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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Transcribe 12-15-08 Sherry Talk Radio

Sherry Talk Radio


Transcribed by Liz Patton

Hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night. If you can hear me, go ahead and somebody give me a heads up. I’m having some technical difficulties. I don’t even have a whole lot to say tonight. Five minutes before I go on air, my whole system goes kaputz. I’m still dealing with that; trying to get caught up in a couple of seconds. If you have a question for the show tonight, you can send it to I’ll be taking questions tonight. I’m going to talk about a couple of things I’ve been seeing in the codes. People are hearing me now. That’s good.

I have to find my place here because I don’t usually keep notes or take notes. Sometimes I’ll jot things down. Usually when I do a show, I just sit here with a piece of paper and draw....just draw stuff all over it. I doodle. And I just say what the Lord has me to say. So I just sit and doodle until He brings something to my mind.

What I thought was interesting. Someone sent me a snippet the other day of somebody’s blog. They had mentioned this Christmas miracle that the New Ager’s have been talking about. And no, they’re not talking about the birth of Christ and all that the church goes hype over for December 25...which is the sun god Mithras birthday. It has nothing to do with Yahushua’s birthday. He was born back during Rosh Hashanah which could be the last week of September or the first week of October. I’ve read before that they actually believe He was born October 2nd because that was the day Adam was created...and Yahushua is the second Adam. So they kindof put His birthday at October 2nd. It was somewhere back there and had nothing to do with December. I really don’t like wasting my time going over the paganism of Christmas every year and usually don’t.

I thought it was interesting because the New Ager’s have this thing they are calling the Christmas miracle. I’ve seen the term “miracle” in the codes. When I first saw it, I had no idea what it was. It just popped in there out of nowhere...the word “miracle”. So I went back last night trying to find it and ended up just looking at these Christmas codes. They are really no different than any other codes that I’ve been seeing. If they have some kind of significance; some big deal planned for Christmas day, so be it. It’ll be over there somewhere in the Middle East . That’s pretty much where the Lord has told us to keep our eyes right now, over in the Middle East because the giants are going to start amassing over there.

I really find it amusing that all these giants arrive. The Bible codes describe them as titans, as mountainous. We’re talking about really tall beings...nine, ten, eleven feet tall. How do these ascended masters (what they call themselves) get by with other than being the plain, evil Annuks that they are? Yahushua Himself wasn’t even that tall. These fallen angels that are coming masquerading as ascended masters and angels are going to be very, very tall, so it’s going to be interesting. They are amassing in the Middle East . They have a hideout in Jordon somewhere over there. Eventually they’re going to be coming out of their hideout. Now whether they do this Christmas or not, I have no idea; but its one of their own plans. You can read about it at their own website They were talking about it....warning....their first heads up on it was back in 2004. So every year they have to re-prepare their readers about this Christmas miracle; the arrival of the ascended masters every year because they can’t get their own stuff straight. So it’s 2008 now, and four years later they’re still touting, “this is the year....this is the year.”

It’s really funny because nobody can get timetables right. Everything we are dealing with is third dimension or fifth dimension and neither one of those dimensions deal with linear time like the fourth dimension does. A month and a year to us is.....we have our seconds, our days, our minute’s, our weeks...they don’t have any of that. We’re trying to decipher even when the Lord speaks and He says “soon”, you just want to bang your head up against the wall because you’ve heard “soon” so much. Is that a close soon or a far soon? I’ve always said, He doesn’t give dates and He doesn’t. So when you read these prophecies from all these Pentecostal boards you know they’re wrong because He doesn’t give dates because He doesn’t live in linear time and give dates. Satan gives dates. Satan gives dates all the time. So do his demons and those that people channel; these aliens and ascended masters that people channel all the time. They all give dates. That’s pretty good way if someone is giving you a correct prophecy from the Lord Himself, or just channeling a demon or an alien or ascended master ...or whatever it is they’re channeling. I know there are a lot of Christians that think they’re hearing from the Lord. Then you can look them up in the Bible codes and see that they’re channeling Maitreya. They’re channeling Sananda. They’re channeling Saint Germaine. One of the ascended masters instead. The church doesn’t teach about testing spirits, so people just think that any voice that comes to their head is the Lord. It sounds like Him and is speaking religious. So does Satan. You should read some of the garb that Sananda writes for the Four Winds Ten site. Patrick Bellringer...always channeling Sananda. He sounds like a very religious figure. He quotes the Bible all the time. He picks apart and chooses scriptures he needs to bend out of shape, like the churches do today. It’s nauseating to read. I can’t really dig through his stuff. But it gives you an idea of exactly what these guys are going to sound like when they arrive.

So they have this date; this whole Christmas miracle arrival thing planned for Christmas. I thought that was amusing. All I ever see in the codes is them arriving.....and they have many arrival dates. It could happen at any time really, because they want to catch us by surprise. Whenever they’re come up with something, it’s exposed already and everybody knows. Anyway, they’re going to arrive and they’re going to be destroyed. That’s what I see in the codes all the time. Many of them will get away, but a lot of them are going to crash. So it will be very amusing to watch “god” (I say that loosely) and his angels (which is nothing but Sananda or Maitreya and this facade of giants posing as angelic beings). I’ve told you they wear some kind of anklet where they can produce this false glow that makes them look like angels; where they can appear as angels of heaven. How do they explain that? When they start arriving to Earth and their UFOs are crashing? And they already are. You can see their UFOs crashing around the world. That’s how you pretty much know when they’re trying to get something planned. Because they try to practice it ahead of time and you start seeing what reports call meteors crashing to earth. Some of them are meteors, but there are many, many UFOs that are crashing. I see that in the codes. What I’m finding is that whenever they do arrive, whether it’ll be Christmas or January...maybe that’s the test that Obama is going to have...yeah, like a real that he can’t wait to have. They’re going to be arriving and they’re going to have some kind of spectacular UFO show in the sky. I’m telling you its going to be spectacular because they’re going to be falling out of it like popcorn. While we’re sitting over here laughing, they’re going to be furious. They’re going to be furious and looking to retaliate. You can see it already. In a lot of this stupid Draconian legislation that’s coming out, where they’re trying to clamp down on EBay craft sellers. People making crafts and things from their homes. Now they’ve set up some kindof government oversight....whatever to make it harder for people who are targeting kids with their crafts. Its just one way of getting their foot in the door so they can come after people who do things like Orgone. It’s a foot in the door. “Oh, we’re protecting the kids” then they’ll eventually go after everybody. They have this whole new group for environmental terrorists. Coming after environmental terrorists. Usually we handle that through the courts. If somebody spills a bunch of oil off the coasts, they just go to court, the clean up is underway and the government goes after whoever is involved. All that’s usually handled through civil means.

Interesting that they’re trying to get their foot in the door to come after the Orgone Warriors because they don’t have any other means of coming after us. What we do is not illegal. There is nothing harmful about what we do. They can’t admit that they’re evil beings, it is affecting them and they want to get rid of it. They’ll never admit it in a million years. I’m still waiting for them to bring it up. I’ve seen it the last several months in Bush’s codes; that he would mention Orgone in a speech. He’s running out of time. There’s not a whole lot of time left for him to bring that up. I’m looking at that like it’s something that’s going to come and pass and be inherited. This whole mess that Obama is going to’s just a big problem and Obama is going to inherit it. It is rather amusing because they just don’t know how to handle it. They’re being demanded and told to put a stop to it; to make the Orgone Warriors stop. In human means they just don’t have any way of doing that because it’s not illegal; there’s nothing wrong. It’s like saying we have to get rid of all the chocolate in the world.

It’s almost amusing because they’ve always been able to find ways around things that are harmful to them. You look at cannabis and potheads. The reason they started flooding the drug markets with methamphetamine and crack...they’ve got crank and they’ve always had cocaine and that stuff...trying to get people off of the marijuana. For some reason marijuana prohibits their mind control technology from working on pot heads. All these ELF towers and stuff don’t work I guess as effectively against potheads, so they flooded the market with different drugs to get people off of pot and on different drugs. They look at the problems with the Orgone and have no recourse around it.

Very interesting that the most destructive thing....their entire agenda is such a small, innocent little product. It’s exactly what the Lord gave us several years ago. Especially when you pray and ask the Lord how you tear down the strongholds of Satan and He leads you to Orgone. He showed us how to make positive Orgone energy that emits positive energy. I have the instructions at my website It’s this very Orgone that He gave us the instructions to that’s tearing down the strongholds of Satan. So they’re furious. It’s tearing their UFOs out of the sky. If they do arrive, it should be amusing. We’ll see. We’ll see what happens with it because I know a lot of them will come crashing out of the sky. It’s already killing a lot of them. We’ve seen the effects that this positive Orgone; this living life energy that has on evil beings, breaking out in boils, causing necrosis, which also has to do with leprosy. This leprosy plague. We’ve seen it with this Bird Flu which I’ve said is nothing but alien flu. Just various ways, and various different plagues that this Orgone has an effect on fallen angels, on these aliens and on their hybrid seeds on Earth. Very interesting to see the different variations coming out of it. And when the Lord cranks it up...we’ve always know that it’s a tool that the He has. We just put it out there and He does what He wants to with it. But when He cranks it up, it’s going to be exciting. They’re going to be retaliating. They’re going to mad. They’re going to be angry at the Orgone Warriors and they’re going to retaliate.

Something interesting that I’ve seen in Canada . This whole thing with Canada going on with their government right now. They’re getting ready to just annihilate Canada ’s economy because....interesting there’s a new alien in Canada ...I don’t know how else to say it.... that’s taken over the airspace above Canada . They’re angry because there’s Orgone in Canada now. There’s been warriors in Canada for years, but now it’s getting their attention. So they’re retaliating. They’re going to retaliate against Canada ’s economy because of the Orgone. I saw this specifically for Quebec . It’ll probably move out...I’m not a real geographic genius....I can’t even tell you where Quebec is. But Quebec was mentioned in the codes and about this aerial alien that’s over there now and just annihilating their economy.

It’s pretty much the same thing to what they’re doing to our economy. Our economy is....and we’ve known for years that our economy was going to tank just because of all the plastic money we have in America . They just print it as they need it. There is no budget. There’s no method to the madness. If they need more money, they just print it. It’s not backed by anything tangible. They’re attacking our economy also in retaliation for the Orgone. It’s the serpent seed; it’s the hybrids; it’s these aliens that control the money supply and the banks. Everybody says it’s the Jew banksters. Who are the banksters? We know that the Jews that are running Israel are not real blood-line Jews. They’re Khazar Jews. They’re serpent seedline family Jews. Who does that go back to? The aliens themselves and their offspring on Earth. So ultimately it’s always that council of aliens that rules over earth that has control of everything on the earth. Everything on the earth, the governments, the militaries. This council above the earth; this alien council ultimately has rule and control over everything. And they rule the earth through their children which we call the Illuminati families. That’s how it all works. They always have the ultimate control. It’s these aliens retaliating through countries economies and the banks because they’re angry about the Orgone being saturated in the air. When you see all the pieces of the puzzle pulling together in the codes and why they’re mad....its funny. It’s funny because we have this little harmless product.

When people realize that everything I’m saying is true, there is going to be such a run on the making of Orgone. So I’m trying to prepare ahead of time. Trying to get some stuff made up ahead of time over the next couple of weeks because especially if they do arrive over Christmas with their little Christmas miracle...Christmas disaster in the Middle East, people will realize that I’m right and try to get Orgone in their areas because it will protect their areas from these giants. They may arrive in the Middle East , but they are coming west, folks. They are coming this way. They are coming to Babylon-America. America was always set up to be Satan’s foothold; his rule of power when he comes to earth in the last days. The last days Babylon . It was the reigning super nation. That’s been America . America was set up for this. Interesting that when they do come to America , they’ll just have to leave. They won’t be able to stay here. Im sure there’ll be plenty of destruction caused by them that haven’t been orgoned...stuff like that. And they have their back up plans. Cheney is pretty much the one behind everything the last eight years. We know they have their concentration camps set up and ready to go. Eventually it’s going to martial law. It is going to happen. There is going to be martial law because the two things we’ve got coming despite the destruction and the victories we’re going to have with the Orgone, they’re still going to have their agenda ways. It’s always a war...battles here and there. We know who wins the final war so it doesn’t matter with that. We know that the Lord comes back and destroys all the wicked off the earth. But until then it’s going to be a back and forth battles throughout the whole tribulation period.

We know there’s going to be martial law. The Lord has warned us that the next coming thing....we’re looking for their arrival. But the main thing He warns us of is persecution coming. Persecution coming to the church – His Bride. We’ll see that in the form of martial law. We’re also seeing the economy tank. Foreclosures. Homelessness in America . All this being set up to start the chaos that they need. If you’re looking to buy a home here in America , there are always two separate books. If you’re a white’re born here – you don’t qualify. If you’re an illegal you can just about qualify for any loan even if you don’t have a job. No job, no credit rating. They’re called Ninja Loans. They just hand them out. That’s why you’re seeing the biggest states; California , Florida and Texas going through so many foreclosures. They’ve been giving these illegal aliens these homes loans and they’ve defaulted on them. They’ve always kept two separate types of books and requirements. It’d be much easier to come into this country as an alien than a natural born citizen.

Just ask Obama; he’s not a natural born citizen. The Bible codes calls him a mobster. By May of next year, he’s going to a complete mobster. It already refers to him as a creature, a lizard, a Negro beast and mobster. One of the terms I’ve seen for him in May is “mobster”. America voted for him. America put him in office. America is going to reap what they sow. I warned that he was a creature, a lizard and a beast and Americas going to reap what they sow. It’s going to get interesting for 2009. I don’t know what his big test is going to be. I’ve warned about Bush bribing Libya . They’ve got this bomb and they’re trying to give it to Libya ...this nuke missile. They want them to attack New York City . They want them to attack the White House.

One of the most amusing things going on really don’t see Bush or Cheney in the White House anymore. For the past year. When they need Bush, they fly him in, he gives his little speeches and they fly him back out. That’s because we’ve orgoned D.C so well. I’m seeing in codes that this marble palace has been contaminated by Orgone. Very interesting that it’s affecting them so much. So I don’t see how Obama is going to be able to live in the White House. I’ve seen where they’ll try and move the White House. The Bible codes don’t say where, but you’ve heard rumblings on the internet about them thinking about moving the base of power of America over to NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain . By all means do. We’ve orgoned that area too. Spent a whole summer out that way. It’s been done. I don’t know where they think they’re going to hide. They can’t hide.

It’ll be interesting because like I’ve said Bush is mad he has to leave; he’s going to retaliate. People think he is retaliating because of Obama coming into office, but actually it’s Bush retaliating because he has to leave office. And he’s been trying to bribe his little terrorist buddies. Especially the Libyans to bomb America when he leaves. That’s why he has this big compound down in Paraguay . There are hundreds of thousands of acres down in Paraguay . He practically has his own private army down there. It’s still a possibility because Obama’s not going to be able to handle living in the White House. It’s orgoned; it’s contaminated. They can’t breathe there. It burns them. It’s going to be interesting to see exactly what they do with the White House in D.C. If they do go ahead and move to Colorado ...although I think he ought to check Colorado out before he moves out that way. You can’t run from God. Go ahead and go to Colorado . We’ve already been there, we’ll be there and everything else. It gets interesting. Especially when the Lord starts cranking it. This stuff has been in place for years already and they just haven’t noticed it because the Lord kept it from bothering them. When He takes His Hand back and allows the Orgone to emit the energy that it does, it starts to bother them. It’s really going to be funny.

Just a heads up on Christmas, the Christmas miracle and the arrival of the ascended masters. They really do have to get it going this year. They really are on crunch time. If their plans are to have global governments by next year 2009 and we’ll all be under global governance; they’ve got to arrive somehow...sometime they have to arrive. Their big thing was to arrive this September of 2008. I was looking at Benny Hinns schedule to see what he’s doing at Christmastime. I’ve always warned that Benny Hinn is just a big mouthpiece for Satan. It looks like he’s home at Christmas. A couple days later I think he’s in Long Beach , California . He has a house out there anyway. I thought it was funny because he’s supposed to be their big cheerleader and mouthpiece and the Bible codes describe him as absolutely terrified. So I think when they start to arrive and this Orgone starts to affect them and their UFOs start much for their whole “we’re from heaven” facade. That ought to be interesting. If they don’t come at Christmas and December comes and goes they still have their own plans that they’re working for January. What ever kind of facade they’re working with Obama. We don’t have to wait that long for Obama to show his true colors. He’s going to start things immediately. He’s going to hit the ground running when he’s in office. He’s really not going to wait. By May everyone will know him as the mobster that he is.

Up until that point, I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Iran and Israel . Although I do think there’s going to be some action in Israel . I have a hard time in the codes deciphering when it’s talking about the land of Israel and when it’s talking about the people of Israel because they are two different things. The land and the people are two different things. There could be some flare ups in Israel under attack. Iran is mentioned every once in a while in the codes. Just with the arrival of this Maitreya. He’s going to consolidate his power base in Africa . I always see Ethiopia . It dawned on me the other day that Ethiopia and Africa were a lot of times in the Old Testament interchangeable. When they were talking about Ethiopia and Africa and visa versa. I don’t know if Ethiopia per say or Africa itself. We do know his power base nations will be Ethiopia and Libya and probably the Sudan ...that whole area. Egypt . It’ll be interesting to watch Africa .

Even though we know who and what these beings are, the truth of the matter is the entire world is going to buy into it. They’re going to come as god....come as god-kings as these ascended masters. Just as in the ancient days and in the days of Noah, all the people worshipped them. They worshipped them as gods. So other than the Lord’s people at that time, the majority of the world bought into the whole charade that they were gods; that they were god-kings. So when they arrive this time, it’s going to be the same thing. A majority of the world is going to be deceived and buy into the fact that this Sananda Esu who quotes the Bible left and right and sounds like Mr. Religious pastor guy, is actually an ascended master or god or whatever he’s coming as. They’re going to buy Maitreya as this Mohammad; this Imam. This Islam freak. They’re going to accept him as their Imam. It’s going to be a mess. Even though we know what’s going on, the majority of the world is going to be deceived by it. Just a heads up on that.

Yes, America is a big problem for them. America , Canada and the white Israel nations. There are several different types of nations of Israel . Europe and America and Canada – white peoples nations of Israel ; they have a real problem with them. That’s why they’re setting up all these internment camps and getting ready for martial law and you’re seeing an increased military presence in a lot of these countries. You can read about it just in America alone. They’re assigning more and more military units to patrol American streets. You gotta laugh; they have this whole Marine group working as traffic cops. I mean, come on. They’re going to save America . They’re going to use our Marines as checkpoint military dudes working with the police. Don’t we have something better we could do with our Marines? Can you give that to the National Guard? Even that’s illegal. You can use the National Guard in times of emergency, but you cannot use our military on American soil. It’s against the Posse Comitatus Act. They don’t seem to care about that anymore. I don’t think that there’s anything in the Constitution that our military and government do care about. They’re re-writing it as they go now, and Bush has given them the green light as they please, so that’s what they do. Obama is not going to restore the Constitution, folks. He’s not going to restore; he going to pick up where Bush left off and run with destroying it even more.

The top thing is the continual downfall of our economy. More and more businesses and home foreclosures. Chaos in the streets with all the homeless. That’s what they want. They want chaos so they can implement martial law. We have persecution on the saints coming and they’re going to mask that through martial law. They’re not going to come out and say, “We’re coming after the church.” They’re going to mask it as martial law and pick up all the annoying pests. Those who love the Son of God. Mix them up with the illegal aliens and everything else they’re going after, through martial law. That’s how they’re going to hide that one. Those are pretty much the two things we have coming up on the horizon. The continual economic annihilation and then persecution. We’ve known these things are going to happen. First thing the Antichrist does; the first beast of Revelation does is implement a war on the saints because he’s angry....he’s mad. This is exactly why; because of the Orgone war that we’ve implemented against him, so he’s going to retaliate. So the first thing he does is implement a war on the saints when he arrives. That’s coming up. Watch the events as they happen.

The Lord has said things are going to happen in ways we don’t expect. That’s why I try to stay ahead of things and try and tell you what events are happening in prophecy as they happen. Otherwise you won’t expect them. The church expects everybody to watch the agreement; this peace treaty in the Middle East and the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple. They expect all these things to happen, so you kindof get a timeline in your head about how thing will happen and when and it’s not going to happen like that. That’s why we have to stay aware and keep aware of what’s going on. I’m not even sure that they would build....even manage to get a temple up. Even if they did....they could get one up pretty hurriedly because they already have all the sides prefabricated and made. So it wouldn’t really take them that long to throw up a temple. The problem with all that is, is that a temple would be built probably after most of the Bride has already been persecuted. It’s way down the road. People think its going to happen first and its not. Don’t expect to see Middle East peace and a temple because the first thing that’s going to happen is persecution on the saints. Most of them won’t even be here to see that.

I’m going to answer a few questions. If you have a question for the show, send it to I’m sitting here waiting for my mail to load now. Just a heads up out for the Christmas miracle, which I don’t know if it’s going to happen or not. It’s a possibility and they’re talking about it as happening. They do every year since 2004. When you do see them, you’ll have a short time to get some Orgone in your area before all of them will be heading over this way.

Comment from a listener: Sherry, I was reading somewhere on the internet that something real bad will happen on our homeland over Christmas. Civil disobedience and probably Russia sending us some nukes. Have you seen anything in the codes?

Sherry: I know it’s been a long time plan for Russia to nuke four American cities on Christmas. That’s on the script, just as India and Pakistan going to war is on the script. It’s on their script. I haven’t seen anything in the codes, although Tampa and Miami come up in the codes. That’s Florida , so....not sure if they are planning attacks. I do see that a city could be’s usually New York City . I don’t know. Right now, I don’t see anything. But I do see a powder attack coming and not necessarily though for Christmas. Just one of these events that could happen next. An anthrax attack on New York City . With Washington- I’ve given you a heads up on that, that Bush is trying to get them to nuke Washington , but we don’t know until it happens. Usually if I talk about it on this show, they cancel their plans. I really wish they wouldn’t cancel that one, but whatever.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, too bad those shoes that guy threw at Bush weren’t full of poo.

Sherry: Too bad they weren’t Orgone pucks.

Do you see anything in the codes about the dollar crashing and becoming worthless and obsolete by February?

Very well could be. I see crashing in the codes are UFOs. We know that the market is under annihilation. I see “market annihilation” in retaliation. Our economy and our market is just part of the script...its going to fall.

Question: What came first in Hebrew? The V or the W?

Answer: Actually the V came before the W.

People need to go to, the main site iteself to catch all the updated archives because sometimes I don’t get to my other websites and update the radio archives on those sites.

Question about the KJV.

Answer: The Lord doesn’t talk KJV style, folks. He doesn’t talk Shakespearean....thou will do this....thou will do that. He doesn’t talk like that. People will live and die by the KJV version and He doesn’t talk like that. I do think it was Frances Bacon who wrote the KJV. King James had solicited him to write it and wouldn’t you know? They’re all Masons.

Question: Where exactly did Yah come from? If He’s always been here and always existed, who created Him? Will I find out when I go to Heaven? I keep asking, but Im not getting an answer. Maybe He doesn’t want me to know.

Answer: You’re not getting it through your head. He has always existed and always been. When He tells you that you don’t accept it as an answer and you keep looking for something else, when there isn’t. That’s the answer; He always has been.

Question about the Jewish star.

Answer: The Star of David. That was an Illuminati symbol given to Israel in 1948 when the United Nations gave them their own land. All that was scripted. The Star of David is a satanic symbol. The early Israelites were forbidden from having any kinds of symbols and they never did. People would transcribe the menorah for them and say that represents the Jews. No, they never had symbols. The Lord wouldn’t allow them to. But in 1948 when they became a nation, they gave them a satanic symbol called the Star of David. Everybody thought “Oh David, it’s gotta be good,” and accepted it and adopted it as their symbol. It’s a satanic symbol.

Question from a listener: Just wondering. I heard you mention that you have children. I was wondering if they agree with you with what will be happening in their future and how do they respond to what’s going on?

Answer: They’re little. They understand some of what’s coming. My two older ones understand more so than the two littleler ones. My two older ones have fun with me. We go out and Orgone areas. My younger ones don’t really grasp everything that’s happening yet. With kids, the important thing is to have them focus on the Lord Himself. I remember the reading what the Russians said years ago. If they could get a hold of a child’s mind for the first four or five years of their life, they would have them forever. Those building years in children are very important. That’s when you get them to learn about the Lord and love the Lord. It’s something they will carry with them their entire lives. That’s why it’s so important for these illuminists and Satan freaks to destroy their children at such a young age. Because then when they’re older they won’t turn to the Lord. It’s important just to give them the building blocks at an early age.

That’s how Im going to end this show tonight. Just some things to keep your eyes on: Keep prepared for further financial hardships on America . It’s not going to get any better. It’s going to get one tumble down worse after worse after worse. More foreclosures. We’ve seen it hit the residential markets, next its going to be commercial. It’s just going to be a bombshell. More and more residentials next. More with the market going. More jobs going. Market annihilation as the Bible codes refers to it as. And Christian persecution. Just back to back thing. And their arrival. Keep a heads up for the arrival of the giants in the Middle East and you’ll know where we’re at in Bible prophecy when you see the giants arriving. It’s not going to turn back to the way it was; its going to keep getting worse and worse and worse.

Just keep your eyes focused on the Lord, folks. And don’t fear what’s happening. Don’t fear what’s coming. Put your life in His Hands and keep your focus on Him and do the things He tells you to do. Don’t fear what’s coming.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless

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