and inhabit the body for themselves. These alien hosts take over the human body. That’s what’s happened to a lot of these....these underground bases and government officials who work with aliens end up becoming soul-scalped by them. That’s why I’ve always warned against it. People think that dealing with the aliens is harmless, but couldn’t be any more further from the truth. The New Age wants you to think there are nice aliens and bad aliens. They’re all bad. They just play good cop, bad cop scenarios. We have a group out there; Sorcha Faal refers to them as Earths Defense Forces. I refer to them as COM3.

I think that was the name I heard many years ago. It’s this secret group of military and government officials that are very anti New World Order. Their problem is they’re aligned with “friendly” aliens. These friendly aliens in the long run just serve as agent provocateurs. Eventually this whole COM3 – Earths Defense Forces are going to be sabotaged and destroyed by them from the inside because there are double-agents; the aliens that are working with them. Just a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. Its mind-boggling to a lot of people. Sorcha Faal had an article about how the navies right now are gathered in the Gulf of Aden (in the Biblecodes the A or E is signified by the letter X).

So I refer to it as Eden. Basically that’s what it’s called; the Gulf of Eden. There’s a base underneath there. These navel defense forces; anti-new world order forces are trying to stop the arrival by trying to destroy that base. You know what? You can’t destroy it with physical weapons. They need to get Orgone pipes laid down in the sea bed. They need to get Orgone pipes down there. I have directions for Orgone pipe blasters at my website because their conventional weapons aren’t going to destroy these alien bases. There is just so much going on with all this. You always have to wonder how much truth the public can handle knowing.

Irish: Wow....we’re actually coming to the top of the show. You’re welcome to come on my show anytime. Believe me. This has been a mind-blowing show. And this is unique to our show. I personally want to thank you for coming on my show.

Sherry: Thank you for inviting me on here.

Irish: These things are just so far off, but people need to know about them.

Sherry: Yeah. They need to know what they’re fighting. Once they understand what they’re fighting they can better prepare. It’s not just us against the Chinese or Russian soldiers, but literally much further beyond that.

Irish: With that, thank you Sherry for being on my show.

Sherry: Thank you for having me.

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