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Friday, March 03, 2017

#5 Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter

Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter #5

Ambassador - Prophet - Messenger of the Most High

Hello Folks,

Well it's been a rough week. Tuesday's show ended up being recorded as quite choppy and most couldn't even hear it, Wednesday's show I was attacked by satellite DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons) but got through the show, then a few hours later a severe wind attack was on and we lost our electric for almost 20 hours. So there was no show on Thursday.

I feel like I got beat up this week and I'm physically exhausted. I really thought this would be the first administration that didn't try to kill me within the first 100 days. I don't know what I was thinking, or at least hoping for. It was crazy because Wednesday morning Father was showing me in the Bible Codes that they were coming after me and sure enough they did. They organized a geo-engineered wind storm attack against my home that was pretty brutal, and my head still hurts from the DEW attacks. A two prong attack that Father will get retribution for. My health was knocked out for a few days because of the DEW's, I ended up with a high temp and severe aching for a couple of days. It never ends.

From what I understand Pentagon Chief Pedophile and Reptile General Mad Dog Mattis was behind the attacks.

I guess this administration will have to learn the hard way like the others did, don't mess with me.

I was reading some articles from the geoengineering site such as  and they were predicting a mass human die off to start in about seven years. That pretty much aligns with Bible Prophecy...the incoming Nibiru, the depletion of the Ozone layer and the destructions that will certainly isn't going to fare well for mankind. And people will still be screaming that Nibiru doesn't exist and chemtrails are contrails.

Sometimes you just can't get through to people. And it's not always on us to do so. The Father is the giver of knowledge...and perhaps it's He who blinds their eyes to it. That's why I don't argue with people. Yahushua never did either, He would walk away from those who didn't want to hear or listen to what He had to say. He's the best example we have folks!

So many people take it upon themselves to pound the truth to family members and keep pounding and pounding. They just turn you off. That's not usually the best approach either. Ask the Father to send someone to them to wake them up, someone they'll listen to. Just pray that for them and leave it in His hands. I've seen amazing results with just prayer and that's all I had to do, leave it in His hands. Trust Him.

Anyway folks, I'm dealing with alot of issues here and I just don't feel well, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what's been going on here.

Have a blessed weekend, and a blessed Sabbath tomorrow.

Check out my youtube channel for uploaded videos this week at 

Keep focused on the Father folks, ask Him every day for the Truth In All Things.

Yah bless you all very much,
Sherry Shriner


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Marianne said...

Thank you Sherry. Feel better.

Ubaka Peter said...

Thanks Sis for all your sacrifices. I pray you feel better quick.

Malie Mapour said...

I "PRAY" for "RETALIATION" to come...soon on this piece of GARBAGE...and LOW-LIFE-LOSER from the Pentagon named "Mattis". This disgusting...and despicable pedophile shit was the "CRIMINALS" that launched this "COWARD..." attack on " PRINCESS" SHERRY SHRINER last week. I will SOON make this filt SOON.