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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Well Zeph Daniel won't be doing the first interview for my show on August 6th, I just got an email from him where he just said he had another committment. Whatever..since yesterday I have received emails that he's on another "I hate Sherry" tangent on his website.

I really don't understand him. We have a great time together one minute, and the next he's on a tangent. Almost short of looney tunes if you ask me.

I guess the latest rant is my code work on Elijah that was done last year. I haven't read it but was sent some blurbs on it so going by mostly second hand info here.

This man, Ernest Mauck, contacted me last year to use the Bible Codes to prove he was Elijah reincarnated. I gave him the truth instead. So now I'm being attacked for it by those who claim they have discernment and are feeding the lambs of Yah? Feeding them what? To the wolves? If you want to believe he's Elijah reincarnated go ahead. But I won't support the facade or charade, neither do I want anything else to do with it. You either have discernment or you don't. And if you have discerned he's not who he says he is, then why are you trying to protect him?

Ernest may be a great guy, but he's not Elijah reincarnated, and other for that code he asked me to do, I've had little contact with him. Now believers in Yah are mad that I don't pity him and play the charade with him to make him feel better? Who's being controlled here? Who's playing the games here?

I won't be controlled nor intimidated to support wolves or those just utterly mistaken and delusional. And apparently those who think they aren't being controlled need to take a closer look at themselves.

When you come out attacking a Daughter of Yahweh's to protect and pity a delusional lonely old man who thinks he's a former prophet reincarnated, then something is wrong.  I haven't said 2 words about this Elijah publicly in over a year, if people can't figure it out for themselves so be it, I have his code on my site. And now people want to attack me for it? So be it. Get a life. I work for Yahweh not man.

Yahweh may call others to try and work with this man and lead him back to his senses, but who are they to attack me for doing the work Yahweh led me to do?

I think some people just enjoy the slam and slander parties they can sit back and hold against me.  Let them answer to Yah for it, I have work to do. They only hurt themselves.

People need to stop trying to tell Yahweh how to do His work. Just because Yah leads one person in one direction, and another in another direction, doesn't mean both directions aren't ordered by Yah.  Wake up.

He was exposed...period..and now those who want to pity him and attack the Watchmen who exposed him..get a real're not hearing from Yahweh. He wouldn't lead you to attack His Watchmen when He orders and leads their work.

He may lead you to take a different approach in dealing with the situation, but He wouldn't lead you to attack His servants and the work He had them do just so you can exalt yourself. That's all it is, self exaltation. They slam a child of Yah's so they can exalt themselves.

Who's playing the games here?

I will always stand up for the truth no matter what it is. Apparently it ticks off a lot of people. 

So be it.


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