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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rockefeller is Dead...

Welcome to Hell Rocky Your Money Didn't Save You! 

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Malie Mapour said...

I am sure he was NOT a good...guy; so, I won't miss him one bit. However, I would much rather see those disgusting...and despicable criminal scums walking down our street...and neighborhood---committing massive crimes on innocent...people, be DEAD right now; go to hell and leave this crime infested-earth already.

Those criminal gangstalkers that are stalking the "ELECTS" ---GOD'S PRECIOUS PEOPLE DAY-IN-DAY-OUT----because those demon possessed criminal-humans think...that, We, the "ELECTS" are "SOFT and EASY TARGETS".

I would rather see those idiot "POOR"people dead...or plain crush to dead, than the "RICH".
We good,...and decent people in society, have more problems with the "lower-class, than with the "higher-class". When was the higher-class breaking into your homes...and steal from you? Raping young girls ...females in the community whom they know...?

And those street scum bags are daily committing more horrible crimes. I'm not giving the rich a fair pass; but, I would rather have them living on earth---than be near those criminal...poor in the street.