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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Heads Up....

Hey folks,

Trying to look ahead and put 2 and 2 together here ..

It's my own gut feeling that every day we have from July 1st on that's normal will be a blessing.

I think we have until then to prepare and then after that..every day that's 'normal' will be a blessing.

Remember earlier in the year I was warning on my radio show that I kept seeing the stores closing at once...everything closed.

With some posting about Obama's statement about "unsustainable debt" and others posting about the Illuminati meeting recently to figure out which way they want to go...well crashing the dollar completely is one of their routes.

I think with what I've seen is the route/result of the dollar crashing and becoming worthless, thus the reasons the stores close suddenly and everything goes into chaos.

When that happens, be prepared to stay at home. There won't be any reason to have to be out anywhere and you'll be safe in your own homes.

I recently warned that Obama's two things he's working on is 1. to destroy our farms (they want to control ALL the food) and 2. destroy our money.

stock up on barter items you can trade, if our money becomes worthless overnight then having trade items and able to trade others will be the way to go.

good trade items...

toilet paper
shampoo - basic hygiene products
food in general, can food, MRE's, etc..

I can't stress the importance enough of just staying at home...while they lead you out to the streets to riot others will just be looting your homes if you're not there...

yes Yah will protect us, but there's many He won't..and He'll allow many things to happen for His own use Wisdom in all things and "Don't tempt the Lord our God" which always comes to mind when people throw caution and wisdom out the window..

listen for HIM, and be led by HIM, don't take things into your own hands that's the worst place possible for them to be..

anyway just a heads up...

Yah bless His Warriors,

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