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Thursday, June 24, 2004

I just posted a word to the Nations that the Lord has given to me at

Sometimes I just can't even explain how much fun I have with the Lord. I can't imagine not having Him as a part of my life. When I was two years old I was proclaiming His Name. When I look back over the years at all the valleys I walked through to get to know Him I can say that I wouldn't be where I am today in Him without those valleys.

The ups and downs. The mad, sad, and rebellious times, and then just the times I've sat and laughed with Him. One of the things I've always enjoyed the most is to just be working and doing something to tear down an enemy stronghold or reveal something, or expose something in my own way and then just feel the Lord laughing. I can't explain it, but it will crack me up the second I feel Him laughing and it's just so funny.

Being in tune with Him. That's what being in Him is all about. It's not just words. It's a lifestyle. It's a spirit thing. When He says to walk in Him daily, He's not just meaning to follow His commandments. He means to be in tune with Him. He wants your spirit to connect to His in a way that you can commune with Him and He with you. And when you do this you will learn and feel His emotions. I can't all the time, but when I do it's either because He's teaching me, speaking to me, making me laugh or sometimes, not often, just wanting to hide. You don't want to get the Father mad, cuz when He is you'll know it. But He's always been more than just a Father to me, He's been my friend, and I love Him more than anything or anyone and I can't imagine life without Him.

It's all of my experiences with Him that have taught me who He is. God is more than the Scriptures or a book. You can learn about someone by reading them, but you really don't know that person until you've met them and have spent time with them. Accepting Him and making Him the Lord of your life is just the beginning. The growing process follows. And if you haven't experienced that it's never to late to start.

I never expect Yahweh to come to me. I go to Him. That's what He desires more than anything. For us to seek Him. And that's what He tells us to do. So many people want to 'try' God, and then when He doesn't run at their beck and call and demand and give them the material things they want, they trot off and try something else figuring religion just isn't it.

Well religion isn't anything but a waste of time. God isn't religion. Religion is man's attempt to find God. We don't have to find God He isn't lost. Nor is He hiding. Seek Him with your heart and He will reveal Himself to you. He reveals Himself in many ways. Be consistent and persistent. He likes both of those. He's a jealous God. He wants to know that YOU WANT HIM and you desire Him over anything or anyone else.

Formality. So many people get caught up in formality. There's a time for formality, and there's a time to just let your hair down and be yourself. He already knows you. And He wants all of you, the formal and the silly. Make Him a part of everything daily and of every mood you're in. Share it with Him, He already knows anyway and just wants you to let Him be a part of your life and who you are.

Ever sing to the Lord? Try it sometime. No I'm not talking about a hymn in church, just when you're around the house or outside, or whatever you're doing. I once heard that our thoughts are louder than our words, so I sing to Him in my mind constantly and loudly and I've had so much fun with that. Try it sometime.

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