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Friday, February 27, 2009

Watch Out For The Chinese!!!!

Three days after this show aired Hal Turner posted about the USA allowing China "eminent domain" in our country....Confirmation of what I've been warning about the past few months about China coming in to take possession of everything they own here in America...which is probably about 95% of home mortgage loans if not higher...America IS IN TROUBLE folks! I have been WARNING and WARNING about the Chinese!!

They ARE COMING! Prepare yourselves!

I've also spent years warning about Hillary Clinton and her role in the Last Days of being instrumental in America being thrown into Martial Law and Destroying our Economy....As SECRETARY OF STATE she isn't wasting time and she is working hand in hand WITH the Chinese!

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 2-23-2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night February 23. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to I’ll start checking those.

It’s been a busy and cold week. It’s been a busy and cold month. It’s the same as last month; just brutally cold. It’s normal to be cold. Especially out here in Ohio, but it’s been pretty brutal. I remember the Lord saying and I mentioned it on the last show; most of this is normal, but some is for their own benefit. If you look up, you’ve got these little meteors crashing all over the world. I’ve told you that they’re UFOs. Talking to some guys over in Iraq this week and he said, “we see shooting stars all the time.” I said, “Those are UFOs. They fall just like shooting stars.”

Interesting that this week, a piece of metal actually hit through the roof of a business. I talked about that last week, too. Because we don’t have any evidence. You see all these crashing UFOs. People call them meteors. Sometimes they hear a loud boom. Other times they don’t. People refer to them as falling stars, but they’re everywhere and getting massive. It’s because of the Orgone heating up the atmosphere, because that’s what it does. Al Gore's little global heating problem isn’t man-made...well actually it is because we’re making the Orgone and it’s heating up the atmosphere. Boiling and killing and frying and sizzling and setting on fire the aliens that are in our atmosphere. That’s the problem. It’s not a problem that’s affecting Earth, and it won’t. Orgone is a life energy. It’s a positive energy. It’s a living life-force. It will never hurt Earth. The only thing it’s hurting is evil and negative energy and aliens. Very interesting....the chiefist of them all, Al Gore...he’s been in the background for years. One of their main spokesman and frontrunners.

Like I said years ago, when I put up, Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton being double agents of both groups; the alien faction of the New World Order and the Communist faction of the New World Order. Two different factions really. Hillary and Dick Cheney claim both sides. Of course, Dick was just totally soul scalped and possessed....still is. I’m starting to think they’ve already overtaken Hillary.

Interesting that years ago....back in 2001 when I started warning about Hillary Clinton in 2009, that she would dominant in martial law in United States politics. I figured she would probably be president. To my surprise, she ran for president this year and she’s now Secretary of State which puts her in a more powerful position. She I always said, Dick Cheney wore the pants with George Bush. It’s going to be Hillary over Obama. He’s really not the brains in the White House right now. He’s not even the legal president. It’s going to be Hillary Clinton running the show. The have a different hierarchy they go by, folks. They have their own ranks within their own evil secret societies. Right now, she’s the highest one over there. I don’t know where Rahm Emanuel would stand in all that for Americans, because he’s not really an American. It’s Hilary Clinton in there right now. Just a very powerful witch....very powerful. Playing both factions. So you can expect anything from her. She can jump from the radical socialism and communistic part of the New World Order, over to the alien agenda New World Order very easily. It’s going to be interesting to watch.

We’re seeing a lot of on television; human conditioning. Humans being able to morph into lizards. They’re doing it in a very cutsie way. They have Alec Baldwin on there with a alien straightening out his tie or something. Or somebody drinking something and turning into a lizard. They’re conditioning the public. I’ve been warning about this stuff for 10 years.

What kind of gets my gore about the whole that some of these websites and these people like Jeff Rense. When he had me on his show years ago, he was just very rude. You know, just discrediting the whole thing. He wasn’t really into aliens, UFOs, the Bible codes or anything. I just didn’t have a very good time with him at all. Now he comes up on his website last year or so, and he’s starting to get into the alien/UFO agenda. You can’t deny it. You have to be a total idiot to deny it. A lot of these people that just can’t deny it don’t hear them saying, “Oh yeah, Sherry Shriner was right.” They just act like it’s something they’re coming out with. It gets really aggravating. It gets really irritating. Like Greg Szymanski who had sent me an invite for his show a couple of years ago, then turned around a day later and cancelled because he said UFOs and aliens don’t exist. So I’m still waiting to see him start popping and warning about the coming UFO and alien agenda. Just see if he does. All these people that have discredited me and lambasted me all throughout the years, people are going to see that the things I’ve talked about have been dead on. That I’ve been dead on and I’ve been right.

It’s just a wake up call to a lot of believers out there. I’m not here to wake up the world. I’m here to wake up the warriors that are here in the last days, so they can get busy doing the things that He needs done on Earth before He comes. My whole assignment has been the Orgone war to take down Maitreya; this Cain that’s coming, and to war against him. That’s been my agenda. We’ve been able to do that through the Orgone. I’ve got websites -, People often ask me, “Where is Orgone in the Bible?” Well, where were the stones in the river that David picked up when the Lord told him to pick up stones in the river to kill Goliath? Where was that in the Bible? The Lord tells you things to do when you need it done. We can sit in the future and look back at this. Maybe it will be written about. But people get so dead locked in a box, they can’t move. If it’s not written in scripture already, they think it doesn’t apply to the future. Quite frankly, I’ve said over and over again, the white horse rides with a bow and no arrow, signifying unconventional weapons. The Orgone is an unconventional weapon. It’s a war that we are in, in the last days, being led by Him. They can’t say it’s not in the Bible. It’s right there. It’s the white horse. It’s the unconventional weapon. He said in the last days, people would do exploits in His Name. That’s what we’re doing. We’re tearing down the strongholds of the New World Order and warring against Satan’s kingdom and bringing down Cain...this Maitreya. So it’s certainly in the middle of a war right now.

I would like to thank all those who support this ministry. I couldn’t do it without you. It makes so many things possible. Things that I can do to help other people. Just to stay on the air. To keep the websites up that I’m running. I have to pay for all this bandwidth that I use for my bandwidth. My websites....probably up to 4 million hits a month now. Just getting a lot more out there. It’s going to continue to do so. People can no longer just stay ignorant with their heads in the sand to what’s going on.

About things that I had sent out; one of the things I want to talk about is something the Lord has been hitting me with all week long. I haven’t spent much time in the codes at all. He hasn’t had me in them. There is so much indecisiveness right now. Not one plan is working any way right now in Washington, the New World Order or the alien agenda. They’re all having very major problems in each route. So they’re combining them. They’re mixing and matching things and they’re pulling things together. This is all part of the derision that the Lord has them in. I often get amused just knowing the hand that His prayer warriors and His Orgone warriors have had in all of this. That Fun Things to Do List; there’s like 70 things to do that the Orgone warriors and prayer warriors can pray over to cause disruptions in the underground bases, in the government, in the alien agendas. These things actually happen. So you’re looking at a lot of these disruptions, causing pure chaos in this whole New World Order/alien agenda. So...very funny that they’re in such derision.

The one thing that He’s pounded at me with over last few days is about the Chinese. I had talked about the Chinese a couple of months ago; back in the mortgage crisis and a lot of homes going into foreclosure. I had warned about the Chinese being the ones that own all the mortgages. They own all the paper on these loans. It’s something that the Lord has been bringing back up to me again. He says they’re coming. They’re mobilizing for war and they’re coming. So that’s something that we need to get prepared for regardless of what they try to steer us off into different worry about different things to keep you unfocused and away from the truth of what’s really going on, so you can be blindsided.

There’s no way you can be blindsided by anything if you’re a faithful listener to this show. I’ve about covered every route they can take that they’ve thought of taking.....that they could take. I pretty much have a handle on about everything they plan to do. I think anybody who listens to this show over a period of time has become as aware as I have been over the different things that can happen, so one thing can’t take you by surprise, so you’re not blindsided by anything. Just a general preparedness on what they can do.

They don’t have a general clue themselves over exactly what can happen. They throw this out...if that happens and it sticks, they go with it. They keep doing that because they’re in so much chaos and derision. Very interesting, because just so many of their forces are coming out of the skies right now, being burnt out of the atmosphere. We’re burning them out. Interesting that Peggy Kane....I went through it last week, the things she had found through EVP (electric voice phenomenon) claiming that they’re burning, they’re dying and they have to get out of space. Just confirms everything that I’ve been talking about for the last few years since I started the Orgone war. It’s even on my websites that the Orgone would burn them, boil them and cause them to crash out of the skies. Just everything coming together, folks. A lot of these pieces of the puzzle happening; coming together.

In particular, what I’ve been warning about since probably January or so, is about the Chinese. Just real sickening spirit visions that I get, that the Lord gives me. I’ll even wake up with them. I know it’s Him. He reaches out to me in many different ways. He’ll put something on my mind and heart for a while. Then two days later, you’re waking up with the same thoughts. Just different ways He works.

These Chinese are going to come. They’re going to dominate America. How they do it, I don’t know. If they were to come in as the business owners they are, because they do own all the mortgage notes on our homes. When they bought up the debt, that’s exactly what they’re buying up. They own your house. They own the note on your house. So if your house isn’t paid off, they own you. You’re like a slave to the Chinese because they own the note on your house. And they’re doing it to other countries as well. They’re buying up other countries debts. How they do it; is they hide behind the mortgage industry and the bankers and they buy up mortgage loans, mortgage backed securities and things like that. They go the financial route. They’re spending money. They’re spending a lot of money as their own country falls into chaos. So many of their own people losing jobs. Same thing as in America, in Europe and everywhere else. Businesses closing. People losing jobs. Unemployment rates are hiking up. So what do you do when someone calls in a note and it’s the Chinese? They can come over and take possession of the foreclosed homes that they already own. They can change the rules of the banking and call in the notes on all the homes that have mortgages due on them.

They can also be used as peace keepers for the U.N. If you want to gag at that one as much as I do. Some kind of event here in America that would call for the U.N. to step in. We could look at several cities being bombed. I don’t see it in the codes, but you never know. You never know what they’re going to do because they’re desperate at this point. I know a lot of people say they’re piling up the body bags. From Phoenix to Chicago I’ve heard this. Phoenix, Colorado, Chicago. I like to think it’s their own body bags they’re piling up because of this Orgone.....while the serpent seed comes over here.

These cloned beings; I often wonder if the Chinese that are coming over here, if they’re not all the cloned ones that I’ve been seeing. I mentioned a while ago, the largest cloning facility is outside Beijing. Over several years, they could produce tens of thousands, perhaps millions of cloned beings. Which ones are we going to be dealing with? Will we be dealing with real Chinese soldiers or cloned Chinese soldiers?

One of the things I have felt is to prepare. To have your weapons ready. And to be ready to defend yourselves and your families. Get things ready now to go. Later it might be too late. The stores may be closed. You might not have access to getting bullets. To getting guns. To getting anything. Be ready. I just feel them coming. I feel like they’re going to be marching on America shortly. I don’t know how much longer we would have. The Lord will often warn me of something months before it happens. So I don’t know how much time we have. But it's just been dominating me the past week on the Chinese.

If you go to and start studying the Chinese. And you go back through all their history. That whole race was started by god-kings. If you saw that movie 300...the thing I liked about that movie was the whole god-king thing. You really got to see a glimpse of how it was run back then. That’s how it really was run. People don’t understand what our history really is, compared to what we think it is.

China was established as a race by these god-kings. India as well. These are the two oldest races on Earth. If you look at these two nations; the three biggest religions in the world – Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism. I’ve talked before how they’re the tare nations; the offspring of Cain. That’s why they’re the oldest nations on Earth. I don’t think its going to be quite what people expect in the last days. Just keep watching. They keep buying up the world’s debt. They’re buying it up in Europe. They’re already buying up most of America’s debt. All this is going to come to a head soon enough. I don’t know if there’s going to be some kind of attack here in America; of they’re just going to march in as business owners or something. But even just their mere presence on American soil would be cause for people to rise up and revolt. Different scenarios that can cause the citizens of this country to be angry enough to rise up and revolt. Lord knows, nothing has shaken them up ‘til now. You can’t get people to get mad about anything. We’ve got an alien as President. We’ve had election coups the last three or four presidential elections. People just don’t get mad enough to hit the streets and revolt. You gotta wonder what is it that causes them to finally get out in the streets and revolt. It’s going to be interesting. Would it be a Chinese invasion? Would it be all the continuing downfall of the economy? That’s not going to get any better. The stimulus package was to put you to sleep; not to help the economy. To buy them some more time to get ready for the things that they need to do. They’re never ready. They’re buying themselves more time. Eventually, everything is going to hit. I’m not seeing anything past spring and summer. It just looks like we’re at a stalemate. Expect them to act desperately soon. To start getting some kind of attacks here on American soil, or the Chinese just marching in.

People are talking about a false flag alien attack. I often wonder; if that the Chinese? Is that going to be their way of coming? This false flag alien attack. They all own UFOs folks. Not all UFOs in the skies at night are alien owned UFOs. Our NSA has their own fleet of UFOs. Our own government does. They’re piloted by NSA pilots. The Chinese have their own UFOs. The Russians have their own. They’ve had their own UFOs for 30, 40, 50 years. Every nation has had their own UFOs. It was the German Foo Fighters that came up with them first.

I think it would be very easy for nations to get together with their little UFOs and try to put on some kind of false alien attack on the world. Maitreya might need them to; his own UFOs are coming out of the skies. The Orgone energy attacks dead Orgone energy. It’s attacking alien UFOs that operate in the fourth dimension. Anything that operates in this dimension isn’t going to be effected by the UFOs. So military and man-made UFOs aren’t going to be effected by Orgone energy; it’s only the ones that operate in the fourtht dimension. So Maitreya may need help from the black ops militaries and governments around the world. They’re coming as ascended masters and gods. There may be up to 11 of them coming at a time together, so this could get very interesting how they play all this out. There's definitely going to be something happening. They can’t hold on much longer. So many of them are already dying and coming out of the skies. Even the underground bases; when we find where they are, we target them. That way we can destroy them. Yeah, I don’t know how much longer they can hold off.

I think it’s going to be interesting over the next couple of months, which way Obama’s going to swing. Like I’ve said, he’s just a puppet. He’s just a clone and basically just going to hand....I’ve warned you that the Antichrist is in control and head of power of the United States in the last days. Obama could hand the authority and control of the United States over to Maitreya. He could hand it over to a U.N. leader. Because he’s not going to lead this country; he’s going to hand over the power. If he does...if that scenario doesn’t go and he decides to lead this country himself; then he will simply become incarnated by Satan. Since he’s just a shell of a being, he’ll just be incarnated and Satan will rule through Obama and become the Antichrist. The Old Testament prophets always prophesied that the leader of last days Babylon, the greatest nation on Earth, would be the Antichrist. That’s why we have to watch exactly which route it’s going to go.

I’m still waiting for this Maitreya to arrive. He’ll be crashing out of the skies soon enough. The Lord says he’s next. He’s going to come crashing down, sooner or later. I’ve noticed that he’s moved. He used to sit above my house all the time. I got these pipe blasters and stuck them in the yard, and these bucket blasters. He’s moved all the way to the right of my house. And he’s way back. I know its affecting him in the atmosphere, simply because he’s moving farther and farther away from my house. I don’t know if he’s found me yet, I can’t say that he has...but he’s looking. You’ll see in the codes where they’re hunting. I’m hidden and they can’t find me. It’s rather amusing, because nothing I do is hidden. 19...20 websites up, and very public in this whole Orgone war against all of them. It’s amusing that they haven’t been able to find me. He’s staying far from me now. He comes in the area, you know he’s around, but stays far up and away as he can. So it makes my job much more amusing.

I finally found a supplier for shavings. What’s affecting a lot of Orgone warriors....because we always need supplies...we’re always looking, searching and waiting on supplies. A lot of scrap metal places are going out of business. I’ve been able to find a source for now that I can get barrels of shavings from. Something you need to do is stock up on supplies. I have a feeling that this Orgone is going to be gold in the last days. It’s going to be gold. When these Chinese come. When these U.N. forces....and the Lord has just shown me they are pure lizards. They are just pure snakes and really disgusting what exactly these beings are. When they’re here, I would hope that the Orgone affects them so much, they don’t even go into orgoned areas. I know aliens wouldn’t. Right now, thinking about these Chinese soldiers that are coming and what the Lord has shown me about them. Just completely nasty. Yeah, hopefully it keeps them out of our areas as well and just takes them out.

I know that when we put that southern border up. We had warriors stand up and go down and cover our southern border. The Chinese were gathering up on the other side; the Mexico side of our southern border. It started affecting them. They started leaving Mexico and going back to the Panama. Going back to China that way because the Orgone that we put down there last September just really blasted them. Started making them sick. I know that if we Orgone our areas now, it’ll most likely just effect them just as much. Interesting that they’re just having to regroup. I wonder if they don’t now send in the clones. The normal Chinese soldiers that were amassing on the border. Plenty of Intel that they’re 100 -150 miles from the U.S. border in tent cities on the Mexican side. You gotta wonder if the humans aren’t leaving and they’re sending in cloned soldiers that they’ve been making and creating the last umpteen years. That’ll be interesting. They’re chip implanted.

If you look at the whole grey alien thing; the whole hive-mind mentality, because they’re all chip implanted. It’s really the Reptilians that are watching everything they do and controlling them through their chip implants. You’ve gotta wonder, who’s going to be pulling the strings and controlling all the cloned soldiers that are going to be coming over. It’s going to get interesting.

Thoughts aren’t too good on Chicago either. Somebody had sent me an email about Chicago digging mass graves. Interesting. That city is eventually going to go under the water. You have to wonder what else is going to happen before it does. I’ve had a lot of people talk about visions they’ve had of Chicago. I know I saw it sliding under Lake Michigan there. Other people saying they’ve seen really bad persecution against Christians in Chicago to where they were hanging from streetlamps and being herded into Wrigley Field and the other stadiums there and killed in the public stadiums there. A lot of things could possibly be happening just with Chicago. You’ve got to wonder what’s going to set it all off. Is it going to be nuke bombs hitting American cities. Earthquakes. General unrest because of all the job layoffs? All the illegal aliens coming here? It’s a melting pot getting ready to explode with all the different problems here in America right now.

Get your weapons ready. Make sure that they’re cleaned and ready to go. If you need cleaning kits, get them now. You may not be able to get them later. People know....I was in a gun shop shortly after the election. They said they couldn’t keep an AR-15 in stock since Obama got elected. I wasn’t even there to buy an AR-15, but the gun shop owner had mentioned the AR-15’s going very, very quickly and couldn’t keep them in stock. So that’s what we need to do. With these cloned Chinese beings....clones don’t have souls. They’re emotionless beings. Who knows the horror that they can inflict on people? They’re just soulless beings. They don’t have souls.

It’s going to be very wild. Very different. Not to mention they keep yelling false flag alien attacks. What if it’s just a real alien invasion and they want everybody to think it’s a false flag alien invasion? You’ve gotta wonder; especially when you have Hillary Clinton and everybody else mentioning false flag alien attack. Well, if it was a false flag, everybody would know it was false. Don’t you think? So, yeah. Maybe it’s a real one and they want everyone to think it’s a false one. I don’t know. I don’t see any false flags in the Bible codes. I see the real deal where Maitreya is arriving with his forces. There’s nothing in the Bible codes where it says it’s a false flag attack, but you’re starting to hear of the possibility from all these politicians. I think they want people to think it’s false. I don’t think it’s false at all. Yeah, they could pull it off with all their man-made UFOs. They could pull it off. But I don’t think. What I see in the Bible codes is Maitreya and them actually arriving. I guess we’ll have to call it when we see it as its happening. We’re going to know either way eventually. I don’t know how many people will fall for it. You try and tell them, they’re not gods. They’re not ascended masters, but just evil fallen angels on the second round because they lost the first round when they tried to usurp Gods authority. Now its Satan’s second attempt to fool and deceive mankind on Earth.

Some people, you just can’t get through to at all. Some people you just can’t get through. Other people, you just have to walk away from Somewhere between your walking away and a year or two later, they come to their senses to what the truth is. I don’t force my knowledge on anyone. They either just get it or they don’t or they get it later. I don’t sit and haggle with people. I’ve got too much to do and less time. Every day means one less day that I have to work on getting this Orgone around the world. To getting emails out. To waking people up. To having radio broadcasts. Just not a whole lot of time left.

This Friday night, I’m going to be doing another show with the Extreme Society show. You can see their website at We’re going to be talking about 2012. That’ll be interesting. There’s always been a lot of serpent-hybrid hype about December 23, 2012. So that’ll be interesting. I’ll give my views on what I think about the whole thing. And be praying about it from now until then; and see what the Lord has me to say about it. People are waiting and waiting, “We have until 2012”. What makes you think you have until June 1, 2009? People take time for granted.

If you have a question or comment for the show, you can send it to I’m going to check those in a minute.

It’s a quiet night. Seems like it’s very quiet. I don’t know if everybody is just busy listening, or nobody is hearing a thing I say because this thing isn’t working. This has probably been one of the quietist radio shows I’ve ever done. I’m not being IM’d. Weird things aren’t happening. That’s usually the case. Usually all these weird technical tings happening and nothings happening tonight. Everything is just really calm. Really normal. I’m not used to that. Not used to not having problems. It’s almost like you can feel it in the air. Things are changing. And that’s what I’ve said, 2009 would be the year from Hell. And Obama is making sure that he takes us there.

Not a whole lot...I don’t see much for February. I don’t see much for March. The buzz around the New Age circles is that April is considered the “dark month.” Interesting that in the codes the word “China” crosses through the term “April”. On every single code you look for in April is China, China, China, China, China. So will that be the month they invade? I don’t know. Will that be the month we start having more problems with China? I don’t know. But April seems to be a real dominant month with China. So spend February and March preparing for China, if they should make their move....if they do make their move in April. Everything past that May and June; everything is like a silent lull right now. It’s almost like nothing is moving; nothing is happening...everything’s quiet. It’s like, what gives? What’s going to break next? Very interesting, because I’ve never quite experienced this. Even with the codes just being so quiet. The Lord saying don’t go into them right now, and just keeping me out of them. Very, very interesting. I do remember that; seeing over and over again that in April, China crosses through the term April in every one of Aprils codes. That was interesting. Don’t want to overlook that one. Just a heads up on that one. February, just basically quiet. March, just another....kindof a quiet month. I’ve never seen a whole lot going on for March. It probably means we’ll be embroiled with our own economic problems here in America.

Iran is popping up in the codes again. And so...things to keep an eye on. Not because we’re going to war with Iran. I don’t think we are because of Maitreya and his arrival. Like I’ve been warning; this is his time. The spring months are his time. Anything can happen. We’ll call it when we see it...when it finally happens.

Question from a listener: Has Denver Airport been hit with Orgone? Also, what about Philadelphia? And what do you think about the states that are declaring sovereignty?

Answer: I would like to think that there’s something patriotic about that, but as far as, and as much as I’ve known about these scripts that the New World Order plays by, I would have to say...common sense would have to say, its scripted and they’re doing that to cause unrest amongst the people and the Federal Government. It’s scripted. I just think that we’re beyond patriotism. That we’re so owned and controlled by the aliens and the serpent seed that run the New World Order, that it’s just a hype dream for real patriots at this point. Maybe it’s just something to piss them cause more division. To cause uproars and riots. I don’t know. Everything just plays into their hands. There is nothing we can do as a nation right now that doesn’t play into their hands, because they’re much more prepared than we are. They’ve been planning this stuff. If we want to get mad at the Federal government; fine. They’ve already got everything into place where they can just haul us off into camps. Anything we do to even protest what they’ve done is going to play right into their hands.

As far as the Denver Airport; I’ve heard from several different people. I sent Orgone out there last year to a warrior to get the Denver Airport. I’d heard from somebody who lived in Denver the year before that they were getting it. I don’t like to count on any one person or route. I think if we get a bunch of different warriors out there putting it in a lot of different places, there’s no way they can track it down. We just need as many people as the Lord leads, to go out there and get the airport. Get it buried in the sand; in the ground, folks. So that it seeps down into the ground and affects the underground bases that are there. I’ve heard from different warriors that have gotten it....are going to get it. We just need as many as possible to get it. Everybody just help everybody else out. Maybe one warrior missed an area, missed a spot that the Lord will lead somebody else to get. We all need to work together on this. We’re a team. We just need to work together on it. Everybody do your part as the Lord leads.

Question from a listener: What do you think about the digital TV being pushed back?

Answer: Well, you know. They say it’s because there’s not enough coupons or whatever. I don’t know. They own the airwaves. They own the digital and the analog and the TVs. Its going to come to a point where the Lord says, turn it off. Disconnect it from your house. This is how they travel. They travel through lines and these cable boxes. The lines that are coming to and from your house from these towers. That’s how they get access into your homes. Even if you have Orgone in your home...I have a ton. I can still see a time when the Lord probably says, disconnect it from your house completely and get that stuff out of there.....being the digital computers and TVs and stuff like that, because that’s how they travel. We’ll just have to see. I don’t know why they’re pushing back the digital. At this point they already own all of it anyway.

Comment from a listener: Sherry, I don’t know if you’ve noticed on the news or not, but they seem to be closer to nationalizing the banks. They’re also pushing more legislation to get and keep guns. The State of Illinois is supposedly going to get slapped with the tougher legislation first. Just a heads up on what you were saying about getting the guns and stocking up.

Sherry: Yeah, then move and don’t update your registrations, so everything in their computer is outdated. They go to look for people with guns and they can’t find them because they’ve moved....stuff like that can cause pure chaos on their part. I think one of the prayers on our Fun Things to Do list is that they would lose all their information in the computers. The software would become corrupted and all that. More things we can pray about and do.

Comment from a listener: Hey Sherry, I think I heard on the news they have a vaccine for the Avian Flu. I think the enemy is retaliating.

Sherry: You know what? I wouldn’t be touching any vaccine, especially when you see them piling up body bags. Then they come out with vaccine talks. Look at the correlation. Vaccines – body bags. Stay away from vaccines, folks. Vaccines are going to kill you. Vaccines are what is going to put you into the body bag. Stay away from the vaccines. I’ve already told you that Avian Flu is alien flu. It’s not going to hurt normal human beings especially the Lord’s people. These plagues in the last days are going to hurting the wicked and Satan’s people.

Question from a listener: When and how do you think the mark will be implemented?

Answer: They have various ways of doing it. Tattoos, barcodes, chip implants. Even the tattoos themselves can have chip implants. They’re so small they can be put into the ink of tattoos. Anything that requires anything to be put in or on your right hand or forehead. Even optical scanning machines; I wouldn’t even go near those because you have to put your forehead up against a scanner. John, 2,000 years ago was trying to describe what he’s seeing and put it into words we’d understand in these last days. He’s talking about in or on your right hand or forehead. How do you know he wasn’t seeing somebody putting their forehead up to an optical scanning machine? You know what? I would just stay away from anything that has to do with your forehead, using your forehead for anything, which would be optical scanning, or having anything put on or in your right hand or forehead. The churches can argue back and forth all they want to, “Well, it should have been on.”....“Well, it should have been in”. Just stay away from either one – on or in. And that’s going to be coming up soon enough. I think that’s something that Obama will be leading people into. It’s coming.

Question from a listener: Is it important that the crystals in the Orgone are positioned straight up or sideways, inside the coil or outside? Did you say it’s more effective in water?

Answer: When I make my Orgone, I put them inside the coil. I wind the coil around a 1” PVC pipe or 2”. I have a picture of the coil on my website that I use. I put the crystals inside the coil. If they’re really small, I put them on the outside. Normally what I do is just pile them on the inside. I like using 1 1/2” crystals. I’ll use two or three per muffin. Or I’ll use a handful of the small ones to fill the coils up. It doesn’t matter which position the crystals are in. They all work together. The coil works together to heat up the crystals, so it doesn’t matter if they’re sideways or up and down.

Did you say it’s more effective in water? Sure. The clouds soak up the water and rain it down on the Earth. Not only because of the rain, but because the water is the number one resource that we have that they’re after. They want our water and they use our water for their underground bases. By having Orgone in our water, it becomes very toxic to them. We chased out a whole base in Kentucky, just because we attacked their water supplies with Orgone. That’s one of the effective ways we shut down Dulce as well. And Dulce was huge. Dulce was a huge hub of a base for them. It was at least 10....15 levels down. It had been an alien hub for many, many years. Next to Taos, New Mexico, which is the Reptilian hub, Dulce Base was the grey hub and part of where our entire underground subway system, like the main connecting hub for our underground subway system, was in Dulce. We were able to shut Dulce down. Very interesting, the aliens; just annihilating them at Dulce. I don’t know if there are humans there or not, but the aliens have been annihilated from that.

Question from a listener: I heard Obama’s new headquarters; Obama’s new White House are supposed to be moved to Denver. You were right once again, he won’t be staying in the Washington White House, but I’m guessing he won’t like Denver if the warriors get a hold of it.

Sherry: Yeah, we’re all ready for Denver. We’ve been for years. You know what’s funny? I’m thinking that the Lord has just quieted the Orgone there. He’s just kept it at a minimal roar. And as soon as Obama gets there, he’s going to crank it up. He’s not going to be any happier in Denver than he’s been in D.C. I can see the writing on the wall with that one in the codes. He’s going to need a get out of D.C. card and get out of D.C. because the Orgone that’s there. Denver’s not going to be any different. They can run all they want, and that’s exactly what they’re going to be doing, but they can’t hide.

Question from a listener: In regards to digital cable boxes, they pushed it back so they could make more HGTV converters which now have been proved to have cameras and lights in them. You Tube has a video. How far down will the DOW go tomorrow?

Answer: I don’t know how far down the Dow’s going to go, but I’ll tell you what. Our economy is going to go – its going straight to Hell. It’s over. Done. Just a matter of long they want to string it along. Its already over with, folks. We’re just on borrowed time.

Question from a listener: The lizard president is speaking tomorrow. Oh, joy. Do you think the banks are going to be nationalized and therefore the New York Stock Exchange will no longer exist? (Sherry: Yes) What are you thoughts on the Luland Comet. Is it going to be visible tomorrow? Is there anything in the codes about it? Thank you.

Answer: No. Nothing in the codes about it. But interesting does that myth go? When a comet appears, a world leader appears, or a world leader dies. Is it one or the other or both? Something about when a comet appears. It almost seems to me when a comet appears, a world leader dies. It should be interesting. I don’t know. I don’t watch the lizard speak on TV. I can’t handle it. I don’t know how you guys do, but I can’t handle watching him on TV. I’ll see him for two seconds and I’m looking for Animal Planet or something.

As far as the banks being nationalized, look at Russia. Look at how Russia is run now, because that’s exactly how we’re going to be. The government is going to own everything. They’ve got the perfect leader to do it. I mean, Obama is a Socialist. He’s a Communist. If you want to know what America is going to look like; its Russia.

As far as the New York Stock Exchange and the federal reserve system. People would cheer and throw parties if they ever got rid of the Federal Reserve. I’ll tell you what. It only strengthens the control of the government on the people. They’ll tell you where you can live. Who you can live with. No more freedom of movement around the nation. I mean, look at Russia now; its exactly what America is going to be. Now you see getting rid of all the excesses of a democratic society and we’re going to end up like them. Do I think they’ll have time to pull it all off? No. Because we’re going to be in martail law. It’s going to hit sooner or later. Especially when you see the Chinese coming in. The Lord doesn’t talk to me about the Stock Exchange. He doesn’t talk to me about the IRS or Comet LuLu. It’s – The Chinese are coming. That’s what He’s warning me of. And that’s what I’m warning you guys about.

Question from a listener: What will the warriors be doing in Heaven? I want to be a teacher.

Answer: Hopefully kicking butt. The same we’re doing here on Earth, but on a grander scale. We won’t have limitations. I want to get in my fighter jet, or whatever it is the angels fly in, and kick butt. I don’t know. I guess we’ll all going to find out. Eternity is a long time. What you do here on Earth, determines what you do in eternity. Folks need to get busy. If the Lord couldn’t depend on you when you were on Earth, how much responsibility do you think you’re going to get during eternity? Everything you do here on Earth now determines what your eternity is going to be. That’s one thing I keep harping over and over and over again with people. If you’re not a go-to person now, you’re not going to be doing much in eternity to where you would have responsibility to where He needs you to be a go-to person. You know? Think about it. I don’t how much more clearly I can get to people. That what we do here now matters. Everything we do here matters. That’s the reason for eternity. It’s not what I tell you to do, or Joe down the street tell you to do; it’s what the Lord tells you to do. What the Lord leads you to do. People say, I just can’t hear from Him like you do.

Folks, He has so many different ways of working. I hate the nag one...when He nags. We would describe it as nagging; He doesn’t. But we would. But that’s how you learn to know it’s Him. Once you start to recognize Him, then He doesn’t have to nag. But if you keep feeling the same thought over and over and over again, then it comes back a couple of days later...the same thought over and over again. That’s Him. That’s how He works. He’ll nag you if you’re not listening. Eventually you’ll learn, “That’s Him”. Just listen to what it is that He’s telling you to do when He’s nagging you. That’s one way of starting. That’s a start. Realizing, “Oh that’s Him”. People say they can’t understand how He speaks to your heart. Well, listen for His voice in your heart, then He’ll stop speaking to your heart and you’ll wonder, “Where did that voice go?” He’ll come back and you’ll realize it’s Him. Different, various ways He works.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.

Yah Bless His Warriors

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